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Secret of Mana

Typed out by SNS-K2-USA SQUARESOFT (tm) SECRET OF MANA INSTRUCTION MANUAL ______________________________________________________ CONTENTS POWER OF LIFE ............................................ 4 DESTINY CALLS ............................................ 6 CONTROLLER ............................................... 8 SETTING FORTH ........................................... 10 THE LAND AROUND YOU ..................................... 12 RING COMMANDS ........................................... 13 EDIT RING ............................................ 14 ITEM RING ............................................ 20 WEAPON RING .......................................... 21 SPELL RING ........................................... 22 THE MIGHT OF MAGIC ...................................... 23 BATTLE STRATEGIES ....................................... 24 LEVEL UP ................................................ 26 FRIENDS AND SERVICES .................................... 28 MODES OF TRAVEL ......................................... 30 OBSTACLES ............................................... 32 ADDITIONAL PLAYERS ...................................... 34 THE HEROES .............................................. 35 SPRITE MAGIC ............................................ 36 THE GIRL'S MAGIC ........................................ 38 THE VAST ARRAY OF WEAPONS ............................... 40 ITEMS ................................................... 42 ARMOR ................................................... 44 TRAVELER'S LOG .......................................... 46 WARRANTY ................................................ 63 * 3 * __________________________________________________ POWER OF LIFE My friends, I come to you today to tell you what you must know to fulfill your quest and save our world. I have little time. Long ago, when the ancient ones gew powerful and used the energy of Mana to threaten the gods, they were struck down in violence and terror. A great hero weiled the might Sword of Man to destroy the civilization of the ancient ones. After that, peace returned to our troubled world, and the Mana energy that gives life to us all was again in balance. The Sword of Mana was buried in a rock and placed in a stream to guard a nearby village. There, it patiently rested until the day it was pulled free by you, young man. You are the one being who can release the Sword's power and restore the Mana to our once more endangered world. You have been born to seek out our enemies, who threaten the eight seeds of Mana. If they succeed in breaking the seals that guard those seeds, they will bend the power of Mana to evil and ravage our world. It is Mana that fills us and surrounds us, nourishing all life, balancing the good and evil forces of nature. If it should be twisted and * 4 * __________________________________________________ overwhelmed by dark forces, most of our world would be annihilated. Whatever survived would be hideously warped be- yond recognition. A vision has shown me that you are the ancient hero of our land, re- turned to us again in our great time of need. On the pages that follow, I wrote down all that I know. You must take this book with you as you travel, and refer to it when you forget what I say. Seek out the eight palaces of our world. Long ago, one Mana Seed was set in each Palace and its power used to seal the Palace off from all danger. But now the forces of evil beseige the Palaces and are breaking down the seals to steal the Seeds. You must find the eight Seeds and seal their power so that you can use it. When you touch a Mana Seed, its Orb transfers to you, and you become stronger. Only then will you be able to wipe away the smear of evil that darkens our world. Do not despair, and never give up hope. Combine sword skill and magic arts. Return the Energy Orbs to the Tree of Mana and restore balance to our world. You must succeed. Or we are all surely lost.. * 5 * ______________________________________________________ DESTINY CALLS The gods have set their mark upon you. It is your appointed destiny to seek out the eight Seeds of our withering Mana tree. The demons who seek them are scattered across this land-thrash them! Protect the magical Seeds! * A LONG TIME This is no idle quest, to be started and finished in one day. You must explore all the land, descend into vast mazes beneath dark castles, and build strength. Your journey may last nearly 70 hours... * THE MANA SEEDS The ancient Mana Tree bestows life and harmony on our world. It balances good and evil within itself and so balances use all. But now that the Seeds are threatened, the scales are tipping to the side of darkness. If you cannot defend the Seeds and the Tree, our land will be torn apart in the conflict. THE MANA TREE The Mana Tree was created to be the guardian of peace, free from emotion or influence. TRIBE OF MANA SYMBOL OF MANA This tibe of wise men and wise The Tree of Mana was planted on women is dedicated to sustaining our world by the gods at the dawn the balance of the Mana Tree. of time to stand as an everlasting They work to keep both its dark symbol of the power of Mana. The and light sides equal, so that energy of Mana swirls about our neither becomes too powerful and world like the breath of the gods. threatens the safety of our land. giving us magic, life and balance. * 6 * ______________________________________________________ * FIND ALL THE SEEDS The people of our land are near despair, as the Seeds fall under the influence of evil. Search through dark caverns and deep waters, enter evil forests and destroy foul enemies. Let nothing prevent you from locating all eight Seeds! * 7 * ________________________________________________________ CONTROLLER To perform the actions that are necessary to your survival and success, you will need to use these Buttons and the Control Pad. Some Buttons have more than one function, depending on what your situation is when you press them. To Reset the game hold down the L and R buttons, Start and Select, at the same time. CONTROL Press the Control Pad to walk around; East, West, North and PAD South. When a Ring Command is displayed, push the Control Pad left or right to spin the Ring one way or the other. X To bring up the Ring Commands of your allies, simply push the X Button. Y Push Y to open your Ring Commands or close your allies' Rings. Use Y to end conversations. Also use Y to pause the game. A Press and hold the A Button to Dash. B You must press B for a number of actions; talking with people, selecting options from Ring Commands, and activating weapons. START If you have plugged in the 2nd or 3rd Controller, you must push the Start Button to join in the quest (see Page 34). SELECT To switch the Controller manipulating each of your hearoes, push the Select Button (see Page 34 for more information). * 8 * ________________________________________________________ * BUTTONS OF POWER Below are more dtails about the Buttons you will use most often. The Buttons are described as in their original setting. More explainations will be provided later in this book. ---------------- B BUTTON ------------------------ Pressing the B Button when you confront an enemy will let you fight. Of course, being the heroes of our land, you cannot attack defenseless creatures. While you are in town, pushing B begins a conversation. CONTROL PAD/B BUTTON When a Ring Command is on screen, you will use the Control Pad to rotate it. When the item you want is in the box, pushing the B Button will select it. The Rings that appear in shops work the same way. ---------------- Y BUTTON ------------------------ To see your Ring Commands, hero, press the Y Button. Push Y again to close the Rings. When your allies' Rings are on display, push Y to return to the hero's Rings, and Y again to close them. To pause the game, press Y. Press Y again to resume play. ---------------- X BUTTON ------------------------ Push the X Button to select an ally's Ring Commands. Press X again to switch to the other ally's Rings. To close either allies' Ring Commands, press the Y Button twice. * 9 * _______________________________________________________ SETTING FORTH Our hero shall begin his quest alone, to be joined later by two allies. Once you turn on the game and the Title Screen appears, push any Button. The next screen displays two options: Start New Game and Game File. * START NEW GAME To begin your quest at the very start, select Start New Game with the Con- trol Pad and push B. A new screen will appear, where you will enter your chosen name. * YOUR NAME Choose a name that will instill re- spect and fear in the hearts of all you meet. You name can have up to six letters. Press Start, and a vision of the quest will appear. * CONTINUE QUEST If you have aleardy begun a quest and saved it, you can return to it at the point where it was last saved. You can save up to four different quests at a time. * 10 * ______________________________________________________ * HERO'S FUTURE Young hero, allow me to foretell your future. I can see a little, and guess much more. You will go to the Great Falls with your friends, slip, and fall to the water below. On your way home, you will find a sword thrust into a stone and remove it. The road back to Potos, your village, will be crowded with many beasts, and you shall have to fight for your life. Safely home, you will learn that the sword you found was the guardian of your village. Its protection is now lost. The villagers shall be furious with you for what you unknow- ingly caused. They banished you, and you become outcast, homeless because of a sword. But it is the Sword of Mana, and you can save your village, if you destroy all enemies! TIMELY ASSISTANCE A Walk-Through for the first part of the game starts on Page 46. Use this to get yourself started. For further help, a Strategy Guide is available. See Page 62 for details. * 11 * ______________________________________________________ THE LAND AROUND YOU As you travel across our troubled world, on screen you will see the area around you; you will see yourselves and your conditions. The information that will be visible to you is described below and on the following pages. / ----------------------------------------------------- / | HIT POINTS | -------------------------- | Each of you can withstand some | | 1 263/263 | | blows. The number of the left is | | CHAR [=========] | | the life left in this character, the | | FACE | \ | number on the right shows the | -------------------------- \ | maximum life you can hold. | | | \ ---------------------------------------- | | \ | | \ ---------------- | |\ \ | ------------------------------------- \ | | WHICH ONE | \ | | The number shown here | \ | | indicates the active Controller. | \ | ------------------------------------- \ | \ |\ \ -------------------------------------- \ | CHARACTER ICON | ---------------------------------------- | | | WEAPON POWER | | As your allies appear, their faces | | Power up a weapon by holding | | will be shown here. By the face, | | down the B Button. The power of | | information about each is given. | | that weapon will be displayed here. | | This will be visible at all times. | | | -------------------------------------- | ----------------------------- | | | CHAR 1 98/98 | | | | FACE 1/2 [====--------] | | | ----------------------------- | --------------------------------------- * 12 * ________________________________________________________ RING COMMANDS Each of