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Mario Clash

Typed out by Jesse Smith Mario Clash KIDS TO ADULTS K-A Virtual Boy AGES 6+ INSTRUCTION BOOKLET VUE-VMCJ-USA This product MUST NOT be used by children under the age of seven (7) years. Artificial stereo vision displays may not be safe for such children and may cause serious, permanent damage to their vision. Before using the Virtual Boy, carefully reed the Virtual Boy Instruction Booklet and the Consumer Information and Precautions Booklet. Make sure before playing that you correctly adjust the hardware, including the IPD and FOCUS. Do not play if you are feeling tired. Discontinue use immediately if you feel dizzy, nauseated or tired or if you eyes hurt or become strained. Do not use unlicensed or counterfeit games. Failure to follow all instructions could injure you and cause serious damage to your vision or hearing. Mario Clash Contents Before Starting The Game 4 IPD Adjustment 5 FOCUS Adjustment 6 Auto Pause Function 7 Knock Off The Enemies By Throwing Shells! 8 Controller Functions 10 How To Play The Game 12 Getting Started 12 The Game Screen 14 Defeating Enemies 16 Scoring 18 Enemy Characters 20 3 Before Starting The Game When using the Virtual boy, several adjustments must be made before starting the game. For your health and safety, be certain to perform these adjustments each time you play. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, be sure to wear them while using the Virtual Boy. Insert the Game Pak into the Virtual Boy, then turn the POWER switch located on the front of the controller to the ON position. When the screen pictured to the right appears, continue with the IPO and FOCUS adjustments. Press the START button to display the "IPD and FOCUS adjustment screen." Both adjustments are made using this screen. 4 IPD Adjustment This adjustment sets Virtual Boy to the distance between your eyes (the Inter Pupil Distance). While looking at the adjustment screen, turn the IPD dial located on top of the Virtual Boy until you can see a mark in all four corners of the screen, as shown on the screen to the right. The best adjustment may allow you to see only three marks, or four slightly blurred marks. When you have completed the IPD adjustment, proceed with the FOCUS adjustment. 5 Focus Adjustment This adjustment makes sure that you see the game image in the Virtual Boy display clearly. Move the FOCUS slider to the CENTER POSITION as marked on the housing. For most people, the center position should give you the clearest image. If the image is still fuzzy, then adjust the FOCUS slider right or left until the image is sharp and clear. 6 Automatic Pause Function All Virtual Boy Game Paks contain an automatic pause function. After completing the PD and FOCUS adjustments, press the START button and the screen pictured at right will appear. The automatic pause is preset to the ON position. Nintendo recommends that you ALWAYS set the automatic pause to ON. To override the setting, use left or right on the Left Control Pad, then press the START button to begin the game. After continuously playing "Mario Clash" for 15 minutes (or after each level is completed), the game will automatically pause. Please take a break and give your eyes some rest. After your rest is completed, press the START button to restart the game. 7 Controller Functions L Button. While moving left or right, pressing this button makes you run. Press up or down to face either front or back. Also used to select items on the "Select Screen". Press left and right to move left and right. Also used to spin Mario when he hangs onto the rope. Select Start Press SELECT while paused to Start the game. If you press return to the "IPD and Pocus START during the game, Adjustment Screen". After making it will pause. Press again to your adjustments, press SELECT restart the game. again to return to the pause screen. 10 R Button Jump R and Control Pad Press left or right to throw shells left or right. Press Up or Down to throw shells at the opposite side. B Button A Button Jump Throw Turtle Shells (in the direction you are facing) Press the SELECT, START, A, B, L, and R Buttons simultaneously to reset the game. 11 How to play the game. Getting Started. [Title screen] Press START while the TITLE screen is displayed and the SELECT screen will appear. [Select Screen] Make your choice from these selections: [GAME START], [TOP SCORE] or [BRIGHTNESS]. GAME START. Choose [GAME START] on the [Select Screen], then press START. Before pressing START, use left or right on the left Control Pad to pick any level from 1-40. 12 TOP SCORE. If you select [TOP SCORE] the Top Score Screen will be displayed. Press START to return to the Game Select Screen. [Top Score Screen] When the game is over, if your score is in the top five, it will be displayed on the Top Score screen. BRIGHTNESS. (Brightness Adjustment.) Select [BRIGHTNESS] on the Select Screen. Use left and right on the Left Control Pad to adjust the screen brightness. 13 [Game Screen Image] 14 Each time you defeat an enemy, the mushroom counter will decrease. When the number reaches 0, a mushroom will appear. Spin Mario while on the rope to face him in the direction you want him to land, then jump to the ledge. Go through the pipe to cross to the opposite side. When this symbol appears at the left top of the screen, Virtual Boy’s batteries are getting weak. This indicates you should change the batteries. 15 Defeating Enemies Basics Tactics If you jump on a Koopa, he will be stunned and will withdraw into his shell. If you approach the shell, you will pick it up. While holding the shell, press either the Right Control Pad or A Button to throw it. If the shell hits the enemy, you can knock it off. Important Point! Defeat multiple enemies at one time to get bonus points! The more you knock off, the higher your score! 16 Advanced Tactics To defeat certain enemies, their weak points must be hit more than once. Stun him, then let him turn around. Hit him again to finish him off. Each enemy has a different weak point. Important Point! Hit enemies on the opposite ledge. Repeatedly catch the shell as it bounces back and it will begin to shine. Shining shells will fly a long distance and can be used to defeat enemies that are far away. When there is only one enemy left in a stage, it will move faster. 17 Scoring Every time you stun or defeat an enemy, points will be added to your score. Jump on Koopa 10 points. Defeat Fire or Ice 50 points. Stun an enemy 100 points. Defeat an enemy 500 points. If you stun and defeat multiple enemies with one throw, their point values will increase as follows: 500, 500 X 2, 500 X 3, and so on. Bonus points When a stage is cleared, bonus points may be awarded. The number of points depends on the number of enemies you have defeated in a group. If you clear a stage without making any mistakes, a time bonus (10pointsXtime remaining) will be added to your score. 18 Important Point! Touch a mushroom to begin "Fever Time." A single shell will defeat any enemy while it's "Fever Time," and any points you score will be double!! Any mistakes made will end "Fever Time." When a certain stage is cleared, there is a bonus chance that allows you to get coins. The more coins you get, the more Bonus Chance points you receive. If you can get all the coins, you will get an extra Mario as a perfect bonus. 19 Enemy Characters Koopa If you jump on a Koopa, it will withdraw into its shell. You can throw the shell after picking it up. Koopas are the only thing you can jump on and throw. But, after a short time, they will revive, so be careful! Spike If you throw a shell at him, you can knock him off. He is the weakest of your enemies. Thorny Thorny is protected by his three horns. He can not be knocked down with one hit. 20 Para Boomba This enemy jumps, making it hard to hit with a shell, so aim well. Lobb They will throw Iron Balls at Mario, so watch out! Sidestepper His scissor claws will block a thrown shell. His only weakness is to hit him on the stomach. Big Boo She floats in the air and is hard to hit. When Big Boo becomes transparent, she cannot be hit. A shell will simply pass through without damaging her. 21 Snake She multiplies by producing eggs. Watch out for trouble. Pokey He shrinks if you hit his body with a shell. His weak point is his head. Along with the enemies, there are other hazards that will interfere with you. Fire It appears suddenly. Be quick to avoid it. Ice It appears in the frozen room. 22 Important Point When your score reaches 50,000 points, 100,000 points... Your remaining Marios will increase by one. Take aim and set your sights on a high score. Good Luck! 23

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