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Typed out by Jeff Bogumil ---------- {Front Cover} SNS-XZ-USA X Zone Instruction Booklet Kemco Super Nintendo Entertainment System ---------- {Inside Front Cover} Warning: Please read the enclosed consumer information & precautions booklet carefully before using your Nintendo hardware system or game pak. {Official Nintendo Seal Of Quality} {License information} ---------- X-TERMINATOR WANTED FOR X-TREMELY DANGEROUS MISSION Thank you for purchasing X-Zone, Kemco's Super Scope compatible Game Pak that features an on-screen crosshair cursor for intense "shoot from the hip" commando-style, blast-away action. To fully enjoy this game, read this Instruction Manual carefully and keep it in a safe place for future reference. ---------- CONTENTS Prologue 1 Mission 2 Background Information 4 Equipment 6 Beginning Your Mission 8 Weapon Details 10 Mission Stages 12 Enemy Descriptions 14 Overseers 18 Additional Information 20 ---------- {Page 1} PROLOGUE Security Clearance: Alpha Omega Neutron. Any personnel without this Security Classification Level apprehended viewing this classified document are subject to immediate prosecution. Unauthorized personnel must cease examination immediately. ---------- {Page 2} MISSION Unknown circumstances have caused The Nation's automatic defense main-frame computer to malfunction. Infiltrate the "X-termination Zone" around the highly fortified "research center" and download systems shutdown sequence into central Bio-computer. Regain control of the defense system before computer controlled missile launch and satellite attacks can begin total global X-tinction. ---------- {Page 3} {Screenshot} ---------- {Page 4} BACKGROUND INFORMATION A joint development project by a top secrety government agency and an un-named private sector corporation has successfully created a hyper-spped, ultra-high memory "bio-computer" that incorporates genetically engineered brain tissue as the main memory storage and central processing unit. This Bio-computer-based mainframe was specifically designed to control The Nation's automated "External Threat Recognition Assault" system. The computer-controlled "X-TRA" counter-attack system was touted as the crowning achievement in military technology. The advanced Bio-computer would theoretically remove any chance of human error or frailty in the defense of The Nation, launching massive, strategic counter-attacks on hostile countries that dared to threaten their borders. "Compound X", the main research and development facility that houses the renegade Bio-computer is strategically located in the middle of a vast, barren desert. The harsh environment acts as a natural barrier to any would-be invaders. The heavily barricaded and fortified compound maintains a Bio-computer-controlled security system of relentless sentry robots that are equipped with heavy artillery, and linked to the first stage of the X-TRA's self-defense zone. Any unauthorized air or ground penetration of the "X-termination Zone" will be considered hostile, and dealt with accordingly. ---------- {Page 5} {Screenshot} ---------- {Page 6} EQUIPMENT Due to the extreme environmental conditions around Compound X, and the hazardous nature of this mission, we will supply you with a Class A Exo-armor combat suit. This state-of-the-art combat suit is equipped with an on-board environmental stabilization system that will maintain habitable conditions within its confines. The environmental stabilization system is furnished with a recycling air supply, in case you are confronted with chemical or biological weapons. Also incorporated in the suit is a magnetic energy deflector that acts as a force-shield against any known weapon systems. This shield can withstand a limited quantity of direct hits before system overload occurs, leaving you at the mercy of enemy attack. The specially tinted visor of your suit helmet will protect you from laser blast retina burn-out, allow you to see in the dark with infra-red vision, and present you with an on-visor information display. This "Heads Up Display" (HUD) technology informs you of the remaining strength of your energy shield and your "Enemies Hit" evaluation score. The suit is equipped with anti-gravity flotation boots that you can use to hover through the desert sky and into Compound X. Your final and most important piece of equipment is the prototype SS6 Plasma Energy Launcher. This potent weapon is lightweight, portal and reliable. It is capable of rapid-firing destructive blasts of highly concentrated energy with pin-point accuracy, utilizing a newly developed laser aiming target sight. Display the crosshair on your intended target and fire for maximum hit ratio. ---------- {Page 7} {Screenshot} Incoming Enemy: If it moves (and even if it doesn't), blow it away with your Plasma Launcher. Cursor: This on-screen crosshair shows where your weapon is aimed. Remaining Shield Strength: This bar represents how many hits your shield can take before collapsing. When all the colored bars are gone, one more hit from an enemy will destroy you. Locked enemy: The red + indicates that your computer is tracking an enemy. Locked enemies may be destroyed with a homing missile. You may track up to 4 enemies at a time. Score: Represents your "Enemies Hit" effectiveness score used for post-mission evaluation. Power-Up: Shoot this to recover four power bars on your shield strength meter. ---------- {Page 8} BEGINNING YOUR MISSION Make sure the Super Scope Receiver Module is plugged into Controller Port 2 of your Super Nintendo Entertainment System and placed near your television set. Insert your X-Zone Game Pak into your Super NES and turn on the Power. Check to see that your Super Scope Power Switch is set to either ON or TURBO, then aim your Super Scope at the T.V. screen and press the Fire Button. You will hear a shot. The title screen will disappear and be replaced by the Difficulty Select screen. Press and HOLD the Cursor Button on the handle of your Super Scope to see the cursor appear on the screen. Move the cursor to aim at the difficulty setting of your choice and press Fire to start the game at that difficulty level. ---------- {Page 9} {Screenshots} ---------- {Page 10} WEAPON DETAILS ---------- {Page 11} {Illustration of Super Scope 6} Fire Button: Press this to fire plasma energy beams. Set the power switch to TURBO and hold down this button for rapid-fire. If your cursor sight passes over an enemy, and you get a LOCK, release the fire button to fire a homing missile. Power Switch: This switch has 3 positions, OFF, ON, and TURBO. From the OFF position, slide the switch forward one notch to the ON position for semi-automatic, single shot play. Slide it one more notch to TURBO for awesome fully automatic rapid-fire. Cursor Button: Press and HOLD this button to display the crosshair cursor on the screen. The cursor will follow weapon movement, allowing maximum hit ratio. This button must be held down for continuous on-screen cursor display. Pause Button: Press this once to pause the game. Press it again to resume game. You must release CURSOR for PAUSE button to function. ---------- {Page 12} MISSION STAGES After you have chosen the difficulty level of your mission during the stealth aircraft flight, you will be dropped off at the perimeter of the Compound X defense X-termination Zone. At this point, radio silence will be in effect. You are now on your own, in the Zone... ---------- {Page 13} {Screenshots} ZONE ONE: Using your anti-gravity flotation boots, dive down through the clouds to the fortified Compound X. During your descent into the X-Zone you will encounter the first line of defense of X-TRA; automated reconnaissance pods detect your location and numerous flying attack drones attempt to blast you out of the sky. ZONE TWO: Using the awesome firepower of your Plasma Launcher, cut a path of destruction through the robotic ground forces on the barren desert floor. Beware of machine gun equipped subterranean Mole-drones that the malfunctioning Bio-computer has created to impede your progress. ZONE THREE: Stage a full frontal assault on the impregnable gates of the heavily fortified Compound X. The research center has been converted to a veritable fortress by the renegade Bio-computer. Blocking your access to the inner core of Compound X is a virtual wall of machine gun batteries and artillery cannons. The Bio-computer has also manufactured high-tech gate-guardians that are heavily armed and extremely fast, designed to X-terminate any threatening invaders. ZONE FOUR: High altitude satellite recon photographs could not penetrate the electronically protected scramble zone that the Bio-computer has instituted; no details of the internal defense systems are available. Wide band scanners have detercted faint life signs emanating from somewhere inside of Compound X... ---------- {Page 14} ENEMY DESCRIPTIONS The main Bio-computer, utilizing the vast Research and Development capabilities of Compound X, has manufactured several specialized robot weapons to be used in the "External Threat Recognition Assault" counter-attack sequence. Satellite surveillance has gathered the following intelligence information regarding some of these sophisticated instruments of destruction. Due to the X-Zone's electronic scrambling devices, complete information is unavailable. ---------- {Page 15} Epsilon Class Recon Pod ARNAMENT: Single neutron warhead-tipped missile REPORT: This long-range flying drone is remote linked to Bio-computer's X-TRA Surveillance Network. Alpha Class Interceptor Aircraft ARNAMENT: Rapid-fire twin machine guns with armor piercing ammunition REPORT: This low-flying ultra-sonic jet skims along the desert floor surrounding Compound X until the X-TRA security system alerts it of a security breach. The Alpha Interceptor utilizes its twin jet engines to climb rapidly, attack ferociously, and retreat to a lower altitude. ---------- {Page 16} Gamma Class Rocket Pod ARMAMENT: Four neutron warhead-tipped missiles REPORT: The Bio-computer launches these environmentally unfriendly robot pods from Compound X to fire four powerful neutron missiles at intruders. Alpha Class Rotary Pod ARMAMENT: Ultra-high speed quad-gun REPORT:The ultimate mop-up weapon, these flying drone pods are sent in to finish off air-borne intruders. A rotary cannon encased within its protective armor shell fires over 240 rounds of ammunition per second. Epsilon Class Patrol Tank ARMAMENT: 200 mm cannon mounted on a rotating turret REPORT: The