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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Typed out by Mike Liu ---------------------------pgs. 01-02------------------------------- U/SNS-ARWE-USA Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (TM) Instruction Booklet Super Nintendo Entertainment System WARNING: PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO (R) HARDWARE SYSTEM, GAME PAK, OR ACCESSORY This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure compatibility with your Nintendo product. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality (R). Thank you for selecting the Super Mario RPG: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN STARS* (TM) Game Pak for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (R). Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure proper handling of your new games. Then save this booklet for future reference. KIDS TO ADULTS: AGES 6+ THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN RATED BY THE ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE RATING BOARD. FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE ESRB RATING, OR TO COMMENT ABOUT THE APPROPRIATENESS OF THE RATING, PLEASE CONTACT THE ESRB AT 1-800-771-3722. *(c) 1996 Nintendo/Square Character: (c) Nintendo, (c) Square TM and (R) are Trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (c) 1996 Nintendo of America Inc. ---------------------------------pg. 03---------------------------- Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (TM) Table of Contents: The Story Begins ........................ 6 Mario's World ........................... 8 Using the Controller .................... 10 Starting and Saving a Game .............. 12 Gameplay Screens and Treasure Boxes ..... 14 Mario in Action! ........................ 16 Shopping Guide .......................... 18 Menu Screen ............................. 20 Level Up Bonus .......................... 23 Get Ready for Battle! ................... 26 Battle Commands ......................... 28 Battle Techniques ....................... 30 Action Commands ....................... 30 Battle Cautions ....................... 31 Bonus Flowers ......................... 31 Abnormal Conditions ................... 32 Meet the Cast ........................... 33 Mario ................................. 34 Mallow ................................ 36 Geno .................................. 38 Bowser ................................ 40 Item Information ........................ 42 Frogfucius Says ... ..................... 44 Warranty and Service Information ........ 47 -------------------------------pgs. 04-05------------------------- Welcome to the World of Super Mario RPG! Luigi: Hi! How's it going? It looks like Mario is getting ready for another adventure. He doesn't need my help this time. I'm just gonna hang out behind the scenes here in the manual and give you some pointers! It's a whole new RPG filled with twists and turns! This isn't your typical role-playing game. It's got a lot of new twists! During battles, Mario can jump repeatedly or knock out enemies with a barrage of fire! caption: Battles are fought with commands. Power up with "Action Commands" (see page 30 for more info). Action Packed All sorts of things can be found during the game. Events like the mining car ride or the Yoshi race are a blast! Prepare yourself for loads of action and fun! All sorts of hidden goodies. During the game, there are so many cool things to find, like floating treasure boxes or Trampolines. Of course, there are pipes, teeter- totters, cannons, and donut blocks, too! -------------------------------pgs. 06-07------------------------ The Story Begins ... One day, while visiting Mario, Princess Toadstool was picking flowers in the garden ... Suddenly, out of nowhere, Bowser appeared and grabbed the Princess again! (Like you'd expect anyone else to?) Mario, hearing Toadstool's scream for help, sped off alone toward Bowser's Keep. After Mario trounced Bowser for the millionth time (this time they fought on one of Bowser's chandeliers), everyone felt Bowser's Keep beginning to shake! A HUGE sword crashed into Bowser's Keep! What's gonna happen now? -------------------------------pgs. 08-09----------------------- Mario's World This is the world where Mario and his friends will travel. Bowser's Keep is that thing in the middle with the giant sword sticking in it! Hurry Mario! Get a move on! Luigi: WOW ... This world is huge! So, this is where Mario is going to travel. I wonder if he'll be going to Moleville or the Sunken Ship? -------------------------------pgs. 10-11-------------------- Using the Controller L and R Button At the beginning of the game, you can select either Stereo or Mono by pressing the L and R Buttons. + Control Pad Moves Mario