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Wanderers From Ys 3

Typed out by Wanderers from Ys 3 Instruction Manual _______________________________________________________________ Wanderers From Ys Pg 3 CONTENTS The Story 4 Characters 6 Map of Felgana 8 Screen Identifications 10 Operating Instructions 13 Fighting Techniques 14 Other Operations 16 List of Weapons and Armors 17 Catalog of Rings 19 Catalog of Articles 20 Felgana Guide 21 +The Town of Redmont +Tigray Quarry +The Ilvern Ruins +Eldam Mountains +Ballacetine Castle _______________________________________________________________ Pg 4 (picture of Adol) Our tale takes place after Adol and his friend, Dogi, have completed a harrowing adventure in which they conquered an evil force and saved the land of Ys from doom. As the pair continues to journey about the land of Ys, they come upon a town being visited by a gypsy caravan. While talking to the townspeople, the two friends hear about felgana. Evidently, mysterious weather, bad crops, and rising prices have made it a bad place for merchants to do business. ______________________________________________________________ Pg 5 Dogi was worried. His hometown, Redmont, was in the heart of Felgana. His uneasiness is heightened when he has his fortune told by a beautiful fortune-teller. The fortune- teller gazes into her crystal ball, but as Dogi's future is being revealed, the crystal ball explodes!! The explosion leaves the fortune-teller unconscious. Something mysterious was happening! Adol had a nagging premonition. "Let's go to Redmont, Dogi", he said. Thus, Adol begins a new adventure in the land of Ys... (Picture of Dogi) ___________________________________________________________ Pg 6 Characters (picture of Adol) ADOL As a youth, Adol wanders about in search of adventure. He has travelled throughout the lands of Ys helping those in need. (Picture of Ellena) ELLENA A friend from Dogi's childhood. Ellena is kind-hearted and naive. She is distressed about the activities of her brother, Chester. ________________________________________________________ Pg 7 (picture of Chester) CHESTER He was once a close friend of Dogi's. He has a haunted past and is now serving the wicked Lord McGaya. (picture of Lord McGaya) LORD McGAYA The ruler of Ballacetine castle. He is hatching an evil plot to serve his sinister ambitions. (Picture of Dogi) DOGI A raveling companion of Adol's. Dogi now returns to Felgana after a 10-year absence. ____________________________________________________________ Pg 8/9 (pages 8 and 9 occupied by large map of Felgana. Redmont, Tigray Quarry, Ilvern Ruins, Eldam Mountains, and Ballacetine Castle are all marked. The upper right corner of page 9 has a screen shot of the game's map screen, and some text to the left) HOW TO MOVE ON THE MAP After you leave the town of Redmont, a map appears on the screenwith various destinations. As the story progresses, you will be able to visit more places. ____________________________________________________________ Pg 10 (screen shot of the game showing the top sub-menu) WINDOW Press the select button to open the option window. (an explanation of several status bars shown at the bottom of the screen) PLAYER The length of this bar is Adol's maximum number of remaining hit points available. The red area indicates damage. ENEMY The hit points of the monster being attacked. Again, yellow indicates remaining hit points, and red indicates damage. HIT POINT These numbers are equal to the player's hit point bar. The first number indicates remiaining hit points, while the second number is the total hit poinst. If the remaining hit points reach 0, the game is over. EXP. POINT Receive experience points by battling monsters. An increase in level will occur after attaining a certain amount of hit points. RING While wearing a ring of a particular power, this number will count down to zero, at which time, the ring's power will become ineffective. GOLD The amount of money that you have earned. ________________________________________________________________ Pg 11 EQUIPMENT (screen shot of the equipment screen.) This screen shows which weapons, protectors, and items Adol has available. Those items which are equipped have a red glow behind them. * To use weapons and protectors (shields and rings), move the yellow cursor, using the Control Pad, to SWORD, SHIELD, ARMOR, or RING, and press to the right or left to move the red cursor to the desired item. The item will be automatically activated. * To use an item, move the yellow cursor to ITEM, and move the red cursor to the desired item. Return to the main screen by pressing the B buttton, then press the A Buton to use the item. INVENTORY (Screen shot of a full inventory) By placing a cursor on an item in INVENTORY, you can identify it. Certain events will trigger the automatic use of these items-you cannot manipulate them. ____________________________________________________________ Pg 12 STATUS Here you can check Adol's status (Screen shot of the status screen) LEVEL: Adol's maximum level is 16 units. STR: attacking power DEF: Defensive ability HP: Hit Points-Present/Maximum GOLD: Available funds EXP: Experience points earned. Max-65,535 NEXT EXP: Experience points needed to increase level. Save * LOAD (Two screen shots, one of save menu, one of load menu) there are 5 save menus with 3 spaces per menu, which allows a total of 15 spaces to save your game. You can save at any time, except when encountering certain monsters. While on this screen, move the arrow to the desired section, and press the B button to save. If you would like to jump to a saved area, select the Load Menu and press the B button. If you wish to end the game, first press the reset button, then turn your SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM off. _______________________________________________________ Pg 13 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (picture of SNES controller, connected to text clumps) Start button: Pause. Restart after GAME OVER. Y button:Wield sword and talk. Control Pad X Button: Not Used. A Button: Use item. B Button: Jump Select Button: Opens windows for equipment, inventory, etc. MOVE Move Adol by pressing the Control Pad to the left or right. (Screen shot of Adol standing) SQUAT Pressing the Control Pad down will make Adol squat. If you press the pad down and to the left or right, you will crawl along the ground. (Screen shot of Adol crawling) Jump To cross rocky areas, stairs, etc., you will have to