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G.I. Joe

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Level tips

Level tips

Sent in by Sparky 1-1: For more power-ups, jump high in areas where the trees cover the background, if you really want Duke to have that gun power-up, start with Snake-eyes, stand pretty much next to the power-up, just before you touch it, pause the game, and go to Duke, (or anyone else who you want to have the gun) 1-2: More gun power-ups, go all the way to the top and to the right of this level, fall into the lava (or whatever that stuff is) drop down as many levels as necessary, walk to the right destroying the walls and there will be two gun power-ups. 1-3: At the first rock barrier, destroy the high ones, jump on top and jump through the floor, and you can get yourself a helicopter vehicle. 4-1: Try to walk as far as you can into the walls on the left, once you do, drop down one level, and press down, you will get a pogo vehicle. 4-2: (My favorite trick in the entire game) make sure you have Snake-Eyes for this level, use any means necessary to get to Road Pig, (this works extremely well in 2nd and 3rd quest) head to the top as usual, however you don't have to stand on the ledge to the extreme left. be Snake-Eyes, and you can stand on the level between the extreme left level, and Road Pig's level. Dodge the rocks, then jump up to Road Pig's level (Snake-Eyes is the only one who can make it) and then start to wallup him with the Ninja magic (or change to someone else and shoot at him) he'll be done in no time 4-3: At the very beginning kill the arrow shooters, then shoot towards the wall that held them, keep walking, drop down as much as possible, then you will find a helicopter vehicle. Get in it, and just weave your way to the top as quickly as possible, you may get hit a couple of times, but this method saves you tons of time, and health.


1st Quest BRJJOVD8H Mission 2 3ZDX9N5X5 Mission 3 ORBJHVD83 Mission 4 NZD39G5X5 Mission 5 5ZD3NN5X5 Mission 6 2nd Quest ZND39N5XF Mission 2 BV9J0VD87 Mission 3 5X03H8GZ8 Mission 4 NNV2R5X9 Mission 5 X58H8O266 Mission 6 Final Quest 3R69N5XGG Mission 2 DG239N5X1 Mission 3 NR8VN5GG6 Mission 4 VH959V38C Mission 5 DHJ59VD87 Mission 6

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