in 8 directions. Also moves cursor on subscreen. Select Switches between Mono and Stereo (before gameplay begins). Start Starts game. X Button Pressing the X Button during gameplay will access the menu screen. Please see page 20 for more information. A Button Allows Mario to communicate with someone, confirm selections, or check something out. B Button Allows Mario to jump. It is also used as a cancel command on the menu screen. Y Button When Mario is moving, hold the Y Button to make him move faster. Luigi: This is how you use the Controller on the map or gameplay screen, but not how to use it during battles. Please see page 28 for more information. * Controller 2 is not used. -------------------------------pgs. 12-13------------------------- Starting and Saving a Game Correctly insert the Super Mario RPG Game Pak into your Super Nintendo Entertainment System and move the "POWER" switch to the "ON" position. When the title screen appears, press START to move to the next screen. Starting from scratch On the title screen, press either START or the A Button to access the screen on the right. With the + Control Pad, move Mario to the top to select "New Game," then press either START or the A Button. Entering a file name Move the cursor with the + Control Pad and select a letter by pressing the A Button (cancel with the B Button). This is for SAVE files only. You can't change Mario's name. Start from where you left off When playing a saved game, move Mario to the desired SAVED FILE using the + Control Pad, then press the A Button. The current level, location, and number of star pieces collected are displayed. Saving your game When you want to take a break, save your progress by jumping on the Save Block [which has a yellow star on top and multicolored "S"s on the two visible sides] and turning the power off. Remember to save often! Save If Mario jumps on the Save Block, like the one shown above, a save screen will appear. Select the file you want to save and press the A Button. There are four save files. If you save in a different file, this [Not your last save -- Save here anyway?] message will appear at the top of the screen. Game Over If Mario and his friends' HP drop to zero during battle, the game is over. You will then return to the last saved point. Keep your experience points! When the game is over, you'll return to the last save point. Anything that happened after that point will have to be done again (this includes all coins and items found). However, all experience points accumulated will remain. -------------------------------pgs. 14-15------------------------ Gameplay Screens and Treasure Boxes Find out how it all works here! Overworld Screen This is the screen where all communication takes place and where all monsters appear. Look for projections on the edge of the screen to move to the next area. Map Screen When you finish an area, you'll go to the map screen. Areas that Mario can access are indicated by a red dot. Move Mario to the desired area with the + Control Pad and press the A Button. About Treasure Boxes There are treasure boxes everywhere (houses, caves, etc.) and their contents work immediately. In these boxes, you'll find ... Mushrooms Refills the party's HP and FP level. Flowers Increases maximum value of FP (Flower Points) by one. Stars You'll be invincible for a short time. All enemies that touch you will be instantly defeated. Coins Money, cash, moolah. You're gonna need it to buy weapons or items. Small coins are worth one, big ones are worth ten. caption: Jump and hit the treasure boxes from below to receive what's inside. Boxes with no "?" mark are empty. About Frog Coins In this world, there are many hidden green frog coins. Collect them to buy some cool stuff. caption: Some items can't be bought at regular stores. Spend your frog coins wisely. Map Luigi: If you get a map from someone, you'll be able to see [the overworld map]. See page 25 for more information. -------------------------------pgs. 16-17----------------------- Mario in Action! Time to learns some really cool tricks! Luigi: Mario's one tricky plumber! In this game, there are lots of tricks to help you out. caption: There are some places that require you to make a running jump. Board A panel floating in the air. Some of them move all sorts of ways. Watch their patterns, then hop on board! Spinning Flower A flower that spins. If you hop on it and jump, Mario will spring in the direction he faces. Trampoline The one [with a WARP! on it] is a warp trampoline that takes you to another area. The one [with a happy face] is a smile trampoline that lets Mario jump REALLY high. Pipes Jump on top of a pipe and press [south] on the + Control Pad. You'll descend to the underground (or to other areas). Some tree stumps can also be used as pipes. Pot Cannon