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Ultima The False Prophet

Ultima The False Prophet ======================== Table of Contents ----------------- 3 History 5 Beginning the Adventure 10 Explanation of Status Screen 11 Centers of Power and Learning 13 Other Places of Note 14 Life in Britannia 16 Combat 18 Magic 20 Table of Spells 24 Items 25 Armor 25 General Items 26 Special Items 26 Movement 27 Moonorbs and Moonstones 28 Experience Points 29 Karma and the Eight Virtues 31 Monsters History ------- I am Lord British, king and creator of Britannia. I take up my pen to inform thee, Avatar, of a serious problem which we now confront. I wish to enlist thy help to save our land. As thou remembers time and time again, Britannia has been cast into crisis by the resurgent influence of wickedness. Thou hast answered my call every time. Recently thou brought back the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom and helped me to escape from the Underworld. In order for thee to clearly understand the magnitude of this adventure, let us cast a glance at Britannia's history. The Dark Ages The wicked wizard Mondain and his malevolent disciple, the enchantress Minax, were erased from the world. Yet Exodus, their vile brain child, was left behind. Neither human nor machine, his terrible power spread, until four bravve warriors, including thou, answered my call and destroyed him. The Age of the Avatar With the Dark Ages over, Britannia's culture flourished around the eight major cities. In order to properly guide Britannian cultural advancement, a role model was necessary. We waited for such a person; a person who would show us the way to all virtues. Thou responded to this call. To explain the difficult concept of the virtues, thou brought forth the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom from the Abyss. Currently the Codex is housed in the Shrine of Avatar Island, created after a great cataclysm. The Shadowlord Conspiracy Unfortunately, removing the Codex from the Underworld upset the balance of the Universe and resulted in the emergence of the three Shadowlords from the splinters of Mondain's black jewel. I was imprisoned in the Underworld and the once-trusted Blackthorn ruled Britannia in my stead. Full of malice, Blackthorn's rule of tyranny began. Again, thou rescued us from this crisis. With the principles of truth, love, and courage, thou succeeded in driving back the Shadowlords and unseating the nefarious Blackthorn. My return brought about a huge tectonic cataclysm and the destruction of the Underworld. And Now the Menace of the Gargoyles In the wake of the underground upheaval, the Gargoyles, once thought to be creatures of legend, suddenly invaded Britannia. At first, the Gargoyle army occupied our shrines, but then they started to make sneak night attacks on villages and homes. The forces of Britannia are desperately struggling to oppose them, but the Gargoyle Army far exceeds them in physical strength, and the situation looks grim. If we analyze the Gargoyle strategy, it seems like they are looking for something important. It is also rumored that thy end is one of their objectives, although I cannot guess the reason. I entreat thee once more to find some way to save our land in this time of crisis. On this journey your limitless knowledge of truth, love and courage will be the key. Thy destiny awaits thee at the end of this journey, as it has been foretold since time beyond memory. "One who possesses the power of an army, the eye of a seer and the heart of a generous person shall come forth. This one shall lead to the end of the struggle between dark and light." Thus I call upon thee once again. It is thy destiny to fulfill this prophecy. Shouldst thou fail, the light will be extinguished and the world will be plunged into everlasting darkness. I bid thee to fight bravely. Lord British Beginning the Adventure ----------------------- Insert the game pak into the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and turn on the power. When you see NEW HERO on the screen, select it with the control pad and press the start button. Next input your character's name. Choose the letters with the control pad and set them with the A Button. You can input up to 7 letters or spaces. If you make a mistake, correct it with the B Button. When you have finished inputting the name, move to END, and press the A Button. The next screen determines the speed at which messages will appear. Move the control pad to choose the speed you want. It is possible to change the message speed later in the game (see page 7). After making these selections, game play begins. Use the A Button or the B Button to advance to the next screen. When the opening sequence has finished, your first battle will soon begin, so refer to the combat description (page 16-17) before advancing to the first fight. While adventuring, your character will need to do several things like searching and using items. A menu with these commands will appear in the left corner of your screen when you push the A Button. With the control pad and the A Button, you can implement all these commands. Any command can be cancelled with the B Button. Inven. This command is for checking objects or armor. Press the A Button again and the status screen will appear in the next window. There are two different types of items; those which can be used as they are, and those which must be selected before being used. Use This is the command for arming and disarming yourself and for using an item. Select USE and then select which character will use the item. A list of items that each character currently has will be indicated in the box in the left side of the screen. At the same time, illustrations of the