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Soul Blazer

Contents -------- 1. THE STORY.......................................2 2. CAST............................................6 3. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO START A GAME AND REGISTER YOUR NAME...8 CHANGING THE SCREEN.........................10 READING THE SCREEN..........................11 CONTROLLER OPERATION........................14 4. RULES WHY AM I HERE?..............................16 ACTION STAGE................................18 RESTORED TOWNS/THE MASTER'S SHRINES.........19 AREA BOSSES.................................21 5. ACTIONS EQUIPMENT AND STATUS........................22 THE SWORD...................................24 MAGIC.......................................26 ITEMS.......................................27 6. MAGIC & ITMES DESCRIPTION OF MAGIC........................28 DESCRIPTION OF ITEMS........................30 7. MONSTERS & TRAPS MONSTERS....................................32 TRAPS.......................................33 1. THE STORY ------------ There are six towns in the Friel Empire which make up the stages of the game. Many kinds of plants and animals live here besides humans. The souls of all living creatures, however, are being held captive by a monster. Deathtoll will show his true form to you when the souls of all the living creatures have been freed and the towns reconstructed. 1. Grass Valley This is the village where the inventor, Dr. Leo, lived. Lisa, Dr. Leo's only daughter, and their friend the Village Chief lived there also. 2. Green Wood Legend has it that this town was developed by a dog named Turbo. He built this peaceful village to offer protection and serenity to all animals. 3. St. Elles A mermaid town far below the ocean. It is said this was once a beautiful temple protected by four ancient mermaid statues. 4. Home of the Mountain Spirit Deep inside this mountain lies a town of spirits. Although these spirits have an extremely short life span, they enjoy it to the fullest. 5. Dr. Leo's Laboratory This house lies directly in the middle of the desert. Dr. Leo was confined here by King Magridd and forced to develop a machine that could summon the King of Evil. 6. Magridd Castle This is the fortress of the tyrant King Magridd. It also served as the place of meeting between the King of Evil, Deathtoll, and King Magridd. Since then, the castle has been demolished and there are no signs of the King or any of his followers. OPENING STORY ------------- King Magridd, ruler of the Freil Empire, is a greedy man. His only desire is to possess all the money in the world. One day the King overheard a conversation regarding Dr. Leo, the town's so-called "genius" inventor. An idea suddenly came to him. "Maybe I can obtain all the world's wealth by striking a deal with the King of Evil." Dr. Leo was imprisoned by the King and ordered to construct a machine to summon Deathtoll. Even though it was painful, this was not a difficult task for Dr. Leo. When Deathtoll was summoned, the King told him he wanted more than anything to obtain the wealth of the world. Deathtoll made a proposition: "The life of one living being in exchange for one gold piece." The proposition was accepted, and from that day on all living beings began to disappear. They either became servants of Deathtoll or were banished to Monster Lairs. 2. CAST ------- The Hero (You) On a ray of light you descended to earth at the command of the Master to battle Deathtoll. With the long sword received from the Master you must defeat various types of monsters. You are also circled by the souls of others who will assist you. Lisa The only daughter of Dr. Leo. She is now alone because of the capture of her father. The many creatures she once cared for have mysteriously vanished. Dr. Leo The "genius" inventor of the Freil Empire and also Lisa's father. He was imprisoned by King Magridd and ordered to build a machine capable of summoning Deathtoll. King Magridd A man of greed who will use any means at his disposal to build his fortune. He summoned the King of Evil and offered him creatures in return for pieces of gold. The King disappeared a short time after all the creatures had been captured. Legend has it that the King himself was attacked by Deathtoll's henchmen. 3. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ------------------------- HOW TO START A GAME AND REGISTER YOUR NAME ------------------------------------------ STARTING THE GAME Insert the SOUL BLAZER game pak into your SNES and switch the power ON. A sub screen will be displayed if the START Button is pressed from the opening screen. When playing the game for the first time, start the game by choosing an EMPTY record, 1 to 4. If you wish to start a new game once all four records are being used, erase a record by pressing the A button used for "Erasing Data". You can now begin a new game by choosing that record. Next, choose a name for your character. Use the control pad to move to a desired letter and press B Button. Continue this until you have finished entering the desired name. You may choose up to (8) eight letters and/or marks. When you have finished entering you name, select the word "END" and press START. SAVING AND/OR STOPPING THE GAME DURING PLAY It is a good idea to save your game periodically. To save your game during play, return to the BLUE block located somewhere in each town, then stand on the YELLOW tile and Select "Record of the World." CONTINUING A SAVED GAME To continue a previously saved game, select "Continue" on the title screen. CHANGING THE SCREEN ------------------- Use the SELECT or X Button to change from the main screen to the sub screen. Press A Button to select the status screen. READING THE SCREEN ------------------ MAIN SCREEN This is the regular playing screen. Whether you are in the Master's Shrine, an action stage, or in town, the order of the screens will remain the same. 1. Shows your current level. 2. Shows your experience level. 3. Shows the amount of GEMs you possess. The number of GEMs will decrease each time you use magic. 4. Shows your HP (Hit Points). The total Length of HP depends on the level of the Hero. As you increase in levels your HP will increase as well. When looking at your HP, the green indicates the amount of HP remaining and red indicates the amount of damage you have incurred. Notice that as you continue to raise your levels past 50, your HP will change color. TOTAL LENGTH... 50~60 Dark Blue 60~70 Light Blue 70~80 Blue-Green 80~90 Green 90~100 Off White EQUIP SCREEN This screen allows you to select which armor, weapons, magic and items you wish to use in the game. The currently equipped items are highlighted by the dotted square surrounding each item. 5. Weapon(s) display window. 6. Armor display window. 7. Magic display window. 8. This window allows you to change equipped items. 9. This window displays currently equipped items. 10.Item(s) display window. INFORMATION SCREEN This will show detailed information about the Hero. 11. Your physical strength. The number to the right indicates your HP level and the number to the left indicates the remaining HP. 12. You will increase a level once this experience total is reached. 13. Indicates your attack and defense power. 14. Indicates currently equipped items. 15. Indicates the souls that have joined you. CONTROLLER OPERATION -------------------- SELECT/X-BUTTON Selects the different sub screens for changing equipment. CONTROL PAD Controls the Hero's movement. Controls the movement of the cursor. START To start or pause game. Pushing this button during pause will display your current position and the remaining number of Monster Lairs. Y-BUTTON Press this button to cast magic in the action mode. Use this button when you want to change from the Equip Screen to Main Screen. B-BUTTON This button is used to swing the sword in the action mode. Also, press this button when you wish to speak with someone or when selecting a particular item. A-BUTTON Selects the Information Screen to confirm current status of the Hero. L/R-BUTTON When you wish to retrieve a GEM that may be out of reach, press either L or R Button to pull it towards you. You may also use either of these buttons in combination with the Control pad to move the Hero without changing the direction he/she is facing. 4. RULES -------- WHY AM I HERE ------------- Master's Shrine | -------------------------------------------------------------------- | Move to each area | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | || Action Stage || || ---------------------------------------------------------- || || | Destroy all the Monster Lairs | || || ---------------------------------------------------------- || || | | || || ------------------------------ -------------------------------- || ||| Souls of all the captured || Changes in town ||| ||| creatures revived | -------------------------------- || || ------------------------------ || | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | | | | Move to additional action | Clear next stage or release | | stages by obtaining | the souls of other | | information in the town | creatures still confined | | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | || Town Stage || || -------------------------- -------------------------------- || || |Talk with freed creatures | |Solve the puzzles in other areas||| || -------------------------- -------------------------------- || | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | | | | Move back and forth between the action and town stages | | until you have found the Boss guarding that area | | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | || Showdown with the area Boss || || || || Defeat the Boss controlling that || || area and restore peace || | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | -------------------------------------------------------------------- | Move to the next area by way of the Master's Shrine The mission of the Soul Blazer is to free all the souls held captive in the Monster Lairs. Most monsters you defeat will set a captive soul free. The souls freed in the action mode return to town and rebuild their homes. It is a good idea to return to town and talk with these souls for they will have information and items which may prove useful. ACTION STAGE First visit the town in each area. You will notice no sign of people, animals or plants anywhere. Move to the action stage and begin fighting monsters. You will notice as you defeat monsters, the Lair from which they originate will turn to a green tile. This means you have defeated all the monsters in that lair. Once the tile has turned green, step on it and see what happens. Remember, defeat the monsters. This will destroy the Monster Lair. Then step on the green tile. "I've been defeated!" If this happens, do not be alarmed. It is not uncommon for the Hero to be defeated. Should this happen, you will be returned to the Master's Shrine in that area. The number of GEMs will return to zero. However all the Monster Lairs you have cleared and the experience you have gained will remain. All Monster Lairs that were not cleared will be reset to the original number. Pressing the START Button displays the remaining number of Monster Lairs in the area. RESTORED TOWNS The freed creatures will give you information. Return to town after opening the seal of the Monster Lairs, especially in the action stages. Freedom is not only for humans but for plants and animals as well. You can talk to all living things so it is best to watch for any changes in the towns. THE MASTER'S SHRINES These shrines are the beginning points of each stage. The Hero can also refill his/her life meter here. Each shrine contains four blocks; three blue and one yellow. An explanation of how these blocks are used follows: Top (Yellow) : Use this block to save the current game or move to another area of the map. Right and left(Blue): These blocks will move you to certain areas in the action stage. Bottom (Blue): Use this block to return to the town in this area. The following will happen if the seal of the Monster Lairs is broken: 1) Souls become revived. The souls that were sealed in the Lairs become revived. The HP of the Hero will increase slightly when the souls return to town and reconstruct their houses. 2) Closed passages are opened. Passages and stairways that before were invisible now appear. Obstructions will disappear, allowing the Hero to continue in the actions stage. 3) Treasure chests appear. A treasure chest may appear. Inside you may find tools that are helpful for the adventure or items that may have been hidden. 4) Spirits may appear. These spirits may give you experience, items, or information what will help you in completing your mission. They may also offer to return you to the towns if you so desire. 5) Monster Lairs appear. Hidden Monster Lairs may appear allowing you to free the souls being held captive. AREA BOSSES Peace will return to a particular town if the Boss in that area is defeated. You can also gain valuable information enabling you to move to the next area. The area Boss is found at the end of the action stage. The creatures being held captive by the Bosses are central figures in each area. Each is holding a stone that emits a different color. You may advance to the next stage by obtaining this stone. 5. ACTIONS ---------- EQUIPMENT AND STATUS Remember to equip any of the items, weapons, magic or armor you obtain. Bring up the Equipment Screen by pressing SELECT or X Button. Return to the Main Screen by pressing Y Button. Select the armor to be changed. Select the desired equipment then press B or Y Button. The strength of the equipment will be shown in the lower window. Weapons You can increase your attack power by equipping a more powerful sword. The upward facing arrow at the bottom of the screen shows the strength of the weapon. There are also certain swords that contain special powers. The level shown is a recommended level. Players who have not reached this level may not swing this sword even if equipped with it. (Thrusting is possible.) Armor Defensive strength will increase by equipping armor. The number at the bottom of the status screen shows the strength of your defense power. There are also certain types of armor that will protect you from various traps found in