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The Simpsons Bart's Nightmare

THE SIMPSONS BART'S NiGHTMARE The Instruction Booklet For Super Nintendo Entertainment System By Akklaim Entertainment Inc. Page: 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Since Bart is such an hard-working little boy, he has promised to do his homework in time....even if he has to stay up all night. The problem is that he drops out after about a quarter of an hour and goes to sleep with the face pressed to the desk. Then a really strange thing start to happen... The books flies out of the window and Bart jumps after... Gosh, dude this ain't no's a nightmare. Bart's own nightmare. The only chance to escape the horrible dream is to find the homework that is spreaded all ways in the Windworld and to face the challanges in the marvellous Other Worldworlds. It's worlds like no-one ever seen before and the challange is totally incredible. You must find and collect all the books and papers. There's no point coming to school with a half-done homework. Show them that you can make it, Bart! Bet on the victory, or at least a D in grades Don't give up until you passed through the whole nightmare. It might not be like reality and may look hopeless, but what can you do but play along. Get to it, man! PREPARE FOR A REAL THRILL! LOAD 1. Check that the switch is OFF. 2. Insert the cartridge as mentioned in the manual to your Super Nintendo Entertanment System. 3. Place the switch ON. Now you'll see Bart running across the screen, chased by the Titlescreen and then how Bart falls asleep on the desk. To get right to the Windworld push the Select- or Startbutton. Page: 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------- THE WINDWORLD Barts first stop is the Windworld. From there you can procede to the other 5 worlds where the rest of the homework is. The problem is to manage this crazy world in time before the moving mailbox, the three-eyed fish, the rolling skulls and other strange stuff things that wake you up by stealing your storage of sleep "Z:s"... and leave you wide awake not with homework but a big fat E in grade. To survive in the Windworlds you need bonus... lots of points... and knowledge what you should bring with you. Take a look at the guide to windworld on page 6-7. To leave the Windworlds you only need to walk through the doors to the other worlds and continue searching for the homework. THE JOYPAD Like this you control Bart: The Steerbutton - Walk A - Shoot seeds B - Jump X - Burp Y - Blow bubblegum Left - Roll the screen left Right - Roll the screen right HOLD THE Y-BUTTON PRESSED WHILE YOU PUSH THE STEERBUTTON TO MOVE THE BUBBLE. PLEASE NOTE: * When you only have one "Z" left it's time to make a Z-meter. The first two Z:s you'll find works as "goal-posts"; make sure you place them with big distance to get room for a big z-meter! Page: 3 & 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------- GUIDE TO THE WINDWORLD Object : Mailboxes Description: Falls down and runs across the street Bad news : Steals a "Z" every time it touches you. Good News : If you jump over when it's moving it gives you points or bonus objects. Object : The head of the statue Jebediah Springfield Description: Moves on the streets, often several. Bad news : Steals a "Z" every time it touches you. Good News : Jump over a get lots of points. Object : Granma' Description: Walks around giving you blowkisses. Bad news : Every kiss from granma' costs points. Good News : Grandma's kisses turns you from frog into Bart again. Object : Lisa-fairy Description: Flies around throwing fairy-powder. Bad news : The fairypowder turns you into a frog. Good News : Scare away Lisas fairy with bubbles. Object : Blinkie Description: Springfields famous three-eyed fish swims the sidewalks and back. Bad news : Steals a "Z" every time it touches you. Good News : You'll get a pillow every time you jump over Blinkie. Three times and you get an extra life in the Windworld. Object : Schoolbus Description: Drives the streets forth and back. Bad news : Steals a "Z" every time it touches you. Good News : None! Object : Lisas Saxophone Description: Flies around blowing tones. Bad news : None! Good News : None! Object : Tones Description: Floates in the air. Bad news : You do the moonwalk. Good News : You do the moonwalk. Object : Basketball Description: Bounces around on the sidewalk. Bad news : Steals a "Z" every time it touches you. Good News : Jump over it randomly and you'll get a skateboard. Object : Principal Skinner Description: Walks the