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Yoshi's Cookie

----------------------------------- | YOSHI'S COOKIE | DOCUMENTATIONS | ----------------------------------- TYPED BY | GWAR/PDX ======== CONTENTS ======== Introduction ... 06 Controls ... 07 ONE PLAYER ACTION ... 08 Setting the Menu ... 08 Playing Action ... 09 Scoring ... 10 TWO PLAYER ACTION ... 11 Setting The Menu ... 11 Choose Charactor ... 13 Attack Strategy ... 14 PUZZLE GAME ... 15 Playing Puzzle Game ... 15 == PAGE 5 == Do you love cookies? Then try Yoshi's Cookies! The fast paced puzzle game is fun for kids of all ages. It's easy... just move the randomly placed cookies (HEART, FLOWERS, DIAMONDS, CHECK, CIRCLE and YOSHI) into rows and columns of the same type. If you make a row or column of the same cookies, the line disappears and you score points. Remove more than one row or column at a time for really big points! In the one player ACTION game, clear the screen and advance to the next, more challenging stages. Use the special YOSHI COOKIE as a wild card for even more points! In the VS game, test your skill against a friend or the computer. Race against the clock to clear enough rows and columns first. Every row or column you remove gives you a YOSHI COOKIE. Remove a row or column of YOSHI COOKIES and pull some wild tricks on your opponent. But watch out! Sometimes those tricks can backfire! The PUZZLE games tests strategy, not speed. You're given a limited number of moves to clear all of the cookies from the screen. Pass all the levels and reveal the secret mario map! == PAGE 6 == CONTROL PAD : Moves the cursor. A BUTTON : Hold down A button and use PAD to control cookies movement. B BUTTON : In ACTION game, press B button makes cookies drop faster. L/R BUTTON : In PUZZLE game, L takes you back one move, R will take you back to the beginning of the stage you're currently on. SELECT : To change menu selections. START : Will pause the game. == PAGE 7 == ROUND 1 TO 10 *** Press L/R on pad to select round to begin at. Each round contains 10 stages. SPEED LOW MEDIUM HIGH *** This changes the speed of the cookies. MUSIC TYPE A,B,C OR OFF *** Select type of background music. == PAGE 8 == To play the one player ACTION game, line up the same types of cookies in vertical columns or horizontal rows to make them disappear. Clearing the screen of all the cookies will allow you to advance to the next stage. However if the cookies expand to the edge of the playing field, the game is over. When you complete 10 stages you will advance to the next round. YOSHI HINT: When you complete five lines of one type of cookie you will get a YOSHI COOKIE! The cookie can be used as a wild card to help complete a line. == PAGE 9 == 2 cookie lines = 10points 3 cookie lines = 20points 4 cookie lines = 40points 5 cookie lines = 80points 6 cookie lines = 160points 7 cookie lines = 320points YOSHI HINT: Watch the graph in the lower left corner of the screen to see how close you are to getting a YOSHI COOKIE. == PAGE 10 == MODE 2 PLAYER OR COMPUTER *** Select a man to play against another person or select COM to play computer. SPEED LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH *** Speed of time fuse will burn. HANDICAP 0 TO 10 *** To balance a game between experienced and inexper- ienced players. MUSIC TYPE A,B,C OR OFF *** Select background music. == PAGE 11 == Use the control pad to select your character, player 2 or the computers character. Press start to enter initials for each character, thats if you with to costomize the names. == PAGE 12 == ATT (ATTACK) Length of attack, such as BLIND, PANIC ans SLAVE lasts. DEF (DEFENSE) Ability to defend against attacks, attacks can be cut in half if strong or doubled if weak. MES (MESSAGE) How fast a message is displayed in the event window. LIM (TIME LIMIT) How fast the timer fuse burns. == PAGE 13 == +----------------------------------------------+ | ATT DEF MES LIM | | MARIO Average Average Med Med | | YOSHI Average Strong Long Med | | PRINCESS Average Weak Short Med | | KOOPA Strong Average Med Short | +----------------------------------------------+ == PAGE 14 == -7 removes 7points from player's meter. -3 removes 3points from player's meter. BLIND allows the attacking player to place a 3x3 grid of question marks over the center of his opponent's playfield. PANIC Allows the attacking player to scramble the cookies of his oppenents field. SLAVE Allows the attacking player to contol his oppenents cursor. == PAGE 15 == The PUZZLE games tests strategy, not speed. You're given a limited number of moves to clear all of the cookies from the screen. Pass all the levels and reveal the secret mario map! Use left button to undo moves at a time, right puts back into original postion.

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