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Super Metroid

Typed out by SNS-RI-USA SUPER METROID INSTRUCTION BOOKLET _______________________________________________________ CONTENTS The Metroid Menace .............................................. 2 Using the Controller ............................................ 6 Playing the Game ................................................ 8 Saving Data .................................................... 16 The Planet Zebes ............................................... 18 Item Acquisition ............................................... 20 Opening Doors .................................................. 26 The Creatures of Zebes ......................................... 27 1 ______________________________________________________ THE METROID MENACE Broken Peace The galaxy once enjoyed a period of peace and prosperity. Trade lines were open, the citizens were happy and the Galactic Federation kept a watchful eye over the planets. Not long ago, that peace was broken by a startling discovery. The Dawn of the Metroids On a routine survey mission of the planet SR388, the crew of a Galactic Federation vessel discovered a new airborne life form and gave it the name "Metroid". These creatures, which could engulf other living beings and take away their energy, proved to be strong and prolific. After just a few seconds of Beta-Ray bombardment, a single Metroid became two Metroids, and then four. Several Metroid specimens were gathered so that the survey vessel crew could take them to Galactic Federation Headquarters for further examination. As the crew sped towards headquarters, they were ambushed by space pirates from the planet Zebes. The pirates stole the Metroids and took them to their home planet, where the planet-leading Mother Brain created a Metroid force. 2 ______________________________________________________ Enter Samus Bounty hunter Samus Aran was commissioned by the Galactic Federation to eliminate the space pirates and do away with the dangerous Metroids. Samus landed on Zebes alone and carried out her mission with speed and precision. After the skirmish on Zebes, a special corps was assigned by the Galactic Federation to destroy the Metroids on SR388. That corps was never heard from again. The Supreme Council gave Samus the job to fly to SR388 and do what the special corps could not do--make the Metroids extinct. 3 _______________________________________________________ RETRUN TO SR388 The Metroids on SR388 were more advanced than the creatures on Zebes. These monsters could shed their skins and grow even stronger. Samus worked deep below the surface and blasted all of the Metroids in her path. Her final victory was against the enormous Metroid Queen. When the queen was defeated, Samus discovered a Metroid egg which hatched before her eyes. Even this hardened bounty hunter could not destroy the Metroid larva. When the larva sensed Samus' presence, it clung to her as though it had found its mother. Samus packed up the Metroid larva and took it with her to the Space Science Academy on the Galactic Federation Space Colony where scientists could study the creature and understand its special organic structure. 4 _______________________________________________________ A New Discovery The Science Academy scientists found out that the energy- producing properties of the Metroid could benefit humankind. Their report suggested that the Metroids may have originally been created for peaceful purposes. Just when it seemed peace and order had been restored, Samus received an emergency directive from the Galactic Federation: EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! Return immediately to the Space Science Academy! WhenSamus made her way to the research facility, she found the building in ruins and the Metroid larve was nowhere to be found. Out of the darkness came a group of Zebesian space pirates and their leader, Ridley, who had the Metroid larva in tow. The pirates fled to a rebuilt planet Zebes and Samus followed them, resolving to finish them off and save the hatchling! 5 ______________________________________________________ USING THE CONTROLLER L/R Buttons L button: Aims Samus' weapon down at an angle. R button: Aims Samus' weapon up at an angle. Press both the L and R buttons simultaneously when Samus is kneeling to aim straight up. Control Pad Up: Aims Samus' weapon upwards. Left/Right: Makes Samus run to the left and right. Down: Press once to make Samus kneel. Press again to make Samus roll into a ball (If you have the Morphing Ball). Press down on the Control Pad while Samus is in the air to aim her weapon downwards. 6 ______________________________________________________ Super Metroid is a one-player game. Insert the controller plug into Controller Port 1 on your Super Nintendo Entertainment System (R). Y Button Cancel Button Press the Y Button to turn off the selected special item and switch back to Samus' beam weapon. X Button Fire button Press the X Button to fire beams and launch missiles. Press and hold the X Button for rapid fire shots or to change the beam (if you have the Charge Beam item). If you have the Bomb item, you can plant a Bomb by pressing the X Button when Samus hasrolled into a ball. A Button Jump Button Press the A Button to make Samus jump. If you make her jump while she is running, she will spin in the air. B Button Dash Button Press the START button during game play to pause the action and show the map screen. The button assignments described are the initial settings. You can change these settings in the controller setting mode (see page 12). 