sidewalk with purposefulness. Bad news : Puts a suit & tie on you and stops from getting into trouble. Good News : Stops you from getting into trouble - you don't lose any "Z:s" either. Object : Walking TV Description: Walks around on the street. Bad news : Steals a "Z" every time it touches you. Good News : Shoot a seed and see what happens. Object : Blue&Red "Z:s" Description: Floates around. Bad news : If you hit a RED "Z" with the gum-bubble, it cracks. Good News : Hit a BLUE "Z" with the bubblegum. If it floats up in the Z-Meter you'll gain an extra sleep-Z. Object : Jimbo & the Gang Description: Hangs out, dude! Bad news : You lose speed if you walk with the gang. Good News : Now you're with the really mean dudes! Object : Mudpuddle Description: Right in the street. Bad news : If stepping into a puddle you can only walk very slow. Good News : If you jump into a puddle when you have the suit on, you turn into the usual seedspitting, troublemaker, Bart again. If you jump into the puddle when your normal, you don't have to move slow. Object : Pillows Description: Appears when you jump over Blinkie. Bad news : None! Good News : Three pillows = a new storage of "Z:s" Page: 5 -------------------------------------------------------------------- THE WINDWORLDS GAMESCREEN The following information is shown on the screen: CANBONUS, PILLOW, BUBBLEGUM, POINTS, SEED, "Z"-METER, POINTS and SLEEP "Z:s" MAILBOXBONUS As help to leave the Windworld you'll get a bonus if jumping over the moving mailboxes. Watermelon: Gives 3 extraseeds. Bubblegum: Gives 3 extrabubbles. Can: Gives a big burp - a kinda bomb. Questionmark: Shows in what direction you can find your lost homework. Take the bonus quick before it flies away. GATES TO OTHER WORLDS If you manage to escape from the Windworld you'll end up infront of an exit with two doors. The doors lead to different places... and we mean different! Choose door, push Left/Right on the steerbutton. PLEASE NOTE: If you don't push any button at all, you'll automaticly exit through the left door. Page: 6 -------------------------------------------------------------------- SHHH... I'M STUDYIN', MAN! There's a total of five different, crazy worlds. Where there's schoolmaterial according to the following: Bartzilla - 2 pages The Maggietemple - 2 pages Itchy & Scratchy - 2 pages Barts blood-circulation - 1 page You must complete the challanges which you are facing in every world to gain all the pages. When you found the pages, or gone out, you return to the Windworld. Your supply of seeds, bubblegum and "Z:s" are the same as when you left from there(including the "Z" bonus). In other worlds: PAUSE, push the Startbutton - push again to continue. BARTZILLA It's you that Bartzilla... "City-Crusher, panic-master!" To find the first page of homework you must destroy everything in sight and reach the radar car. This incredibly reduces your size so you turn into a totally normal, giant mutated lizard. To find the next page of the homework you only need to climb up the high skyscraper and get the paper that is on the top. If you fall down it's over and you go back to the Windworld. If you by any chance succeed getting to the top... awaits you the mighty Homer Kong! Page: 7 -------------------------------------------------------------------- JOYPAD CONTROLS FOR CITY-CRUSHING Shoot fireballs straight forward Push Right on the Steerbutton Shoot fireballs on buildings Push Up on the Steerbutton to the left of bartzilla Shoot fireballs on buildings Push Down on the Steerbutton to the right of bartzilla Shoot laser straight forward Push the X-button Shoot laser on the railways Push the A-button Shoot laser straight down Push the B-button Stand still Push Left on the Steerbutton Climbing controls Climb Push Up on the Steerbutton Go to left or right Push Left/Right on the Steerbutton Roll the screen up Push Down on the Steerbutton Page: 8 --------------------------------------------------------------------- MAGGIES TEMPLE In the deepest, darkest corner of Springfields rain forest lies Maggies temple. The stones in the floor can fall break anytime. Drewling figures flies around in the air and horrible nasties follow you all the time. Your reliable wip swings away Blue Nasties and everywhere you can find Golden Eggs the pick. The eggs gives you a second try if you should happen to fall down in the lava under the floor. But look out! If the egg hatching vulture finds out that you're "playing" with her eggs, she'll grab you with her claws and fly away. But the best of all is that small fires that