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Wolfenstein 3-D

Typed out by FooM THE STORY You are B.J. Blazkowicz, top Republic spy and terminal action seeker. After building your reputation as a one man strike team, you now report directly to the president, who sends you on perilous missions of paramount importance. Somehow, you always manage to get the job done and get out alive - there's more medals than material showing on your uniform. These are the chronicles of a series of increasingly deadly missions, culminating with an attempt on the Master State's commander-in-chief, the Staatmeister. THE CONTROLS Control Pad: Press Control Pad Up to move forward and down to back up. Pressing Left or Right makes you spin in that direction. X or Y Button: Pressing this button while you move makes you run in that direction. A little harder to control, but helps you cover the distance more quickly. A Button: Fires the weapon you are currently using. L Button: Slide (strafe) left. R Button: Slide (strafe) right. Select Button: Cycles through the weapons which you are carrying. Start Button: Shows the automap. MOUSE (Mouse controls can be changed in the Menu Screen. See page 6) Left Click: Fire weapon Right Click: Move forward Right Double Click: Open doors Move forward: Run forward THE SCREENS MENU SCREEN You may choose one of the following menu items by moving the cursor up or down and pressing any button: Start Game: This, of course, starts the game. Password: Takes you to the Enter Password Screen. Skill: This lets you set the difficulty of the game. On the Easy setting, bullets only do half the damage to you. On the Hard setting, bullets do twice normal damage and the enemy will fire from farther away. On the Normal setting, damage and enemy behavior are normal. Stereo: Allows you to turn stereo sound on or off. If you are using a non-stereo-capable television, you should set this to off. Mouse: If you are using a mouse, this determines which button is used to move forward and open doors. The other button is used to fire your weapon. PASSWORD SCREEN If you choose "Password" from the Menu Screen, you will be brought to this screen. Move the cursor to the letter you wish to enter and press the A Button. If you enter a valid password, you will be able to start the game from where you left off. You receive a password in the Bonus Screen each time you complete a level. (See Page 9) MISSION SCREEN In the screen you will see a briefing of the upcoming mission. You may leave this screen by pressing any button. GAME SCREEN At the bottom of this screen is a status bar split up into the following sections: Floor: This shows what floor of what episode you're on. It's there to remind you how far you have left to go. Score: The number of points you have earned so far. Item: The number of points you have received for finding treasures, every time you collect a total of 50 item points, you will get an extra life. You: A remarkable likeness, don't you think? Paying attention to this will not only alert you when you are low on health, but also when you are being hit from the side or from behind. H.P.: The percentage of health you have remaining. Can you guess what happens when this reaches 0? Shot: The number of shots you have left for the currently selected weapon. BONUS SCREEN For each floor you complete, you will be given bonus points for dispatching 100% of the enemies on that floor, finding 100% of the treasure hidden, and/or finding 100% of the secret doors. You will also be given a bonus if you complete the floor within the par time. You also will receive a password to continue the game at this point. THE MISSIONS Mission One:...........Dresden Strike Location:..............Castle Outside of Dresden Objective:.............Terminate Hans Grosse and Escape In this episode, we find B.J. Blazkowicz captured on a mission to uncover the plans for Operation Eisenfaust. He's sent to a dungeon fortress and subjected to harsh interrogation. In a desperate attempt to escape, he overpowers his cell guard. Armed only with the guard's pistol and knife, he must escape from this prison...if he can. Mission Two:............A Dark Secret Location:...............Castle Erlangen Objective:..............Terminate Hans Grosse The insane scientist Hans Grosse has developed a full line of the most feared tool of modern warfare - the chemical weapon. You've been assigned to stop him from his mad task. Castle Erlangen sits atop a small mountain, its massive stone walls touched by a thin cloud of mist. No one knew the location of this castle until a few days ago. You were rushed there in hopes of catching the sparse guard unaware. Mission Three:.............Operation Eisenfaust Location:..................Dr. Schabbs' Research Laboratory Objective:.................Terminate Dr. Schabbs You must finish the mission you started in Mission One by finding out if Operation Eisenfaust - a plan to create the ultimate soldier - is real. The maniacal Dr. Schabbs has managed to graft a working gun onto the chest of the recently destroyed, and then bring them back to life! Somewhere in the depths of his laboratory, Dr. Schabbs awaits you with his re-animation serum. Defeat him or he will turn everybody into mutants! Mission Four:..............Trail of the Madman Location:..................Mountain Fortress Objective:.................Terminate Ubermutant Trans has been terminated, but his weapons of woe are ready for the war-waging! Hidden in the dank dungeons of their mountain fortress are the plans for the first wave of the chemical nightmare. You must fight your way to the very bottom, and battle the Ubermutant, who guards the plans. You begin your adventure having descended in the castle's elevator. You are looking for the map room that is guarded by the Ubermutant. These maps will lead you to the secret base where the weapons and soldiers are being amassed. You've got to find them fast - before choking clouds of nasty gas pour out over Eurpoe and the world! Mission Five:.............Confrontation Location:.................Castle Heidenheim Objective:................Terminate Black Knight Chemical war is about to be waged on a massive scale unless you can stop the evil Black Knight from unleashing his burning gasses! You found the plans hidden in the musty dungeons