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Super Bomberman 2

Typed out by Gregory Bishop SNS-M4-USA-1 SUPER BOMBERMAN 2(TM)* INSTRUCTION BOOKLET SUPER NINTENDO(C) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPER BOMBERMAN 2(TM)* THANK YOU! Thank you for adding SUPER BOMBERMAN 2(TM)* to your library of Super NES games. In order to insure your complete enjoyment of this game, we recommend that you read the manual carefully and follow its instructions and suggestions. WARNING: PLEASE READ THE CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(C) HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. E(TM) EVERYONE CONTENT RATED BY ESRB This product has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. For information about the ESRB rating, or to comment about the appropriateness of the rating, please contact the ESRB at 1-800-771-3772. *(TM) & (C) 1994 HUDSON SOFT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. LICENSED TO NINTENDO. (TM) AND (C) ARE TRADEMARKS OF NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. (C) 1998 NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) CONTENTS BOMBERMAN STORY............3 OPERATION..................4 PLAYING A NORMAL GAME......4 PLAYING A BATTLE GAME......8 BATTLE GAME STAGES........11 ITEMS.....................12 BOMBERMAN STORY Danger has again come to the once peaceful Earth... Suddenly the figures of Magnet Bomber, Golem Bomber, Pretty Bomber, Brain Bomber, and Plasma Bomber appear before our hero, BomberMan. These five cyborgs, called the "Five Bad Bombers", say they have been built by aliens who plan to take over the universe, and that they have come to capture the original BomberMan. Though BomberMan valiantly attempts to fight off the Five Bad Bombers, he is taken captive. Later, BomberMan awakens in an underground prison cell in the base of the Five Bad Bombers. And once again he rises to protect world peace. Our future is in his hands. He must fight hordes of enemies scattered throughout the huge alien base. Avoid countless traps which have been set for him. Only then can he face the Five Bad Bombers who await him... Will BomberMan ever see an end to all this fighting!? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (4 & 5) OPERATION Control Pad Use the Control Pad to move BomberMan. Also use it to move the cursor on the Title Screen and all selection screens. Make selections by moving up and down or left and right. After obtaining a Kick item, you can kick bombs using the Control Pad. The Control Pad is also used for entering passwords. (For details, see "Entering Passwords" on page 5.) Start Button Use the Start Button to start the game or to pause the game during gameplay. Y Button This button can be used to make BomberMan jump, but only on Stage 10 of a Battle Game. BomberMan can be made to move on top of a block by pressing this button at the same time as the Control Pad. B Button After obtaining a Remote Control Item, this button can be used to detonate bombs. This button can also be used on the Password Screen and Battle Game selection screen to return to the previous screen. A Button Use this button to have BomberMan lay bombs on the ground. After obtaining a Power Grab Item, this button can be used to pick up bombs. Pressing this button while on top of a bomb which has been laid will cause BomberMan to pick it up. Releasing the button will cause him to throw the bomb. He can also continue moving while carrying a bomb. X Button After obtaining a Kick Item, this button can be used to stop bombs from moving after they have been kicked. PLAYING A NORMAL GAME Playing the Game Insert the game pak into the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(C), and turn the Power Switch ON. Press the A Button to bring up the Title Screen, select NORMAL GAME, and press the Start Button to start the game. A stage is cleared by entering the gate which opens once all enemies or capsules on that stage are destroyed using bombs. Some enemies are hidden inside blocks. One BomberMan is deducted from your BomberMan stock if you touch an enemy, are hit by enemy fire, get caught in a trap, or fail to clear a stage within the given time limit. Once you lose a turn you must start the same stage from the beginning. The game is over once your BomberMan stock reaches zero. The Game Screen Remaining Time This shows the remaining time to clear the stage. You lose a turn if this timer reaches 0:00. Score Your score increases as you defeat enemies. Playfield [ThatŐs where you play.] BomberMan [ThatŐs you.] BomberMan Stock This shows the remaining number of BomberMen that the player has in stock. This stock is decreased by one each time a turn is lost. When this number reads "0" and the player loses the last BomberMan, the game is over. Number of Bombs This shows the maximum number of bombs that BomberMan can lay. Fire Power This shows BomberManŐs current fire power (the range of his bombs). Continuing Gameplay and Passwords After a game is over, you can continue a game from the last stage reached by selecting "YES" on the Continue Screen and pressing the Start Button. If you write down the 4-digit code that appears on the Continue Screen, you can continue the game from that point at a later time. To do this, select "PASSWORD" on the Title Screen to call up the Password Entry Screen. Use the Up and Down buttons on the Control Pad to select the numbers, and the Left and Right buttons to change digits. Then press the Start Button to continue the game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) Hints for the Normal Game! There are two basic ways to clear a stage. One way is to destroy all enemies on the screen. Remember! Some enemies hide