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Nester's Funky Bowling

Typed out by Jesse Smith Nester's Funky Bowling KIDS TO ADULTS K-A VIRTUAL BOY AGES 6+ INSTRUCTION BOOKLET VUE-VNFE-USA Thank you for selecting the Nester's Funky Bowling Game Pak for the Nintendo(R) Virtual Boy (TM) Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure maximum enjoyment of your new game. Save this booklet for future reference. WARNING This product MUST NOT be used by children under the age of seven (7) years. Artificial stereo vision displays may not be safe for such children and may cause serious, permanent damage to their vision. Before using the Virtual Boy, carefully read the Virtual Boy Instruction Booklet and the Consumer Information and Precautions Booklet. Before playing, make sure that you correctly adjust the hardware, including the IPD and FOCUS. Do not play if you are feeling tired. Discontinue use immediately if you feel dizzy, nauseated or tired or if your eyes hurt or become strained. Do not use unlicensed or counterfeit games. Failure to follow all instructions could injure you and cause serious damage to your vision or hearing. For additional copies of the Virtual Boy Instruction Booklet, call 1-800-255-3700. CHOKE HAZARD SMALL PARTS NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF THREE YEARS. Babies and young children could choke on the Virtual Boy Game Pak cover. Keep the Game Pak cover out of reach of small children. Contents Before Starting The Game Page 2 IPD Adjustment Page 3 Focus Adjustment Page 4 Automatic Pause Function Page 5 Introduction Page 6 Nester & Hester Page 7 Controller Functions Page 8 How To bowl Page 9 Options Screen Page 10 Configure Screen Page 12 Scoring Page 13 Warranty & Service Information Page 15 1 Before Starting The Game When using the Virtual Boy system, several adjustments must be mode before starting the game. For your health and safety, be certain to perform these adjustments. If you wear glosses or contact lenses, be sure to wear them while using the Virtual Boy. Insert the Game Pak into the Virtual Boy, then turn the power switch located on the front of the controller to the ON position. When the screen pictured to the upper right appears, continue with the PD and FOCUS adjustments. Press START to display the IPD and FOCUS adjustment screen. Both adjustments are mode using this screen. When the batteries begin to get low, the indicator appears on the screen. 2 IPD Adjustment This adjustment sets Virtual Boy to the distance between your eyes (the Inter Pupil Distance). While looking at the adjustment screen, turn the PD dial located on top of he Virtual Boy until you can see a mark in all four corners of the screen, as shown in the following illustration: The best adjustment may allow you to see only three marks or four slightly blurred marks. When you have completed the PD adjustment proceed with the FOCUS adjustment. 3 Focus Adjustment This adjustment makes sure that you see the game image in the Virtual Boy display clearly. Move the FOCUS slider to the CENTER POSITION as marked on the housing. For most people, the center position should give the clearest image. If the image is still fuzzy, then adjust the FOCUS slider right or left until the image is sharp and clear. While playing the game, press SELECT to view the IPD and Focus Adjustment screen. After making any necessary adjustments to the PD and Focus, press SELECT to return to the same. If you are playing a two player game, make these adjustments between each frame as you switch to the next player. 4 Automatic Pause Function Each Virtual Boy Game Pak contains an automatic pause function that will cause the game to pause after about 20 minutes of game play. When the game pauses take a break and give your eyes some rest. To resume game play, press START. After completing the PD and FOCUS adjustments press START and the screen pictured to the upper right will appear. The automatic pause is preset to the ON position. Nintendo recommends that you ALWAYS set the automatic pause to ON. To override the setting, use Left or Right on the L + Control Pad, then press START to begin the game. After playing "Nester's Funky Bowling" for approximately 15 minutes, the game will present you with the Game Auto Pause Screen. At this point, please take a break and give your eyes same rest. After your rest is completed, press START to resume the game. 5 Introduction A long time ago, a spunky little boy named Nester ruled the pages of Nintendo Power magazine's comic section. Conceited as ever, Nester is breaking into the new genre of video games with the first 3D bowling game. Shine your shoes and buff your ball—you're going bowling Nester and his twin sister, Hester, treat you to a fantastic game of knock-the-pins-down. This 3D bawling experience is fast paced and red hot. Both bowlers ore competitive and very involved in their games You'll agree as you witness some of their Funky expressions. Are you up to a challenge? 6 Nester and Hester Nester is a conceited video game player and a notorious smart aleck. Years ago, he finagled his way to comic stardom in the pages of Nintendo Power magazine. After a glorious run of forty-something issues, Nester called it quits. He wanted to prove that he wasn't just another comic hero. He spent a couple of years as a struggling actor before coming back to his bread and butter, VIDEO GAMES. You thought Nester was bad? You should get a load of his over-confident twin sister, Hester. A whopping three minutes older than Nester, Hester is quite sure that she is superior to her little brother in every way. Deep down Hester has always believed that she could have been a bigger star than Nester. Well, she finally has a chance to prove herself. Will you help Hester, or will you help Nester? 7 Controller Functions Accepts options on the Options Screen Activates Spin & Power meters during and Configure Screen. Pauses the game play. Accepts options on the game during play Configure Screen Switches options on the Options No functions Screen and Configure Screen Brings up PD and Changes menu Focus Screen Image of controller items & moves during game play bowler left or right Activates Spin & Power meters during game play. Turns Power on and off Cancels options on the Configure Screen 8 How to play Position the howler with the L and R Control Pads. Press the A or B Button to select the ball spin with the on-screen Spin Meter. Press the A or B Button to soled the power with the on-screen Power Meter. 9 Options Screen The Options Screen automatically appears after the Title Screen fades. Make your choice from these selections: Select 1 PLAYER or Select BOWL, PRACTICE or Select A, B, C or OFF 2PLAYERS CHALLENGE 10 1 PLAYER BOWL Select the music you One player bowls a Play a normal game wont to hear while single game of bowling. you bowl. 2PLAYERS PRACTICE Two players alternate Set up pins to practice every frame. your skills. Note: Press SELECT to bring up the IPD and Focus CHALLENGE Adjustment Screen. Practice computer- Make adjustments generated shots between each frame as you switch players. 11 Configure Screen Press down or up on the L or R + Control Pad Press 4 or 4 on the L or R + Control to change the letters/numbers. Press left or Pad to switch to a left- or right-handed right on the L or R + Control Pad to move the bowler. cursor between the four spaces. Press Left or Right on the L or R + Control Press down or right on the L or R + Control Pad to switch to Nester or Hester. Pad Pad to select the weight (8 to 16 pounds) 12 Scoring There are ten frames in a game of bowling. There are ten pins in each frame. You may throw two balls per frame. Your objective is to knock down all ten pens in each room. If you knock down all ten pins with your hint ball, it's a Strike. If you don't knock down all at the pins with your first ball, and you knock dawn the remaining pins with your second boll, it's a Spore If you Strike or Spare in the tenth frame, you may throw a third ball. If you Strike, your score is ten If you Spare, your score is ten Unless you Spare, or Strike, your paints, plus whatever you get points, plus whatever you get score is one point for each pin. with your next two throws. with your next throw. If you knock dawn 5 pins with If you knock down 6 pins with If you knock down 8 pins, you your next ball, and 4 pins with your next bail, you get 16 get 8 points. the following ball, you get 19 points. points. 13

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