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Typed out by Vermillion THE LEGEND Seven decades ago in the year 208C, or 2108AD for earthlings, a race of highly intelligent beings built the ultimate doomsday device to protect their planet. The device was named Xardion. The artificially intelligent being was built on the planet Fiera, the fire planet of the Alpha-1 solar system. On Fiera science had long since evolved into a state of super theory. The planetery science community discovered that a depletion of the ozone layer would cause a drastic change on the planet in the future and it would end up unlivable in approximately 285 years. Meanwhile at the other end of the galaxy, a professor, Dr. Sim U. Late was working on his theory of life and surroundings. His goal was to rejuvenate a single planet and built an artificial eco-system. Once his theory and planet were complete, he left one human on the planet to test his project "New Frontier". His goal was to control the eco-system and enable the people of Fiera to relocate on a safe planet when the time came. Unforutnately the doctor became ill and in anticipation of his death he programmed NGC-1611 super computers to control all functions of the ecologym including its defense. The super computers malfunctioned 12 years later and the sole inhabitant of the planet was left to a survivalistic lifestyle. The guardian devices tried to protect the test human and eco system. The computers misinterpreted their instuctions as "search and destroy". Without the computers control over the guardians they soon became beasts of rage and fury, transforming many times beyond their original design. During this time the distant Alpha 1 Solar System was locked in a 7 month war. In an act of desperation, the leaders of the three planets quickly resolved their differences to fight the NGC-1611 invaders by utilizing their three most signifigant robotic eliminators. Immediately "Triton:King of the Sea" was commisioned by the oceansphere, Aquata. The Hollowsphere, Zikar sent Panthera the cybernetic leopard and Fiera sent Alcedes the telekinetic Beastybot. Each of these robots must arm themselves with weapons located on the surface of the planets. The robots are role progressive, or learning mechanisms. The more experience they have, the better their ability to carry out the desired task. You duty as given by the planetary federation is to lead the pilots of Alcedes and Triton and the cybercerebral mind of Panthera to the distand star NGC-1161. Locate Xardion if possible, but any cost you must terminate the invaders power source. Save the Alpha 1 Star System! THE ROBOTS The Xardion is the legend, the ultimate cyborg. An indestuctible force of pure power. Panthera, from the planet Hollowsphere is a cybernetic leopard that will give you super cat like skills with incredible strength. From the Oceansphere comes Triton, King of the Sea. And from the planet of fire, Fiera, comes Alcedes. Getting Started 1. Insert your XARDION game-pak into the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. 2. Turn the power on. 3. Press start to begin a game. 4. Enjoy! PLAYER CONTROLS ON THE PLAY SCREEN The control pad will allow you to control the direction of your robot. The select button will take you to the menu area. Hold the start button with the select button to access the map screen. The "A" and "R" buttons will fire your special weapons when pre-selected in the menu area. The "B" button will cause your robot to jump. The "X" button will use your special item in menu 4. The "Y" button will fire your standard weapon. THE ROLE PLAYING SYSTEM During gameplay you will notice there are numbers in the top right portion of your screen. These numbers are part of the role-playing system included in XARDION. At the beginning of the game all three of your robots will have 0 points, as you eliminate guardians and small creatures you will earn points. The points earned will show up next to the number needed to be promoted to the next level of offense and defense. You will notice great changes in the robots abilities as you progress in experience. SECRET TIP: if you are having trouble with a certain area, hang around that area and eliminate small enemies until you are promoted to the next level of offense. This will give you the extra stamina you need. MENUS AND SUBSCREENS When you press the select button during game play you will enter the menu area. To access a menu simply press that "A" button, then press up or down on the cross pad to select the desired item. The item selected will be highlighted in white. To go to another menu press the "B" button. To close the menu area press the select button. When you enter the menu area you are automatically on menu #1, the robot selection menu. THE WEAPONS AND ITEMS Menu #2 "Individual Weapons" When you begin the game you will notice one menu is empty. To fill the empty menu you must locate the items inside the various levels. Menu #4 "Shared Weapons & Items" The items and weapons inside menu #4 are for common use by any robot, unlike the weapons in menu #2. Menu #3 is your Robot's status. TBOMB Time Bombs can be used to blow up walls in some areas. AMMO Ammo will fill up your ammo meter on the play screen. SAVE Select Save to store your game progress and to store your exact position in a level. (NOTE: Regular game progress will be saved automatically. To erase a saved game simply hold the SELECT button down while turning on your Super NES.) MISSILES Three heat seeking missiles will shoot out toward the enemy. SUBTANK The Subtank will refill your life power automatically. Remember your items in menu #4 will be shared by all of your robots. The items in menu #4 will say for example "AMMO 4". This means that you can use this ammo four times. Pick up items that you need and remember where they are for future referance. THREE TREASURES Once you have visited all three planets and the space ship in the Alpha 1 galaxy you will go to the experimental planet, NGC-1161. You will be told to find treasures throughout the galaxy to further your journey. THE LAST LEVEL When you locate the final level you will need to organize your strategy. The one tip we will leave you with is: "Only the Giant of White Iron may pass through the eye of a needle" Good Luck! SNS-XA-USA

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