7 ________________________________________________________ PLAYING THE GAME GETTING STARTED Insert the Super Metroid (tm) Game Pak into the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (R) and turn on the power. The Title Screen will appear, followed by a demonstration of game play. TITLE SCREEN Press the START button or A button while the title screen is displayed to go to the Samus Data Screen. SAMUS DATA The Samus Data Screen displays the progress of the three data files. When you select a data file, play the game and save the data within the game, the data file will be updated. You can also use the Samus Data Screen to copy and clear files. Move the cursor by pressing Up and Down on the Control Pad to the desired data file or function, then press the A Button to carry out your choice. SAMUS A/B/C Select Samus A, B or C data and press the A Button to make the Option Mode Screen appear. DATA COPY This selection initiates the data copy mode (See page 17.) DATA CLEAR This selection initiates the data clear mode (See page 17.) EXIT This selection takes you to the title screen. 8 ____________________________________________________ OPTION MODE The Option Mode Screen allows you to change controller settings and the text language. Move the cursor by pressing Up and Down on the Control Pad buttons to the desired entry, then press the A button to carry out your choice. Note If you select JAPANESE TEXT, the controller setting and special setting screens will be displayed in Japanese. START GAME Selects this entry when you are ready to play the game. ENGLISH TEXT Displays the Demo Screen text in English. JAPANESE TEXT Displays the demo screen text in Japanese. CONTROLLER SETTING MODE Allows you to swicth to the Controller Setting Screen (See page 10.) SPECIAL SETTING MODE Allows you to switch to the Special Setting Screen. (See page 11.) 9 ______________________________________________________ CONTROLLER SETTING MODE This mode allows you to change the initial controller settings. Move the cursor to the item that you want to change by pressing Up and Down on the Control pad, then press the button to which you want to set the item. The control item will change to that button. Note that if the L and R buttons are set to any item other than diagonal firing, the control item will not function. The initial settings of all buttons other than the START button can be changed. The new button settings changed at this screen are saved together with the game data. END Return to the Option Screen. RESET TO DEFAULT This option appears when you bring the cursor below END. Use it to return all of the changed button assignments to their initial settings. 10 _______________________________________________________ SPECIAL SETTING MODE This mode allows you to use special settings during game play. Select the items by pressing Up and Down on the Control Pad, then changing the selected entries by pressing Left and Right. The settings from this screen are saved together with the game data. ICON CANCEL Setting this to AUTO to deselect a special weapon when you go through a door. AUTO Special items are automatically caneceled when you pass through a door. MANUAL Special items are not canceled until you press the cancel button. If you select a special item with the Y button pressed during game play, special items that you have used once will automatically be cancelled. MOON WALK When this is set ON, you can fire beams while walking backwards by pressing the Control Pad opposite to the direction which Samus is facing. END Retruns you to the option screen. 11 ____________________________________________________ THE GAME SCREEN ENERGY AUTO SUPPLY MAP DISPLAY DISPLAY This shows how A section of the map This displays Samus' energy from the screen is displayed remaining energy. reserve tanks is with Samus' present When it falls to "0", the supplied. position in the center game is over. (See page 14.) of the screen. (See page 13 for details on the entire map screen.) ENERGY TANK SAMUS ARAN ICON ITEM DISPLAY DISPLAY This displays the This displays the items number of energy that can be selected tanks that Samus is by the item select carrying. The amount button, and their of energy contained in remaining amount. a single tank is 99 (See page 20.) units. Missiles Super Missiles Power Bombs Grappling Beam X-Ray Scope 12 ____________________________________________________ MAP SCREEN If you press the START button during game play, the action will be paused, and the map screen for the current area will be displayed. Press the START button again to resume play. THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE DISPLAYED ON THE MAP SCREEN Samus' current position The position of data save units The position of area leaders The position of the map computer The position of missile The last save game psoition charge units (The game will start from the position when you restart a saved game.) MAP