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Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Looser

Typed out by Gregory Bishop KONAMI(R) SNS-TA-USA-1 TINY TOON Adventures(TM) BUSTER BUSTS LOOSE!(TM) INSTRUCTION BOOKLET SUPER NINTENDO(R) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ------------------------------------------------------------- (2) WARNING! PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(R) HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. Konami, Inc. Limited Warranty ------------------------------------------------------------ (3) Congratulations! You have in your little mitts a great new Tiny Toon Adventures(TM) game for the Super NES. Well, technically you have the instruction manual in your hands, but it comes with a game that you're going to love. Okay, maybe the manual is lying open on the table and the game is nearby and what you really have in your hands is a large double-dip of cookie dough ice cream in a waffle cone, but that's not the point. The important thing is that you have the game somewhere and you need to know how to play it and if you read the following instructions carefully before you begin, you'll get the most enjoyment from the game. Just donÕt get ice cream in the Super NES(R), please. Table of contents INTRODUCTION........................................4 HOW TO PLAY.........................................5 BEGINNING THE GAME..................................6 CONTINUING A GAME...................................7 BUSTER'S MOVEMENT...................................8 CONTROLLER (INITIAL SETTINGS).......................9 PLAY SCREEN........................................10 ITEMS..............................................11 HOW TO PLAY FOOTBALL...............................12 Football rules...................................12 Select a plays...................................12 FOOTBALL SCREEN....................................14 STAGES.............................................15 Stage 1: Big trouble at ACME Looniversity........15 Stage 2: The Western Movie.......................15 Stage 3: Spook Mansion...........................16 Stage 4: Looniversity football...................16 Stage 5: Buster sky jinks........................17 Stage 6: Space opera.............................17 BONUS GAMES........................................18 CONSUMER SUPPORT...................................21 WARRANTY INFORMATION...............................21 -------------------------------------------------------------- (4) Introduction HI! Welcome to Tiny Toon Adventures(TM) for the Super NES(TM). I'm Buster Bunny, and IÕll be your host through this tour. First, we'll go to ACME Looniversity, where my friends and I go to school. ItÕs a great place to learn from some of the best teachers around. We will also go out to a town in the Old West. I'll be Sheriff Buster Bunny--the long arm of the law--and I'll have to do my golÕdarndest to keep Montana Max from ruining the town. There is also a picnic break to get some chow. I hope that doesnÕt get rained out, but I'm sure we can find shelter if it does. The next stage takes us to Acme Acres Stadium. I, being a great athlete, will show off my amazing football talents. The fifth stage takes us on a hunt for Calamity Coyote's hidden treasure. This will be a chance to get some fresh air. Finally, Princess Babs Bunny (no relation!) of the Kingdom of Acme is kidnapped by the Milky Way Imperial Army. But don't worry, we'll rescue her. Make way for Buster Bunny, Knight of Honor! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) How to play This game is for one bunny. You control Buster Bunny through six hare-raising stages. When you successfully clear a stage, you earn a chance to tackle a really cool sub-game. Whenever Buster gets hit, he loses one of his health hearts. When all the health hearts are gone--or if he falls to a place where there is no floor--you lose one Buster Bunny. You start the game with 3 Busters (depending on the level you select, which is explained later in this manual), and you can earn 1 UP bonuses, which award extra Busters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) Beginning the game With the Super NES(TM) turned off, insert the game pak into the unit. Now turn the power on. You will see the game credits screen, followed by the introduction. When you are ready to begin the game, press the START button. This will advance you to the SELECT screen. Use the SELECT button--or press up/down on the control pad--to select the game mode, then press the START button. These are the available modes: 1. Game Start--Begin a new game at Stage One. 2. Password--Go to the password screen. * Press the control pad left/right to move the character entry position. * Press the control pad up/down to select a character. * Press the START button to lock in your selection. 