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Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego

Typed out by Jesse Smith SNS-WN-USA WHERE IN TIME IS CARMEN SANDIEGO? INSTRUCTION BOOKLET HI TECH SUPER NINTENDO EXPRESSIONS ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM Thank you for selecting Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego(R) Game Pak for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R). TABLE OF CONTENTS Starting the Game 3 Controls 4 Letter of Offer 5 Get on the Case Fast 5 Working at Acme 7 Signing In 8 Saving Your Current Rank 9 Starting a Game at a Saved Rank 9 Obtaining Your Assignment 9 Object of the Game 10 Clironoskimmer User's Manual 11 Control Panel Buttons 11 To Travel 11 To Search for Clues 12 To Obtain or Enter Data 13 To Abort 15 From the Desk of the Chief 16 Tips From an Old Gumshoe 16 Deciphering Clues 17 Deciphering a Sample Clue 18 STARTING THE GAME 1. Turn OFF the power switch on your Super Nintendo. Never insert or remove a Game Pak when the power is on. 2. Make sure a Controller is plugged into the left hand port on the Super Nintendo. 3. Insert the Game Pak into the slot on the Super Nintendo. To lock the Game Pak in place, press firmly. 4. Turn ON the power switch. Hi Tech Expressions logo appears (if you don't see it, begin again at step 1). 5. Press START to play. 3 CONTROLS * START BUTTON: starts game * CONTROL PAD: moves cursor up-screen, right, left, down-screen * A, B, X & Y BUTTONS: select control panel buttons * L & R BUTTONS: not used 4 LETTER OF OFFER GET ON THE CASE FAST! Load Where in Time is Carmon Sandiego? (R) Use the Control Pad to move the on-screen arrow to the button of your choice, then press A, B, X or Y to select. First choose a language, then press A, B, X or Y to get on the elevator. Use the Control Pad to select the second floor, then Press Control Pad left then press A, B, X or Y to enter Personnel. For further information on GETTING STARTED, turn to page 7 (Working At Acme). 5 LETTER OF OFFER (con't.) * Selecting SEARCH will allow you to question witnesses or informants or scan the scene of the crime to discover clues to the criminalÕs next destination. For a more detailed explanation of the SEARCH feature, turn to page 12 (To Search for Clues). * Selecting TRAVEL lets you check the possible destinations from your current location. To travel to a new location, select a destination with the appropriate panel button. For a more detailed explanation of the TRAVEL feature, turn to page 11 (To Travel). * Selecting DATA allows you to: 1) enter clues to the suspect's identity 2) check the Dossiers 3) choose an alternate Language 4) review the Chief's Briefing * To enter clues select EVIDENCE and a character trait category, then use A, B, X or Y to cycle through character traits. * To view a suspects' file select DOSSIERS, then use A, B, X or Y to cycle through the list of suspects. 6 LETTER OF OFFER (con't.) ¥ If at any time you think you have provided the Chronoskin-imer enough information to identify the criminal, select COMPUTE (otherwise, press Control Pad left or right to exit). ¥ To choose a different language (English, French, German, Italian or Spanish), select LANGUAGES, then select the language of your choice. ¥ To review the Chief's briefing, select BRIEFING. Keep in mind this option is available only at the first location of each case. For a more detailed description of the DATA feature, turn to page 13 (To Obtain or Enter Data). WORKING AT ACME 7 WORKING AT ACME (con't.) Signing in--You begin the game in the lobby of the Acme Detective Agency. * Press A, B, X or Y to board the elevator, then press the Control Pad to select the second floor. Press A, B, X or Y to start the elevator. * When the elevator stops, press the Control Pad left and press A, B, X or Y to enter Personnel. Special Agent Diane welcomes you. * Press A, B, X or Y to advance to the next screen. * To sign in, press the Control Pad to move the red square over a letter and press A, B, X or Y to select. NOTE: If you make a mistake while signing the Release Form, press Control Pad to "RUB" and press A, B, X or Y to erase your mistake, * When you've entered your name, press START. * To enter your gender, press the Control Pad to the gender of your choice, then press A, B, X or Y. * To enter your password move the red line under a letter and press A, B, X or Y. After you've entered all six characters, press START. If this is your first time playing, just press START. * After you have been issued a Chronoskimmer, press A, B, X or Y to get your assignment. 8 WORKING AT ACME (con't.) Saving Your Current Rank * Choose ABORT from the Chronoskimmer control panel. * Then choose "Get Password" and write down the six-character password in a safe place. Starting a Game at a Saved Rank--When you start a new game, Diane requires you to enter your name and security access code. * Simply enter the six-character password from a previously saved game, then press START. Obtaining Your Assignment--Your Chronoskimmer runs through its on-board diagnostics and then connects you with the Chief, who issues your assignment. He tells you which treasure was stolen, where and when it was stolen, the gender of the thief, and the time allowance the Federal Time Travel Commission has authorized for your use of the Chronoskimmer. 