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WWF Super Wrestlemania

Typed out by SNS-WF-USA WWF SUPER WRESTLEMANIA INSTRUCTION BOOKLET _______________________________________________________________ GET IN THE THICK OF THE ACTION Have you ever dreamed of what it must be like to be Hulk Hogan, drawing inspiration from the cheers of tens of thousands of fans as you struggle against the brawny might of the massive Undertaker? Did you ever wonder how it might feel to be a member of the Legion of Doom, leveling an opponent like Earthquake or Typhoon of the Natural Disasters, with a thundering clothesline or a precision dropkick? Have you ever imagined possessing the awesome power of Sid Justice or Randy "Macho Man" Savage, the cold and calculating mind of Jake "the Snake" Roberts or the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase? Now, with WWF Super Wrestlemania (tm), you don't have to dream, wonder or imagine any longer. All of the powers and abilities of 10 of the greatest wrestlers ever to set foot in the WWF squared circle are in the palm of your hand. You can be whoever you want to be and test your grappling skills against the best athletes in the world today! As "Macho Man" Randy Savage, you can hurl your opponent from the ring to the floor of the arena, climb to the top turnbuckle and deliver a punishing flying leg-drop. As the immortal "Hulkster," you can be in control 1 ______________________________________________________________ of Hulkamania...the greatest force in all of wrestling. You can wrestle in one-on-one competition against the computer or a friend. You can control two wrestlers in a tag team competition. Or you can face the ultimate challenge of a four-on-four Survivor Series! No matter which way you decide to play, you will experience all the sights, sounds and sensations of the ring wars like you never have before. Get ready to enter a new dimension in mat action. Get ready for WWF SUPER WRESTLEMANIA. BEFORE THE OPENING BELL LOADING 1) Make sure the Power Switch is OFF. 2) Insert your WWF Super WrestleMania Game Pak as described in your Super Nintendo Entertainment System manual. 3) Turn the Power Switch ON. When you see the WWF Super WrestleMania title screen, press the START BUTTON on your controller. 2 ___________________________________________________________ WWF Super WrestleMania gives you over a dozen different ways to play: One or two players can compete in one of three match formats at any one of three levels of difficulty. After loading your game cartridge and pressing the START BUTTON, you will see the first of three selection screens. Use the UP and DOWN CONTROL PAD ARROWS to make your choice on each screen. FIRST SELECTION SCREEN - choose between one and two player mode. SECOND SELECTION SCREEN - choose one of three match types: a) One-on-One b) Tag Team (Two-on-Two) c) Survivor Series (Four-on-Four) THIRD SELECTION SCREEN - choose one of three levels of difficulty (only in One Player Mode): a) Easy b) Medium c) Hard Once you have completed all three selection screens, it is time to decide which wrestler (or wrestlers) you want to be. 3 ____________________________________________________________ CHOOSING YOUR WRESTLERS The computer will then ask you to choose your wrestler or wrestlers (or, in the case of a Survivor Series bout, a captain). Use the CONTROL PAD ARROWS to scroll through the 10 different wrestlers. When you are ready to select a wrestler, press the X, Y, A or B BUTTON. The number of wrestlers you must select will be determined by the type of game you are playing: ONE PLAYER MODE - you select your wrestler, the computer will select your opponent. TAG TEAM MATCH - you select two wrestlers, the computer will select your opponents. SURVIVOR SERIES - you select four wrestlers, the computer will select your opponents. 4 ______________________________________________________________ THE MATCH The following screen shot shows you the standard Ring Screen. The callouts tell you what to look for. Use the CONTROL PAD ARROWS to move your wrestler around the ring and combine this with some of the other controls to have your wrestler perform up to his true WWF Superstar potential. 5 ____________________________________________________________ MOVES AND MANEUVERS WHEN BOTH WRESTLERS ARE STANDING B BUTTON A BUTTON punch kick X BUTTON Y BUTTON lock up with run your opponent Y BUTTON followed by A BUTTON run, flying dropkick WHEN YOU ARE LOCKED UP (and you have the advantage ...your man is leaning forward) NOTE: To gain the advantage, continuously press the button of the move you want to perform. B BUTTON A BUTTON bodyslam headbutt X BUTTON Y BUTTON suplex push your opponent into the ropes NOTE: If you have your opponent locked up near the ropes and you gain the advantage, press the Y BUTTON and you will throw him out of the ring. See THE ACTION SPILLS OUT OF THE RING, page 7. 6 _____________________________________________________________ PRESSING YOUR ADVANTAGE ... TRYING FOR THE PIN WHEN YOUR OPPONENT IS DOWN B BUTTON A BUTTON elbowdrop stomp X BUTTON Y BUTTON trying for the pin followed by (position your wrestler B BUTTON near your opponent's flying elbowdrop midsection while (press the Y pressing the X BUTTON.) BUTTON to run across the ring, then, as your return to where your opponent is laying on the mat, press the B BUTTON. This move can also be performed off the ropes.) X BUTTON Pull your oppo- nent to his feet (position your wrestler near your opponent's head while pressing the X BUTTON.) NOTE: Once your have your opponent pinned, repeatedly press ANY BUTTON on your controller to hold him to the mat. THE ACTION SPILLS OUT OF THE RING WHEN ONE WRESTLER HAS BEEN THROWN OUT OF THE RING: LEFT or RIGHT LEFT OR RIGHT CONTROL PAD CONTROL PAD ARROW ARROWS followed by walk to the ropes, Y BUTTON enter ring automatically walk to the ropes, exit the ring NOTE: You may only leave and enter the ring from the sides, not the front. 