Enter a pot cannon the same way you'd enter a pipe. Press the B Button to jump out. If you time it right, you'll jump farther! Donut Block If you've played other Mario games, then you probably remember Donut Blocks. Don't stand on them too long or they'll fall! More Tricks! Teeter Totter Hop on the open side. If you stand on it while it's down, when another character lands on it, Mario will ... Switch These [round, green, with a ! on them] switches are a mystery. Step on them and something will happen. Have fun figuring this one out! -------------------------------pgs. 18-19---------------------- Shopping Guide Like other RPGs, this game has inns and item shops. Talk to the shop owner and listen to what he has to say. Inns [have a star icon] Shops with Star signs above them are inns. If you spend the night there, all of your HP and FP will be completely recovered. Inn fees vary from place to place. After spending a night, press the B Button to jump out of bed. Tool Shops [have a mushroom icon] Buying Select "Buy," then move the cursor to the desired product. On the left side of the screen, you'll see that item's price, effect, and who can use that item. Press the A Button to confirm your selection. Selling Select "Sell" to sell items or weapons. Move the cursor to the desired item/weapon. The selling price will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Press the A Button to confirm your selection. Equipment You can equip stuff here, too. Special Shops As the game progresses, shops which you couldn't get into before in some towns will be accessible. It's a good idea to visit previous towns to make sure that you've visited every shop. Treasure Shop This shop sells rare items. If you find this store, you might want to visit once in a while. Drink Shop A members-only store. If you don't have a membership card, you won't get much here. The better the card, the better the drink! Mushroom Shop This shop is for those who like rare mushrooms. If you offer a mushroom, and it's a rare one, you can exchange it for items. Beetles Are Us Buy a beetle box, catch a beetle, and take 'em to this shop. They can be exchanged for coins or frog coins. -------------------------------pgs. 20-25---------------------- Menu Screen The menu screen can be accessed by pressing the X Button. Reading the menu screen. [Left-side boxes, for each character] LV Displays character's current level. HP Current HP is displayed on the left. Maximum HP is displayed on the right. [Lower right-side box] Flowers Flowers are needed to perform "special" commands during battle. Current FP is on the left while maximum FP is on the right. Coins Displays the number of coins you currently have. You can carry up to 999 coins. Frog Coins Displays the number of frog coins you currently have. [Upper right-side box] Item Allows you to see or use items in your inventory. Status Check the status of your party. Special Allows you to see and use special techniques. Equip Allows you to see and use equipment in your inventory. Special Item Check special items in your inventory. Map View the world map. Star Pieces Allows you to see star pieces in your inventory. Switch Allows you to switch party members. With this command, you can decide who fights and who rests. Using Items To use an item, move the cursor to the item you want to use and confirm by pressing the A Button. Place the item on the character who will use it, then press the A Button again. Check the status Shows the statistics for each character. When your party has more than three members, move the cursor up and down with the + Control Pad to see everyone's status. When two numbers are displayed for each attribute, the top number shows the minimum number for that value; the bottom number shows the maximum number for that value (the maximum number will change if you equip a different item). Speed Higher numbers make you faster in battle. Attack The higher the number, the stronger you are. Defense This number shows how well you can defend against attacks. Mg. Attack The higher the number, the more powerful your magic attack will be. Mg. Defense With a higher number, magic spells won't damage you as much. Exp. Level Accumulate experience points by defeating monsters. Next Level The number of experience points needed to reach the next level. Level Up Bonus Experience points are acquired by defeating enemies in battle or by grabbing a Star. When a character gets enough experience points, the [Level Up Bonus] screen will appear and that character will Level Up. Even characters who aren't fighting will receive experience points. When the Level Up screen appears, maximum HP, offense, defense, magic offense, and magic defense will increase, making that character stronger. Speed, however, will not increase. Bonus After the Level Up appears, the