items will appear. You will see a square cursor and by using the control pad to move the cursor, decide which item you want to use, then press the A Button. The item you selected will be displayed in the message window at the bottom of the screen, showing its name, number of times is can be used, weight and in case of a weapon, attack strength. As the number of your character's items increases, an arrow will appear to the right of the list which means you can scroll in that direction to see the items not pictured. When you select armor and weapons from the item list, the item will automatically appear on the appropriate part of the character's body in the status screen. If the character is already wearing a similar item, the new item will replace the old one. To remove an item your character is wearing or is armed with, move the square cursor to the part of the body holding the item you want removed, and use the A Button to make the selection. The item you want removed will automatically be added to the item list on the status screen. Give Use this command to give items your character has to someone else in the party. Choose which item you want to give and to which character you want to give it by using the A button. Move This command is used to rearrange items your character has collected on the item list. Highlight the item you want to rearrange with the square cursor and press the A Button. Move the cursor to the place where you want to put the item and hit the A Button again. You can also use this command if you have an object that you want to store away in your bag. To store the item in your bag, move it there. To retrieve the items that you have stored, simply move the cursor over the bag. Press the X Button, select the item to be retrieved with the A Button, press the X Button again and the object will be added to your ordinary item list. Drop Use this command to get rid of unnecessary items. Select the item you do not want with the square cursor and throw it away with the A Button. Reorder This is the command to change the order in which your party is marching. Indicate the order in which you want the characters and select with the A Button. Changing the arrangement of the characters has strategic effects during combat. Options This is the command to change the game mode. When you select this command, the subwindow COMBAT, SOUND, or MESSAGE will appear. - COMBAT changes the character's individual combat style. - SOUND is the command to change the background music between stereo and mono sound. - MESSAGE is the command to change the speed at which the game text appears on the screen. Here is another set of commands necessary for adventuring. Talk In this game, your character can talk with the many people inhabiting Britannia. By talking with the other characters you can gather information that may aid you on your quest. When you select TALK, the square cursor will appear on the screen. Move the cursor up, down, right or left with the control pad to indicate the character with whom you wish to speak and then press the A Button. When the description of the characters has finished, press the A Button and a conversation window will appear in the upper portion of the screen. You will see a heading in this window with Name and Occupation, among other topics, and you can continue the conversation by highlighting these key words. If an important topic is spoken during conversation, a new heading will be added to the conversation window. If the headings increase beyond their allocated space in the window, an arrow will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the window. You can scroll the screen to see additional text with the control pad. Occasionally after you received a hint from a character, if you speak to the character again, the conversation will change. To end the conversation, press the B Button and bid the person farewell. There are certain characters who will want to join the party. Be sure to speak with every character you meet along your journey. Ask a lot of questions. Look This command is used to look for things around you. Select the LOOK command and the square cursor will appear. Using the control pad, you can move the cursor in any direction. If you want to pick up the item, hit the A Button. Attack This is the command used to start a battle when your party has encountered an enemy. Select the enemy you wish to attack with the square cursor. Once you begin to attack, the game will automatically shift to the combat mode. Cast Use this command for casting spells. Select the character who will cast the spell and which spell you will use with the A Button. You can change the order of the spells in your Spell Book by moving the control pad left or right. Camp This command is used to restore your character's hit points and magic points by setting up camp. Your characters must have enough food when you set up camp or their hit points will not be restored. Indicate with the direction key how long your party wishes to rest and select with the A Button. However, when your party camps in the more dangerous places of Britannia, monsters may attack while you are sleeping. When you camp in the cities, you cannot camp in small places. Save Use this command to save a record of your adventures. Enter this command to stop adventuring and always remember to hold down the reset button while turning off the power. When you restart the game, JOURNEY ONWARD will appear on the Start/Continue screen and you can pick up from the point at which you saved your game. Explanation of the Status Screen -------------------------------- MP (Magic Points) This is the level of a character's magic power. It decreases as the magic is used, and when it reaches 0, you cannot