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Yoshi's Safari

Typed out by Steve Begin SNS-RH-USA YOSHI'S SAFARI (Super NES Super Scope logo) Instruction Booklet (Super Nintendo Entertainment System logo) PAGE 1 ------ Warning: please carefully read the consumer information and precautions booklet included with this product before using your Nintendo(R) system, Game Pak, or accessory. (picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying game and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo product. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality(TM). Thank you for selecting the Yoshi's Safari(TM) Game Pak for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R). Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure maximum enjoyment of your new game. Save this book for future reference. Note: This game can only be played with the Super NES Super Scope accessory. TM and (R) are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C)1993 Nintendo of America Inc. PAGE 2 ------ TABLE OF CONTENTS Story.........................................................3 Super Scope Control Operation.................................5 Starting the Game.............................................7 Game Play.....................................................8 Rules........................................................13 Courses......................................................14 Score........................................................16 Items........................................................17 Enemy Characters.............................................19 (picture of Yoshi) Yoshi's Safari(TM) PAGE 3 ------ (picture that takes the entire pages 3 and 4 that shows a really big Bowser behind a castle. Mario, riding Yoshi, is holding the Super Scope and blasting some Goombas and Koopas) Jewelry Land, a peaceful land ruled by King Fret and his son, Prince Pine, was named for the kingdom's greatest treasure: a set of twelve magic gems. These magic gems had protected the land from natural disasters for all time. Then one day, Bowser and the Koopalings moved in, stole the twelve magic gems and kidnapped both the king and the prince. The earthquake that resulted from the theft of the jewels split the kingdom into two parts, a Light Realm and a Dark Realm. The Koopas held King Fret captive in the Light Realm and Prince Pine prisoner in the Dark Realm. Prince Pine's friend, Princess Peach heard the news and asked for help from Mario and Yoshi. PAGE 4 ------ To return peace to this land, Mario and Yoshi must recover the twelve magic gems stolen by the Koopas. Can Mario and Yoshi find the magic gems? Can they save the King and the Prince? The time to begin the new quest is now! Hop up in the saddle and view the world from Yoshi's back. As you clear each stage, you'll come closer to your goal of saving Jewelry Land. (Yoshi says: Shoot at the enemies with your Super Scope! You won't have to look hard- they'll find you as you travel down the course.) PAGE 5 & 6 ---------- SUPER NES SUPER SCOPE CONTROL BUTTONS AND BASIC OPERATION For complete information about the use of your Super Scope accessory, see your Super NES Super Scope Instruction Manual. Sight Tube Front Sight - To aim, align the center of the Front Sight over your target while looking through the Scope Eyepiece. Fire Button (top) - Press this button to shoot at the screen. Pause Button (top) - Press the PAUSE Button to interrupt game play. Press PAUSE a second time to resume game play. While paused, you can re-aim the Super Scope by firing at the center of the target. Power Switch (top) - Slide this switch forward to the center position to turn the power on. If you slide the switch into the TURBO position, press and hold the FIRE Button to rapidly fire TURBO Shots. Cursor Button (handle) - Press this button to make Yoshi jump. While fighting a boss enemy, press this button to use a saved special item. * Resetting the game While the game is paused, hold the CURSOR Button and press the FIRE Button twice repeatedly to reset the game back to the title screen. PAGE 7 ------ STARTING THE GAME (picture of the title screen) Set up your Super Scope Receiver Module as shown in the Super Scope Instruction Manual. Insert Your Yoshi's Safari Game Pak into the Super NES Control Deck and Turn ON both the Super NES and the Super Scope. When the title screen appears, shoot at the screen by pressing the Super Scope's FIRE Button. The Adjust Aim screen will appear after the opening story concludes. Aim Adjustment * Adjust Aim Screen Hold the Super Scope so you can see through the opening in the eyepiece Sight Tube and the Front Sight. Aim at the center of the target and shoot at the center of the screen by pressing the FIRE Button. (picture of the Adjust Aim screen) * Test Screen Press the FIRE Button again to confirm that the aim