the action stages. Magic Eight types of magic may be obtained throughout the course of the game. Make sure you select the magic that will be most effective for the stage and enemy. Select magic by using the same method as used in selecting other equipment. Items You must be equipped with an item in order for it to be effective. You should be careful since the item window will not open unless the items are specified in the lower right selection window. The equipment selected will be shown in each window inside the dotted squares. The list of equipment shown on the lower right will also change. Gaining experience increases various powers. Your strength will become greater as you gain experience in battle. Experience is obtained by defeating monsters. Your HP, physical strength, defense and attack power will be refilled and increase as you reach each new level. EXPERIENCE LEVEL Gained each time a monster is defeated \/ RAISE LEVEL All powers will be increased when a certain amount of experience is gained \/ \/ \/ HP STRENGTH DEFENSE Indicates physical Indicates attack Indicates defensive strength strength strength /\ /\ SWORD ARMOR EQUIPMENT Increases the power of the equipment only Remember to occasionally check your information screen to see how much experience you need to reach the next level. THE SOUL The ball circling the Hero represents the souls of his companions in the sky. The "Mole's Soul" for example has the power to detect traps. Their power is displayed by simply gaining these souls. You do not need to select them as you would equipment. THE SWORD --------- The most powerful weapon you can use is the one received from the Master. This sword, when stood on end, is taller than you. When combined with magic it will make a fierce and effective weapon. How to use The Sword When you press the B Button, the Hero will swing the sword down. This is the most effective way to attack an enemy. By doing this you will add the strength of the Hero together will the strength of The Sword. Thrusting The Sword The enemy directly in front of you can be damaged without swinging the sword. The strength of the attack will only be as strong as the sword, however, and thus the damage to the enemy will be minor. To thrust the sword, face the enemy and press the L or R Button. Retrieving GEMs If you wish to retrieve a GEM without moving or to retrieve one that is out of reach, face the GEM and press the L or R Button. Using this technique will allow you to retrieve those hard-to-get GEMs. The sword can be used to attack enemies that are not only in front of you but in all directions. Every enemy within reach of the sword can be damaged. Because of the tremendous size of the sword you can attack enemies before they can get within reach of the Hero. MAGIC ----- Your companion in the sky will help you use magic. Magic can be useful to attack the enemies you cannot reach with your sword. You may use up to eight types of magic found throughout the game. Refer to the explanation of each type of magic and use where that magic can be used most effectively. Magic is emitted from the circle when the Y Button is pressed. Magic is selected in the Equip Screen. Since magic is cast from the circle rotating around you make sure you use good timing and positioning to attack the enemy. Remember with some magic it is important to face the direction you wish to cast the magic. GEM GEMs will be consumed when you use magic. The number of times a certain magic can be used depends upon the amount of GEMs you have obtained. GEMs are the golden objects that remain after an enemy has been defeated. Depending on the enemy, the value of the GEMs may vary. To use each type of magic, a certain number of GEMs will be necessary. Try to collect as many GEMs as possible. If HP becomes zero, you will lose all GEMs in your possession. Try not to waste any GEMs. ITEMS ----- May only be used if equipped. If equipped, items will automatically display their effectiveness. You do not need to press a button to activate an item. Make sure you are careful when using an item since there are some that you will need in towns and some you will need in the action stages. 