burns on the floor will give way if you step on it. Watch out before you start running around. The Homework will then be as good as yours. TEMPLECONTROL Touch the Golden Eggs to take them. The Steerbutton Up - Walk Up The Steerbutton Down - Walk Down The Steerbutton Left - Walk Left The Steerbutton Right - Walk Right (A-, B-, X- & Y-button - Swing the Wip) A - Right B - Down X - Up Y - Left Left - Roll the screen left Right - Roll the screen right Page: 9 --------------------------------------------------------------------- THE TEMPLESCREEN On the Gamescreen you'll see the following: POINTS and GOLDEN EGGS BARTMAN Caramba, Bartman! It's unusual crowded in the air today. Shoot with your cool slingshot on the robots and slimy paperplanes. Use your excellent flying skills to avoid lightning and clouds of radioactive gas. When the Bossmeter warns for forthcoming trouble it's best to stay cool cause then figures like Sherri and Terry, Monty Burns, Barney Gruble, Smithers and alot of other kinds will appear. But as good as you are it's a piece of cake to handle'em and fly away to the next homework. BARTMANCONTROL When you're the Bartman you'll handle the Joypad like this: Steerbutton Right - Fly straight Steerbutton Left - Left Steerbutton Up - Up Steerbutton Down - Down Steerbutton Down-Right - Down/Right Fly Down Steerbutton Down-Right - Up/Right Fly Up A-Button - Shoot slingshot Touch the bonus objects to take them. SHOOT AT DIFFERENT DISTANCES WITH THE SLINGSHOT; hold down the the A-button a certain time. Page: 10 -------------------------------------------------------------------- THE BARTMANSCREEN On the Bartmanscreen you'll see the following: LIFES, ENERGY, BOSSMETER and POINTS BARTMANBONUS Take the juicy grapefruits that Apu throws from his flying carpet to gain extra energy. You can also get them when you blown up a Krusty-baloon. Take a chew on a Bartsquare to gain an extra life or a sleeping Bart to get an extra "Z" in the Windworld. ITCHY & SCRATCHY The lovable cartoon figures are back with their best, excellent slapstick-jokes. Now you can share their joy! Dartguns, clubs, cans and fire-extinguishers are everywhere. Take them and crush cats, squise rats and finish of phones! Two pages of homework are hidden in the house! STAY IN SCHOOL, MAN! OTHERWISE YOU'LL GET A ROUGH TIME. Page: 11 -------------------------------------------------------------------- THE JOYPAD IN ITCHY & SCRATCHY The controls you manage like this: Steerbutton Up - Walk Up Steerbutton Left - Walk Left Steerbutton Down - Walk Down Steerbutton Right - Walk Right A-Button - Use weapon B-Button - Jump Touch a weapon or pages of the homework to pick it up. THE GAMESCREEN IN ITCHY & SCRATCHY The Gamescreen shows: ENERGY, LIFES and POINTS BARTS BLOODCIRCULATION You who think you've seen it all before! Wait until you've taken a look on this level. You float around in your own body searching for one more page of the homework. You actually can see it... but not touch it cause it's located in a spinning forcefield which you can stop if you can get in contact, lots of times, with your old friend, Smilin'Joe Fission. There's also two types of deadly virus that floats around in the blood circulation. To beat'em you must blow them up with pump. But watch it cause one shoot from the round, helmet-dressed english Tommy-virus or a cut from the sharp Von Got-U-virus finish you of right away. Page: 12 -------------------------------------------------------------------- BART BLOODCIRCULATION Figures that awaits inside Bart is: Electric powerfield, Homework, Smilin'Joe Fission, the english Tommy-virus and the Von-Got-U-Virus. THE JOYPAD IN BARTS BLOOD-CIRCULATION The controls are like this on this level: Steerbutton Right - Walk Right Steerbutton Left - Walk Left Steerbutton Up - Walk Up Steerbutton Down - Walk Down A-, B-, X- or Y-Button - Blow up virus Touch Smilin'Joe to blow him up. Touch virus with your Powerpump. Page: 13 -------------------------------------------------------------------- CATCH SOME "Z:s" TO GET AN A (Boys need rest.) Bart stand infront of the final challange... His own nightmare. It's his own, active little brain that makes up everything. He can't blame someone else in this case. Bartzilla, Momthra, Maggies Temple, Itchy with flamethrower, Scratchy with a bazooka, Liza with her magic wand that can turn him into a frog. A real nightmare. If Bart wakes up he maybe has to go through it all again, so it's probobly best if you collect some extra "Z:s" so he can sleep on as long as you can stay awake and fight through