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Wild Snake

Typed out by Steve Begin SNS-AWSE-USA (Spectrum HoloByte logo) (picture of Alexey Pajitnov) Alexey Pajitnov, Creator of Tetris(r), Introduces: WILDSNAKE(TM) Instruction Manual Super Nintendo Entertainment System INSIDE COVER ------------ Warning: Please read the enclosed consumer information and precautions booklet carefully before using your Nintendo(R) hardware system or game pak. Licensed by Nintendo Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the official seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C) 1991 Nintendo of America Inc. (picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the official Nintendo seal of quality. NEXT PAGE --------- (logo of Spectrum HoloByte) (logo of WildSnake) Instruction Manual NEXT PAGE --------- WildSnake(TM) and (C)1994 Bullet-Proof Software, Inc. Original game (C)1993 J.S.C. Gamos. All rights reserved. Tetris(R) and (C)1987 Elorg. Spectrum HoloByte is a registered trademarks of Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. PAGE 1 ------ CONTENTS Introduction..................................................3 Controls......................................................4 Game Play.....................................................6 Options.......................................................9 One-Player Game..............................................11 King Cobra Challenge.........................................12 Two-Player Game..............................................13 Slithering Strategies........................................14 PAGE 2 ------ (picture of Alexey Pajitnov) "In the early 1980s, I developed Tetris as a simple exercise in mathematics. I could not have dreamed the impact it would have in the world of games. WildSnake carries on the challenging and addicting tradition of Tetris and I am proud to endorse the product. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do." (alexey signature) Alexey Pajitnov, Mathematician and Puzzle Game Designer About the Spectrum HoloByte puzzle line Alexey Pajitnov, creator of the world-famous Tetris, is lending his endorsement to and is helping in the design of a full line of action puzzle games from Spectrum HoloByte. The line includes the company's existing Tetris games, as well as new and increasingly exciting and super-challenging puzzle products. Since its debut in 1988, Tetris has been on perennial best-seller lists and the famous game of falling blocks continues its phenomenal popularity to this day. Included in the Spectrum HoloByte puzzle line are products for personal- computer and video game systems. For personal computers, the line features Tetris (IBM, Macintosh), Welltris (IBM, Mac), Faces... Tris III (IBM, Mac), Wordtris (IBM, Mac), Super Tetris (IBM, Windows, Mac), Tetris Classic (IBM, Windows) and the new BreakThru (Windows, Mac). For videogame systems, the line includes Wordtris (SNES, Game Boy), WildSnake (SNES, Game Boy) and the new BreakThru (SNES, Game Boy). Puzzle games within the line are fun, challenging, universally nonviolent and are ideal for all ages and skill levels. All the titles listed above are available at your local software retailer or can be ordered directly from Spectrum HoloByte anytime simply by dialing 1-800- 695-GAME. PAGE 3 ------ INTRODUCTION "Snakes! Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?" The nest of deadly snakes has been disturbed by seismic experiments in a remote location. Now the snakes are slithering to the surface, causing confused terror in attacks on everything that crosses their path. There is a way to control this madness, but it's not going to be easy. The snakes from this nest tend to eat snakes of the same color and design. If you can guide the slithering masses so that snakes of the same type meet and eliminate each other, then the world could be saved from this snake infestation. It's all up to you! Guide the snakes, find matching pairs and keep the population under control! PAGE 4 ------ CONTROLS Super NES Controller (picture of the SNES Controller) Top L/R Buttons (on top of the controller) Control Pad (+ button on the left) Select Button (right of Control Pad) Start Button (right of Select Button) X Button (top button on the right of Controller) Y Button (left button on the right of Controller) A Button (right button on the right of Controller) B Button (bottom button on the right of Controller) Control Pad: Use the Control Pad to manipulate falling snakes. Pressing Left and Right will make the snake slither to the left and right as it falls. Pressing Down will make the snakes fall faster. The Control Pad is also used to highlight selections in the Options Menu. Start Button: You can start the game and pause the action during game play by pressing the Start Button. When the action is paused, the playing field and game information will disappear and the message "Game Paused" will appear. PAGE 5 ------ Select Button: Press the Select Button when the action has been paused to return to the Start Game/Options screen. A Button: Press the A Button to change the highlighted entry on the Options Menu. B Button: The B Button performs the same function as the A Button. X Button, Y Button, L/R Buttons Not used. PAGE 6 ------ GAME PLAY Object The object of WildSnake is to keep the snake population in the playing field under control by matching the colors and designs of the snakes and letting snakes of similar types eliminate each other. If the pile of snakes reaches the top of the screen, the game is over. (picture of a game screen) PAGE 7 ------ Game Screen The basic game screen consists of three main elements: Playing Field This is where most of the action takes place. As snakes fall into this area, your mission is to manipulate them so that they touch and eliminate snakes of their own kind. In a one-player game, the playing field can be in one of eight different shapes. The standard rectangle is best for novice players. The shapes with narrow sections and obstacles are more suited to players who are looking for a new challenge. In a two-player game, there are two playing fields, both of which are made up of the standard vertical rectangle shape. Preview Box This small area displays the color, design and length of the next snake to fall. The Preview Box for a two-player game shows the next snake to fall for both playing fields. Pressing the y Button activates or deactivates the preview feature. Score and Game Information In one- and two-player games, the information on the screen shows the current score, the number of snakes that have been eliminated and the current game level. The game level relates to the number of different types of snakes that are appearing and the speed at which the snakes are falling, In the PAGE 8 ------ King