7 ____________________________________________________________ WRESTLING DEFENSIVELY WHEN YOUR OPPONENT IS RUNNING TOWARDS YOU: B BUTTON A BUTTON hiptoss flying dropkick X BUTTON Y BUTTON clothesline run NOTE: If you hiptoss your opponent near the ropes, you will throw him out of the ring. See THE ACTION SPILLS OUT OF THE RING, pg. 7. WHEN YOUR WRESTLER IS DOWN ON THE MAT: UP or DOWN ANY OTHER CONTROL BUTTON PAD ARROW stand up roll WHEN YOUR WRESTLER IS BEING PINNED: Press ANY BUTTON repeatedly kick out (if you have enough energy) NOTE: In a Tag Team or Survivor Series match your teammate may come into the ring to help you out. If this happens, you control your teammate, not the wrestler being pinned. 8 _____________________________________________________________ TAKING THE MATCH TO THE AIR WHEN YOUR OPPONENT IS DOWN ON THE MAT: UP, LEFT or RIGHT CONTROL PAD walk to the top half of the ring and into a corner, climb to the top turnbuckle automatically. WHEN YOUR WRESTLER IS ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE: DOWN ANY OTHER CONTROL PAD BUTTON ARROW flying elbowdrop climb down (even if your opponent is out- side the ring) NOTE: You may only climb the cornerposts at the top of the ring, not the bottom. MAKING THE TAG WHEN YOUR WRESTLER IS IN YOUR CORNER: A BUTTON or B BUTTON tag NOTE: In a Survivor Series match, use the SELECT BUTTON to pick the wrestler you will tag next. 9 __________________________________________________________ QUICK REFERENCE CHART B A X Y BOTH WRESTLERS punch kick lock up run STANDING with your opponent Y followed by A: run, flying dropkick WHEN YOU ARE bodyslam headbutt suplex push your LOCKED UP opponent into the ropes YOUR OPPONENT elbowdrop stomp Trying for the Y followed by IS DOWN pin B: flying ______________ elbowdrop Pull your opponent to his feet YOUR OPPONENT hiptoss flying clothesline run IS RUNNING dropkick TOWARDS YOU YOUR WRESTLER tag tag IS IN YOUR CORNER UP or Any Other Press Any BUTTON DOWN BUTTON Repeatedly YOUR WESTLER roll stand up IS DOWN ON THE MAT YOUR WRESTLER kick out IS BEING PINNED Leaving the Ring- Entering the Ring- LEFT or RIGHT CONTROL LEFT or RIGHT CONTROL PAD ARROW followed by PAD ARROWS Y BUTTON WHEN ONE walk to the ropes, exit the walk to the ropes, enter the WRESTLER HAS ring ring automatically BEEN THROWN OUT OF THE RING 10 _______________________________________________________________ UP, LEFT or RIGHT CONTROL PAD ARROWS YOUR OPPONENT walk to the top half of the ring and into a corner, climb the IS DOWN ON top turnbuckle automatically THE MAT DOWN CONTROL PAD Any Other BUTTON YOUR WRESTLER climb down flying elbowdrop IS ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE STRATEGIES FOR THE SQUARED CIRCLE 1) Keep an eye on the Energy Meters. If your level is too low, wrestle defensively. When your opponent's level is low, move in for the pin. 2) Keep your opponent off-guard by stringing your moves and maneuvers together. Follow up a suplex with a stomp or two or slam your opponent and then pull him back up on his feet and slam him again. Don't give him any time to mount any kind of offense. 3) Before launching an aerial attack, remember two things: Your opponent must be lying on the mat and he must be within range of your jump. Land short and you could be in big trouble. 4) In Tag Team and Survivor Series matches, always keep a fresh man in the ring. 11 _______________________________________________________________ THE CROWD AWAITS A standing-room-only crowd in the arena and milions of fans watching at home on television await the opening bell. The spotlight shines on the center of the ring where, in just a few moments, you and your opponent will be engaged in the most grueling competition in the sporting world. You are one of 10 awesome grapplers, the cream of the crop of the World Wrestling Federation. You will be wrestling not only to achieve victory, but to maintain personal pride. You know you have the skills to overcome your opponent and you have the determinationto do whatever is necessary to get the job done. There's the bell! The crowd is roaring! Your adrenalin is pumping! Match time is here! Charge into that ring and prove to the world what you already know in your heart...that you ARE the very best in the WWF! 12 ______________________________________________________________ SUPER STAR PROFILES 13 ______________________________________________________________ HULK HOGAN 6'8", 303 lbs. Few sights in wrestling are as impressive as when the "Hulkster" makes his way into the ring. The most popular wrestler in wrestling history, Hogan has held the WWF Championship title four times. His legion of fans... "Hulkamaniacs"... have spurred him on to unprecedented success not only in the ring, but also on the silver screen, where he has starred in such hits as NO HOLDS BARRED, ROCKY III and SUBURBAN COMMANDO. 