you has more than one Ring Command. To rotate the Rings, push the Control Pad left or right; push up or down to move from one Ring to another. When the item you want is in the box at the top of the Ring, push B. ------------------------------------------------ | THE MAGIC RINGS | | While the hero has three Rings, your allies | | each have four. The fourth Ring displays the | | Spells of that particular ally. | ------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------- | MERCHANT RINGS | ----------------------------------------------------------- | When you are in a shop and ask to see what is for | | sale, a Ring appears. Use this Ring like all the others | | to select the item you want. Its cost will appear in | | the Shop Keeper's conversation window. Your money | | is shown in the middle of the screen. | ----------------------------------------------------------- * 13 * _______________________________________________________ * EDIT RING On this Ring you will find information about items, your condition, and your weapons. You can also adjust the screen and take action. The seven options available to you in this Ring are explained on the following pages. WINDOW EDIT TARGETING CONTROLLER EDIT STATUS WEAPON/MAGIC LEVEL ACTION GRID EQUIP ARMOR ---------------------------------------------------- | WINDOW EDIT | | The Window Edit icon is shown in the photo | | to the right. If you select this option, you can | | change message window color and switch | | frames and backgrounds for a little variety. | ---------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------- | COLOR | | FRAME/ | | Change the message window | | BACKGROUND | | color. Hold down the indicated | | You can see the different Message | | Controller Button while pushing | | Window styles by pushing the | | the Control Pad left or right to | | Control Pad up, down, right, and | | change colors. | | left. Press Select to Exit. | ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------- * 14 * _______________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------- | TARGETING | | When you select the Target icon from the | | Edit Ring with an ally, the Hand of Fate | | appears. Position it at the enemy you | | want to attack and push B. This way you | | can attack another enemy and your allies | | will attack the targeted enemy. | -------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- | NAME TARGETING | | The Hero can use the Target function to find out | | the name of a particular enemy on the screen. | | You cannot Target anything in towns. | ---------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- | CONTROLLER EDIT | | The Controller Edit option of the Edit | | Ring is for those independent souls | | who prefer to set their own Button | | functions. You can even flip the Control | | Pad commands so that you can hold | | the Controller in the reverse position. | --------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- | CHANGING BUTTONS | | Press and hold down the Button which | | you want to change. Push the Control | | Pad left or right to select the function | | you now want that Button to have. | | Release the Control Pad and Button. | | Do this for all of the Buttons you want | | to change. Or, to flip the Control Pad | | directions, push L or R. | -------------------------------------------- * 15 * ________________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------- | STATUS | | Choosing the Start icon on the Edit Ring will bring | | up four windows, which are described below. | | While the stat windows are up, push B to check | | the statistics of the other characters. | ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- | MANA POWER | | This window displays the total number of | | Mana Seeds that have been absorbed by | | your party. | ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- | ABILITIES | | You are gifted with many skills, and | | that is why you have been chosen as our | | heroes. In this window you can review the | | extent of your abilities, ranked on a scale of | | numbers. The higher the number the better. | | As you face frightful peril and survive, and | | as you learn and grow stronger and wiser, | | your ranking will increase. | ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- | EXPERIENCE & LEVEL | | The number of experience, magic points | | you have and your current level appear here. | | You are also shown how much more | | experience you need to move up one level. | ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- | MONEY | | The currency of your world is known as Gold Pieces. | | You will need to buy many things as you travel. | ------------------------------------------------------- * 16 * ______________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------- | WEAPON/MAGIC LEVEL | | Choose the Level option on the Edit Ring to | | check the rating of your weapons and magic. | | The level of each weapon and spell will be | | shown on a scale of 0-8, with 8 the strongest. | -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- | SPECIFIC WEAPONS | | To examine a particular weapon, Press B to | | bring up the highlight box. Move it to any | | weapon and press B again. The power of | | that weapon and other important | | information about it will be displayed. It is | | wise to become familiar with all the weapons | | in your possession. | -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- | ALLIES MAGIC LEVEL | | Once you have selected Level from the Edit | | Ring and the weapon screen appears, push | | R to view the spells available to your allies. | -------------------------------------------------- * 17 * _______________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------ | ACTION GRID | | Use the ACT (Action) option