Bonus screen will appear. Here you can increase a particular strength. [Hammer and POW icon] Offense and defense will increase. [Mushroom and HP icon] Maximum HP will increase. [Star and S icon] Magic offense and magic defense will increase. Special Techniques The Special Screen [Upper right-side box] Special techniques that characters have learned appear here. [Middle right-side box] Current value/maximum value of FP appears here. [Lower right-side box] Describes the function of the special technique that's highlighted. Using Special Techniques When you want to use special techniques, other than during the battle, you use them on this screen. Usable techniques are displayed in white. Select the technique, then select the character you wish to use it on. Equipping Unless you have them equipped, weapons, armor, and accessories won't be effective. When you have more than three members in your party, move the cursor with the + Control Pad to check everyone's status. caption: Weapons, armor, or accessories that a character can equip are displayed in white letters. caption: Any status changes will be displayed in the bottom left corner for items that you wish to equip. Special Items Mario and his friends will find all sorts of important stuff. These items are usually pretty useful. Give the special items you find to the right person in exchange for some neat stuff! Star Pieces At first, you won't have access to this command, although it'll probably be real important later on in the game. Sorry, but that's all I'll tell ya. Map You just might get a map from someone. Mario's current location is shown by his picture. Switch When Mario's party increases to more than three, this command will appear. Up to three people can fight. Use Switch to change active characters (except Mario). -------------------------------pgs. 26-27----------------------- Get Ready for Battle! Battles are set up in a command style. You'll need to get used to several controller functions. Luigi: Let's kick some monster tail! Use Mario's classic jump or try another strategy! The active party members will be displayed [in the upper left quadrant of the screen]. The face displayed will change depending on conditions (see p. 32 for more info). The numbers next to the face [are] the current value/maximum value of HP. Whoever has this [purple button grid displayed] around 'em means it's their turn. Each button is a different command (A, B, X, Y). When you press a button, pressing it again will confirm the command {see pgs. 28- 29 for more info). Enemies show up [on the right side of the screen]. Luigi: Every offensive and defensive move has an "Action Command" (see p. 30 for more information). White numbers received by a character during battle are damage points. Green numbers are recovery points. -------------------------------pgs. 28-29------------------------ Battle Commands For battle commands, press the same button [again] to confirm (any other button to cancel). + Control Pad Used for selecting the enemy you want to attack, selecting special tricks, items, and "Defense" or "Run Away". Y -- Special Press the Y Button once to make special techniques appear. Select the technique you want to use, the enemy to use it on, and press the Y Button again to confirm. [Top bar of submenu, left side] The number of flower points necessary to use selected special technique. [Top bar of submenu, right side] Current flower point/maximum flower point. [Submenu body] List of special techniques. Techniques that can be used are in white. X -- Item Press the X Button to display the list of items in your inventory. Press [north] and [south] on the + Control Pad to highlight an item. Press [west] and [east] on the + Control Pad to flip through the pages. Press the X Button to select an item, then press the X button again to use the item. A -- Attack Press the A button once. The enemy's name and weapon used for attack will appear. Select a different enemy with the + Control Pad. Press the A Button again to confirm. B -- Etc. If you press the A button once, "Defense/Run away" will appear. Select either one and press the B Button to confirm. If you can't run from an enemy, the message "Can't Run!" will appear. -------------------------------pgs. 30-32----------------------- Battle Techniques If you master the action commands, you can whack some tough enemies! Action Commands Action commands improve offensive and defensive power. There are four ways to do them. Master 'em all! Timed Hits If you press the A Button at the right time, you'll hit an enemy more than once! Continuous Hits With some special attacks, pressing any button repeatedly will cause more damage. Star Hits Stars are displayed with some special attacks. Hold any button until three stars appear. Rotational Hits With some attacks, rotate