of the Mountain Fortress, and they led you here - Castle Heidenheim, perched atop a small rise between two massive mountains. Inside its forbidding stone walls are tons of crack troops and the grotesque Black Knight himself! Mission Six:...............Staatmeister's Last Stand Location:..................Castle Wolfenstein Objective:.................Terminate Staatmeister In this episode, you've been assigned to shatter the Master State by taking out its nexus - the Staatmeister. You searched for him in his bunker, but he has fled to Castle Wolfenstein, a titanic fortress designed to defend against invasion. You must make it past numerous guards, tough elite guards, and crack-shot officers all the way to your final confrontation with the Staatmeister and you can be sure that he's ready for you! THE ITEMS There are many different types of items scattered about that you can pick up to help you on your way. You pick up items merely by walking over them. Note that you cannot pick up healing items if you are at 100% health. And you cannot pick up ammo if you are already carrying the maximum amount. Dinners: After clearing your hosts from the dinner table (you've always had bad table manners), you should pick up some food to go! These dinners are packed with nutrition, and will heal 10% of your health. First Aid Kits: The bad guys have been intercepting Red Cross shipments and storing them throughout their strongholds. These kits are the latest thing in medical technology, and will heal 25% of your health. Ammo: These guards are armed to the teeth. Gracious even in defeat they'll leave their ammo for the taking! Pick up unused ammo for 5 bullets. Ammo Boxes: These are spare caches of ammunition. Pick them up for 25 free bullets. Ammopacks: These are huge ammo packs which will increase the maximum number of bullets you can carry. It never hurts to have a few extra rounds on your hip. Knife: You always have a knife. It will help you out if you need a shave, but isn't much good for any other purposes. To be used only when you have no bullets! Pistol: You always have a pistol, and will start the game out with one. This is the weakest of the guns, but much better than a knife. Machine Gun: This machine gun is the primary weapon of the elite guards. It's an efficient and powerful weapon that is useful for attacking multiple enemies. You can hold down the fire button for rapid-fire. Chaingun: The chaingun uses the gatling gun principle of a rotating barrel. It's a destructive machine that will clear the room. However, it has a healthy appetite for ammunition. You can hold down the fire button for rapid-fire. Treasure: The Staatmeister has a twisted obsession for treasure and other artifacts. His ill-gotten booty is stored within the walls of his impenetrable fortresses. When you collect treasures, your "items" score will increase. When you reach 50 items, you will gain one extra life. SCEPTERS CHALICES CHESTS CROWNS Keys: Some of the upper levels are well secured with locked doors and elevators. You'll need to search the level for keys into these areas. There are two types of locked doors in the enemy's fortresses. Some doors require the gold key to open, and some require the blue key. One Ups: Hidden within secret rooms of the fortresses are items that give you that extra urge to keep fighting! Grabbing one of these items will bring your health and ammo to their maximum levels, or give you an extra life! THE ENEMY Guards: The guards are the grist for Staatmeister's mill, but can be an effective force if fighting in groups. They wear no body "armor" and can be brought down by a single shot. Carrying only a pistol, their firepower isn't exactly menacing. Guards are slow to react and must stop and take aim before shooting, making them particularly vulnerable to machine gun attack. Elite Guard: The Elite Guard are well-trained and can rarely be surprised. Most will bark a warning when they become aware of your presence. This can make for an easy head count. However, some are trained to be silent. Wearing thick vests and carrying a machine gun, the elite are difficult to bring down and pack a heavy punch. If an elite shoots you at close range, the encounter will be brief - because you'll be toast! Officers: Officers are usually silent until they spot you. They can rarely be surprised and they are fast, intelligent fighters. Officers will move to the left and right as they fire, making them difficult to hit as well as draining you of ammunition. An officer's weapon of choice is a pistol. They wear light vests and can take about half the damage of an elite guard. Don't underestimate their abilities. In close quarters combat, these guys will make life miserable...and short! Mutants: Mutants, the products of Dr. Schabbs' twisted experiments, don't make a sound until they shoot, greeting you with the crack of gunfire. They are extremely aggressive until they fall. Mutants are equipped with a pistol in the center of their chests, and their cleaver-tipped arms make mincemeat out of any close foes. They wear no armor but can take almost as much damage as an elite. Mutant Rats: Dr. Schabbs' test animals are loose! These mutant rats are fast and vicious and big, but one shot should take them down. Since they dodge so well, it's best to get their attention and wait for them in a doorway. If you don't wait until they are in close range, you'll waste a lot of ammo. HELPFUL HINTS * Every level has hidden stuff. Not only could you use all those power-up items, but you can get a nice bonus for finding all of it, too. * Your captors may be rude hosts, but they would never hide anything that would be necessary to escape. Keys and elevators can always be reached through non-hidden passages. * Pushwalls are usually in alcoves, corners, or the ends of hallways. (But not always!) * The doors and walls are not completely soundproof. Firing your weapon is likely to bring nearby guards running towards you. * Don't stay in a doorway with the guards in the room beyond. If you do, they can easily sneak up from the side and shoot you. * The closer you are, the more damage you can inflict. * There may be secret experimental weapons well hidden somewhere in the fortresses. There may also be secret elevators.

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