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Super Punchout

Typed out by David Fulmer *PAGE ONE* Table of Contents--------- Starting The Game---------2 Using the Controller------3 Defense-------------------4 Offense-------------------6 The Game Play Screen------8 Rules & Advice-----------10 Your Opponents-----------12 Gabby Jay Bear Hugger Piston Hurricane Bald Bull Bob Charlie Dragon Chan Masked Muscle Mr. Sandman Aran Ryan Heike Kagero Mad Clown Super Macho Man Narcis Prince Hoy Quarlow Rick Bruiser Nick Bruiser *PAGE TWO* -----STARTING THE GAME----- Insert the Game Pak into the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Control Deck and turn the POWER switch to the ON position. When the title screen appears, press the START button to begin. If you do not press START at any time to return to the title screen. When the MENU SELECT Screen appears, use the +Control Pad to make your selection, then press the START button to continue. -----Menu Select NEW--When playing the game for the first time, or when starting a new player, select this option. CONTINUE--To continue a previous game, select this option to progress to the FILE SELECT Screen. DATA CLEAR--To delete a saved game file or all save files, select this option. When a file is deleted (FILE KILL option), the data saved in the BEST RECORD will become a default name. If you want to delete all the data, you must select ALL CLEAR. -----Mode Select CHAMPIONSHIP MODE--This is the main mode of the game. You progress through the four circuits one after the other. NOTE: Unless your record is 4-0 in the first three circuits, you cannot play the SPECIAL CIRCUIT (the last circuit). You can retry a circuit as many times as you want until you achieve a perfect record (four wins, zero losses). TIME ATTACK MODE--Select the opponent of your choice to try to improve your time record. You may only select opponents from the circuits you have already cleared in the Championship Mode. RECORDS VIEW MODE--Best Times for each opponent, Best Scores for each circuit and Personal Records (listing your best records) will be saved and can be viewed in this mode. BUTTON SETTING MODE--You can customize the punch buttons to your liking. *PAGE THREE* -----CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS----- Control Pad Up = Guard Up / Direct Punch At Hand Left = Dodge Left o = Lower Guard / Direct Punch At Body Right = Dodge Right Down = Duck L Button = Nothing R Button = Nothing Select Button = Nothing Start Button = Starts / Pauses the game Y Button = Left Punch B Button = Right Punch X Button = Nothing A Button = Knock Out Punch While pressing the Y, B or A Buttons, use the +Control Pad to direct the punch to the head or body in addition to the direction that the Button is assigned. *PAGE FOUR* -----DEFENSE----- GUARDING--To protect yourself from the opponent's punch with your gloves. RAISE GUARD = Press Up on the +Control Pad. LOWER GUARD = Do not press any direction on the +Control Pad. There are two kinds of attacks your opponent will use: blows to the head and blows to the body. Blows to your head can be blocked by a raised guard. Body blows can be blocked by a lowered guard. However, strong punches such as uppercuts cannot be blocked. Dodge (see below) or duck to cope with this type of attack. Depending on your opponent, you may need to guard yourself at all times. DODGING--To avoid your opponent's punch by moving your body left or right. DODGE LEFT = Press Left on the +Control Pad. DODGE RIGHT = Press Right on the +Control Pad. If you continue pressing left or right on the +Control Pad, you will continue dodging for a longer time than if you only press and release. If you press the opposite direction, you return to center position. While dodging, you cannot punch. DUCKING--To avoid your opponent's punch at your head by ducking your body. DUCK = Press down on the +Control Pad. Like dodging, you can continue ducking for a long period if you do not release the key. Press Up on the +Control Pad to return to the neutral position. You cannot duck a Body Blow. While ducking, you cannot punch. NOTE: Depending on your opponent, dodging may not be effective. Ducking out of the way might be the only effective defense. To avoid your opponent's punch effectively block, dodge or duck depending on the situation. *PAGE SIX* -----OFFENSE----- NORMAL