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Level select and sound test

Level select and sound test

At the title Screen, hold Select and press B ten times for a level select and sound test.


Sent in by Jason Googash WL!M28Z1 XN6T?G7F SJ3H7PCL 30 levels beaten XN6T?67W J3HR4CQB 5PD. VVWN 39 levels beaten T?G7FSJ3 HRCQB5PD .K9WC6M? 50 levels beaten XN6T?G7F SJ3H4CQB 5PD.JNWN 60 levels beaten M28VZ1XN 6T?G7FSJ 3HR83652 Towards the end 100-110 levels beaten
7FSJ3H4C QB5PD.K9 WL!MKNVF World 4-1 HR4CQB56 .K9WL!M2 8VZ1SF6R Level 5-1 PD.K9WL! M2VZ1XN6 T?G7V5JD Level 6-1 VZ1XN6T G7FSJ3HR 4CQBJ!DV Final World

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