the + Control Pad for more damage. Battle Cautions In this game, flower points are shared by the party. Make sure to keep an eye on your FP consumption. Bonus Flowers When you defeat a monster, sometimes you'll receive a bonus flower. There are five different bonus flowers. See the chart below for more info. HP Max The HP of the character who receives the flower will recover up to its maximum value. Once Again The character who receives this flower gets a free turn. Attack Up Offensive power of the character who gets this flower will increase for the remainder of that particular battle. Defense Up Defensive power of the character who snags this flower will increase for the remainder of that particular battle. Lucky After you win the battle, you can play a bonus game that gives you the chance to double your coins or experience points. Abnormal Conditions Sometimes during battles, enemy attacks will have strange effects on one of your characters. Certain items can correct the problem right away. Scarecrow [portrait changes to scarecrow] Character turns into a scarecrow and can no longer use the A or X Button. Poison [portrait goes pale] Being poisoned, HP will be gradually reduced. Silence [X over portrait's mouth] Characters affected won't be able to use the Y Button. Sleep [portrait slumps forward] Characters affected will fall asleep and can't fight until they wake up. Mushroom [portrait changes to a mushroom] Characters affected turn into mushrooms and can't move at all. But HP gradually recovers. Fear [portrait's eyes close] Characters affected will be scared. Offensive and defensive power will be cut in half. ---------------------------------pg. 33-------------------------- Meet the Cast Luigi: I'm gonna introduce Mario and his friends! I'll tell ya about each person's weapons and special techniques. With these guys, Mario, and you, whacking bad guys should be a piece o' cake. -------------------------------pgs. 34-35---------------------- Mario Everyone's favorite plumber! He'll do some serious damage with that jump of his! In fact, if you time your attacks just right, you can do a lot of harm! Action Command Continuous hit Mario's special fire attack. Press any button continuously for rapid fire and more damage! Mario's Weapons Time Mario's attacks just right for extra damage! Punch Just before you punch, press the A Button again for a double punch Hammer Right before you swing the hammer, press the A Button for a powerful hit! Shell Kick the shell up in the air. Press the A Button right before you kick it again for some serious damage! Mario's Special Attacks Jump [3 FP] Jump on the enemy. Right before you jump on the enemy, press Y again for extra damage. Fire Orb [5 FP] Fry an enemy with a fire ball. When the attack begins, press any button continuously. Super Jump [7 FP] Stronger than Jump. Right before you jump on the enemy, press Y to jump continuously. Super Flame [9 FP] Stronger than Fire Orb. Press Y repeatedly for more damage. Ultra Jump [11 FP] Give enemies a headache! Press Y at the right time for more damage. Ultra Flame [14 FP] The ultimate fire ball! Burns one enemy. Press Y repeatedly. -------------------------------pgs. 36-37--------------------- Mallow A froggie who was raised by the sage, Frogfucius. He doesn't look like a frog to me! Like Mario, time your attacks just right for extra damage! Action Command Rotate the + Control Pad! Snowy is a spell that attacks all enemies with a giant snowman. Rotate the + Control Pad while it's snowing for extra damage. Mallow's Weapons Remember, timing is crucial if you wanna do some serious damage with Mallow. Punch If the timing is right, Mallow will give a double punch. Stick If Mallow times it right, he'll whack an enemy twice! Cymbals Make their ears ring with this weapon! Mallow's Special Attacks Thunderbolt [2 FP] Attack all enemies with electric shock. HP Rain [2 FP] Recover the HP of one friend. Psychopath [1 FP] Shows you the remaining HP of one enemy. Shocker [8 FP] Hit one enemy with a really big bolt o' lightning! Snowy [12 FP] Pelts all enemies with a barrage of snow. Rotate the + Control Pad for more damage. Star Rain [14 FP] Drop a giant star on all enemies! -------------------------------pgs. 38-39------------------------- Geno A new hero who totes a mean gun and wears a stylin' cape! This is one doll you don't wanna mess with! Action Command Ready, Aim, Fire! For Geno's weapon, press the A Button just before it fires for more damage. Stored energy! The Geno Beam allows you to fire stored energy. When the meter shows three stars, that's when you've got maximum power! Watch out, though. Don't let the star meter get too full! Geno's Weapons Remember, press the A Button at the right time for more damage! Punch Geno's got a pretty good hook. Just before he