3. Option--Use the option screen to change settings. * Press the control pad up/down to select a category. * Press the control pad left/right to make a change. Level--This setting determines how challenging the game is. Here is a guide to the settings: ------------------------------------------------------ | Number of|Life Hearts| Maximum |Number of| | Busters | at Start |Life Hearts|Continues| ------------------------------------------------------ |Level: | | | | |Children 3 | 3 | 5 | No Limit| |Normal 3 | 3 | 5 | 5 | |Challenge 3 | 1 | 3 | 3 | ------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) Control--Set the controller buttons the way you want them. Sound Test--You can hear the sounds from the game by pressing the control pad left/right and pressing the B button. Sound Mode--The Super NES always uses stereo sound. If the TV you are using is monaural, the sound will come through on only one side when an AV cable is used. The background music is then spoiled. To remedy this situation, change the SOUND setting from Stereo to Mono. Then both the right- and left- side sound will come out of a single speaker. Exit--Press the B button to return to the title screen. Continuing a game * At game over, you can select CONTINUE or END. * In childrenÕs mode you can select END to receive a password. Use that password here to begin playing at the start of the stage you were on when you received the password. * Select CONTINUE to restart from the beginning of the same stage. To make selections from menus, use the control pad to get the option you desire, then press the START button to enter your choice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) Buster busts a move Buster can dash across the screen really quick. He can also run up walls when he is dashing. There is a gauge on the screen that shows you Buster's dash ability. The length of the dash is determined by the gauge. If you dash when the gauge is more full, you can get a really long dash! If you are falling and approaching a wall, you can use the dash to climb the wall. Try using the wall dash in various situations and you might find items in unusual places (see page 11 for items). Buster can attack unfriendly creatures and objects with a drop kick, a slide while dashing and a dashing kick. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) The Controller (Initial Settings) Change the settings in the Option screen (see page 6). Control Pad...Controls all directional movement--left, right, up and down START...pause during the game; skip text at level intro SELECT...not used during game A button...not used during game X button...drop kick B button...jump Y button...drop kick R/L button...dash While dashing: Hold control pad down...slide B and X or Y button ...jump kick While jumping: Press Y or X to do a drop kick while jumping. By jumping first you can get a greater range on your drop kick. Hold control pad left/right...Allows you to drop kick farther Hold control pad down...You can make a descending floor jump ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) The game screen [Well, this page is just one big screen shot with the following pointed out: Dash gauge, Health hearts gauge, Number of stars won, and Remaining Busters.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) These are hot collector's items! You can earn lots of cool items as you cruise through the stages. Here is a look at some of them: * Star--when you hit an enemy a star appears. When you collect 100 stars you get a 1 UP (worth an extra Buster). * Carrot trophy: Silver--restores one health heart Gold--restores all health hearts Crystal--increases maximum number of health hearts by one * Gogo Dodo trophy: Silver--dash gauge becomes full Gold--you become invincible for a limited time Crystal--enemies on the screen turn into stars * Buster Bunny doll--gives you a 1 UP ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (12) How to play football (stage 4) The game starts with the opponent's kickoff. Catch the ball and head for the end zone while evading your opponents. If you reach the end zone, you score a touchdown and clear the game! Football rules You start with four tries, or downs. If you move the ball 10 yards or more downfield within the four downs, you earn a first down. Earning a first down gives you four more tries. For each down, when the player with the ball is tackled by an opponent, the ball stops at that spot. The next down begins from that position. Select a play At the start of each play, you select either a running play or a passing play. Each play begins with Hamton "hiking" the ball to Plucky, the quarterback. The playing field ------------------------------------------------- |E | | | | | | | | | | | E| |n | | | | | | | | | | | n| |d | | | | | | | | | | | d| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Z | 1|0 2|0 3|0 4|0 5|0 4|0 3|0 2|0 1|0 | Z| |o | | | | | | | | | | | o| |n | | | | | | | | | | | n| |e | | | | | | | | | | | e| ------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (13) Running plays After receiving the ball from Plucky, you must move forward and evade your opponents by jumping or sliding. If you get hit by an opponent the play ends there. If you slide too far, the play ends there, so be careful! Passing plays Catch the ball that Plucky throws. The pass flies about seven yards ahead, giving you the chance to gain a first down in one play. If an opponent knocks the ball down, or if you fail to catch the ball, then the pass is incomplete and you must start the next down from the same place as the previous down. Before the ball is thrown, you can't bump into opponents. They will follow you and try to interfere with the pass, so you must try to fake them out and catch the ball. If you do catch the pass, the rest of the play is like a running play-- you have to advance while evading the opposing team players. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (14) The football screen [The following are pointed to: Current ball position (Ball on XX yds), Down number, Number of yards to go for a 1st down, Ball position on overall field, Clock, Radar to detect location of ball in pass play, Position where ball will come down, Player.] Time limit There is a time limit shown on the clock. If you canÕt score a touchdown within the limit, the game ends. * You receive 15 minutes in Children level, 7 minutes in Normal level and 4 minutes in Challenge level. * The clock will stop after an incomplete pass and start up again at the beginning of the next play. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (15-17) Set the stages for excitement [Three pages of screenshots. Yippee.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (18) The bonus games begin! When you finish bustin' you way through a stage, you can choose a bonus game to play. In the bonus games you can win more Busters. There are five types of bonus games. The game you will play is determined with a spin of the wheel. * When the wheel starts spinning, press the B button to stop the wheel. Mystery weight challenge In this game against ACMEÕS WEIGHT-A-TRONIC 5000 computer, you have to compare the weight of different characters. There are five rounds, and you earn a 1UP for each round you win. The heaviest character is the winner. * You select your characters for each round by moving the control pad left/right. * Press the B button to select a character. * Press the Y button to cancel. * After you select all your characters, the WEIGHT-A-TRONIC 5000 makes its selections, then the judging begins. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (19) Hungry boy Hamton Hamton walks along the blue line. By controlling the panel, you can lead him to as many apples as he can eat. You also receive a 1UP for each apple he gets. If you get all the apples within the allotted time, the game is cleared. * Control pad--panel movement * A, B, X or Y buttons--speed up * If Hamton falls where there is no path or no panel, the game is over, so watch out! Plucky Duck's go-go bingo In this bingo game you must line up five Tiny Toon Adventures characters vertically, horizontally or diagonally to earn a 1UP. * You get six chances * Press A, B, X or Y to start the ball * If you get all of the tiles you get an amazing 12 UP! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (20) Furball's championship squash Control Furball and practice squash. Each time you hit the ball off the wall, the gauge on the right rises one unit. When the gauge is full, you get a 1UP. * Control pad right/left--move Furball right/left * B button--hit the ball * Even if you miss the ball, you can keep playing until the time is up. * If you miss, the gauge starts over at the beginning. Your goal is to hit 15 shots in a row. * Try to hit the other characters to receive special bonuses. Find you friends! Control Babs as she runs and rescues her friends, who are being held by Elmyra. Watch out for Dizzy Devil and Arnold the Pit Bull. * Control pad--change directions * Rescue all your friends in the allotted time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (21) Consumer Support If you feel lost, or just need a boost, don't worry--be sappy! There is help available. You can try our Game Hint and Tip Line. Konami Game Hint and Tip Line: 1-900-896-HINT (4468) * 79¢ per minute charge * Touch tone phone required * Minors must have parental permission before calling Warranty Information If you experience technical problems with your Tiny Toon Adventures(TM) game pak, try our Warranty Services number: (708) 215-5111 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (22) Don't go away, we're not done yet... If you enjoyed this Tiny Toon Adventures(TM) game for the Super NES(TM), then you'll think these other Tiny Toon Adventures games are a real hoot! Tiny Toon Adventures(TM) for the NES Tiny Toon Adventures(TM): Babs' Big Break for the Game Boy Also available: Tiny Toon Adventures(TM) 2: Trouble in Wackyland for the NES Tiny Toon Adventures(TM): Cartoon Workshop for the NES ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Konami Game Hint and Tip Line: 1-900-896-HINT (4468) * 79¢ per minute charge * Touch tone phone required * Minors must have parental permission before calling KONAMI(R) Konami, Inc. 900 Deerfield Parkway Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4510 TINY TOON ADVENTURES, characters, names and all related indicia are trademarks of Warner Bros., a Time Warner Entertainment Company (C)1992. Konami(R) is a registered trademark of Konami Co., Ltd. (C)1992 Konami. All rights reserved. PRINTED IN JAPAN

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