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Contra Force

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Infinite Suitcases
Get out of a pit

Infinite Suitcases

Sent in by Tom V. In some areas throughout the game, there are places where various things you destroy to find suitcases regenerate, so you can shoot them again. Take advantage of these to give all your fighters maximum power-ups. The best places to do this are the areas with pipes in your way (near the end of area 3 and in the sewers of area 5).

Get out of a pit

Sent in by Niloy + Rahul Dasgupta If you are right in the middle of the game and about to fall into a pit, press Start. Now, while holding the jump button (A) press start again to get an extra boost out of the pit and save your life. Also, it is wise to play with a second player, so if your character is about to get killed, you can press start, eliminate that player, and as soon as the danger has passed, you can enter him in the game. Warning: This will cause your character to lose any loose suitcases that he is storing.

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