punches is the key. Shot Geno can carry some mean weapons. For extra damage, press the A Button just before it fires. Geno's Special Attacks Geno Beam [3 FP] Zap one enemy with this beam. Hold the Y Button for more damage. Geno Boost [4 FP] Boost the attack power of one party member. Time it right and defense power will also be raised. Geno Whirl [8 FP] Slice an enemy with this spell. Geno Blast [12 FP] Like the Geno Beam only stronger. It zaps all enemies. Geno Flash [16 FP] More powerful than the Geno Blast. Zaps all enemies. -------------------------------pgs. 40-41----------------------- Bowser Yep. Mario teams up with Bowser. These two archenemies have put aside their differences and jointed forces. Let's hope this alliance sticks. Watch your back, Mario. Action Command It's a timing thing! Press the A Button right before Bowser attacks for more damage. Don't let up! One of Bowser's giant Mecha Koopas will come stomping on all enemies. Press the Y Button repeatedly as it stomps through for more damage. Bowser's Weapons Time Bowser's attack just right, and you'll do more damage! Bare Hand Slap an enemy with one of Bowser's big mitts. Chomp Swing this sucker around in circles and damage one enemy. Hurly Glove Pick up Mario and throw him at an enemy. Bowser's Special Attacks Terrorize [6 FP] Summons Big Boo to scare all enemies. Rotate + Control Pad for more damage. Poison Gas [10 FP] Poison smoke that damages all enemies. Crusher [12 FP] A giant rock that juts out of the ground and damages one enemy. Bowser Crush [16 FP] A giant Mecha Koopa steps on all enemies. Press Y repeatedly for more damage. -------------------------------pgs. 42-43----------------------- Item Information Let's face it. If you're gonna go on a long journey, you're gonna need items. I can't tell you all of the items. That would spoil the fun. Some items can't be purchased in shops. Able Juice Recovers abnormal conditions during battle. Honey Syrup Recovers 10 FP. Maple Syrup recovers 40 FP. Pick Me Up Revives one character who collapsed during battle. HP will be completely refilled. Mushroom Recovers HP. Normal mushrooms recover 30 HP. Mid mushrooms recover 80 HP. These mushrooms are different from the ones you find in treasure boxes. Pure Water Destroys ghosts instantly. Kero Kero Cola Entire party's HP and FP are recovered. Yoshi Candy Recovers 100 HP for one character. Yoshi Cookie Use the cookie and Yoshi will appear, swallow an enemy, and turn that enemy into an item. Fright Bomb You'll scare one enemy. Offense and defense power will be cut in half. On the MENU screen, check on how to use items you buy or find. -------------------------------pgs. 44-45--------------------- Frogfucius Says ... When you're stuck in a certain spot, visit Frogfucius in Tadpole Pond for advice. Frogfucius: Luigi has given you sound advice. Pull up a toadstool and partake of my wisdom. With my help, you will go far, grasshopper. You've come to a teeter totter, but you're not jumping high enough. What will you do? Try to find a higher point to fall from. You'll jump MUCH higher this way. Sometimes, Mario cannot move when someone speaks to him. When that happens, press the B Button to jump. That person is just trying to see Mario's jumping ability. If you've come to a spot that's too high to reach, or you see a treasure box that's too high to jump to, try to find a hidden platform. Like other Mario games, there are all kinds of hidden platforms or hidden treasure boxes waiting to be found. When in doubt, JUMP! Unlike most role-playing games, everyone shares Flower Points. Make sure to always keep your Flower Points maxed out. Flower that you find in treasure boxes automatically increase your maximum Flower Points. However, other flowers that you find, such as "Flower Tabs" or "Flower Jars" won't be useful to you unless you use it as an item. You can use these anytime except during battle. On the Menu Screen, you can see how many experience points are needed for the next level, right? Remember the number, grasshopper, because when you reach the next level, your HP will be totally recovered. Frog: Look for frog coins. They can be used to buy rare and important items. Good luck. Mini-game Madness Melody Bay Jump on a tadpole and make a melody! Someone here can give you a hint. Moleville Mountain It's a mining car race! Use mushrooms for an extra boost. Don't forget to use your brakes! Beetle Race Collect as many beetles as you can by jumping on them. Try to catch a Golden Beetle! Look for other mini games during your adventure. You can find some really neat stuff! Lotsa luck to you! Bye for now! ---------------------------------pg. 46----------------------- Important: WARNING: Copying of any Nintendo game is illegal and is strictly prohibited by domestic and international copyright