use magic. XX Highest Number of MP Attainable XX Current Number of MP EX (Experience Level) INT (Intelligence): This influences the amount of magical knowledge a character has. DEX (Dexterity): This influences the number of times the character can strike during combat. STR (Strength): This affects the amount of damage the character can inflict on enemies. E (Equipment): To the left is the strength of the armor currently being worn. To the right is the potential armor strength. GP (Gold Pieces): The number of gold pieces the character has. O Current movement of the moon and sun (Right is east and left is west). HP (Hit Points) This is the measure of the character's vitality. It decreases as the character is wounded. If it reaches 0, the character expires. XX Current Hit Points XX Highest Number of Hit Points Available LV Current Level CM Command Mode KR (Karma Level)% See page 29. I (Item Strength): To the left is the item's strength, to the right is the highest potential strength of the item. Centers of Power and Learning ----------------------------- In the vast world of Britannia, cities dot the land. Here we will briefly list each of the centers of culture and learning. The Castle of Lord British Protected from behind by the Serpent Spine Mountains, the castle over- looks the city of Britain. You are free to take items found in the castle such as food and arms. A room has been prepared for your use so use it from time to time throughout your journey. Sherry the talking mouse and others live there with Lord British. Lycaeum Perched on the slopes of Verity Isle, the Lycaeum is a place of great cultural and educational importance. There is a massive underground library full of books of great significance. It is rumored that four times a year, the Inner Circle of Mages is held in the hidden underground passages. The Lycaeum also houses an observatory which boasts Britannia's largest telescope. Empath Abbey The center of the Abbey is a retreat where people can engage in contemplation. The Abbey is also the stronghold of the "Brotherhood of the Rose." It is located on the coastline new Yew, in Northwestern Britannia. Next to the Abbey is a vineyard where the brothers grow excellent grapes. Serpent's Hold A fortress of honor, valor and triumph, Serpent's Hold is also the bastian of the "Order of the Silver Serpent." Additionally, it houses the training facilities for Britannia's militia. The soldiers are guided by heroes of the 100 martial disciplines. Many of the soldiers from Serpent's Hold went to battle the Gargoyles, but only a few returned. Moonglow, the City of Honesty This is a city of sincere and noble people. Located on the tip of Verity Isle, the port of Moonglow is frequented by mages and students due to its proximity to the Lycaeum. Lodging and services are reasonable. Britain, the City of Compassion Britain is the home of Lord British. Toolmakers, inns and blacksmiths are all found in this large metropolis. It is one of the most well populated cities in Britannia, so keep listening for valuable information. Jhelom, the City of Valor The citizens of Jhelom are a tough-looking lot, but most of Britannia's famous warriors hail from this city. Shipbuilding is one of the most noted occupations but there are also inns, taverns and blacksmiths. Yew, the City of Justice As a center for law administration, the supreme court's justice is issued from Yew. A proud city, it is second in size only to Britain. It features blacksmiths and apothecaries. Minoc, the City of Sacrifice A city long famous for its engineers and builders, Minoc is located on Lost Hope Bay in northern Britannia. The Builder's Guild was formed there. Minoc also has skilled artisans who excel in glass blowing, metal working and clock making. Trinsic, the City of Honor Situated in the south of Britannia, Trinsic provides many services such as blacksmiths and taverns. It is the birthplace of many noble knights. Skara Brae, the City of Spirituality Skara Brae is located near a mysterious forest, and is rumored to be the spiritual center of Britannia. The people of Skara Brae are noted for their production of cider. New Magincia, the City of Humility The former Magincia was destroyed by pride and arrogance, but was rebuilt by a more humble people who favored the simple life. New Magincia has flourished over the ruins of the old prideful city and has become famous for its clothiers and taverns. Other Places of Note -------------------- Buccaneer's Den Buccaneer's Den is a rough city, famed for the notorious pirates who live here. Many travellers desiring unique goods visit this eastern island's small village, which also has skilled tool makers and blacksmiths. Cove This secluded village is nestled in mountains to the south of Lost Lake. Many healers, mages, and alchemists come here for the magic shops and houses of healing. Paws A coastal village located between Britain and Trinsic, Paws is celebrated for its tailoring establishments. Looking out from Paws you can barely see the mysterious islands known as the "Fens of the Dead," where you can seek the ingredients for spells. The Plains This is the ancient battleground of the most brutal war in Britannia's history. A region cursed with the spirits of brave warriors who perished here, mandrake and nightshade can be gathered here. Isle of the Avatar After the Avatar brought forth the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom from the Stygian Abyss, a cataclysmic volcanic upheaval created this island. The Codex is safely kept in the Shrine of the Avatar but few dare to venture across the lava-strewn isle to see it. Sutek's Castle Few visit the former home of the nefarious Blackthorn, but rumors have it that Sutek the mad wizard has taken up