PUNCH There are four kinds of punches. Each of them uses combinations of the left and right punch buttons and the +Control Pad. LEFT JAB = Press Up and the Y Button to direct a punch from your left glove to your opponent's face. RIGHT JAB = Press Up and the B Button to direct a punch from your right glove to your opponent's face. LEFT BODY BLOW = Do not press any direction and the Y Button to direct a punch from your left glove to your opponent's body. RIGHT BODY BLOW = Do not press any direction and the B Button to direct a punch from your right glove to your opponent's body. Your Opponent can usually block your punch, unless you aim where his gloves are not. During Power-Up (see Page 9), your gloves will flash and the speed of your punches will increase. Depending on your opponent's current stance and how his guard is held, only a left or right punch aimed to the head or body can hit him. Watch your opponent closely and use the correct punch. KNOCKOUT PUNCH When the (S mark) flashes, you can use any of the four powerful Knock Out Punches by combining the Knock Out Punch Button and the +Control Pad. UPPERCUT = Press Up and the A Button to direct a KO punch to the head. RAPID UPPERCUT = Press Up and the A Button twice to begin rapid punching to the head. HOOK = Do not press any direction and the A Button to direct a KO Punch to the body. RAPID HOOK = Do not press any direction and the A Button twice to begin rapid punching to the body. When a normal punch (Jab or Body Blow) hits the opponent, the Power Meter at the bottom of the screen will increase. When the Power Meter is full, the S mark will begin flashing. Only then can you use a Knock Out punch. When you are hit by your opponent's punch, your Power Meter decreases and you become unable to use a Knock Out punch. Knock Out punches have a slight delay. However, they are a powerful enough to penetrate your opponent's guard. If you quickly press the A Button (Knock Out Punch Button) twice, you can use the Rapid Punch (turbo Knock Out Punches!). This attack has less power than a normal Knock Out Punch, but you can continuously hammer on your opponent at high speed until they can either block your punches or dodge. During Power-Up, Knock Out Punches also will increase in power. *PAGE EIGHT* -----THE GAME PLAY SCREEN----- TIME BONUS This will decrease rapidy as time progresses. (The initial value differs depending on the circuit.) SCORE This increases with each connecting punch or when your opponent is knocked down. After the match, the Score Calculation Screen displays what type and how many of your punches hit your opponent. You will earn an extra continue for every 50,000 points. ELAPSED TIME The match starts at 0'00"00 and finishes 3'00"00. After three mintues have passed, the match is automatically over. If you have not won the time is over, your opponent automatically wins. You cannot win by judgment. CORNER MAN'S COMMENTS Yoru opponent's corner man will occasionally call out instructions or encouraging words. These are special instructions for your opponent. When these are displayed, your opponent will act according to the instruction. You have no corner man calling out instructions and must fight on your own. -----STAMINA METERS These display your stamina and your opponent's stamina. When hit by a punch, your stamina decreases. When you hit your opponent, you regain a little stamina. When you have no stamina (the meter is all blue), you will fall down. The stamina your opponent regains after being knocked down depends on how fast you knocked him down and how much damage you have received. A quick knockdown will cause your opponent to recover less stamina. This is ture for yourself as well. When you are knocked down, if you keep pressing buttons (except the SELECT and START buttons), you will stand up more quickly and will regain an little more stamina. While you opponent is knocked down, if you keep pressing the buttons (except the SELECT and START buttons), you will regain some stamina. When you knock down your opponent using a Knock Out Punch, your opponent will regain less stamina when he stands up. POWER METER & KNOCK OUT PUNCH MARK When you hit your opponent, your Power Meter increases. If you are hit by your opponent's punch, your Power Meter will decrease. If you are knocked down, it will empty. When