9 OBJECT OF THE GAME The thief is heading for a hideout in one of 48 locations in time. There are sixteen possible suspects for the crime. To win the game and advance your career, you must accomplish two tasks before your deadline: 1) Track the criminal's movements to his or her final destination. YouÕll have to use the clues you find in each location to determine where the criminal is going next. 2) Identify the criminal and get a warrant for his or her arrest. You receive clues to the criminal's identity as you interview witnesses and find objects during your pursuit. Warrants are issued based on information you've entered in the Evidence Database. So as you find clues to the criminal's identity, be sure to log them in the Evidence Database. NOTE: For a more detailed explanation of the use of the Chronoskimmer and the Evidence Database see the next section Promotions are based on the number of cases you solve. You start as a Time Cadet and move up the ranks. 10 OBJECT OF THE GAME (con't.) The following is a list of criteria for promotions: Cases Solved Rank Start Time Cadet 1 Time Patroller 6 Time Investigator 15 Time Inspector 25 Time Detective 35 Ace Time Detective 50 Super Time Sleuth 80 Retirement CHRONOSKIMMER USER'S MANUAL Control Panel Buttons--The buttons in the lower right front panel of the screen control the Chronoskimmer. To Travel 1) Press the Control Pad to the TRAVEL button, then press A, B, X or Y. This displays the destination panel and the locations and eras that you can travel to from your present location. NOTE: There are three or four destinations, each with its own location and time period. 2) Simply press the Control Pad to the destination of your choice, then press A, B, X or Y. 11 CHRONOSKIMMER USER'S MANUAL (con't.) * Use the TRAVEL button to check on the possible destinations to assist you in evaluating a clue. * If you are not ready to warp out, select EXIT to hide the destination panel. To Search For Clues * The SEARCH button lets you interview witnesses or informants and scan the crime scene for clues to the villain's next destination. In addition, witnesses and informants may provide character clues which you may use to identify the criminal. 1) Press the Control Pad to SEARCH, then press A, B, X or Y. 2) To interview a witness, press the Control Pad to WITNESS, then press A, B, X or Y. 3) To interview an informant, press the Control Pad to INFORMANT, then press A, B, X or Y. NOTE: Only the WITNESS and INFORMANT buttons contain character clues. * To scan for physical clues, press the Control Pad to SCANNER, then press A, B, X or Y. * Each panel button provides a different clue. You may not need all of the clues to determine your next destination, but you may miss a character clue if you skip some. 12 CHRONOSKIMMER USERÕS MANUAL (con't.) * Checking all of the buttons will cost you more time; it's up to you as a detective to decide which is more important. * You'll need all of the character clues you can get to obtain a warrant, so be sure to log them in the EVIDENCE DATABASE! (See the next section) * To leave the SEARCH mode press the Control Pad left or right so the cursor rests on a Chronoskimmer front panel button; or select EXIT. To Obtain or Enter Data The DATA button lets you use the Chronoskimmer to enter evidence and to view the suspects' dossiers. * Press the Control Pad to DATA, then press A, B, X or Y. * To view a dossier, press the Control Pad to DOSSIERS and press A, B, X or Y; then press the Control Pad to the suspect of your choice and press A, B, X or Y. Each dossier contains a gang memberÕs physical traits and a character clue. * To log character clues, press the Control Pad to EVIDENCE, then press A, B, X or Y. Press the Control Pad up or down to select the category for the character trait you wish to log, then press A, B, X or Y to cycle through the list of character traits contained in the Evidence Database. Stop when the trait you have uncovered is shown. 13 CHRONOSKIMMER USERÕS MANUAL (con't.) * To compute evidence and to issue a warrant, press the Control Pad to COMPUTE, then press A, B, X or Y. This checks your notes in the database against all of the gang's dossiers. If the computer finds a single match a warrant is issued and the Capture Robot is activated. NOTE: You'll know you're really close to nabbing the suspect when interviewing and scanning yield no clues. Instead, you'll be told the suspect is near. Be patient and keep trying to gather clues. The Capture Robot will activate itself. If more than one gang member's dossier matches the clues you've entered, you are given a list of possible suspects: youÕll need to collect more clues to have a warrant issued. TIP: YouÕll need to log at least three character clues before a warrant will be issued. NOTE. Only one warrant can be active at any time. If you modify or add to the Evidence Database and then choose Compute, any existing warrant may be voided even if no new warrant is issued. * To leave the Evidence Database, press the Control Pad left or right. 