residence here. What he is actually doing here is a mystery. Dry Land This desert region is east of the Plains. In ancient times, the town of Vesper stood here, but disappeared as the land mysteriously turned into arid land. Life in Britannia ----------------- In Britannia there are many significant people and buildings important to the continuation of your journey. When your party enters a town, be sure to fully explore the surroundings. When your party is not moving, time is considered to have stopped. Armories The armories of Britannia are famous for their weapons and armor necessary for combat. Most cities have a blacksmith, but their products and prices vary. It is possible to sell arms for which you have no more need. The smith will examine your offerings and decide on the price. Taverns In big cities there is always at least one place selling food and beverages. Different locations offer different types of goods, so take note of the specialties of each place. Healers Your journey across the varied terrains of Britannia can be frought with perils. Fortunately, there are many fine healers in the major cities. They can heal you and your party members when you are poisoned or injured. Some healers are versed in the ways of magic and there are even those who can resurrect fallen party members. Magic Shops These stores have a great variety of the ingredients necessary to cast all types of spells, even those not found in magic books. The ingredients found in each magic shop are different so a careful mage is sure to note the availability of each type of ingredient in each shop. There are also magic shops that sell magic books. Inns After a strenous day, inns offer safe, comfortable lodging to travellers. Even at cheap inns, your safety is guaranteed. Ship Builders Several of the port towns of Britannia are known for their ship building. The ship builders mostly sell boats for river and ocean voyages. Prices vary from place to place so be sure to keep an eye out for a good price. It is also wise to heed the local advice about wind and weather conditions. Guilds Members of certain professions have organized themselves into groups called guilds. These guilds can provide the adventurer with the necessary tools for travelling into the wilderness and dungeons. Tailors The tailors of Britannia make beautiful clothing to fit each customer's tastes. The clothing industry is concentrated in Paws, where there are many wool shops, clothiers and tailors. Bow and Arrow Makers These shops sell bows as well as arrows for both the crossbow and the regular bow. The bows made in Britannia are especially famous. Bows are very useful weapons but remeber if you run out of arrows, you cannot use the bow. People of Britannia Time in Britannia is "real time." It is light during the day and it gets dark at night. People go about their business in accordance with this time. For example, a farmer gets up in the morning and leaves for his fields, has lunch at mid-day and goes home to sleep for the night. Therefore, as you continue your journey, you must travel in a way that will accommodate this schedule. In the middle of the night, most people are sleeping, and even the inns are closed. Unless you want to sleep in a field, it is advisable to enter an inn early. You can check the time by watching the sun's position on the status screen or you can look at a clock hanging from the pillars in any number of buildings. How to Collect Money You can get gold from the monsters you defeat, but there are a number of other ways to raise money in Britannia. One way is through trade. In each town there are shops carrying out their business, and one store's stock can ofter be sold in another town for a profit. Another way to collect money is to explore the dungeons where gold is buried. If you ask around and dig in the proper place, it is possible you may get lucky and find some. You could also make money by gambling or selling items you have. As a rule, things you buy from a blacksmith can be sold everywhere. It is profitable to sell arms and such to the most expensive store. Meeting People As you continue on your adventure, you will meet many people, among them those who want to join your party. Up to six people can be party members, so when you meet people you like, have them join the party. To release a person from the party, use the talk command. Combat ------ When you or an enemy attack one another, you will automatically enter combat mode and the music will change to alert you that you are being attacked. Combat commands will appear. How to Fight In the beginning of a combat round, combat is handled entirely by the computer for all characters but your character. Each attack will be handled in turn and automatically carried out by the computer. When it is your turn to fight, the combat command will appear on the screen. (In combat mode, there is an option that lets you control each character's combat as well as letting you change that character's combat style.) For each character you may choose from the following four types of combat. Command: Your character's actions rest in the players hands. When you choose this command, the character's battle time and combat commands will appear on screen. Charge: Automatically attacks the closest enemy. Raid: Judges the strongest enemy and attacks automatically. Retreat: The character retreats when it is too dangerous to attack. To change to combat mode, use the command INVEN. Select OPTIONS and then select the COMBAT mode. However, not that once you are in the COMBAT mode, you can only select COMBAT to change modes. How To Use the Combat Commands Auto This command lets the Super NES decide which enemy to attack. This is useful when it is a weaker character's