COMPUTER When Samus touches the map computer found in each area, you will be able to access the map data for that area. The areas that Samus has not been to are displayed in blue. There are some hidden areas that are not shown on areas maps. 13 ______________________________________________________ SAMUS SCREEN This display allows you to view the items that Samus is carrying and to arm or disarm those items. See page 27 for item descriptions. If you press the L button here, the map screen will appear. If you press the START button, you will return to the game. 14 ___________________________________________________ SUPPLY You can supply Samus with energy if you find a reserve tank. AUTO Samus' energy is automatically refilled to 99 units when her energy falls down to "0" during game play. MANUAL Samus' energy is refilled by 99 units if you move the cursor to RESERVE TANK and press the A button. BEAM This shows which beam Samus is using. You can combine some beams for a powerful effect, but the SPAZER and PLASMA beams cannot be used simultaneously. SUIT This shows which suit Samus is wearing. MISC. Use this to check Samus' special powers. BOOTS This shows the boots that Samus is wearing. 15 ____________________________________________________ SAVING DATA You can copy the data of one file to another file. DATA SAVE UNITS Data save units are found in each area. If you bring Samus into one of these, you will be prompted to save the game data. To save the game data, select YES and press the A button. You can start the game over from where it was last saved. RESTART SCREEN When you restart a game, the planet Zebes map screen and the map screen of the area that you last played will be shown after you pass the option screen. 16 ____________________________________________________ DATA COPY MODE If you want to copy your game data to another data file, move the cursor to [DATA COPY MODE] in the Samus Data screen, then press the A button. (1) Select the data that you want to copy, and press the A button. (2) Select which file you want to copy the data to, then press the A button. (3) Select YES, and press the A button. (4) The data has been copied. Press any button to return to the Samus screen. DATA CLEAR MODE If you want to erase saved game data, move the cursor to [DATA CLEAR MODE] in the Samus Data screen, then press the A button. (1) Select the game data that you want to erase and press the A button. (2) Select YES and press the A button. (3) The data has been erased. Press any button to return to the Samus Data screen. 17 ______________________________________________________ THE PLANET ZEBES STARSHIP The Starship acs as Samus' base. As you guide Samu on her journey, you can save the game data here and fill up with energy and missiles. CRATERIA Crateria is the surface area of Planet Zebes. It is under a constant deluge of acid rain. BRINSTAR The jungle area of Zebes is a maze of heavy foilage. TOURIAN Tourian is the control center for the Zebesian space pirates and the Mother Brain. The origina Tourian was located just below the surface. After Samus Aran annihilated the forces of Zebes the first time, this new Tourian was built in a more secure area. 18 ______________________________________________________ RAID ON ZEBES Samus Aran's mission is to infiltrate the headquarters of the Zebesian space pirates and recapture the Metroid hatchling. Zebes is made up of six huge areas. Here's a brief survey of the planet. WRECKED SHIP Long ago astronauts from an ancient civilization crash landed on Zebes. This is what remains of their ship. MARIDIA The water world of Zebes is full of killer crustaceans and fierce fish. NORFAIR Norfair is deep belwo the surface of Zebes. The lava and heat prove to be too much for unprotected visitors. 19 ____________________________________________________ ITEM ACQUISITION There are several special items scattered throughout the planet. Collect them and make Samus a more powerful warrior. CHOZO STATUS The ancient bird people of Zebes are immortalized in the form of several statues scattered throughout the planet. By firing on the balls that are held by many of these Chozo statues, you'll reveal special items. ICON ITEMS These items appear as icons on the top of the screen when you collect them. You can cycle through them by pressing the item select button and return to normal use of your beam weapon by pressing the item cancel button. MISSILE TANKS Method of use: Fire Button For every Missile Tank that you collect, you'll have the capacity to carry five more Missiles. You can refill your Missile capacity by tapping in to a missile charge unit. 20 ____________________________________________________ SUPER MISSILE TANKS Method: Fire Button. Super Missiles are much more powerful than standard Missiles. For every Super Missile Tank that you collect, you'll be able to carry five more of these explosive items. Blocks that show the Super Missile icon can be stroyed by Super Missiles. POWER BOMBS Method of use: Fire Button in a rolled up state. The blast of these powerful bombs can hit everything on the screen. Blocks with the Power Bomb icon can destroyed by Power Bombs. GRAPPLING BEAM Method of use: Fire Button You can use this beam to grab onto special blocks, then swing into open areas. You can shoot the Grappling Beam into metallic blocks with holes in the center. X-RAY SCOPE Method of use: Dash Button held down (Samus cannot move while using this item) This item allows you to see hidden passages. 