on the Edit Ring | | to issue various commands to the computer- | | controlled members of your party. Establish | | how aggressive they can be and set their | | weapon power. | ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ | ATTACK CHART | | The attack chart offers 16 positions, so | | find the one that best suits your Allies. | | When you are starting out and feeling | | weak, place your Allies in the lower right | | corner of the chart. Here, they will focus | | on defense and have very little | | aggressiveness. As they become | | stronger, and their levels increase, move | | slowly up toward the left corner. In the | | upper left corner, they will concentrate | | on attack and do little to defend | | themselves. | ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ | WEAPON POWER | | You can set the attack power of a weapon | | at any level up to its current maximum | | setting. Bear in mind, however, that a | | high attack power means it will take | | longer to recharge the weapon's power | | meter when you are in the heat of battle. | | This is only for computer controlled | | characters. | ------------------------------------------------ * 18 * _____________________________________________________ --------------------------------------------------- | EQUIP ARMOR | | When you need to change armor, because you | | have bought a new kind or because you know | | that in the next battle you will need something | | special, select the Equip option from the Edit | | Ring. Rings showing your armor appear. | --------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ | CHOOSING ARMOR | | A face next to armor means it is being | | worn by that person. At the top of | | the screen, information about a | | selected item appears. The number to | | the left shows the power of the armor | | you are wearing. The number to the | | right indicates the power of the armor | | selected in the box. | ------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- | SELL THE OLD | DISPOSAL | | Old armor will weigh you down | To dispose of armor that can't be | | and clutter your Rings. Whenever | sold, position it in the Ring's box | | possible, sell off the old items in | and push B. The item will begin | | weapon stores or to Merchants. If | to flash. Rotate the Ring until | | you don't want to wait and sell | the trash can is in the box and | | your armor, throw it away. | push the B button again. | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * 19 * _______________________________________________________ * ITEM RING On this most perilous quest, you will need the assistance of many potent and magical items. Some you will find in hidden chests, others you will tear from the grasp of defeated enemy lords, and still others you can purchase. Place items in the box to gain information about them. You have room to carry more than one of certain kinds of items. Since you will travel long distances, try to keep your packs well supplied, especially outside of towns. ----------------------------- ITEM USAGE -------------------------------------- The Item Ring displays all of the objects vurrently being carried by your party. To use an item, place it in the box of the Item Ring and push B. If you can use the item at that time, you will immediately do so. Otherwise, a message is displayed telling you different. With some items, the Hand of Fate appears. You must position the Hand on whatever you wish to influence and push B. ------------------------------------------------------------- | SPECIAL NOTE | ------------------------------------------------------------- | A list of all the items, complete with full descriptions | | of what they do appears on page 42. | ------------------------------------------------------------- * 20 * ______________________________________________________ * WEAPON RING You must face each enemy, every peril, with the proper weapon in hand. Place a weapon in the box to check its power. The number to the left indicates the relative strength of your weapon; the number to the right shows how much stronger or weaker the selected weapon is. As you collect new weapons, the Weapon Ring expands. You can never sell or dispose of weapons. The risk of having the fall into enemy hands is far too great. --------------------------- CHANGING WEAPONS ------------------ Enter your Weapon Ring when you want to take up a different weapon. The Icon of the character's face will appear next to the weapon that character is currently using, and the name of that weapon will be shown at the top of the screen in the message window. Position the weapon you want in the box at the top of the Ring and push the B Button twice. --------------------------------------------------------- | SPECIAL NOTE | --------------------------------------------------------- | A list of all the weapons you will use throughout the | | game appears on page 40. | --------------------------------------------------------- * 21 * ______________________________________________________ * SPELL RING As you know, only your allies can wield the magic of the elements. Whenever you find an Elemental, its spells are transferred to your allies. They cast the magic of seven elementals but each ally uses the spells differently. --------------------------- SPELL CATEGORIES --------------------- Push X to enter an ally's Ring Commands, and go to the Spell Ring. You can see your current and maximum magic points here. Elementals you ca presently call are also shown. Place an Elemental in the box and its name appears. ------------------------------- SPELLS --------------------------- Once you've selected an Elemental, the list of spells is shown in a small Ring. Place a spell in the box to see its name and the number of magic points needed to cast