turn to fight. Move Use this command to change your character's location. It allows you to move the character one step in any direction. Attack To attack with hand-held (close range) weapons, indicate which enemy you are going to attack with the cursor. To attack with projectile (long range) weapons, move the cursor with the control pad to indicate the target, and attack using the A Button. Cast Use this command to cast spells. Select the items you will use, then press the A Button. Indicate the ingredients necessary for the spell with the cursor. Change the order of the spells on the spell list by moving the control pad left and right. Use This is the command for using an item during combat. Choose the item you want with the A Button. When you choose an item for a character other than your character, that character will use the selected item in his next combat round. With the USE command, you can also switch the weapon you are currently holding and move into combat mode. Magic ----- There are eight levels of magic encompassing 48 different spells. Mastery of these spells is necessary in order to successfully complete your adventure. Here are some words of caution for casting spells: sometimes the spell will not have the desired effects either because the target is immune to magic or the spell does not fully hit the target. Also be careful of other people who are in the vicinity. You do not want to accidentally harm a friend. How to Use Magic To use magic spells, you must fulfill these requirements: 1. Your character must have a spell book. 2. Your character must have enough magic points (MP) to cast that particular spell. 3. You must have the necessary ingredients to cast the spell. Additionally, each character is limited to using spells in his magic level. When your character has attained a high magic level, it is possible to cast some powerful spells. Not all spells are written in the Spell Book. Your character can purchase these spells in a magic shop and have them copied in the Spell Book. It is not just to your advantage to gather spells as you continue your journey, it is one of the main purposes of your travels. Explanations of Ingredients One or more of eight ingredients make up every spell, and the preperation of each spell is completed prior to casting it. Some of the ingredients are common herbs and minerals, but the rarer ingredients, found in the more powerful spells, must be diligently sought after. After you mix the ingredients for a spell, its magic will take effect. When you cast the spell, the ingredients used in the spell are consumed. Next to each spell on the spell list you can see how many more times you can use the spell. Do not forget to buy new ingredients from magic shops and refill the ones you need before you run out. Black Pearl (PE) This precious gem is ground up for use in magic. When used, it produces a propulsive energy. Blood Moss (MO) This moss is so called because of its ruddy color. It is found in the enchanted forest of Spiritwood. Blood moss is used to speed up movement and action in a spell. Garlic (GA) This common household spice is useful in warding off evil spirits. Ginseng (GI) Actually the root of a plant, ginseng has strong curative powers. Mandrake (MA) Mandrake is the most valued of the magical ingredients. It is found in the swamplands and marshes. When used as an ingredient, it increases the power of a desired enchantment. Nightshade (NI) This fungus, found primarily in swamps, sprouts only in the dark of night. Its main function in spells is to create illusions or poisonous effects. Spider Web (SI) The web of giant spiders works the best in magic spells. Spider web adds restraining power to magical spells. There is a rumor that there is a cave where spider web is plentiful. Sulfur Ash (AS) The product of volcanic eruptions, sulfur ash adds a high level of energy to spells. Table of Spells --------------- Magic Spell Effect Potion MP Level ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Create Food A number of food servings GA, GI, MA 1 appear. Detect Magic Discerns magical properties NI, AS 1 of an item Dispel Dispels magic GA, GI 1 Harm Causes physical damage to NI, SI 1 the enemy. Help Transports you to Lord 1 British's castle Light Lights the way for a short AS 1 time 2 Magic Arrow Shoots a magic arrow AS, PE 2 Poison Poisons enemy NI, MO, PE 2 Sleep Puts enemy to sleep NI, SI, PE 2 Unlock Unlocks magic locks AS, MO 2 3 Curse Reduces enemy's armor, AS, NI, GA 3 abilities and intelligence Fireball Hurls a ball of fire at AS, PE 3 enemies Dispel Field Eliminates a magic field of PE, AS 3 fire, poison, or other power Great Light Lights the way for a long AS, MA 3 time Mass Awaken Wakes all characters within AS, MA 3 a 2-square area Peer Shows a map of the area that NI, MA 3 you are in Protection Increases defensive power AS, GI, GA 3 against fire, poison Repel Undead Drives away nearby Undead GA, AS 3 4 Disable Inflicts a fatal blow GI, SI, MA 4 Great Heal Completely restores HP GI, SI, MA 4 Locate Indicates current latitude NI 4 & longitude Mass Dispel Heals characters of poison GA, GI 4 & sleep Mass Sleep Puts all characters to sleep GI, NI, SI 4 in 2-square radius 5 Explosion Sets off explosion MA, AS, PE, 5 MO Invisibility You become invisible for a NI, MO 5 short time. Lightning Damages enemies with magic PE, MA, AS 5 thunderbolt Paralyze Paralyzes enemies SI, AS, NI, PE 5 X-ray You see through walls MA, AS 5 6 Charm Entices enemies to be PE, NI, SI 6 friends Flame Wind Blows flame at enemies AS, MO, MA 6 Hail Storm Starts large hail storm MO, PE, MA 6 Mass Protect Makes protective wall around AS, GI, GA, MA 6 everyone in a 2-square radius Negate Magic Target cannot use magic for GA, AS, MO 6 short time