inside soft blocks! The other way is to destroy all capsules on the screen. Be careful not to blow up the gates you enter at stage clear. If you blast the gate, this will cause more enemies to appear. Most stages must be cleared both ways. You can steal enemy vehicles and ride them. Some soft blocks restore themselves. Some stairs are destroyed by bomb blasts. Try to clear all stages by avoiding all the dangerous traps!! Capsule Types Stage 1, 2 These [rectangular] capsules can be destroyed when hit by a bomb blast. Stage 3, 4, 5 These [circular] capsules change color each time they are hit by a bomb blast. Make them all glow. The Stages Round 1 Old Castle stage. Be careful! The bossŐs bombs stick to BomberMan! [Sticks of dynamite:] These bombs will blow up if destroyed. Beware that the resulting bomb blast reaches up to four squares away on the grid. These magnets will attract laid bombs. If hit by a bomb blast, their directions will change. Any bombs laid on these [red circular] spots will explode at maximum range. [Picture of] Magnet Bomber Round 2 Red hot stage with blowing flames. Even BomberMan can be burnt to a crisp in seconds if caught in the flame of the melting furnace. Laying a bomb in front of the door to the furnace causes a flame to ignite. After that flames blow out periodically from trenches in the ground. [White squares:] Ground sections like this can be moved when hit by a bomb blast. This fact can be used to cover holes in the ground. Hidden movable ground selections can be revealed by hitting this [glowing red] switch with a bomb blast. [Picture of] Fire Bomber ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) Round 3 [Yellow & green ringed spots:] On ground sections like this the Control Pad can be used to make BomberMan jump over blocks and other obstacles. Entering the cannons causes BomberMan to be blown out so that he can get to the other side of the pool. Once boarded, the ship will move so that BomberMan can cross to the bridge girders on the central island. [Picture of] Pretty Bomber Round 4 These steel spheres cannot be destroyed. You will lose a turn if you fall into a ground section surrounded by these spheres. Floating ground sections can be used to reach the isolated floating island. These ground sections never stop moving. [Gray switch:] Hidden floating ground switches can be revealed by hitting this switch with a bomb blast. [Picture of] Brain Bomber Round 5 [Light switch:] This darkened stage can be lit up by hitting this switch with a bomb blast. Land mines will blow up if touched. Some mines cannot be detected until you get close to them. Some ground sections will crack when crossed once and become a hole when crossed a second time. [Picture of] Plasma Bomber Enemy Characters Munchie Jump Gobbles up bombs you have laid. DISTRUCTION SWITCH Guardi Can be defeated by blowing up the HP switch. Electro Emits electric energy in four directions if approached. Mini Bomber Increases your BomberMan stock by one when picked up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) PLAYING A BATTLE GAME A Battle Game is a game played in versus mode against other players or the computer. 3 to 4 player games require the use of the Super Multitap(TM) and the use of any SNES controllers. Battle Game Rules In a Battle Game, players attack each other with their bombs. The last surviving player (or team) wins one battle. A draw game results in a rematch if both players are hit by an explosion simultaneously or if time runs out. The first player to win the number of battles selected on the Player Select Screen wins the game. The fight continues until someone wins the number of battles selected on the Player Select Screen! Single Match This game is conducted in a Battle Royal format where each player fends for him or herself. Control your BomberMan with skill and match wits against other players. Tag Team Match In a Tag Team Match, players are separated into two teams which fight against each other. When all members of the opposing team are destroyed, the team with even one survivor left wins one battle. The best way to attain victory is through cooperation. Sudden Death Mode In Battle Mode a rematch occurs if a battle ends in a draw. But a Sudden Death Mode is available for those who want victory to be decided in a single battle. Try starting the game after entering the password "5656". When time starts to run out, blocks will begin flying on-screen from beyond the screen edges. The player who survives without getting squashed wins! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) Golden Bomber What is Golden Bomber, available only in Single Matches? The G-Bomber feature is only available during single matches and is useful when fighting many battles. By setting this feature to "ON"... The BomberMan who wins each match... Will appear in gold for the next battle. As a special reward the winner receives an extra powerup item before starting the next battle. This item is determined by chance from a roulette wheel. Get your powerup item from the roulette wheel and go on to more victories!! If you hit the clogs you will move more slowly. This is a booby prize! Starting the Game On the Title Screen, select "BATTLE GAME" and start the game as described below. If no Super Multitap(TM) is connected, only "COM" or "OFF" are available for 3 or 4 player games. Selecting the Mode You Wish to Play First select whether you wish to fight in a Single Match or a Tag Team Match. Selecting Players Select whether each of the players 1 through 4 is to be controlled by "MAN" (a human), "COM" (the computer), or "OFF" (not used). Selecting Rules Next select certain game restrictions. These rules control who wins and loses the game. The four following items can be selected. --------------------------------------------- |COM LEVEL|Sets the strength of computer- | | |controlled BomberMen. | --------------------------------------------- |BATTLE |Sets how many battles must | | |be won for a victory. | --------------------------------------------- |TIME |Sets the time limit for each | | |battle. | --------------------------------------------- |G-BOMBER |Special feature available only in| | |Single Match Mode. | --------------------------------------------- Selecting Stages to Play Finally select the stage you wish to conduct your battle in. The game will start once all these things have been selected. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) The Game Screen [Screenshot with the following outlined: Number of Wins for Player 1, Number of Wins for Player 2, Number of Wins for Player 3, Number of Wins for Player 4, Remaining Time, and Playfield.] Secret Battle Mode Tricks Revealed! Picking up items is important in order to win in Battle Mode. The Skull Item can be blown using bomb blasts. You may even be able to hit another BomberMan with it. Also, you can attack a BomberMan stuck in a dead end like this if you have obtained the Power Grab Item. You win if you can throw a bomb and trap your opponent like this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) BATTLE GAME STAGES Stage 1 This is a normal stage without any traps. Items hidden in blocks are the keys to winning. Stage 2 This stage is slippery with ice and includes six warp holes. Blocks can be moved by pushing against them. Stage 3 This stage is separated into outside and inside sections by destructible blocks aligned in rows. Warp tunnels are located at the top and bottom of the screen. Stage 4 On this stage, drum-shaped soft blocks have been lined up. If a bomb blast hits the trench dug around the center it will ignite a fire that travels throughout the trench. Stage 5 On this stage, leaves block your field of vision. Full power ground sections, allowing bombs to blow up with maximum fire power, are hidden under flower garden blocks. Stage 6 There are two sets of warp zones included on this stage. You may move from red to red or from blue to blue warp zones. Stage 7 On this stage, BomberMan will travel at different speeds after passing through the numbered signs. If he touches a mark he will be immobile for several seconds. Stage 8 On this stage, belt conveyors can be used to transport bombs. The switches in the center of the screen can be used to change the speed and direction of the belt conveyors. Stage 9 After obtaining a Kick Item, any bomb kicked over an arrow on the ground will turn and move in the direction of that arrow. Stage 10 On this stage, BomberMan can be made to jump using the Y Button so that he can move on top of the blocks. BomberMan can also jump across screen borders to appear on the other side. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (12) ITEMS Items may appear when soft blocks are destroyed. BomberManŐs power will increase as you pick up various items. However, during a Normal Game the special effects of items will be lost after losing a turn except for fire power, and number of bombs. During Battle Games, all special effects last for one battle only (except for special items obtaining from the roulette wheel in Single Matches). Extra Bomb Increases the maximum number of bombs that can be laid on the ground by one. (Maximum 9) Extra Fire Power Increases the range of explosions (the number of ground squares a bomb blast can travel) by one. (Maximum 9) Accelerator [Skates] Increases the speed at which BomberMan moves by one level. Remote Control [Heart w/ Bomb] Allows bombs to be detonated by remote control by pressing the B Button. Bomb Passer Allows BomberMan to pass through bombs laid on the ground. Block Passer Allows BomberMan to pass through Soft Blocks (walls that can be destroyed). Power Glove Allows BomberMan to pick up bombs laying on the ground by pressing the A Button. The picked up bomb can be thrown by releasing the button. BomberMan can continue moving while carrying a bomb. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (13) Kick Allows BomberMan to kick bombs that he pushes against. Pressing the X Button stops the kicked bomb. Heart Restores one BomberMan life. Maximum Explosion Increases the range of explosions (the number of ground squares a bomb can travel) to maximum. Power Bomb [Bomb w/ P] Allows the first bomb laid to explode at maximum range. Super Bomb [Red Bomb] Allows bomb explosions to pass through obstacles such as soft blocks. Slime Bomb [Blue Bomb] Bombs turn to slime. If kicked or thrown these bombs will bounce around. Skull This item only appears on Battle Stages. The Skull Item causes one of the unwanted effects listed below. BomberMan can be restored to his original state by touching another BomberMan and passing on the unwanted effect, or by picking up another item. Radically increases speed. Radically reduces speed. Lays bombs randomly. Disallows laying bombs. Makes BomberMan invisible. Increases speed radically and keeps laying bombs automatically. Allows only one minimum-range bomb to be laid at a time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- PASS WORD ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WARRANTY AND SERVICE INFORMATION ----------------------------------------------------------------------- NEED HELP WITH INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE, OR SERVICE? CALL 1-800-255-3700. Nintendo(C) Nintendo of America Inc. P.O. Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 U.S.A. PRINTED IN JAPAN

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