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Mario's Tennis

Typed out by Jesse J. Chmiel Mario's Tennis Game Code: VUE-VMTJ-USA Page 2 MARIO'S TENNIS Contents *On the Court----------------------------------------------------------------3 *Adjustment for Virtual Boy--------------------------------------------------4 *Controller functions--------------------------------------------------------8 *How to play----------------------------------------------------------------13 *Characters in the game-----------------------------------------------------19 *Mario' Tennis School-------------------------------------------------------23 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 3 On the Court There has never been a tennis game like Mario's Tennis. Mario, Yoshi, and a whole cast of your favorite characters move freely around a completely three dimensional tennis court. If you move to the net, and your opponent lobs, the ball seems to actually fly over your head. There has never been a game that was able to so realistically create the feeling of depth on the court. You'll find yourself trying to turn around and check the line when your opponent slams a passing shot down the line. it's time to prove that you can serve, volley and rally with the best of them! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 4 Adjustment for Virtual Boy Before Starting the Game When using the Virtual Boy, several adjustments must be made before starting the game. For your health and safety, be certain to perform these adjustments each time you play. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, be sure to wear them while using the Virtual Boy. Insert the Game Pak into the Virtual Boy, then turn the POWER switch located on the front of the controller to the ON position. When the screen pictured to the right appears, continue with the IPD and FOCUS adjustments. Press the START button to display the "IPD and FOCUS adjustments screen." Both adjustments are made using this screen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 5 IPD Adjustment This adjustment sets Virtual Boy to the distance between your eyes (the Inter Pupil Distance). While looking at the adjustment screen, turn the IPD dial located on top of the Virtual Boy until you can see a mark in all four corners of the screen, as shown in the following illustration: The best adjustment may allow you to see only three or four marks. When you have completed the IPD adjustment, proceed with the FOCUS adjustment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 6 Focus Adjustment This adjustment makes sure that you see the game image in the Virtual Boy display clearly. Move the FOCUS slider to the CENTER POSITION as on the housing. For most people, the center position should give you the clearest image. If the image is still fuzzy, then adjust the FOCUS slider right or left until the image is sharp and clear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 7 Automatic Pause Function All Virtual Boy Game Paks contain an automatic pause function. After completing the IPD and FOCUS adjustments, press the START button and the screen pictured at right will appear. The automatic pause is preset to the ON position. Nintendo recommends that you ALWAYS set the automatic pause to ON. To override the setting, use ( or ) on the L + Control Pad, then press the START button to begin the game. *The Auto Pause function in Mario's Tennis will activate every 10 minutes. Please take a break and give your eyes some rest. After your rest is completed, press the START button to restart the game. Note: The Auto Pause will not activate in the middle of a shot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 8 Controller functions L Button (on back) R Button (on back) L + Control Pad R + Control Pad *Move the player *Control shot placement A Button *Move through selections *Hit the ball (solid shot) *Toss the ball Select *Register a selection *Press during PAUSE to *Move to next point access the adjustment screen B Button *Hit ball (soft shot, lob) Start *Toss the ball *PAUSE the game *Advance to next screen The R + Control Pad and the L & R Buttons are not used ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 9 Game play *Moving the player Use the L + Control pad, and your player moves forward, back, left and right. *Serving (1)Move the player to the left or right. (2)Press either the A or B Button to toss the ball. (3)Press the A or B Button again to serve. If you time your swing correctly, the serve will be good. (The A Button hits a hard serve, and the B Button hits a soft serve.) *Hitting Groundstrokes, Lobs, Volleys and Smashes. Press the A Button to hit normal, strong grounstrokes. If the ball is above your head, you will automatically do an overhead smash. When near the net, you automatically volley. Press the B Button to Lob. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 10 *Using the L + Control Pad The L + Control Pad is used to control the placement of your shots in the court. If you press the L + Control Pad at the same time that you hit the ball, you can direct the shot as follows: -UP on L + Control Pad--long backcourt shot -DOWN on L + Control Pad--short frontcourt shot -LEFT, RIGHT on L + Control Pad--shot toward sideline More Controller Functions *Speed up between points Press A Button between points to speed up the action. Your character will run to the service line, and point information will not be displayed on screen as long. *Pause Press START at any time to Pause game play. While the game is paused, you can adjust the Virtual Boy IPD and focus. If you want to ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 11 make adjustments, press SELECT (while paused) to access the IPD and focus screen. After making adjustments, press START to return to the pause screen. Press START again to go back to game play. NOTE: You cannot access the Auto Pause ON/OFF selection by pausing the game. *Reset If you press START, SELECT, the A, B, L and R Buttons simultaneously, the game will reset. Low Battery Indicator When battery power is low, you will see a flashing battery indicator in the corner of the screen. The indicator is pictured at the right. Please change the batteries as soon as possible after the indicator appears. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 12 Controller function table The table below shows the use of each button during game play. +-----------+----------------+-----------------------+ | | Service | Ball in play | +-----------+----------------+-----------------------+ | |*Toss |*Ground stroke | | A Button |*Fast serve |*Volley (near the net) | | | |*Overhead smash | +-----------+----------------+-----------------------+ | |*Toss |*Lob | | B Button |*Slow serve |*Overhead smash | | | | | +-----------+----------------+-----------------------+ |L + Control| | | | Pad |*Shot placement |*Shot placement | | | | | +-----------+----------------+-----------------------+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 13 How to Play Title screen At the title screen, select between SINGLES and DOUBLES with the L + Control Pad, then register the selection with the A Button. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 14 Game settings screen for SINGLES play At the screen pictured on the right, select either 1P vs. COM of TOURNAMENT with the L + Control Pad. Next, select the difficulty level and length of the match. Use the L + Control Pad to select your player character, and press the A Button to register your selection. Then, select your opponent with the L + Control Pad and press the A Button. Game settings screen for DOUBLES play At the screen pictured on the right, make the selections as indicated for SINGLES play, though you can select your player character, your partner and your two opponents. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 15 Tournament Play If you select Tournament, the screen pictured at the right is displayed, and your opponent is randomly selected. During the tournament, the outcome of matches other than your own is decided by the computer. Enter the tournament by pressing the A Button. Be sure to select the difficulty level and the length of the match before selecting the player characters. If you press START before selecting player characters, Mario plays Donkey Kong Jr. in the SINGLES mode. In the DOUBLES mode, the teams are set as Mario & Yoshi vs. Donkey Kong Jr. & Toad if you do not select the players. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 16 Court screen Opponent Lakitu Lakitu is the Chair Court Umpire (high above Notice that the net the court) and is decorated with score keeper for all hearts. The court of the matches. is used for both There is no SINGLES and complaining about DOUBLES mode. line calls allowed with this judge! Your player character Your player always appears at the bottom of the screen. Watch the facial expressions of the different characters! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 17 Results Screen. Except for tournament matches, the screen shown below is displayed at the end of every match. This screen gives you the chance to see how well you played in the match by displaying various statistics. Press the A Button to return to the title screen. TOTAL PTS. Total of points won BASELINE PTS. Points won from the backcourt NET PTS. Points won at the net ERRORS Total of unforced errors SERVICE ACE Total aces served 1ST SERVE % Percentage of good first serves DOUBLE FAULT Number of double faults ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 18 About Difficulty Levels Study the following chart, so that you will select a difficulty level that is appropriate for you. +----------------------+-------+--------+----------+ | | Easy | Normal | Hard | +----------------------+-------+--------+----------+ | Ball Speed | Slow | Slow | Standard | +----------------------+-------+--------+----------+ | Racquet contact area | Large | Large | Strong | +----------------------+-------+--------+----------+ | Opponent power | Weak | Strong | Strong | +----------------------+-------+--------+----------+ | Player's body can | No | No | Yes | | obscure ball | | | | +----------------------+-------+--------+----------+ | Player speed | Slow | Slow | Fast | +----------------------+-------+--------+----------+ **The ball won't hit the player character's body. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 19 Characters in the game MARIO He is an average player whose court speed and leg strength are solid. His racquet contact area is average, and he relies on his skillful groundstrokes, though he will approach the net occasionally. LUIGI His skill level and court strategy are similar to Mario's. He has better court coverage, though, due to being faster than Mario. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 20 PRINCESS TOADSTOOL The princess is slow, but her racquet contact area is large. She doesn't like to approach the net, preferring to instead rally from the baseline. YOSHI He is the fastest of all the players, but his racquet contact area is small. He plays an aggressive type of game by rushing the net at every opportunity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 21 TOAD Toad is quite quick on the court, but his racquet contact area is not very large. Like Yoshi, he tries to approach the net often. Though he is strong, he has great court coverage because he can lunge at tough shots. KOOPA Being a turtle, basically, his court speed suffers. He has a large racquet contact area, though. He likes to rally from the baseline, and he also can lunge at tough shots like Toad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 22 DONKEY KONG Jr. He is slower than all the other players, and also has a smaller racquet contact area. He is, however, understandably the most powerful of all the players. His strong groundstrokes allow him to win many points from the baseline. *The racquet contact area only changes when playing on the HARD difficulty level. *The racquet contact area affects the player's ability to return balls that are far away or to close to the player. On any level, faster players are faster, and powerful players hi strong shots. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 23 MARIO'S TENNIS SCHOOL Techniques to improve your play *Service When serving, check your opponent's location on court. Use this to select the placement and depth of your serve. For the easiest serve, use the B Button without the L + Control Pad. *Return of serve Watch where the opponent stands during service, and try to effectively place a solid return of serve. If an opponent rushes the net just after serving, make sure that you use your lob. *Groundstrokes, volleys, and smashes Timing is very important on these shots. If you press the L + Control Pad too early, your player character will move and you may miss the shot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 24 MARIO'S TENNIS SCHOOL The placement of your shots can be affected by the timing of your swing of the racket. If you swing early or late can change where your shot goes. For example, if you press the L + Control Pad and swing early while trying to hit a ball to the left, the ball will fly more sharply to the left. Being able to correctly time the swing of your racquet can directly affect your success on the court. *Doubles positioning When playing Doubles, do not stand directly behind or in front of your partner. In Doubles, maximum court coverage requires you and your partner to cover the sidelines effectively. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 25 MARIO'S TENNIS SCHOOL Rules of tennis *Points The basic unit of scoring is the point. Points start from 0 (Love) and the first point scored is called 15, the second point is called 30, the third is 40, and the fourth point won wins the game. If the game reaches 40-40, it is called Deuce. The next point won gives that player the Advantage. If that player wins the next point, they win the game. If they lose the point, the score returns to Deuce, and play continues until one side with the Advantage wins a point. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 26 MARIO'S TENNIS SCHOOL *Games A game is normally the first to win four points, unless the match goes to Deuce. The first player to win six games wins a "set," though the winner must beat the opponent by at least two games. If each side wins six games, there is a special game played called a Tie Break to determine who wins the set. *The Tie Break As mentioned, a Tie Break is played when the score is 6-6. In the Tie Break, the first person to win seven points, and win by two points, takes the set. The score for the set is recorded as 7-6. *Sets Real matches are normally the best-of-three sets or the best-of-five sets. In Mario's Tennis, there is no best-of-five set match. So that matches can be quickly played, you have a choice between a one set match or a best-of-three set match. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 27 MARIO'S TENNIS SCHOOL Tennis terms used in the game *Out If your shot lands outside the court, you lose that point. A sign appears telling you when a shot is out. *Net If your shot hits the net, and lands on your side of the net, you lose the point A sign indicates when your shot hits the net and lands on your side. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 28 MARIO'S TENNIS SCHOOL *Fault If your serve does not land in the service area, you "fault." If you fault twice in a row, it is called a "double fault," and you lose the point. During the game "FAULT" and "DOUBLE FAULT" will be indicated. The service area is the square that is near the net, and in front of where your opponent is standing prior to serve. *Let If your serve hits the net and falls in service area, it is called a "let," and you get to serve over again. Let will be displayed on screen. If your serve hits the net but falls outside the service area, it is a fault. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 29 MARIO'S TENNIS SCHOOL *Serve The server stands behind the baseline outside the court, tosses the ball and then hits it into the service area on the other side of the court. The service area is the square in the frontcourt ahead of your opponent. A serve must bounce before it is returned. Service lasts for one game, and it alternates between players. *Groundstrokes Hit the ball back to your opponent after it has bounced once. *Overhead smash. Hit the ball as it flies overhead. The overhead smash is a very fast, powerful shot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 30 MARIO'S TENNIS SCHOOL *Volley While close to the net, hit the ball before it bounces. *Lob Hit the ball over the head of an opponent who is at the net. Try to use the shots and information detailed earlier to your full advantage. Learning the terminology and rules will get you into the great game of tennis. Now it's time to hit the court!

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