laws. "Back-up" or "archival" copies are not authorized and are not necessary to protect your software. Violators will be prosecuted. This Nintendo game is not designed for use with any unauthorized copying device. Use of any such device will invalidate your Nintendo product warranty. Nintendo (and/or any Nintendo licensee or distributor) is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the use of any such device. If use of such device causes your game to stop operating, disconnect the device carefully to avoid damage and resume normal game play. If your game ceases to operate and you have no device attached to it, please contact your local authorized Nintendo retailer. The contents of this notice do not interfere with your statutory rights. This manual and other printed matter accompanying this game are protected by domestic and international copyright laws. The rental of this game without permission of Nintendo or its licensees is strictly prohibited. For further information or assistance, please contact: Nintendo Consumer Assistance Hotline 1-800-255-3700 (U.S. and Canada) Or your local authorized Nintendo retailer. ---------------------------------pg. 47------------------------ Warranty and Service Information: 3-MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY (For Hardware, Game Paks, & Accessories) Nintendo of America inc. ("Nintendo") warrants to the original purchaser that the product (hardware, game paks, and accessories) shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) months from the date of purchase. If a defect covered by this warranty occurs during this three (3) month warranty period, Nintendo will repair or replace the defective product or component part, at its option, free of charge. ADDITIONAL 3-MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY (Hardware only) Nintendo warrants to the original purchaser that the hardware product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for an additional three (3) months beyond the original 3-month warranty period described above. If a defect covered by this warranty occurs during this additional 3-month warranty period, Nintendo will repair the defective hardware product or component free of charge. The original purchaser is entitled to this additional 3-month limited repair warranty only if the Consumer Proof of Purchase Card (attached to the hardware packaging when sold) is returned promptly after the date of purchase to Nintendo by the original purchaser or the original purchaser's retailer. WARRANTY SERVICE OR REPAIR/SERVICE AFTER EXPIRATION OF WARRANTY You may need only simple instructions to correct any problem with your product. Call the Consumer Assistance Hotline at: 1-800-255-3700 rather than going to your retailer. Hours of operation are 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Pacific Time, Monday - Saturday , and 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Pacific Time, on Sundays (times subject to change). If the problem cannot be solved over the telephone, you will be referred to the nearest NINTENDO AUTHORIZED REPAIR CENTER (TM) or you will be offered express factory service through Nintendo. In some instances, it may be necessary for you to ship the complete product, FREIGHT PREPAID AND INSURED FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE, to the nearest service location. WARRANTY LIMITATIONS THIS WARRANTY SHALL NOT APPLY IF THIS PRODUCT: (a) IS USED WITH PRODUCTS NOT SOLD OR LICENSED BY NINTENDO (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, NON-LICENSED GAME ENHANCEMENT DEVICES, ADAPTERS, AND POWER SUPPLY DEVICES); (b) IS USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES (INCLUDING RENTAL) OR IS MODIFIED OR TAMPERED WITH; (c) IS DAMAGED BY NEGLIGENCE, ACCIDENT, UNREASONABLE USE, OR BY OTHER CAUSES UNRELATED TO DEFECTIVE MATERIALS OR WORKMANSHIP; OR (d) HAS HAD THE SERIAL NUMBER ALTERED, DEFACED, OR REMOVED. ANY APPLICABLE IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE HEREBY LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE WARRANTY PERIODS DESCRIBED ABOVE (3 MONTHS OR 6 MONTHS, AS APPLICABLE). IN NO EVENT SHALL NINTENDO BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE BREACH OF ANY IMPLIED OR EXPRESS WARRANTIES. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY LASTS OR EXCLUSION OF CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Nintendo's address is as set forth on the back cover of this manual. This warranty is valid only in the United States. ---------------------------------pg. 48------------------------- Need help with installation, maintenance, or service? Call 1-800-255-3700. Nintendo (R) Nintendo of America Inc. P.O. Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 U.S.A. Printed in U.S.A.

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