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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Typed out by Terry L Bennett ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS (Super Nintendo) by: Konami & LucasArts Entertainment Co. You play as one of two kids and must rescue your neighbors before monsters destroy them. Once all victims are gone (either rescued or killed), an "exit" door appears to let you leave the level - unless monsters got them all and in that case, game is over. You can then leave the level or continue to search for treasures and weapons. Victims: You start with 10 victims. Body count goes down each time a monster kills one victim. Game continues as long as there is still at least one victim remaining. You earn bonus victims by earning points, but you may never have more than 10 victims at one time. If you have 10 victims at bonus time, you earn an extra life. Each player starts with 3 lives. There are hidden 1-ups. Some victims are worth a lot of points (cheerleaders, baby, dog and explorer) while the Barbecue guy is worth only 5 points but his BBQ feast is worth 100. Password: You earn a password after every fourth level. Write them down. Press any buttons to enter all four letters, then press Start or Select to continue to the appropriate level. Control: Control Pad - to walk and aim weapons A button - change special item B button - change weapon Y button - use readied weapon Start - Pause L or R - turn radar screen on or off Weapons: Your readied weapon will be displayed next to life bar. Press B to change weapons. Number below weapon shows number of shots remaining. When you run out of shots, that weapon is dropped from inventory. Squirt gun - good for average ghouls Soda Pop cans - explodes and eliminate most low-powered monsters in one shot. Bazooka - blows holes through cracked walls or weak spots on hedges. Extinguisher - freeze monsters. Weed-eater - cuts through weeds and monsters Ancient Artifact (Cross-like) - spins fire that protects you and destroys monsters it touches. Silverware - good for werewolf Plates - weak weapon Bubblegum - captures target in temporary bubble. Tomatoes - Martians hate them. Ice pops - destroys jelly blobs. Special Items: Scroll trhough items by pressing A. Keys - open doors Skeleton keys - for skeleton doors Red bottle - become invincible purple beast and bash through doors and monsters. Blue bottle - turn into ghost. Question mark bottle - may be good or bad. Speed shoes Decoys - inflatable clowns attracts monsters away from you. Great with Chainsaw guys. Golden Chest - releases energy blast and destroys monsters First Aid kit - restore your life bar to full force.

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