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Addams Family

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Secret rooms

Secret rooms

Sent in by Max Robertson Here's some help to find secret rooms. CAUTION: You need to have already found the umbrella to follow these directions and live. Go in the front door and turn to the right. Go in the first door and go all the way over to the right and get the bucket by climbing the pipes on the wall. Go to the bathroom and pull on the rope at the top left corner. This will turn on the shower. Go to the shower and fill up the bucket. Go back to the room where you found the umbrella and go to the fireplace. If you did it right,the fire should be out. Then press "B". When you're on the roof, go to the chimney all the way over to the left. Climb the ladder and press "B" on the fireplace.
Sent in by Yael Rivera To collect tons of money, check out the four secret rooms. A) Climb the furnace pipes in the kitchen to grab the bucket, and fill it up in the bathroom. Use it on the fire in the dining room, and press B. B) Jump into the frame next to the picture of cousin it on the landing near thing, and press Up and B. C) Swim into the tunnel past the wrench in the pond. D) Press B on top of the cabinet in the attic (near the door to the roof).

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