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Typed out by Gregory Bishop U/SNS-4L-USA Uniracers(TM) INSTRUCTION BOOKLET SUPER NINTENDO(TM) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) WARNING: PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(R) HARDWARE SYSTEM, GAME PAK, OR ACCESSORY. K-A KIDS TO ADULTS AGES 6+ ALL NINTENDO PRODUCTS ARE LICENSED BY SALES FOR USE WITH OTHER AUTHORIZED PRODUCTS BEARING THE OFFICIAL NINTENDO SEAL OF QUALITY.(TM) This product has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. For information about the ESRB rating, or to comment about the appropriateness of the rating, please contact the ESRB at 1-800-771- 3772. Thank you for selecting Uniracers(TM)* for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R). Please read the following instructions thoroughly to ensure the proper handling and use of your new games. Please save this manual for future reference. WARNING: If the POWER switch is switched ON and OFF repeatedly, the accumulated contents of your Super NES(R) cartridge may be deleted. Avoid turning the POWER switch OFF unnecessarily (before saving the game) or data may be lost. (TM) (C) are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C) 1994 Nintendo of America Inc. (C) 1994 Nintendo/DMA Design -------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) Contents 4 Getting Started 6 Story 8 How to Play 10 Controls 12 Stunts 16 Menus 24 Leagues/Players 28 Tracks 32 Tours 34 Hints & Tips 36 Techie Notes 37 Memo 38 Credits ------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) Getting Started Getting started with your Super NES couldn't be easier. In fact if it was any easier you could get started while actually asleep and how could you enjoy the game then? Plugging In OK, if you're reading this bit then you must have just bought your Super NES recently and are still being careful. So here we go: Make sure the power if off. If you are really paranoid then you may wish to ensure that the Game Pak is out of its box as well. With me so far? Good. Press the Uniracers Gamepak firmly into the Super NES. Everything OK? Excellent! Powering Up All that remains to be done now is switch the Super NES on. If nothing strange and mysterious has happened, then you should see the following title screen: [Screenshot with, what else?, UNIRACERS(TM) emblazoned across the top of the screen. (C) 1994 NINTENDO.] --------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) Bits `n' Pieces The Uniracers Gamepak has a battery backed memory to keep saved races intact. One of the things you shouldn't really do is switch the Super NES on and off and on and off and on and off and on and off very very rapidly. If this happens then the contents of the battery memory stand a plenty big chance of being deleted, which would make you unhappy. Can't Wait? Well, who could blame you? You'll be wanting to dive straight into the game, right? Move the arrow to 1P, press any of the A, B, or Start buttons, press any of them again which will select the first Unicycle you come across and wait a second or so. After messing around for a little while, you'll soon discover that reading the rest of this manual is a good idea, right? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) Story The Sun didn't rise, the Moon didn't set. Fluffy clouds failed to make any sort of appearance and the night wasn't dark and stormy. Nobody was silhouetted against a backdrop of stars and the burning fires of the dawn sky somehow never had a chance. There were no such things, you see. Not in the Universe of the Uniracers. But heck, that's the way it goes sometimes. There were far more important things to work up a sweat about than some pretty scenery. Racing for one thing, for another....well that was it, just racing. It was the whole purpose of the Uniracers. And it happened sort of like this: Far in the past, or what passed for the past, some great and powerful person looked across the abstract Universe and realized that his boredom went right off the scale. He was through with creating a planet here, an asteroid there. What's more he was trying to impress a young goddess who thought that he lacked a creative imagination. After all, you can only say kind things about a newly created world so many times without giggling. This wasn't a fun situation for the person, as you can well imagine. So after a timeless interval locked in the celestial equivalent of a cupboard, with an endless supply of Turbo-Strength Coffee, he came up with the idea of a race of Unicycles who would compete in the ultimate games! What's more, it would really break the ice at parties. Such is the legend told by Unicycles when they slow down enough to talk to each other (well sometimes), although no-one --------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) seems to know whether the Person actually won over the young goddess and lived happily ever after. In fact if you stopped a Unicycle and asked, you'd find that none of them really cared. It's RACING that's the thing. So the Uniracers came into being and, boy, were they racing machines or what?!?! An entire race of dedicated cycles. Sure enough they got right into their role and raced all the time in the abstract days and neon nights of their Universe. And so it went for a long, long time. But there is something else, too. Even when a Unicycle couldn't find a racing partner, out of