is correct. A hit mark will flash at the point where you aimed. If the aim was incorrectly set, re- adjust it by pressing the CURSOR Button. This will restart Adjust Aim procedure. (picture of the Test Aim screen) (picture of the Super Scope and a TV with an arrow that shows that the Sight Tube and Front Sight of the Super Scope are well aligned with the center of the screen.) * Re-aiming the Super Scope During Game Play If at any time your aim seems inaccurate or if you change your position during play, you should re-aim the Super Scope. Press the Super Scope's PAUSE Button to bring up the ADJUST AIM screen and follow the instructions above. If you do not want to adjust your aim or have finished doing so, you must press the PAUSE Button again to resume play. PAGE 8 ------ GAME PLAY Game Play Mode You can choose to play either the 1-Player Mode or the 2-Player Mode. The object of both is to clear all of the stages. On the Mode Select Screen, shoot the appropriate panel to select either a 1-Player or a 2-Player game. (picture of the Mode Select Screen) Game Play Screen (picture of a game screen) Item Window (top right of screen under Score) This appears only when you are fighting a boss. Press the CURSOR Button to use the item displayed in this window. Time (top right of screen) This display shows the time remaining to complete the stage. If you fail to clear the stage before the time is up, you lose one Yoshi. Coins (top left of screen) Every time you shoot a Question Block or an enemy, you may get a coin. When you collect 60 coins, you will earn a 1-Up. If you miss a jump, you will be fined three 3 coins. If you have less than 3 coins, you will forfeit one Yoshi. Power Gauge (top center of screen) This gauge measures the power of TURBO Shots. As the gauge decreases, the interval between each bullet will be longer. Score (top right of screen under Time) When you defeat an enemy or get a bonus, your score will increase. PAGE 9 ------ 1-PLAYER MODE In the 1-Player Mode, you'll use only the Super Scope. Shoot a block on the stage select screen to start the game. You can start the game from any stage. The lower the number on the block, the easier that stage will be to clear. (picture of the stage select screen) (picture of 4 Yoshis, 2 are facing us and 2 are looking away from us) PAGE 10 ------- (3 picture frames of Yoshi) Your viewpoint is what Mario sees while riding on Yoshi. Yoshi automatically moves forward on the course, but you must shoot down the enemies that are coming at you. You also should shoot the Question Blocks to earn items and coins. If you can defeat the boss that is waiting for you at the end of the course, you will clear the stage. (picture of 4 Yoshis, 2 are facing us and 2 are looking away from us) PAGE 11 ------- 2-PLAYER MODE In the 2-Player Mode, one player will use a Super Scope to shoot down the enemies, and the other player will use a standard Super NES Controller to guide Yoshi. Players must help each other in this mode. The map and stages in a 2- Player game are the same as they are in the 1-Player game. * 2-Player Mode Controller Operation (picture of the Super NES Controller) + Control Pad (left arrow) or (right arrow) Moves Yoshi left or right. (down arrow) Makes Yoshi duck. X Button Reduces Yoshi's speed. A Button Makes Yoshi jump. While fighting with a boss at the end of each stage, this button lets you use items. PAGE 12 ------- Plug a controller into Controller Socket #1 on the Super NES Control Deck. * Use only the standard Nintendo Super NES Controller that came with the system. Some joysticks or other controllers may not be completely compatible with this game. * The B Button, Y Button and (up arrow) on the + Control Pad are not used. * While fighting with a stage boss, the X Button is not used. * In a 2-Player Mode game, you will not be able to jump by using the Super Scope's CURSOR Button. (picture of Mario riding Yoshi and pointing his Super Scope at us) PAGE 13 ------- RULES * If your LIFE meter becomes empty, you will lose one Yoshi. When all Yoshis are gone, your game is over. * If you do not clear the stage within the time limit, you will lose one Yoshi. * If you cannot defeat the boss before the time limit expires, you will lose one Yoshi. * If you miss a jump in a jump zone (a gap in the course), you will restart just prior to the jump zone and forfeit three coins. If you have less than three coins when you miss a jump, you will lose one Yoshi. * For every 60 coins you collect, you will earn an extra Yoshi. Stage Clear If you defeat the boss at the end of a stage you will be awarded bonus points. After you recover the magic gem held by that boss, the stage will be cleared. The Map Screen will appear and show a gem on the stages that you have cleared. (picture of a beaten up Mario riding a beaten up Yoshi) PAGE 14 ------- COURSES There are some tricks