Poison wind Blows poisoned wind NI, AS, MO 6 7 Chain Bolt Decreases energy in the area PE, NI, AS, MO 7 Defeat Defeats enemy suddenly PE, NI, AS 7 Energy Wind Shoots an energy beam in an MA, NI, AS, MO 7 indicated area Fear Makes all enemies flee NI, MA, GA 7 Gate Travel Lets you transport to AS, PE, MA 7 location indicated by moonstone Mass Curse Reduces the defensive power AS, NI, GA, PE 7 of all within 2-square radius Mass Makes all characters within MA, NI, MO, PE 7 Invisibility 2-squares invisible Wing Strike Rampaging, winged dragon cuts MO, SI, MA, AS 7 through enemies 8 Doom Wind A wind of doom blows MA, AS, NI, MO 8 Mass Charm Entices enemies to be friends PE, NI, SI, MA 8 in 2-square radius MO Mass Defeat Defeats everything in PE, NI, SI, MA 8 2-square radius Resurrect Restores fallen friend to GA, GI, SI, AS 8 life MO, MA Time Stop Stops time for all but those MA, GA, MO 8 in party Tremor Causes an earthquake MO, AS, MA 8 Items ----- No matter how brave the warrior, to hurl oneself into the thick of Britannia's greatest crisis without adequate armor and items would be ill-advised. Before you forget, it is important to arm and gird each character with the items and armor best suited to each character's abilities. In addition to the items introduced below, other kinds of items exist in Britannia. Weaponry There are a variety of weapons available in Britannia. You should choose such weapons as your finances and opportunity allow. The proper choice of weapon is crucial to success in battle. Daggers A dagger is a short, light sword which is useful for stabbing or throwing as a projectile weapon. It does not have much power, but it is quick and inexpensive. Main Gauche Similar in shape to a dagger, it can be used to exchange blows with an enemy. Unlike the dagger, it cannot be thrown, as it has a protective handle. Sword The most popular weapon in Britannia is the sword. It comes in one- handed and two-handed varieties. The short one-handed sword is lighter and the preferred blade of adventurers since only the strongest of warriors are able to heft the two-handed sword. The strength of the sword depends on the material of the blade. Sling A sling is the simplest of projectile weapons since all you need are a few rocks in your pocket. Hurl the rocks from the sling. Bow The best bows are hewn from strong, resilient trees. Of course you need to have arrows to use the bow. Although it's the best projectile weapon, the bow is not effective in hand-to-hand combat. Cross Bow Unparalleled as a distance weapon, the cross bow is very powerful. The cross bow uses special short arrows. Morningstar This is a weapon with an iron ball attached to a length of chain. You can fight an enemy at close range with a morningstar, but to use it correctly requires a lot of strength. Armor ----- Only the truly foolhardy venture forth without any protective covering. There are several types of armor available, ranging in price and protectiveness. Learn about the various types of armor from the merchants of Britannia. Mail This is armor which you wear on your body. There are several different kinds; some made of interconnected chains and others of metal plate. Helmets Helmets come in many varieties, ranging from leather to metal. It is a wise idea to protect your head in battle, as it is an excellent target for your opponents. Shields Effective in protecting you from an enemy attack. When using a weapon requiring both hands, you should remove your shield. Keep it close to you at all times. General Items ------------- Food Do not forget to take food with you on your journey. There is an abundance of food in Britannia, and many taverns sell items like bread, meat, and cheese. Fire Pot This is used for starting fires and for hurling at enemies. It can cause damage to other things around you as well. Swamp Boots These are for protecting your feet from the various poisons that you might find in the dangerous blue-white glowing swamps. They are made of leather and are watertight. Potions There are all kinds: red, blue, white, black... Some are swallowed, others are thrown for a variety of results. Be careful though; some of them have harmful effects. Magic Balls These are used to display your current locations and surroundings. Sold in magic shops, they disappear once they are used. Powder Keg They are useful for blasting doors that you cannot open. Ignite them with the USE command and get as for away as possible. Sack A sack is useful for organizing small items. Use it for potions and things that you do not ordinarily use. (Refer to the PASS command on page 6). Sextant This is a tool for calculating your current latitude and longitude. It becomes especially necessary on an ocean-going voyage. Special Items ------------- Sherry the Mouse Sherry is a mouse who lives in Lord British's castle. Use her as a reconnaissance mouse and move her with the USE command. When you want her to come back, move her to the Avatar, select RETURN and she will come back to your character. Magic Items There are magic weapons, magic rings and all kinds of other magic items. You can use most of them a few times before they stop working and disappear. Runes These are the eight ancient stones with carved letters symbolizing the eight virtues. They are used when you meditate at the shrines. Moonorb and Moonstones See pages 27 - 28. Movement -------- In Britannia, road have been build to connect the towns. Ordinarily if you walk on these roads, the odds of a monster coming out and attacking you are pretty slim. Also, when you cross a river or the sea, you must use some mode of transportation. Methods of Transportation Skiffs These are collapsible boats that are useful in crossing rivers or the sea. A strong character