this nightmare once and for all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET -------------------------------------------- - Projection television warning WARNING DO NOT USE WITH FRONT OR REAR PROJECTION TV Do not use a front or rear projection television with your Nintendo Entertainment System ("NES"), your Super Nintendo Entertainment System ("Super NES"), or any NES or Super NES games. Your projection television screen may be permanently damaged if video games with stationary scenes or patterns are played on your projection television. Similiar damage may occur if you place a video game on hold or pause. If you use your projection television with NES or Super NES games, neither Nintendo nor any of Nintendo's licensees will be liable for any damage. This situation is not caused by a defect in the NES, Super NES, NES games or Super NES games; other fixed or repetitive images may cause similiar damage to a projection television. Please contact your TV manufacturer for further information. - Epilepsy Warning WARNING READ BEFORE USING YOUR NES OR SUPER NES A very small portion of the population may experience epileptic seizures when viewing certain kinds of flashing lights or patterns that are commonly present in our daily environment. These persons may experience seizures while watching some kinds of television pictures or playing certain video games. Players who have not had previous seizures may nonetheless have an undetected epileptic condition. Consult your physician before playing video games if you have an epileptic condition. Consult your physician if you experience any of the following symptoms while playing video games: altered vision, muscle twitching, other involuntary movements, loss of awareness of your surroundings, mental confusion, and/or convulsions. - Hardware precautions/Maintenance 1. Do not use any power plug other than the AC adapter provided with your Super NES. The AC adapter may become warm during use; this is normal and is no cause for concern. 2. Do not use any RF switch other than the one included with your Super NES. 3. Do not disassemble or try to repair the Super NES components. Doing so voids your warranty. 4. Always turn the power switch of the Control Deck off before loading or removing a Game Pak. Insert the Game Pak completely without forcing either the Game Pak or the Control Deck. Load ONLY PAL VERSION Super NES Game Paks into the PAL VERSION Super NES Control Deck. To remove a Game Pak, push the eject button and carefully remove the game. A Game Pak cannot be removed if the power switch is in the on position. 5. After you have finished playing, be sure to remove the Game Pak from the Control Deck. 6. Do not store the Control Deck in a humid place, on the floor or in any location where it may collect dirt, dust, lint etc. 7. Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the Super NES components. 8. Do not leave the Control Deck turned on for extended periods when not in use. 9. When disconnecting any plugs from the Control Deck first turn the Control Deck off, then carefully pull by the plug itself rather than by the cord. Do not step on, sharply pull or bend any wires or cables. 10.Do not expose the Control Deck, Game Paks or any other of the Super NES components to extreme heat or cold. 11.Do not spill liquids on the Control Deck, Game Paks or any other of the Super NES components. To clean, use a soft slightly damp cloth. Allow the component to dry completely before using again. (Use water only). 12.Do not rapidly turn the power switch on and off, as this may cause battery backed-up Game Paks to lose your stored game information. - Game Pak Precautions/Maintenance 1. If you are playing for a long time, take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour. 2. The Game Pak is high precision piece of electronics. Do not store it in places that are very hot or cold. Do not hit, drop or otherwise abuse it. Do not take it apart. 3. Avoid touching the connectors with your fingers. Do not blow on them or allow them to get wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the Game Pak and/or the Control Deck. 4. Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or any other solvent. 5. Always store Game Pak in its protective cover when not in use. 6. Always check the Game Pak edge connector for foreign material before inserting the Game Pak in the Control Deck. To prevent the edge connectors from becoming dirty, we recommend that you regularly use the the Super NES Cleaning Kit only.

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