the abstract blue would turn up a Ghostly cycle to provide a race by which to measure themselves. The Ghosts never talk, never hang about to see what happens. Some call them the free spirits of cycles that lost important races and were condemned to race forever to prove themselves. Others claim that they are the personal cycles of that old Person, used to make sure the rest of them keep on track. And at the very end of the "day" in whispers, is told the tale of the Anti-Uni, the ultimate racer whom no-one can find, no-one but the very greatest of all. Become the very height of racing excellence and the Anti-Uni will come to challenge you... --------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) How to Play RACE! Race race race race race! THAT'S how you play. What do you mean you want to know more? Uniracers is a RACE! That's why the word race is in the name....UniRACE. It's a race, and you race in the race. Not clear enough? Oh very well.... How to play? Using a controller like this just has to be a plus.... [pic of SNES controller] Every race is run on a Track. This can be one of three types, Race, Circuit and Stunt. The point, naturally enough, is to be the first across the finishing line. Take a sneaky peek at the section labelled Tracks. SCREEN LAYOUT During the game, there are some indicators that show how you're doing. Most obvious is the time indicator--which doesn't lie and shows what a nightmare your playing ability can be--and number of laps completed (if you're doing a circuit, say 2/5). If you start to lag behind, a chevron (sort of boomerang shaped) will flash in the direction that you're lagging in. The more there are, the greater the distance you have to catch up. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) PLAYING AREA The playing area comprises a lot--an awful lot--of track. The Unicycle can be controlled both on the ground and in the air. When in the air, stunts can be performed. This has the added benefit of making you go faster. (Jet Fighters go faster than cars, right? Cars are on the ground, fighters are in the air, right? So it's faster if you're in the air. Case proved.) Of course this is also a way to encourage lots of risk-taking, making for a spectacular game. THINGS THAT COULD BE IMPORTANT When you start a 1P game, you will be playing against a "Ghost Unicycle" who will hammer your puny efforts into the ground, unless of course, you're any good. When a League is selected to play, the order in which the Players will compete is chosen by the SNES. This way, no-one can start whining that it's completely unfair. (It still could be unfair, of course, you just won't get to know about it!) The members or the League chosen to play will be paired on ability, such as the best two, the next best, the worst two and so on. If that isn't the case (and let's face it, it could happen) then the members will be chosen to compete randomly. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) Controls Some of the controls have different functions depending whether the unicycle is on the ground or sailing through the air. Don't worry though, it's easy to get the hang of. Why bother to explain in words when you can have an artist do all the hard work with a picture? [Well, it would make typing this easier.] Moving is easier than falling off a log. Left and Right buttons live up to their name by moving the Unicycle left and right. Up and Down don't do anything, not yet anyway. They will once you jump into the air (the Unicycle, not you personally, although you may indeed be so happy to own Uniracers that you WILL jump in the air), but we'll get to that. Button B will make the Unicycle leap into the air as if scalded and Button Y will slam on the brakes to stop it moving as if it had a close encounter of the brick wall kind. Unless of course it's in the air because of Button B... -------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) But....The L and R buttons operate differently depending on whether or not the Unicycle is on the ground. If the Unicycle is in the air, L and R will make it rotate round. Those are the basics, now stop hanging about and get playing, at least until you get that urgent nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that says "I need to do some stunts." When that happens, flick madly through the pages of this very instruction booklet until your eyes rest on the heading Stunts!* *Hint: It's on the next page. ------------------------------------------------------------------- (12) Stunts Too easy. All you need to be able to do is to rotate the Unicycle laterally, transversely What does it all mean? It means that you can roll, flip and twist to gain speed. Got that? It's an important point. IT'S TO GAIN SPEED. Doing stunts makes you go faster. But anyway... Stunts come in several extremes of stuntdom. There is the stunt itself; plain, simple and moderately heroic. For example a Flip. If you can manage to Flip twice over before returning to the Track, that's called a double Flip. This is more than heroic, it's positively intrepid. More than three is too much counting for anyone to be able to cope with (and besides Quadra-flip, Penta-Spin and Hexa-Twist sound a bit silly) so four or more at the one go are known collectively as Spin City or Flip City and so on. The whole point, of course, is to land back on your wheel. Fail to do this and you'll be dismissively told "Wipeout!" at which point, hang your head in shame and leave the room. Stunts happen at different rates, for example a Twist can be done more quickly than a Roll. Tight situations may require fast Stunts. So now you know! --------------------------------------------------------------------- (13) ROLL This is where the Unicycle goes saddle-over wheel in a face-forward direction. Oh heck, just take a look at the picture. (It's worth a thousand words by the way.) [this one really isn''s a picture of a Unicycle, leaning to the right, with a big arrow over it pointing clockwise.] When in the air, holding down either Button R or L depending on the direction the Unicycle is travelling. FLIP This is the same as a Roll, but in the opposite direction! So that means it's not the same at all. But it IS the opposite direction. In fact it's rotating backwards from the Unicycles's point of view. The same direction as the arrow in fact. How is this remarkable event achieved? Hold down Button L or R, depending on direction of travel. ------------------------------------------------------------------- (14) More Stunts TWIST So what do you want to do? Listen to an explanation involving "rotating around the vertical axis bi-directionally", or simply look at the picture and go "Ah Ha!"? [This time there's a picture of a Uni with two arrows rotating around the vertical axis bi-directionally.] This little trick is accomplished by holding down Button A and manipulating the Left and Right cross keys until something happens. As it turns out, it's Left to Twist Left, Right to Twist Right. Impress your friends by being the first to master it! ZEE-FLIP This is different from the other Stunts....slightly. The difference is that the Unicycle doesn't go all the way around but only halfway. Around which way, you are no doubt asking? It depends. And what it depends on is the angle you happen to be in at the time. It is in fact completely straightforward and anyone who can't come to grips with it is a total knob. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (15) MEGA Not telling. It's supposed to be a secret. But since you'll be staring goggle-eyes at the Stunt Scores and see "MEGA" emblazoned in glowing phosphor on your TV, a word might be in order. Mega is for the Stunts that may or may not be in the game, so you can scores that you may or may not have earned on Stunts that may or may not actually exist. Cool, huh? Try pressing buttons at random and see what happens. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (16) Menus Races are run from the menus. They are also a place to set up and adjust some features of the game. Make a selection on any of the menus by moving the arrow (that's the pointy thing doing a dance on screen) with the cross keys. There are vast amounts of information you can access and bits to change, to last ages. It's easy, though, just to delve straight into the game and only make use of the Menus that you feel like using. Move through the Menus by using B & A to move to the next Menu and Y & X to move back to any previous Menu. One other thing: a Menu has something to select on it, a Screen on the other hand is just there to present information and look good in a self-important sort of way. Main Menu This is where it all happens (so to speak!) From here you can start a one player or two player game by moving the arrow to 1P or 2P and pressing B or A. You can't go wrong. This will move you to another menu screen by using the left and right controls. If you have teams of friends lining up to play, then selecting League will go to the League Menu -------------------------------------------------------------------- (17) 1P & 2P & VS One Player Mode is the first thing that you'll probably try, and a sensible thing it is too. When either of these is chosen, the screen will change to the Unicycle Selection Menu. From there you select which Tour you wish to race in, then the specific Track. Then choose Race. Easy really. Then you'll race against a spooky looking Unicycle who is controlled by the SNES. The Two Player Mode is pretty much the same, except that you get to race against a real human opponent instead of a computer controlled ghost. (Are you one of those people that plays a two player game by yourself so that you always win?) Versus Mode is quite straightforward. The winner of the first race stays on until someone beats him. The game will ask for a challenger. Once the race is completed, you will get some astonishingly vital information on how you performed. You will then be asked to either advance to the next Track....or don't! So in that case you select next track....or don't! LEAGUES If word has spread that there's a Uniracers Game Pak in the area then the entire neighborhood will be attempting to kick the door down in order to play it. This is where the League Menu comes in remarkably handy. Selecting this will take you to the--can you guess--League Menu where a bunch of players can compete against each other. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (18) Menus continued You'll be presented with a list of currently active Leagues. Choosing a League in the normal way (you remember how to move back and forward don't you?). you'll see a list of the positions of all the players within a League. Choose the option called RACE in order to race. (You must SETUP before playing; that's in Options, so have a look there as well.) The players will be chosen to race in a certain order, according to bizarre and top secret criteria. But no sweat, it's all done fairly. OPTIONS Ever met anybody who didn't want to change everything? If you're like the rest of the world, then you'll want to mess about with the game's settings to suit yourself. Selecting this will scroll swiftly to the options menu, where all things shall become clear. (Well, all the options anyway.) DESTROY EVERYTHING HA HA HA HA! From the Main Menu, the entire contents of the battery backed memory can be erased by holding down Left on the cross keys with A, L and R at the same time. You'll be asked to confirm this. If you go ahead, then kiss bye bye to ALL the records. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (19) Selection Menus Yes, this is a big section, but don't be scared. In these Menus, the Crosskeys move the arrow around the screen as well as the usual buttons. When the arrow is pointing to the Menu item you consider to be the most desirable--to check this, look in a mirror to see if you are drooling or not--then press B to choose. When you're finished, another screen will appear briefly to say what on Earth is about to happen in case you'd already forgotten. For example, who is playing against who and on what track. Easy, huh? In fact, it's so easy that you probably won't even bother to read this bit. If you have read this far then congratulations have to be awarded. You're a conscientious hero. PLAYER SELECT The Unicycles already come with names but there is no reason not to change them to suit you own weird tastes. But we'll get to that. For the moment, all you need to do is choose something to race with. If it is a 2P or VS game then the whole business with the selection will be repeated. As you can see, all of the Unicycles are a different color for that unique personal touch. TOUR SELECT There are eight Tours to choose from. Choose the one that looks the most appealing, then select one of the Tracks that comes with it. Each Tour is harder that the last one. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (20) TRACK SELECT To choose which track to play next, select this menu option. You'll then be presented with a list of five tracks, which will be a mixture of Stunt, Race and Circuit. Now throw this booklet in the air and when it lands, it should be open at the section about Tracks. If that doesn't happen--and let's face it, it may not--turn to the section in question anyway for a more detailed description. Options Menu From here you can get to various interesting bits including the all- important scores as well as adjust a handful of options; hence the name "Options" because they're optional. RECORDS This will take you to the comprehensive scoring menu where the players will be able to laugh at each other's performance. This is a good one, so good in fact that it even gets one of those slanting headings all to itself. DEFINE PLAYER This in turn will scroll to the Players menu. From here you can set the line up of daring, intrepid friends. Turn to the Leagues/Players section of this booklet for more information. You know it makes sense. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (21) RENAME PLAYER What's that? Don't like the names we've given the Unis? All righty then, by choosing this option you'll be able to give your own racer a highly personalized (and therefore meaningful) name. DEFINE LEAGUE This will scroll to the League Menu. See, it's easy to get the hang of. Selecting something will either change it or go somewhere. To find out how to set up new Leagues, change or delete old Leagues and so on, turn to the Leagues/Players section of this booklet. MAIN MENU Takes you back to the Main Menu. No! It's all true! Score Screen Here is where all the juicy results are kept. All sorts of race scores and information are displayed in a selection of screens. TRACK RECORDS All-time track best. Some players will be better on some Tracks than others. This is a list of who holds the record for any particular Track. A star in the Player's color will be shown to indicate this. It shows Gold, Silver and Bronze records. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (22) Score Screen continued HIGH SCORES Who's the greatest? Well it depends on what you are the greatest at. Did you get the fastest time, or win the most games, or gain the most points? It's all here. PLAYER SCORES Individual scores are shown here. This, after all, is where it starts to get personal! The up and down controls will cycle through the sweaty, nervous players until you've had enough. The usual next and previous buttons will take you back to the previous screen, in this case the Options Menu. GROUP TABLES Which League leads the rest? Which one is hot enough to melt lead? By pressing up and down on the Crosskeys, you will be able to compare the performances of all the Leagues. Result Screens These screens show the immediate results once a race has been run. There are a total of three screens, corresponding to each of the three types of Track. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (23) RACE RESULT This presents the necessaries in a straightforward way. Here is where the good or bad news is broken as you come first, second or...something else. Should any spinning things appear next to your name, then consider this as being a good sign. They'll be medals and personal best time awards. CIRCUIT RESULT Now is this information overload or what? Those little ball type things falling off the screen stick in place where there was a lap. Clear? No? OK then: for every lap you race, a ball in your Unicycle's own color will show how well you performed for each lap. The ultra important point to remember is that the lower down on screen they are, the better. STUNT RESULT This shows a tally of the different Stunts you somehow succeeded in pulling off. Lots of numbers are added up and generally fiddled around with in order to determine the winner. OK. That should be enough to get along with. Menus dealing with Tracks, Leagues, Players and so on are described in the appropriate sections, and don't forget it! So what on Earth do you think you are waiting for? GO! -------------------------------------------------------------------- (24) Leagues/Players What better way to ensure immortality than to create your own team? (Apart from literally living forever that is...) League Menu To set up a League, first go to the appropriate menu. From the Main Menu, go to options then to Define League. (Be careful though, if the League was already defined, it soon won't be! This will erase anything that was already stored there. To ensure that this doesn't happen by accident--like the phone rings or you spill coffee over your head at the crucial moment and get distracted--the buttons on the controller have to be pressed in a particular order. This rash action is SELECT + Y + A. This is shown on screen in case you come into contact with high-voltage power lines or something.) So what is a league anyway? It's like this: A League is a bunch of Unicycles that form a team. A Unicycle can be a member of more than one League. A League can have a maximum of 8 Unicycles. What's more there can be up to six Leagues. So if there happens to be a Player who is more heroic than the rest, someone who walks tall, someone who makes people gasp in utter amazement when he or she -------------------------------------------------------------------- (25) walks in the room....then they can add to their fame by being part of several Leagues! DEFINING A LEAGUE So you've just selected Define League. Good. Here is where the juicy bits occur. A screen will then be displayed with all the Unicycles on it. The ones in the League will be marked with a cross next to them. There won't be any to start with, of course. That's down to you. Pressing X or Y when the arrow is next to a Unicycle will remove a member, whereas A or B will add a member. (In the League, out of the League, in the league, our of the league, just like that.) Then of course it's Start to confirm. NAMING THE LEAGUE This happens automatically and allows the naming of a League. Choose this and a screen will appear as if by magic, complete with all the letters of the alphabet. Each league name can be up to 19 characters long, but then you're likely to figure that all by yourself after trying to call a League something like the Atomic Legion of West Coast Mutants, which is 35 characters and therefore not a good bet. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (26) Leagues/Players continued Player Menu Setting up a Player is easy. It works in exactly the same way, so it won't be described again. (Less typing too!) Any Unicycle that is chosen becomes the Player's special friend. What's more, this is the Unicycle that the Player has from game to game, even after the power to the SNES is switched off. This way, the all-time greats can remain great for long periods of time. (The all-time worst get a similar sort of deal!) When selecting a pleasantly colored Unicycle to race with, a warning will appear to make sure that you are of sound mind and know what you are doing, because the previous data will be irretrievably lost. Ghost Unicycle When in the 1P game, you will be racing against a computer controlled opponent. If you are in any doubt that machines are poised to take over the world, consider the fact that when the Ghost Unicycle was created, the bits of program that controlled it were so good that it had to be fiddled with so that mere humans could beat it! There are three Ghosts in total, corresponding to the Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels of play (See Tours for pretty much the same info, but presented in a dynamic and funny new way.) The Bronze Ghost is call Bronsen, the Silver Ghost is called Silvia and the Gold Ghost is known as Goldie. Such imagination, huh? -------------------------------------------------------------------- (27) Irrelevant Ever read a manual which has "This Page Intentionally Left Blank", followed by a blank page? Well we don't DO blank pages, man! If by some bizarre quirk of chance a blank page turns up, then by heck we're gonna fill it, even if it means talking about Pizza for a few paragraphs! Speaking of Pizza, don't you hate those little frozen ones that are the width of a CD and about as thick, come in packs of ten thousand and only ever seem to consist to mashed tomato with a single strand of something that might be cheese on the top? But that's what you always find in the freezer compartment of the fridge isn't it? That's why you should go out and get a deep satellite dish (and just as expensive) so that you know what you're missing. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (28) Tracks There are 3 types of track. Each type has to be tackled in a different way. You might want to check out the Hints & Tips section as well. In fact that would be a good idea. But read this page first anyway, since you're already here... Race Race Tracks are the fastest tracks in the game. These are the no- holds-barred, get-'em-while-they're-down, pull-no-punches, take-no- prisoners, fight-to-the-death, all-stops-pulled-out, turbo blazing frenzied mega atomic action race of doom with nothing else mattering a bit! In other words, the only objective with these tracks is to win as quickly and as decisively as possible! You have to be the fastest Unicycle in sight. Stunt Stunt Tracks are for the real show offs. You know the sort? The kids with more skill and talent than they know what to do with. Here, the hotdogging is more important for once than the speed. Circuit Circuit Tracks are similar to Race Tracks, but you go round and round instead, finishing at the same place you began. Circuits are similar as well and have little numbers that flash up to show how well you are doing. If a zero is up, you're in the lead. If a number comes up, this is the time that you're losing by. (Which of course is a cue for woe, doom and disaster.) -------------------------------------------------------------------- (29) Colors What do all those colorful bits mean, eh? Is there no significance to the pretty patterns or is there a hidden meaning that can benefit us all? Actually, there IS a meaning but it's not hidden at all. You should learn to "read" the Track, to be aware of every subtle and unsubtle change, to react instantly instead of pausing to think. BLUE & GREEN Normal Track, don't stay awake at nights worrying about it. You are in no danger when the colors flashing past are blue and green. RED & BLUE When the red patches are widely space, it indicates that the direction of track is about to change. Note this wisely, otherwise you could end up spending a few foolish moments grinding to a halt. When the red patches are close together, it means that whatever else happens, you must under no circumstances jump off the track. STAY ON THE TRACK!!!!!!! (Admittedly, the worst that could happen is that you'll lose lots of time and get made fun of, nothing REALLY nasty...) BLUE & YELLOW Now we have the home straight, short cut or just Track that's simply good to be on, pile on the power and really let rip! There is nothing to stand between you and ultimate victory, no hazards, no nothing so race race race! -------------------------------------------------------------------- (30) Tracks continued RED & YELLOW You're lost. This is the Track that is laid down to prevent Unicycles falling forever into infinity. It also means that you're well off the beaten path. PINK & ORANGE, TARTAN, POLKA DOT Hmmm. If you start seeing Track of this color then you've either been awake too long, been hitting the cola a bit too heavily, or suffer from what doctors and other professional persons refer to as "Having a few screws loose." RED & ORANGE & YELLOW & GREEN & BLUE & INDIGO & VIOLET What you're seeing is a Rainbow, which isn't part of the game at all. While this is all very cool, you should really be paying attention to the game! Things There are a few other things that really ought to form a part of the very way you think. WAYPOINTS Waypoints are pretty darned important. These objects must be passed through if your lap is to register. So if you don't go through, then you'll just zoom around the Track, while someone who knows what he's doing will get all the glory! To aid you on this important task, a beep beep will ring out when you pass the correct waypoint. LAP TIMES Every time that you complete a lap on a Circuit Track, you'll be shown the time for that lap. Every time that you pass a Waypoint (see, this section is all connected!) your time behind -------------------------------------------------------------------- (31) the leader will be shown, so that it's possible to tell if you're improving on each lap. TIME OUTS Ten minutes and you're history, pal! Take this long to complete a Track and you're obviously so inept that you should expect packs of irate SNES owners to hunt you down for being a complete and total dolt. The ten minute mark is the point at which the game says "Ah, heck with this!" You can do better than that, can't you? The exception to this is when your opponent beats you by 6 seconds on VS, when you'll be timed out at that point. STOPWATCH You want a reward for doing better than great, don't you? Luckily, whenever you beat the heck out of your own personal best time (Let's not talk about beating anyone ELSE....) a stopwatch appears to let you know you've done it! Point it out with pride! Oh, OK then, let's say a word about beating the other players: "Ha ha ha ha ha, eat my dust, suckers!" (Admittedly this is more than just a word.) Beating the other players soundly does enable you to get a medal! This is displayed against the current record holder. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (32) Tours All the Tracks are gathered together under the name "Tours." They get harder and faster and are sponsored by various members of the animal kingdom, all of whom should be pretty familiar. (If they're not, why not?) How far can you go? Are you a Crawler or a Sprinter? Each tour is made up from five--count them--five Tracks. For each Tour, the Tracks are in the order: Race, Circuit, Stunt, Race, Circuit, making for a total number of...figure it out yourself. (You did pay attention to math in school didn't you?) BRONZE, SILVER & GOLD LEVEL Meanwhile...There are several levels of play, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Simply put, the Silver level has you racing against a harder Ghost Unicycle than the Bronze. Gold is a more impressive opponent all together. So when you rattle through a Tour like a demon who's had too much coffee, there is still a greater challenge awaiting. If you win on a particular Track, a check will be placed next to it. Get one for all five Tracks and you'll be asked to do it again at a higher level. After completing a Tour on Gold, you'll be prompted for new Tour. Once you've stampeded up and down the Tours to get Gold on all of them there is nothing left to achieve....or is there? Rumors abound of Tours for the Elite, for the cream of the Unicycling crop. How far is it possible to go? No-one is telling. If there are any more Tours then they'd have to be extremely FEARSOME wouldn't they? -------------------------------------------------------------------- (33) [This page shows an odometer with the various animals that represent Tours circling it clockwise: CRAWLER, SHUFFLER, WALKER, HOPPER, JUMPER, BOUNDER, RUNNER, SPRINTER.] -------------------------------------------------------------------- (34) Hints & Tips So how do you best go about the serious business of becoming the greatest living Unicyclist in the entire unimaginable infinity of all creation? Well practicing for every single hour of the day would be a good starting point. Forget about all those silly little things you used to do, such as sleep and eat. But what of those elusive hints that aren't immediately obvious? Try these for size: * Don't lose. * After coming out of a halfpipe, there is a bit of space during which you can move the Unicycle left and right while still in the air. On the scale of important things, this is a nine and a half, because it lets you get out of the halfpipe. It is even more important (9.999999 on the Importance-o-Meter) when there are numerous halfpipes one after the other. Get out of the halfpipe by holding down Button B and left or right on the Crosskeys. * Use stunts as much as possible. We made a special effort to put stunts in the game and it would be a crying shame not to use them. Besides, when in the middle of a stunt, you are in the air which means that you cover more distance and thus go faster. Keep this information to yourself for an unfair advantage. It's top secret after all. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (35) * What about high speed from a standing start? Hold the Brake button and then press left or right. When the brake is released, zooooooooooom!!!!! * On a long straight, repeatedly doing Jump, Roll, Jump, Roll and so forth will build up lots of speed! * Remember all those silly people on TV who says things like "variety is the spice of life"? Well for once they're right. When on a Stunt Track, the number of different stunts you try is far more deserving of praise than simply trying to get Twist City ten billion times in a row. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (36) Technical Notes: Theory of Uniraces Each UniWorld, numbered 0 through 3 is essentially the same world but with a different label applied. The difference comes from the four worlds existing in parallel tracts of spacetime. The four-dimensional "world-line" of a literal world (described by physics) is called a Themed World, for example pyrokinetic themes exist for all four instances of a single world through the aforementioned dimensional space. The overall theory of the Uniracers' Universe is that of a layered reality where tracks and worlds, themes and Unicycles exist as a separate abstraction layer overlaid on top of normal three-dimensional curved spacetime. The manifestation of such a layer into our perceived Universe is made possible by cutting a slice out of this abstraction layer, converting it to digital bit-slices and rendering it on a display device such as a television set or monitor. This is the function performed by the SNES. It resonates in a similar manner to a radio tuner and can pick up the emitted "reality waves" And I bet you thought we only wrote games! --------------------------------------------------------------------- (37) MEMO Oh yeah? So when was the last time you actually used a "memo" section at the back of an instruction booklet? Are you going to start now? That's pretty doubtful, but just for tradition's sake, here's a memo section. (Albeit a small one, have fun!) Psst! Hey guys; There's something I'm not supposed to tell you. Uniracers has another kind of stunt! It's something called a "tabletop" and you can do it by...erm...heck, it's some buttons or other.... Whoops! I've been rumbled, gotta go! Yours, The Writer. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (38) [Copyright] WARNING -------------------------------------------------------------------- (39) Warranty and Service Information -------------------------------------------------------------------- NEED HELP WITH INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE, OR SERVICE? CALL 1-800-255-3700. Nintendo(R) Nintendo of America Inc. P.O. Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 U.S.A. PRINTED IN U.S.A.

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