can carry a skiff. Ships Ships differ from skiffs in that they are larger. They are used for crossing the Great Oceans. If you get shipwrecked, you will drift in the ocean on a raft. When on a ship, except during combat, you cannot use magic. Balloons These are handy vehicles for flying through the sky. They are not sold anywhere! You can collect the materials and build one yourself. When you disembark from the airship, do not forget to carry it with you with the LOOK command. Moonorbs and Moonstones ----------------------- Both moonorbs and moonstones are useful stones that make the red and blue moongates (warp zones) respectively appear. Moonorb Moonorbs are black stones which you discovered before you came to Britannia. Before you can use them, you must speak with Lord British about their use. Refer to this chart for destinations. Select USE to use the moonorb. You can determine where to place the moonorb based on this chart. Be careful, there are many dangerous places for the begining adventurer. Moonglow Shrine of Britain Shrine of Jhelom Honesty Compassion Shrine of Shrine of Lord Shrine of Shrine of Humility Control British Passion Valor New Void Avatar Void Yew Magincia Shrine of The Slab Shrine of Isle of Shrine of Sprituality Diligence the Avatar Justice Skara Brae Shrine of Trinsic Shrine of Minoc Honor Sacrifice Moonstone Moonstones are stones that make the blue moongates appear, depending on the phase of the moon. There are eight moonstones. Each moonstone corresponds to a shrine. To use a moonstone, select USE and place it on the ground. Wait for the appropriate moon phase and the gate will appear. When you enter the blue moongate, it takes you to the moongate which corresponds to the highest moon on the status screen. In the beginning of the game the eight moonstones are fixed at each shrine. After saving the shrine from the gargoyles, you can change the positions of the moonstones. Experience Points ----------------- As you adventure and defeat monsters, each character acquires experience points. In Ultima, however, you do not go on to the next level (level up) by merely gaining experience points. You must also build up KARMA, a more subtle change in your ordinary daily behavior in accordance with your character's unique personality traits. You must accumulate many experiences for your adventure to be a success. Level Up and Meditation Basically, experience points are awarded to the one who actually defeats the enemy. You can go on to the next level (Level Up) when you have earned experience points as indicated in the chart and you have gone to one of the shrines to meditate. Exp. Pts. 1-99 100+ 200+ 400+ 800+ 1600+ 3200+ 6400+ Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Max HP 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 When you go to meditate at the shrine, begin speaking at the dais. Meditate as the dais indicates and your intelligence points will increase as your levels increase. The number of intelligence points you will receive differs from shrine to shrine. Think about each character's distinctive qualities and decide who will meditate at which shrine. Before meditating, you should present a rune at the dais. Also, depending on the shrine, you will only go up one level each time you meditate, so characters with high experience points should return to meditate several times. Honesty Intelligence + 3 Compassion Dexterity + 3 Valor Strength + 3 Justice Intelligence + 1 & Dexterity + 1 Sacrifice Dexterity + 1 & Strength + 1 Honor Strength + 1 & Intelligence + 1 Spirituality Intelligence + 1, Dexterity + 1, & Strength + 1 Karma and the Eight Virtues --------------------------- Karma indicates the current state of your character's virtue points (expressed in %). These are shown on the character's status screens. The virtues are honesty, compassion, valor, justice, sacrifice, honor, spirituality, and humility. The virtues should be a part of your daily life so that if your actions match the virtue, then your karma level will rise. Conversely, if you take opposing action, your karma level will fall. For example, if you steal something from another character or tell a lie, your karma level will decline rapidly. The greatest effect of low karma is when your character has perished. When you or a member of your party with low karma are resurrected, the experience points needed to bring the revived character back to his former level are greater. For example, if a character's karma is at 50%, when he is revived, his experience points are half of their previous level. To increases your character's karma level, always keep your promises, behave in a proper way and meditate at the shrines. If your character's karma drops, it is very difficult to bring it back to its former level. You, as the Avatar, are conscious of this and should not let your karma decrease. One other important fact about your karma level: if it gets too low, you cannot finish your adventure. The Meanings of the Eight Virtues --------------------------------- In Britannia, the eight virtues are revered. A shrine has been built and dedicated to each virtue as a place to meditate. These virtues are guided by the three principles of love, truth and courage. Honesty You must never tell a lie. Honesty is guided by the principle of truth. Compassion Be generous and forgiving of other people's mistakes. Compassion is guided by the principle of love. Valor To have valor is to live without fear. Valor is guided by the principle of courage. Justice Justice is the ability to distinguish right from wrong, moderated by mercy. All are created equal. Justice is guided by the principles of truth and love. Sacrifice Sacrifice has a selfless heart and lives to serve humanity. Sacrifice