21 _____________________________________________________ ENERGY TANKS ENERGY TANKS Every Energy Tank that you collect will give Samus 99 units of energy. You can refill your energy Tanks to capacity by tapping in to an energy charge unit. RESERVE TANKS Method of use: Bring the cursor to RESERVE TANK on the SAMUS screen, then press the A button to start supplying energy. Reserve Tanks act as Samus' emergency energy source. Reserve Tanks are empty when you collect them. When you destroy enemy creatures, the often leave behind Missiles or Energy Balls. Collect these items to add to your Missile and Energy Missile supplies. Energy Ball Super Missile Big Energy Ball Power Bomb 22 _____________________________________________________ BEAM ITEMS At the beginning of the game, Samus is equipped with a normal beam. You can increase Samus' power by collecting new beams. Some beams can be combined with other beams for even more power and diversity. CHARGE The charge item allows you to change your beam and send out a super-powerful blast. ICE The ICe Beam freezes enemies for a short time. You can use frozen enemies as platforms. WAVE The Wave Beam sends out a charge in a wavy pattern and pierces some obstacles. SPAZER The Spazer Beam is a three beam attack allowing you to hit objects in a wider range. PLASMA The most powerful of all the beams can destroy several targets at once. 23 ____________________________________________________ SUIT ITEMS There are two special suits which allow you to explore different areas of the planet. VARIA SUIT This suit cuts the damage from enemy attacks in half and allows you to explore in high-temperature zones. GRAVITY SUIT This suit reduces the damage from enemy attacks to one fourth and allows you to move freely in water- filled areas. BOOT ITEMS These items increase Samus' mobility. HI-JUMP BOOTS The Hi-Jump Boots allow Samus to reach higher places. SPACE JUMP With the Space Jump Boots, Samus can jump continuously in the air and fly through open areas. To operate this item, press the jump button just after Samus peaks in a somersault jump. SPEED BOOSTER These boots allow Samus to run at a super high speed and make her invincible as she runs through enemies. Blocks with the Speed Booster icon melt away when Samus runs into or over them at super speed. * The Space Jump and Speed Booster cannot be used in water unless Samus is using the Gravity Suit. 24 ____________________________________________________ SPECIAL ITEMS These items give Samus special powers. MORPHING BALL You can use the Morphing Ball to make Samus roll into a ball and squeeze into narrow areas. BOMB When you have the bombs, you can set explosive devices by making Samus roll into a ball and pressing the fire button. In addition to damaging enemies, Bombs can blow open certain sections of the floors and walls. SPRING BALL The Spring Ball allows Samus to jump while she is rolled up into a ball. SCREW ATTACK This powerful item turns Samus' suit into a weapon. When the Screw Attack is activated, Samus can somersault into enemies and blast them out of the air. * The Screw Attack does not work in water unless Samus is wearing the Gravity Suit. 25 ______________________________________________________ OPENING DOORS The doors on Planet Zebes were designed to prevent intruders from moving freely through the areas of the planet. Samus must break down these doors in order to move on to the next area. BLUE DOORS These doors can be opened by Beams or Bombs. RED DOORS These doors open from the impact of five Missiles or one Super Missile. GREEN DOORS A single Super Missile opens Green Doors. YELLOW DOORS Super Bombs open Yellow Doors. METAL DOORS Metal Doors can only be opened when they are flashing. You can make Metal Doors flash by defeating certain enemies. There are several metal poles in the passages of Zebes. The color of the lights above these poles should give you an idea on how to make them move out of the way. 26 ____________________________________________________ THE CREATURES OF ZEBES The fortress planet Zebes is packed with living creatures and traps set in the relics of ancient civilizations. Here are some of the creatures that you'll encounter in your journey through the planet. CRATERIA ENEMIES THE ENEMIES IN CRATERIA ARE RELATIVELY WEAK WHEN COMPARED TO THE ENEMIES OF THE OTHER AREAS, BUT SO IS SAMUS WHEN SHE TOUCHES DOWN ON THE PLANET. WATCH OUT! RIPPER The armor of these flying creatures is so strong that standard beams cannot beat them. SKREE These creatures hang down from ceilings and drop as intruders approach. GEEMER Geemers crawl on floors and walls. WAVER Wavers fly in a wave pattern. 27 ______________________________________________________ BRINSTAR ENEMIES THE CREATURES OF THE ZEBESTIAN JUNGLE ARE LARGELY PLANTS AND INSECTS. SOME OF THEM ARE EQUIPPED WITH SPECIAL ARMOR. REO These creatures have sharp claws and can withstand several hits. CACATAC These walking cacti launch needles as a defensive measure. SIDEHOPPER Sidehoppers pounce on intruders with powerful legs. FIREFLEA These enemies emit light. If you blast them, the surrounding area will become darker. 