6. MAGIC & ITEMS ---------------- DESCRIPTION OF MAGIC FLAME BALL GEMs NECESSARY 4 The ball emits a flame ball. This magic is not very powerful, but is useful in defeating enemies out of reach. The flame balls are emitted in the direction you are facing. LIGHT ARROW GEMs NECESSARY 8 Light arrows will be released from the ball in four directions. More than one monster can be damaged by an arrow since it passes through the body. MAGIC FLARE GEMs NECESSARY 8 Hold down the Y Button to activate this magic. When released, an explosion will occur damaging all enemies around the ball. ROTATOR GEMs NECESSARY 1 A ring of light will form around the ball damaging all monsters it touches. This magic will stay activated as long as Y Button is pressed. Consumes one GEM each time it is used. SPARK BOMB GEMs NECESSARY 8 The ball will leave a small bomb on the ground. The bomb will explode after a short time damaging any enemies near it. This magic is very powerful but hard to use. FLAME PILLAR GEMs NECESSARY 20 A flame is emitted from the ball and will continue to burn for several seconds. It can cause fire in four different places damaging all enemies it touches. TORNADO GEMs NECESSARY 8 A tornado will be released from the ball. The tornado travels randomly around the Hero destroying any monster in its path. PHOENIX GEMs NECESSARY 2 The most powerful magic available to the Hero. May only be used with the Soul Blade and the Soul Armor. The soul from a bird of fire dwells in the player's sword, displaying immense power against the enemy. DESCRIPTION OF ITEMS WEAPONS SWORD OF LIFE This is your first sword. It does not have great power but is invaluable in the beginning. PSYCHO SWORD The Psycho Sword is not a very strong sword either but it does possess the ability to stop the more powerful monsters temporarily. ARMOR IRON ARMOR This is the first armor the Hero can obtain. Damage can be reduced by equipping this item. COLD ARMOR This armor does not possess strong defense powers but will protect the Hero from some types of traps and battles in hotter regions. ITEMS MEDICAL HERB This item will fully recover the Hero's HP. When equipped, the herb will restore all HP once the level has reached zero. Herbs can be found in treasure chests or may be offered as gifts. You may only possess one at a time. DREAM ROD This item will enable you to look into dreams. Use this to converse with creatures that appear to be sleeping. STRANGE BOTTLE Though GEM becomes zero when the Hero has been defeated, use of this item will prevent loss of GEMs. You may use this item one time only. DR. LEO'S BRUSH Dr. Leo, the inventor, was also a famous painter. This is the brush he used to paint "Deathtoll's World." BROWN STONE You can obtain this stone by defeating the Boss of Grass Valley. You must possess this stone in order to travel to the next area. There are five other stones of this type needed to face Deathtoll. 7. MONSTERS & TRAPS ------------------- MONSTERS WHO HAVE CAPTURED SOULS There is a fixed number of enemies that will appear from each Lair at a time. You must defeat each monster to have the tile color change to green. CHERRY HEAD The most frequent appearing enemies. They are physically strong but do not possess any special attack powers. BONGUARD Stop and strike the bonguard straight on. It is best if you attack from the side and not from the front. METAGRINNER You cannot defeat this enemy with the normal sword. Try to evade it until you obtain a special sword. MONSTERS WHO HAVE NOT CAPTURED SOULS These monsters have no set limit. Each time you defeat one another will appear. GEPPER A monster of flame that lives in a garden lantern. Accumulates energy which is emitted in the form of sparks when full. WATER SLIME An evil semi-fluid-like monster born in the water. It can turn into a solid shape and leap out at the Hero. SHABER A water-dwelling monster. It normally stays in the water but will leap out at the Hero and shoot a ball of fire. TRAPS There are traps in each action stage which are specifically developed for that stage. These traps are able to inflict large amounts of damage on the Hero. MOBILE ROAD This road moves in a certain direction. It is difficult to control the speed at which you are moving. Fighting is extremely difficult here. FIRE TRAP These are patches of road which often change from hot to cold without warning. LAVA This is a lava belt. Damage cannot be avoided regardless of the type of armor the Hero is equipped with. ICE ROAD The direction of travel cannot be changed when the Hero is on solid ice. DAMAGE BLOCK This is a block equipped with splinters. The Hero will receive damage when walking through these blocks unless... SPEAR FLOOR This trap is nothing more spears protruding from the floor. Make sure you avoid this trap. THE STAFF OF SOUL BLAZER ------------------------ Scenario TOMOYOSHI MIYAZAKI Programmer MASAYA HASHIMOTO Graphic Designers KOUJI YOKOTA MASAHIKO TAKAI TAKESHI MATSUMURO SHINTARO MAJIMA Music Composer YUKIHIDE TAKEKAWA Music Arranger KAZZ TOYAMA Sound Creator YOU HIMENO Music Coordinater AMENITY Co, LTD Special Thanks to ENIX AMERICA CORPORATION K WRITER'S CLUB Scenario Assistant TATSUO HASHIMOTO Quintet Staff REIKO TAKEBAYASHI AKIRA KITANOHARA Assistant Producer KAZUNORI TAKADO Director MASAYA HASHIMOTO Producer YASUYUKI SONE Publisher YASUHIRO FUKUSHIMA

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