is guided by the principles of love and courage. Honor Honor is the ability to keep your promises and never go back on what you say. Honor is guided by the principles of courage and truth. Spirituality To be spiritual is to be generous with your reverent heart and spirit. Spirituality is guided by the principles of love, courage, and truth. Humility A humble person is neither proud nor arrogant. Humility is to speak in a gentle manner. Monsters -------- There are numerous monsters and beasts who inhabit the land, skies, and seas of Britannia. Other creatures also inhabit Britannia that have not been recorded here. Keep an eye open for these predators. Giant Spider This is a giant arachnid with a venomous bite. It captures living creatures and stores them in its vile underground nest. Giant Rat These gigantic rodents live in the sewers and other murky, damp places. If you are bitten, there is a chance of catching a horrible disease or a plague from them. Giant Ant The desert sands hide these large insects. They have powerful jaws which are capable of crushing any brave adventurer. Headless These are deformed creatures created by a wizard's failed experiment. They scorn pity and would rather attack you with their bare hands than walk by you. Wisp Wisps are mysterious beasts that appear in the forests. They resemble fireflies with their lights blinking on and off. They cause only minor damage when they attack and can disappear in the blink of an eye. Cyclops These huge one-eyed creatures are fearless and have inhuman strength. They are said to live in caves and to hurl rocks at adventurers who stray too close to their dwellings. Corpser Corpsers live in the depths of the dungeons of Britannia. They grab their prey with their tentacles and drag them into their foul lairs. Their one weakness seems to be fire. Hydra This ferocious plant-like beast lives near the fetid swamps of Britannia. Although hydra are plants, they are carvnivorous in nature. Hydra inhabit swamps in which nightshade, prized for magic spells, is found. Rotworm These leech-like creatures live on the surface of swamps. They are more of a nuisance than an actual danger, and they can be destroyed by fire. Gremlin These are little demons who attack in swarms. They are not that powerful when they are alone. Given the chance, these pesky creatures are adept at stealing your food. Demon These are vile warriors that you should never underestimate, since they have overwhelming strength and superb battle skill. They possess great magical powers and can summon hordes of companions to help them. Drake Smaller than their dragon cousins, drakes are no less ferocious in battle. They are always found near their larger family members. Sea Serpent These are powerful sea snakes which, like land-bound serpents, will attack adventurers with fireballs and by swinging their powerful tails. It is advisable to steer clear of them. Giant Squid Sea creatures that are considered to be one of the most dangerous of the sea monsters, giant squid possess great strength and stamina. One can destroy an entire ship with its tentacles. Gargoyle There are two classes of gargoyles: winged and wingless. The winged gargoyles are powerful enemies since they are intelligent and possess a knowledge of magic. Reaper At first the reaper appears like a tree trunk rooted in rock. As you get closer, branches lash out at you. Reapers can be destroyed by fire. Ghost Found near cemeteries and places where people have perished, ghosts can pass through walls and other obstacles easily. Although they do not have great strength, their mobility and their knowledge of magic make them difficult to defeat. Gazer These monstrous creatures have multiple eyes and when they spot a victim, they render it motionless with their mesmerizing glare. If you suspect a gazer is nearby, be alert because they are always on the prowl. Dragon The fire-breathing dragon is a holdover from Britannia's mysterious past. Dragons breathe fire and other noxious fumes that are devestating. They are very difficult to defeat and therefore require great battle skills. Their eggs are considered to be a delicacy. Insect Insects are flying nuisances when by themselves, but when they are gathered in a swarm, they can be dangerous to the wearied adventurer. Giant Bat These large flying creatures are difficult to attack. Their fur- covered bodies are very hard to damage, even when you manage to hit them. Skeleton The remains of fallen warriors, these piles of bone roam Britannia. Skeletons are both fearless and tireless in battle, so they are hard to defeat. Troll Although they look quite fierce, trolls are a relatively weak enemy and can be defeated. They act viciously and like to hide beneath bridges to terrorize innocent passers-by. Mongbat These creatures resemble monkeys as much as they resembe bats. They are powerful and quick in their attacks. As they live in the deepest dungeons, you will not often encounter them in daylight. Slime This shining blob does not appear to be a threat when you first encounter it, but one can engulf your party. Conventional weapons are little use against slime, but fire can be effective. Silver Serpent Silver serpents are creatures of mythic proportions. A body of a silver serpent was spotted outside of a gargoyle camp. The gargoyles had been milking the creature of its deadly venom and ingesting it. It is believed to make the gargoyles much more aggressive in battle even though they perish soon after. Giant Scorpion This is a fearsome beast with an armored body and a lethal stinger on the end of its tail. It is advised to keep moving when you spot one of these creatures, as its sting is quite harmful.

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