the Power Meter is at maximum, the Knock Out Punch Mark will start flashing and you can use a Knock Out Punch. -----POWER-UP To use a Knock Out Punch, your Power Meter must be at maximum. Your power builds as the time passes. As it does, the background color behind the face at the upper left corner of the screen turns from blue to green to yellow and finally to red. When the power is at maximum, the background will begin flashing. While flashing, you are in the Power-Up condition. While Power-Up, your normal punches have more speed and Knock Out Punches have more power. During Power-Up, your gloves will also flash. When your power is at maximum it will remain that way even if knocked down. However, if knocked down after Powering_up, your power will be lost. In the defaul setting, Power-Up begins automatically when your power is at maximum and you throw a punch. You can change the setting from Auto to Manual in the Button Setting Mode. Manual Power-Up lets you choose when to start Power-Up with the push of a button when your power is full (when the background is flashing). *PAGE 10* -----RULES & ADVICE----- NINTENDO VIDEO BOXING ASSOCIATION RULES -Matches are three minutes in length. -If a fighter is knocked down and cannot stand up before the count of ten, it is a Knock Out (KO). -If a fighter is knocked down three times in one match, it will be ruled a Technical Knock Out (TKO), and the other fighter will win. -If neither fighter is knocked out before time expries, the match is over and the challenger automatically loses. -There are no illegal moves or punches. -If you lose, you can rematch as many times as you have continues left. You will earn an extra continue every 50,000, 100,000, 150,000 and 500,000 points. Once out of continues, you must re-challenge all boxers in your current circuit. ADVICE (HOW TO WIN THE MATCH) It isn't effective to throw punches without thinking, especiall when fighting with the higher ranked fighters. Look for the ways to score a knock out while losing as little energy as possible. Watch your opponent's movements closely. Most opponents will telegraph thier intentions before attacking. Dodge & Punch and Duck & Punch are the most basic combinations. Try to avoid your opponent's punch and quickly throw a punch of your own. If your timing is perfect, your punch will often cause your opponent to become dizzy and drop his guard. This is the best chance to use punch combinations. Try to minimize the damage you receive. Try to build up your Power Meter and keep it at maximum so that you can use a Knock Out Punch at any time. Do not be careless after you knock down your opponent. When you opponent stands up, he might come at you with a special attack. Although you should be paying attention at all the times during the match, be extra careful when instructions are called out from the opponent's corner man. The comments are different for each fighter. There are mainly two types of instructions, one is about how to fight, the other is about specific attacks. Some corner men will call out more than one instruction for their fighter. (However, no more than one instruction is displayed at a time.) Try to fight with purpose, not by chance. When your opponent is knocked down in an unexpected way, or when your punch hits your opponent with unexpected timing, try the same attack many times again. You might find a pattern that will severely damamge your opponent. *PAGE 12* -----YOUR OPPONENT----- WVBA MINOR CIRCUIT-- Gabby Jay Stats: Ranked #3. From Paris, France. Age 56. Weight 110 lbs. Record 1-99. Born in Paris, Gabby Jay originally was a waiter at a small cafe near the Eiffel Tower. One day something smapped and he felt the need to become a professional boxer. After graduating from the Glass Joe Boxing School (By Ko'ing Glass Joe- His one win) He entered the professional circuit. Bear Hugger Stats: Ranked #2. From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Age 32. Weight 440 lbs. Record 17-12. Originally a carpenter, Bear Hugger grew up beating up on all the animals in the forest. His favorite however was his pet grizzly bear. The bear was his closest rival until leaving Saskatoon to begin his pro carrer. Bear Hugger will be happy to teach you the necessity of ducking. Piston Hurricane Stats: Ranked #1. From Havana, Cuba. Age 25. Weight 170 lbs. Record 