14 _____________________________________________________________ UNDERTAKER 6'6", 294 lbs. Managed by the macabre and bizarre Paul Bearer, the Undertaker has had a strange fascination (some would call it an obsession) with death. He has been actually been known to ambush opponents and lock them into coffins or place them in body bags. Despite such shocking activities and his distateful perchant for graveyards and funeral parlors, The Undertaker remains a formidable and determined opponent in the ring. 15 ___________________________________________________________ SID JUSTICE 6'6", 279 lbs. When Sid claims before a match that "justice will be served," you should thank your lucky starts that you are not the man standing across from him! Justice boasts a remarkably chiseled physique, the result of a daily workout regimen that has catapulted him into the top ranks of the most powerful men of the WWF. His awesome musculature enables him to launch a power attack that is as impressive as his body. 16 _____________________________________________________________ TED DIBIASE 6'3", 260 lbs. The Million Dollar Man is unquestionably the wealthiest competitor in the WWF, and he frequently uses that wealth to further his own career (to the point, some say, of bribing referees and officials). This is just in keeping with his favorite saying, "Everybody has a price". DiBiase finds that price and pays it. He is a peerless ring tactician who often takes shortcuts to victory. Obnoxious and arrogant, he has been featured on LIFESTYLES of the RICH and FAMOUS. 17 _________________________________________________________________ ANIMAL 6'2", 262 lbs. Like his Legion of Doom partner, Hawk, Animal grew up on the mean streets of Chicago. His incredible upper-body strength enables him to wage a power-based attack that few opponents can withstand. Despite such power, Animal's greatest strength may be his relentless ferocity. Once he begins his attack on his opponent, there is no letup until that opponent has been pummeled into submission. 18 ____________________________________________________________ HAWK 6'10 1/2", 328 lbs. One-half of the Legion of Doom (with Animal), Hawk is a powerful brawler who favors using the clothesline, a meneuver that has the power to break a man's neck as his body is sent spinning wildly to the canvas. Uncontrolled destruction is what Hawk's ring style is all about and he executes all of his moves with that little "extra." As he hears an opponent cry out in pain, Hawk is likely to respond, "Ooooh, what a rush!" Few would doubt that this big man is enjoying himself. 19 ______________________________________________________________ EARTHQUAKE 6'2", 468 lbs. One of the Natural Disasters (teamed with Typhoon), Earthquake is a mountain of a man, whose very physical presence is enough to intimidate many opponents. His "Earthquake Splash," in which he brings the full brunt of his 468 pounds to bare on his opponent's chest, is an awesomely destructive move: it once sidelined none other that Hulk Hogan for six months! Wrestling Earthquake is like wrestling two men at a time. 20 _______________________________________________________________ TYPHOON 6'1", 358 lbs. This big man, who comprises one half of the Natural Disasters, takes his name very seriously. Every time he steps through the ropes, it is indeed a disaster...for his opponent! Typhoon is as relentless in his attack as the storm for which he is named...and often causes as much damage. "There are no emergency precautions to protect you from Typhoon," he says. Wise men heed that warning. 21 _______________________________________________________________ JAKE ROBERTS 6'3", 247 lbs. "The Snake" is aptly named. Quiet and mysterious, Roberts slithers his way through the WWF ranks like the venomous cobra he srapes over his fallen opponents. One never knows when he will strike, but when he does, he does so with poisonous precision. He boasts a remarkable ability to absorb punishment, and to inflict it as well. His favorite move, the DDT, is one of the most punishing in the WWF. Attack the Snake and you will find you have not done much more than make him angry and determined to sink his fangs into you. 22 _____________________________________________________________ RANDY SAVAGE 6'5", 302 lbs. The Macho Man may be one of the most colorful individuals in the WWF, but he is also one of the most dangerous. Often accompanied by his lovely manager and wife, Elizabeth, Savage boasts a ring style that is a straight ahead blend of science, street brawling and aerial tactics. His daring leaps from the top turnbuckle have impressed millions of fans--and led to the defeat of hundreds of frustrated opponents. 23 _____________________________________________________________ LJN Limited,. 1 Spring Street, Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771. LJN Game Hotline: (516) 624-9300. Distributed by Acclaim Distribution, Inc. WWF (R) Super WrestleMania (tm) is a trademark of TitanSports, Inc. (C) 1991 TitanSports, Inc. All rights reserved. Hulk Hogan (tm) and Hulkster (tm) are trademarks of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc., licensed exclusively to TitanSports, Inc. All other distinctive character names, titles, logos, and likenesses used herein are trademarks of TitanSports, Inc. All rights reserved. LJN (R) is a trademark of LJN, Ltd. (C) 1991 LJN, Ltd. All rights reserved. Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (R), and the official seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. Game Pak (SNES-GP). Printed in Japan.

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