classic defensive weapon, these remote controlled tanks patrol the outer perimeters of Compound X. These heavily armored machines require multiple hits of your plasma launcher to become disabled. ---------- {Page 17} Omega Class Mole-drone ARMAMENT: Twin armor piercing machine guns Report: Created by the Bio-computer to detect small-scale ground attacks with vibration sensitive sensor-scanners, these subterranean robots jump out of the desert sand surrounding Compound X and attack with machine guns. Extremely fast and heavily armored. Alpha Class Patrol Tank ARMAMENT: High-mount double twin rocket launchers REPORT: The high sensor height and bipedel propulsion method makes this robot ideal for the sandy rolling hills of the desert environment. Gamma Class Anti-personnel Sentry ARMAMENT: Twin rapid fire machine guns REPORT: Using a twin rotor hovercraft propulsion system to skim along the desert floor outside the Compound, these automated sentries specialize in ground level skirmishes and perimeter protection. ---------- {Page 18} OVERSEERS Beware! Each of the X-termination Zone's military actions are coordinated by an Overseer. The central Bio-computer created Overseers with the same bio-technology CPU's that are used in the main-frame. This gives the Overseers limited artifical intelligence capabilities and a direct link to the central Bio-computer. When all other defense systems in a Zone have failed, the Overseers receive instructions to individually seek and destroy intruders. ALPHA CLASS OVERSEER Tri-Link E-Omega Mole-drones ARMAMENT: Each drone is equipped with two armor piercing machine guns, and two tactical missile racks. REPORT: Basically three Omega Class Mole-drones that have been infrared modem linked to attack in unison. The same powerful offensive machine-guns as Omega Class Moles, two extra missile racks, and enhanced defensive armor make these drones much harder to bring down than their smaller cousins. BETA CLASS OVERSEER STALKER SENTRY ARMAMENT: Two upper appendage mounted 100 mm 6-barrel chain guns, eight tactical missile launchers. ---------- {Page 19} REPORT: High speed hover fans in its feet allow this robot to move quickly over the desert landscape. His reaction speed is so fast, he can block shots from your plasma launcher with the backs of his heavily armored forearms. The protective armor requires multiple hits to incur damage. GAMMA CLASS OVERSEER HOVER TANK ARMAMENT: Turrent mounted 150 mm cannon with armor-piercing sheels, rapid fire machine gun and a mortar launcher. REPORT: A high-speed armored artillery carrier that utilizes the same hover propulsion system as the Gamma Class Sentry, this mobile cannon requires multiple direct hits from your plasma launcher before it is destroyed. DELTA CLASS OVERSEER ARACHNIDEA X MECHANICUS ARMAMENT: Four High-Explosive grenade launchers and four tactical missle racks. REPORT: Spider-like construction affords this gate guardian excellent maneuverability and speed. The multiple limbs, used in unison, enable this robot to jump up to 25 meters in the air. EPSILON CLASS OVERSEER ANTI-GRAVITY TACTICAL MISSILE PLATFORM ARMAMENT: 8 tactical missle launch platforms, and two plasma energy cannons. REPORT: This missile platform is extremely swift and agile despite it's heavy armor and weaponry. Although it can fire eight missiles at once, reloading is slow. It will usually fire four, leaving the other four missiles ready for immediate launch. CENTRAL BIO-COMPUTER CORE Insufficient data available. ---------- {Page 20} ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTINUE SEQUENCE Your stealth troop transport will fly a holding pattern at high altitude to offer you some degree of support. If your magnetic energy force field is destroyed, and the suit's built in threat sensor detects potentially lethal incoming fire, it will send our a laser-carried distress signal. You'll be automatically transported back to the jet at the last possible moment. When you are inside the jet, you'll be given the choice to continue your mission or return to base. If you choose to retrun to base after the loss of your first Exo-Armor suit, you may be able to enter your name in the TOP FIVE RANKINGS scoreboard. Should you choose to continue your mission, you forefeit your chance to be considered for the TOP FIVE. ---------- {Page 21} Fire at the "YES" box to don a new Exo-Armor suit and return to the defense zone you just left, or fire at the "NO" box to abandon the mission and return to base. You have 10 seconds to make your choice. You only have 3 extra Exo-Armor battle suits, as they are very X-pensive. Once all 3 extra suits are destroyed, the mission is considered a failure, and you'll be returned to base. HIGH SCORE REGISTRATION SEQUENCE Use the cursor to aim and shoot at the letters to enter your name into the hall of fame. 5 letters may be entered. If you need to erase a letter, shoot at "DEL" to back up 1 character. When your entry is complete, shoot "END" to preserve your score for all time (or until someone better shows up). ---------- {Warranty} ---------- {Inside Back Cover} {Warranty, cont.d} ---------- {Back Cover} Kemco Kemco America, Inc. PO Box 110, Redmond, WA 98073-0110 Printed in Japan

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