Cobra Challenge, the score, number of snakes yet to be eliminated and the time remaining are displayed. Snake Moves Snakes fall into the playing field one at a time. Your goal is to guide the creatures so that they eliminate as many snakes of the same color and design as possible. You control the head of the snake, moving it to the left and right as it slithers downward. When the snake reaches a dead end, it will stop slithering and freeze in place. If the creatures below a particular snake move or are eliminated, the snake will slither down naturally until it reaches another dead end, eliminating snakes of the same type as it goes. This remobilization of the snakes in a pile can cause the entire pile to shift and shrink, leaving space for more snakes to fall. Special Snakes There are two types of special snakes that fall into the playing field at random: the Wild Snake and the King Cobra. The Wild Snake is a flashing creature that eliminates all of the snakes in the pile that match the first snake that it touches. The King Cobra is a creature that falls straight into the field with no input from the player and eliminates all of the snakes in its path. Both of these creatures can cause a cascading chain reaction and drastically change the pile of accumulated snakes. PAGE 9 ------ OPTIONS Before you begin playing WildSnake, use the Options Menu to set the playing conditions. Press Up and Down on the Control Pad to highlight the (picture of the option screen) various types of options and press the A or B Button to cycle through the choices. When the options are set to your liking, highlight the message "Game Start" at the bottom of the screen and press the A or B Button to begin. Game Type There are three types of WildSnake games: a one-player game, the King Cobra Challenge and a two-player game where competitors race to eliminate PAGE 10 ------- the most snakes in two separate playing fields. The one-player game can be played at Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty settings. The settings determine the number of different types of snakes that appear at the beginning of the game and the sped at which they fall. In the No Preview difficulty settings, the Preview Window on the game screen is not used. Style The Style Option determines the background art and the music to be played during the game. You can choose from the Desert, Forest, Water and Grassland styles. Grid Shapes Grid Shapes come into play only in the One-Player game. This option determines the shape of the playing field. There are eight different grid shapes which range from a standard vertical rectangle to an hourglass pattern to a field that is littered with obstacle blocks. PAGE 11 ------- ONE-PLAYER GAME The object of the single player game is to eliminate as many snakes and accumulate as many points as possible. As time goes on, snakes of additional types appear and the creatures fall at a faster rate. The game levels range from the Nestling level which includes four types of snakes falling at a slow pace to the King Cobra level with 13 types of snakes falling at a considerably faster pace. If you choose the Normal difficulty setting, you'll begin in the Black Snake level where six types of snakes fall. The Hard difficulty setting places you in the Boa level with eight different types of snakes. You'll earn points for each match. The points per match increase as time and difficulty progresses. (picture of the One-Player game screen) PAGE 12 ------- KING COBRA CHALLENGE The King Cobra Challenge is a test of speed and matchmaking accuracy for one player. There are nine challenging levels with a qualifying round before each level begins. The challenges range from eliminating a certain number of total snakes to eliminating eggs with snakes of matching colors to building up a pile of many snakes with Cobras dropping into the playing field. All of the challenges must be completed in a set time limit. If you complete a challenge, you'll be rewarded by the presentation of a short animation sequence of the King Cobra in action. (picture of the King Cobra Challenge game screen) PAGE 13 ------- TWO-PLAYER GAME Two players go head-to-head in this split-screen game. The object is to out score and outlast your opponent in simultaneous snake-matching action. (picture of the Two-Player game screen) The game is set in the Normal difficulty setting and the standard grid shape is used for both playing fields. Making two or more matches with one snake will make the same number of obstacle blocks appear on your opponent's screen. PAGE 14 ------- SLITHERING STRATEGIES Here are a few things to keep in mind while you try to control your snake population: 1. As you steer a slithering snake, you can touch and eliminate more than one snake of the same type. Look for multiple elimination opportunities and choose your route wisely. (picture of a big number 1) (picture of a game screen) PAGE 15 ------- (picture of a big number 2) (picture of a game screen) 2. Arrange snakes in columns at the bottom of the screen so that as many snakes as possible are exposed. This will make for a lot of matches and an easy-to- manage group of snakes. PAGE 16 ------- (picture of a big number 3) (picture of a game screen) 3. You can make the snakes fall into columns by dropping them straight down, one square to the left or right of a snake or wall, then turning them toward the barrier as they hit bottom. (picture of a big number 4) (picture of a game screen) PAGE 17 ------- 4. Snakes vary in length. Make sure to position long snakes so that horizontal sections won't cover other snakes. (picture of a big number 5) (picture of a game screen) 5. Think ahead! When a new snake drops, be aware of where snakes identical to it lie. If an identical snake is exposed, use the dropping snake to eliminate it. If an identical snake lies buried under a different snake, position the dropping snake so that it will automatically cascade into its mate if the snake lying between them is eliminated. PAGE 18 ------- CREDITS Original game by J.S.C. Gamos Original Concept Alexey Lysogorov Original Game Design Eugene Sotnikov Produced by Bullet-Proof Software Product Managers John Knoll, Kris Wakida Special Thanks Scott Tsumura, Sheila Boughten, Patricia Whisler, Betsy Scougal, Alexey Pajitnov Developed by Manley & Associates Programming Doug Deardorff, Timothy C. Benham Art Work Dave Philips Design Mark Rose, Jeff Blazier Music & Sound Effects Robert Ridihalgh Project Division Ivan Manley PAGE 19 ------- NOTES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PAGE 20, 21 & 22: Blank Pages PAGE 23: 90-day limited warranty (not written) BACK COVER ---------- (Spectrum HoloByte logo) 2490 Mariner Square Loop Alameda, CA 94501 Printed in Japan

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