jump. (Screen shot of Adol in midair) ____________________________________________________________ Pg 14 Fighting techniques (Picture of Adol attacking an animated suit of armor) You must master several sword-fighting techniques to survive in the world of Ys. You must determine which technique is best to use against particular foes. Basic attack Y button: The closer you are to the enemy, the more damage you will cause. (screen shot of Adol swinging a sword) Charging attack Control Pad left/right+Y Button: An attack may be more effective if you can charge while swinging your sword. Jumping attack B button + Y button: A tactic against flying enemies, but it requires good timing. ____________________________________________________________ Pg 15 Down and slice Control pad down+Y button: This is an optimum way of reaching enemies that are close to the ground. (screen shot of Adol kneeling and stabbing) Crawling Control Pad down diagonallty left or right+Y button: An excellent way to get through tight passages. (screen shot of Adol crawling) Up thrust Control Pad up+Y button: An effective attack against enemies attacking from above. (screen shot of Adol swinging his sword above his head) Down thrust Control Pad down + B button + Y button: An attack with tremendous destructive power when executed properly. ______________________________________________________________ Pg 16 Other Operations: (Picture of Adol chatting) Aside from attacks, Adol can talk to townsfolk, open doorways, and unlock treasure chests. (picture of Adol opening a chest) CONVERSATION To talk, walk as close to the person as possible, and press the Y button. Some individuals will only require that you walk into their presence. (screen shot of adol standing in conversation position) OPEN A TREASURE BOX/DOOR Stand in front of the box or door that you with to enter, press the Control pad up, and the door/treasure chest will open. some doors may require you to have a key. CLIMBING STAIRS To climb stairs, press the control pad in the direction of the stairs. ___________________________________________________________ Pg 17 Weapons and Armors (picture of adol holding a shining sword) the tool Storein redmont will provide many of the items you will need for battle. however, te following is not a complete list of these weapons, as other items may be found during your adventure. SWORDS Short Sword (picture of a Short Sword) This sword is light and easy to handle, however it lacks in power. Long Sword (picture of a Long Sword) A meter longer than the Short Sword, this weapon is harder to wield. Broad sword (picture of a Broad Sword) Made of pure iron, it has tremendous destructive potential. _______________________________________________________________ Pg 18 ARMOR Leather Armor (picture of Leather Armor) This is a lightweight armor, providing slightly more protection than regular clothing. Chain Mail (picture of Chain Mail) Constructed of iron, it is well worth the money. Plate mail (picture of Plate Mail) Tough and heavy, this armor offers solid protection. SHIELD Wood Shield (picture of Wood Shield) It's cheap and light, making it just a little better than using your hands to block. Small Shield (Picture of a Small Shield) Made of a metal alloy, this shield makes for a moderate defense. Large Shield (Picture of a Large Shield) Heavy and expensive, the iron of this shield will provide excellent defense. ______________________________________________________ Pg 19 Catalog of Rings Power Ring (picture of the Power Ring) this ring doubles Adl's attack power. Shield Ring (Picture of the Shield Ring) Protection power is raised so that Adol's damage is reduced by half. Healing Ring (picture of the Healing Ring) Recovers hit points.[almost a trade between ring power and hit points. Time Ring (picture of the Time Ring) When worn, time slows down to half it's normal speed. Everything in the area is affected except for Adol. Protect Ring (picture of the Protect Ring) Adol will not recieve damage, but the power of the ring is consumed rapidly. (picture of Adol on a stairway) ________________________________________________________ Pg 20 Catalog of Articles Herb (picture of an Herb) Recovers all hit points. It can only be used once. Amulet (picture of a strange-looking amulet) Capable of inflicting great damage, this item can only be used three times before disintegrating. Brocia's Secret Medicine (picture of a vial of the medicine) An unusual elixir whic, when poured on rings, can recover soem of the ring's power. Fairy Necklace (picture of the ornate Fairy Necklace) A necklace of unusual, mysterious power. Illusion Mirror (picture of the illusion Mirror, an odd-looking thing) It's reflection freezes the movement of any enemy for a short time. (Picture of Cinthea) ________________________________________________________ Pg 21 Felgana Guide The town of Redmont (screen shot of Redmont's interior) This tale begins and ends with Redmont. The town's livelihood depends on the Tigray quarry. Supply Store Cinthea is the owner of the only supply shop in Felgana. Herbs, mirrors, and special items are sld here in a seemingly unlimited quantity. She can also aid in the recovery of ring power. (screen shot of the supply store) Tool Store Adniss inherited the tool shop from his father many years ago, and is proud of the shop's wide assortment of swords, shields, and armor. (screen shot of the tool shop) _____________________________________________________________ Pg 22 Tigray Quarry (Screen shot of the quarry entrance) A crystalline ore called "La pearle" is mined here, under the supervision of Edgar. Ilvern Ruins (Screen shot of the gateway to the ruins) Located near a recently erupted volcano, it is now the devastated remains of a once grand castle. ___________________________________________________________ Pg 23 Eldam Mountains (screen shot of the beginning of the mountains) "The Evil Mountains", they contain many monsters of trememdous power. It is said that a fearless hermit built a cabin in these snow-covered peaks. Ballacetine Castle (screen shot of the approach to the castle's secret entrance) It is said that this beautiful castle, with captivating views and fine works of art, has many dangerous secrets- among them, mazes, traps, and guardians. ______________________________________________________________ Errors in original manual: On page 10, under "EXP POINTS", it should read be "experience points", not "hit points".

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