14 CHRONOSKIMMER USER'S MANUAL (con't.) To Abort * Selecting ABORT lets you save your current rank or quit the game without saving. * To save your current rank, press the Control Pad to GET PASSWORD and press A, B, X or Y. You'll be given a six-character password: WRITE IT DOWN!!!! You'll need it to begin a new game at your current rank. NOTE: When you enter a password, you begin a new case at your former rank. You cannot resume a case in progress. * If you don't want to save your current rank, select QUIT GAME. * To begin another case, select GET NEW CASE. * If you've selected ABORT by mistake, you can cancel your selection by selecting EXIT or by moving the Control Pad left or right. 15 FROM THE DESK OF THE CHIEF Tips From an Old Gumshoe * Remember to work quickly. Keep track of the time left on the Chronoskimmer control panel. The Federal Time Travel Commission has never granted an extension on authorized hours for solving a crime, so donÕt waste time traveling to a destination unless youÕre certain itÕs the one to which the suspect has fled. * YouÕll know you're on the right track when you see a suspicious person or occurrence on the location panel. The suspect uses other V.I.L.E. gang members to check you out when you're closing in. If you interrogate a witness and he or she knows nothing, you're probably in the wrong location. * Beware of sneak attacks-they mean you're closing in on your suspect's hideout! Make sure that you've got a warrant before you close in, or else the crook will get away. And remember you can return to the previous location to gather more clues or obtain a warrant. * Every detective has his or her excuses for blowing a case-I've heard 'em all! But the excuse I hear most often is a bad memory. I tell all of my cadets to keep notes on paper as they gather clues. * Keep in mind that if you have checked with an informant or witness and have proceeded to another screen, you can go back to that information with no further time penalty. 16 FROM THE DESK OF THE CHIEF (con't.) * Not all of the clues are contained in The New American Desk Encyclopedia(R). You will find additional location clues in the destination descriptions that appear in the communication window on your Chronoskinirner. * Keep track of everything; you never know what might be important. And don't get discouraged. Even an Ace Detective can't solve every case. The more you track, the better youÕll get! But remember that as you rise through the ranks the cases become more difficult. Deciphering Clues * The key to your success in tracking down Carmen and her gang is to decipher the clues accurately and efficiently. Remember that you may be able to decipher clues with information from both the on screen descriptions at each location and The New American Desk Encyclopedia. * You'll find it easier to locate the information you need for your investigation if you become familiar with The New American Desk Encyclopedia. Take a moment to look at the section "How to Use" at the beginning of the Encyclopedia. When you look up an item, you may want to note additional items cross-referenced in the entry (those items in small capital letters). 17 FROM THE DESK OF THE CHIEF (con't.) * Although solutions to all clues can be found by using the on-screen descriptions or The New American Desk Encyclopedia, you may also want to use other reference books to help in your investigation. Deciphering A Sample Clue * Here's how I teach my detectives to solve a clue: If your investigations don't lead you to any immediate conclusions, consider checking possible destinations by looking at the destination panel. * For example, let's say you use the Scanner button, and the clue is: "You find a telescope." This doesn't bring a specific destination immediately to mind. To narrow down the possibilities you check the location panel and find four locations/times: India 1700-1899, Spain 1900-1959, Japan 4001299, and Italy 1300-1699. * With these possible destinations in mind, look up "telescope". Reading through the entry, you find cross-references to "astronomy" and "Galileo", but nothing that helps narrow down the search. Looking up "astronomy", you find several location references: Babylonia, China and Egypt, all prior to 2000 B.C., too early for your use. Other references include Greece (not in the destination panel list) and a second cross-reference to "Galileo". Time to look him up! 18 FROM THE DESK OF THE CHIEF (con't.) * The entry for Galileo shows that he was an Italian who lived from 1564 to 1642, and that he was the first to use the telescope for astronomical observations. Both his location and time match one of the destinations found on the destination panel. Time for a trip to Italy! * If some clues seem harder to solve than this, you can widen your investigation by either doing a second or third scan of the area, or by questioning your witnesses. For example, doing a second scan in this case would turn up the clue: "'Galileo Galilei' is scratched on the side of the telescope," and a third scan would get you: "The telescope was manufactured in 1609." Remember, however, that you have a deadline and that investigating takes up valuable time. * So use your best judgment, manage your time wisely, and you'll be well on your way to apprehending the most feared crook in the worldÑ Carmen Sandiego. 19

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