21-10 After losing his home during a terrible storm, Piston Hurricane hit the streets of Havana. When the opportunity to turn pro came along, He was gone like the wind. Learning to block your opponent's punches is your key to success with him. Bald Bull Stats: Ranked Champ. From Istanbul, Turkey. Age 36. Weight 240 lbs. Record 34-19 As Minor Circuit Champion, Bald Bull has had a long and illusrious carrer. His infamous Bull Charge can be devastating, don't blow your chance to stop it. WVBA MINOR CIRCUIT-- Bob Charlie Stats: Ranked #3. From Kingston, Jamaica. Age 26. Weight 140 lbs. Record 24-13 Thought to be boxing under an assumed name, Bob Charlie likes to show off as he boxes. Before leaving Jamaica, he was crowned the Jive King of Kingston. Dragon Chan Stats: Ranked #2. From Hong Kong, China. Age 22. Weight 130 lbs. Record 15-7 Trained as a kick boxer, Dragon Chan is not afraid to use any type of offense he knows. His corner man refuses to speak in anything but his native tongue. What can he be saying? Masked Muscle Stats: Ranked #1. From Mexico City, Mexico. Age 29. Weight 240 lbs. Record 19-5 After being banned from professional wrestling for spitting an unknown substance at his opponents that caused them to become disoriented, Masked Muscle earned the dubious titles of amigo to none and crown prince of the cheap shot. Mr. Sandman Stats: Ranked Champ. From New York City, U.S.A. Age 30. Weight 270 lbs. Record 28-4 With his powerful punches and ever temper, Mr. Sandman, confidently reigns as champion of the WVBA Minor Circuit. Often in the habit of holding back, he waits until he's in danger of losing a match before unleashing his full arsenal of punches. When he does though, it just may be "Lights Out". WVBA WORLD CIRCUIT-- Aran Ryan Stats: Ranked #3. From Dublin, Ireland. Age 23. Weight 160 lbs. Record 18-10. Aran's mother insisted upon spelling his name in an untraditional fashion. From the time he entered school and all his classmates learned of this, he was subject to endless teasing. Unwilling to take it, especially when mention was made of his mother, he grew up to be the unrelenting scrapper he is today. Heike Kagero Stats: Ranked #2. From Osaka, Japan. Age 19. Weight 120 lbs. Record 14-8 Afer being trained as a youth in Nihon Buyo (A from of Japanese ballet), eike Kagero learned to box to defend himself. He is not afraid to use his quick speed and dance moves while boxing. Mad Clown Stats: Ranked #1. From Milan, Italy. Age 27. Weight 370 lbs. Record 17-9 Originally an opera signer, Mad Clown joined the circus after suffering a nervous breakdown. After tiring of the nightly performances of juggling and attempting to drive a car that was much too small for him, he turned to boxing. Super Macho Man Stats: Ranked Champ. From Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Age 28. Weight 230 lbs. Record 29-3 The champion of the WVBA World Circuit describes himself as a mere two hundred and thirty pounds of lean, mean, fighting machine. When not boxing, Super Macho Man can be found training on the beach at Venice. WVBA SPECIAL CIRUIT-- Narcis Prince Stats: Ranked #3. From London, England (U.K.) Age 20. Weight 150 lbs. Record 12-3 Narcis Prince proudly wears his sweater marked with a larger "V" for the victory he is sure will be his after boxing in his next match. Hoy Quarlow Stats: Ranked #2. From Beijing, China. Age 78. Weight 100 lbs. Record 62-13 Although he may hobble to the ring with the aid of his cane, do not judge lightly the abilities of the old man from Beijing. During his many years of boxing, he has learned all the tricks and is not afraid to use them. Rick Bruiser Stats: Ranked #1. From Unknown. Age Unknown. Weight 210 lbs. Record 41-1. Rick, one of the Bruiser Brothers, has won every boxing match he has ever been known to fight in save one. For this one defeat he secretly wishes revenge and practices on any fighter foolish to challenge him. Nick Bruiser Stats: Ranked Champ. From Unknown. Age Unknown. Weight 210 lbs. Record 42-0. Nick, the older of the Bruiser twins has never been known to lose ta fight. While it is true that he has only fought Rick the one time, it had to take place. Only one of them could be the champion of champions. Since winning that fight, he has vowed never to lose his title.

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