on the course. * Jump (picture of a game screen showing a jump zone) You can jump to avoid a turtle's shell. When you press the CURSOR Button (in the 2-Player Mode, use the A Button on the controller) in the jump zone, you will perform a Super Jump. * Junction (picture of a game screen showing Yoshi arriving at a crossroad) There is a barricade at each junction. Repeatedly shoot the barricade to change the path that Yoshi takes. * Dash Zone (picture of a game screen showing 2 arrows on the road) These are marked with a double chevron on the course. When you pass over these marks, Yoshi will move forward with a burst of speed. PAGE 15 ------- SCORE When you clear a stage, the Stage Clear Screen will appear. You will earn extra points for any time remaining, and any unused items. Stage Clear Screen (picture of this screen) Bonus - Bonus points are given for completing each stage. Item - Bonus points are awarded for any unused items. Time - The remaining time is added to your score. Stage - This is the total points earned from attacking enemies during the stage. Total - The points from the Stage Bonus, Time Bonus, and Item Bonus are added to the Stage Points to give you your Total Score. PAGE 16 ------- (picture of Mario aiming with the Super Scope and Yoshi behind Mario) * You will get 100 points for every second remaining. * The number of points earned per unused item varies. (For more information, see the ITEMS chapter.) PAGE 17 ------- ITEMS There are two types of items. One is used immediately during the stage, the other is saved for use while fighting the stage boss. When you shoot a Question Block, you will get an item. Items Used Immediately * As soon as you get the item, it will be used automatically. (picture of a red mushroom) Power-Up Mushroom Recovers some of your LIFE meter. Bonus 1,500 points (picture of a flower) Fire Flower Increases the length of the POWER Gauge. Bonus 2,000 points (picture of a yellow star) Super Star Yoshi becomes invincible for a short period of time. Bonus 2,000 points. (picture of a green mushroom) 1-Up Mushroom Gives you an extra Yoshi. Bonus 2,000 points. (picture of a coin with a star on it) Big Coin Gives you 10 coins. Bonus 0 points. PAGE 18 ------- (picture of a yellow question block with wings) When you shoot the block pictured on the left, you will get an item used immediately in that stage. (picture of a blue question block with wings) When you shoot the block pictured on the right, you will get an item that is saved for use while fighting with the stage boss. Items Saved for Battling the Boss * These can be used only when you are battling the stage boss. To use the item, press the CURSOR Button (or A Button on the controller in 2-Player Mode). You can use the item only once during the fight. (picture of a red mushroom) Power-up Mushroom Lets you recover LIFE energy. If you don't use it, you will get 2,000 points. (picture of a red nut) Nuts Reduce by one half the damage to Yoshi. If you don't use it, you will get 2,000 bonus points. (picture of a green clock) Clock Gives you one extra minute of time. If you don't use it, you will get 6,000 bonus points. (picture of a yellow star) Super Star Yoshi will become invincible for a short period of time. If you don't use it, you will get 5,000 bonus points. PAGE 19 ------- ENEMY CHARACTERS Flying Goombas (picture of a mushroom with wings) (picture of the actual Goomba on the screen) Koopa Para Troopa (picture of a green turtle with wings) (picture of the actual Koopa on the screen) Para Bomb (picture of a bomb with a parachute) (picture of the actual bomb on the screen) PAGE 20 ------- Big Boo (picture of a white round ghost) (picture of that actual ghost on the screen) Boss (big picture of Bowser) Advice Each boss has a weak point, but the weak point for each boss is different. Watch the bosses' movements and reactions to your fire to identify their weak points. PAGE 21 ------- WARNING It is a serious crime to copy video games. 18 USC 2319 Nintendo games are strictly protected by copyright rights worldwide. Back-up copies are not authorized and are not necessary to protect your Nintendo Game Pak. Please destroy any illegal copies that may come into your possession. Violators will be prosecuted. If your Game Pak ceases to operate and it is not a copy and your Nintendo Control Deck has no alteration or backup device attached to it, please call the Nintendo Consumer Assistance Hotline at 1-800-255-3700 (U.S. and Canada) or your local authorized Nintendo distributor for assistance. PAGE 22: WARRANTY AND SERVICE INFORMATION (not written) BACK COVER ---------- Need help with installation, maintenance, or service? Call 1-800-255-3700. (Nintendo logo) Nintendo of America Inc. P.O. Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 U.S.A. Printed in Japan.

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