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Golgo 13

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Walk on air
Stage select

Walk on air

Sent in by Any time during gameplay, pause the game, and them unpause it, now jump, now you're walking on mid-air! This is for the side-scrolling scenes and it will work every time.

Stage select

1. Let the Title scenes play. Wait until the patch appears over Golgo 13's eye during the close up of his face. 2. Press Start on Controller One. 3. Now hold Up, A, and B on Controller One. 4. Then hold Up and Left, A, and B on Controller Two. 5. As you are holding the buttons described in steps 3 and 4. Press Start on Controller One. This is difficult and may require two people to accomplish. 6. If this is done correctly, numbers will appear on the screen. Check the chart below for numbers and their corresponding stages. You can press the Control Pad to select the number you want and Start to begin. # ACT OO 1 08 2 0A 3 12 4 1E 5 32 7 38 8 3B 9 40 10 49 13

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