28 ______________________________________________________ SPORE SPAWN (The Mini-Boss of Brinstar) This creature was genetically engineered by the space pirates. Its weak point is its core, which is protected by the plant's hard shell. KRAID (The boss of Brinstar) The giant lizard of Brinstar attacks Samus with throny projectiles and spits spheres out of its mouth. No weapons - beams, missiles or bombs - have any effect on its body. The creature's weak point is unknown. 29 ____________________________________________________ NORFAIR ENEMIES THE AIR IN NORFAIR IS UNBEARABLY HOT FOR ADVENTURERS WHO ARE NOT EQUIPPED WITH A VARIA. THE CREATURES OF NORFAIR ARE EQUALLY HARSH. MOVE CAREFULLY THROUGH THIS AREA. DRAGONS These enemies live in lava, and spit out fireballs. MAGDOLLITES Magdollites have the power to turn into magma and change shape at will. They attack by tossing lava. CROCOMIRE (The Mini-Boss of Norfair) This huge creature has sticky skin and spits plasma balls. When adventurers attempt to fight the Crocomire, it becomes angrier with every blow. 30 ______________________________________________________ MULTIVIOLA The firey Multiviolas bounce off walls and randomly fly in the face of intruders. GERUTA This enemy defends itself by a heat- resistant shell and attacks ceaselessly with two large claws. RIDLEY (The Boss of Norfair) Ridley headed the mission to the Space Colony and stole the Metroid Hatchling. It whips out at enemies with its long tail and spits fire while flying through the air. 31 _____________________________________________________ MARIDIA ENEMIES MARIDIA IS ALMOST COMPLETELY UNDERWATER AND MOST OF THE ENEMIES IN THE AREA ARE AQUATIC CREATURES> YOU MUST HAVE THE GRAVITY SUIT IN ORDER TO MOVE AROUND IN THE AREA. SKULTERA These creatures are fish with bony frames and joints that rotate mechanically. MOCHTROIDS Mochtroids are the space pirates' first attempt at Metroid clones. These creatures, unlike the real Metroids, are easy to defeat. OWTCH The hard shelled Owtches keep enemies away with sharp spikes and burrow into the sand when they sense danger. EVIR These creatures fire thorny nullets from their tails. DRAYGON (The Boss of Maridia) The Draygon has an armor- like shell which gives it a lot of defensive strength. 32 ________________________________________________________ WRECKED SHIP ENEMIES THE WRECKED SHIP HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN BY THE FLOATING GHOST, PHANTOON. COVERN These souls of shipwrecked creatures turn into evil spirits that wrap themselves around intruders. WORK ROBOTS These robots were built by ancient man to service the inside of the ship. Since the crash, they have gone completely haywire. PHANTOON (The Boss of the Wrecked Ship) The ghost of the ship taps in to the vicious brainwaves of the Mother Brain and attacks adventurers with deadly plasma. 33 _______________________________________________________ TOURIAN ENEMIES IN HER LAST RAID ON ZEBES, SAMUS DESTROYED THE OLD TOURIAN COMMAND CENTER. NOW IT HAS BEEN REBUILT AGAIN, IN A DIFFERENT LOCATION. SAMUS' NEW GOAL IS TO INFILTRATE THIS AREA AND TAKE ON THE NEW LEADERS OF ZEBES. SPACE PIRATES -- ZEBESIANS These feared aliens are known as the scourge of the Galaxy. They are known for stealing galactic trading ships and leaving the crews stranded in space. SPACE PIRATES -- KEYHUNTERS These creatures are pirates from another galactic system who helped rebuild Zebes. When they lose their wings, they spit powerful acid. 34 _____________________________________________________ FLOATING LIFE FORMS -- METROIDS It is said that Metroids are life forms created by an ancient civilization. Metroids engulf living creatures and absorb their energy. They are very intelligent and quick to reproduce. You will encounter many strange creatures that were not introduced in the previous pages. A few creatures offer hints on using various techniques. Watch the game play demostration following the title screen for more clues on using Samus' hidden powers. Make it Short and Sweet There are several different ending sequences for the game. The sequence that you see depends on the amount of time that you log on the planet. A shorter time results in a better ending. 35 _____________________________________________________ WARNING It is a serious crime to copy video games. 18 USC 2319 Nintendo games are strictly protected by copyright rights worldwide. Back-up copies are not authorized and are not necessary to protect your Nintendo Game Pak. Please destroy any illegal copies that may come into your possession. Violators will be prosecuted. If your Game Pak ceases to operate and it is not a copy and your Nintendo Control Deck has no alteration or backup device attached to it, please call the Nintendo Consumer Assistance Hotline at 1-800-255-3700 (U.S. and Canada) or your local authorized Nintendo distributor for assistance. ________________________________________________________ NEED HELP WITH INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE, OR SERVICE? CALL 1-800-255-3700 Nintendo of America Inc. P.O. Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 U.S.A. PRINTED IN JAPAN

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