it. Push Y to return to the Spell Ring without casting a spell. ---------------------------- CASTING SPELLS ---------------------- Position the spell you want to use in the box and push B. The Hand of Fate appears. Push up and down on the Control Pad to move the Hand from target to target, then push B. You can also target multiple monsters or your entire party by moving the Hand until the word "ALL" appears, then pushing the B Button. ------------------------------------------------------ | SPECIAL NOTE | ------------------------------------------------------ | A complete list of the Elementals, including their | | names and the spells they can provide, starts on | | Page 36 of this book. | ------------------------------------------------------ * 22 * ________________________________________________________ THE MIGHT OF MAGIC You allies must not hesitate to throw their magic against the hundreds of enemies you will face. Attack from a distance with mighty spells and bring down the powerful enemy lords with magic. Use magic to strengthen your partners and enhance their weapons in battle. * FAERIE WALNUTS Always maintain a full supply of Walnuts. This nuritious snack will restore your magic points when selected and eaten. * SPELL LEVELS Select the Level option on the Edit Ring then press the R Button to see the magic skill info. The number beside the spell icon indicates the level of that spell. Level 8 is the best. The number next to the level rises every time the spell is used. When this number reaches 100, the level of the spell will increase by one level depending on the number of Mana Seeds you have in your status screen. * CRYSTAL ORBS On your quest, you will have to cast spells on objects as well as enemies. Use magic on crystal orbs, to make them perform certain actions. Use the Analyzer spell on orbs to see which Elemental will work. * 23 * _______________________________________________________ BATTLE STATEGIES IT will be impossible for you to avoid fighting as you fulfill your quest. Indeed, you must seek out battle so that you can grow strong and experienced. Enemies will constantly chase you, but you can avoid engaging them in combat by escap- ing. Outrun the enemy if it pleases you. * ATTACK When you are confonting an en- emy and eager for battle, push B and you will attack. Then watch the power meter in your status window climb back to 100%. When it does, you can strike again at full power. * POWER ATTACK To land a mighty blow on your opponent, press and hold the B Button down. When the power meter in your status window reaches 100%, continue holding B. A power bar appears and be- gins building up to the current level of your weapon. Once it reaches that point, you will at- tack. Be warned, though, that this maneuver takes time and you are open to attack while you are wait- ing to charge up your meter. * 24 * _______________________________________________________ * ENEMY BOSS An enemy boss is bigger and more powerful than his men- that's how he earned his rank. When you meet a boss, use magic and the power attack to defeat him. If you win, you will gain important items and in- formation. * SPELL FIGHTING WHile battling a boss, cast heal- ing spells on the other party members, and use attack spells on the enemy. Some bosses are immune to most kinds of spells. You must experiment to learn which are the most effec- tive. Cast Analyzer on a Boss to see what it is weak against. * SURVIVAL The best way to ensure that you will survive a fight is to go into it perpared. Have all the healing and strengthening items you can hold. Also make sure you are wearing the most powerful armor you can af- ford. When locked in combat, practice different battle tech- niques until you learn which works best in each situation. * 25 * ______________________________________________________ LEVEL UP The land you will be journeying through is filled with a thousand dangers. Many of the challenges you face will be beyond your strength. At such times you must seek out enemies and do battle with them. Once you have built up your level, return and face the challenge again. * EXPERIENCE Every time you defeat an enemy you gain experience points. And once you have achieved a certain number of experience points, your level will increase by one. * STATUS To see how many more experience points you need to move up one level, select the Stat option on the Edit RIng and check the number next to FOR NEXT LEVEL. * WEAPON LEVEL You can raise the level of your weap- ons simply by fighting and destroy- ing enemies with them. The higher the level of that weapon the more damage it will do. Maximum weapon levels are determined by the num- ber of weapon orbs you've collected. * 26 * ______________________________________________________ * MAGIC LEVELS Before venturing forth onto the truly dangerous realms of our world, improve your spells, es- pecially those used to heal and strengthen your party. To in- crease the level of a spell, a good idea is to go to an Inn and stand outside. Cast the spell that you want to improve on the mem- bers of your group. Check the status screen to see how many points you need to raise the spell to a new level. ENter the Inn and sleep to recover magic points. To improve your offensive spells, you will have to seek out enemies and engage them in battle. Maxi- mum spell levels are determined by the number of Mana Seeds shown in your status screen. * 27 * _____________________________________________________ FRIENDS AND SERVICES Most of the inhabitants of our suffering world have retreated to the towns. When you enter a town, you must speak with everyone to collect valuable information. You can also pur- chase items and rest at Inns. Occasionally you will meet people in the country. Talk to them as well. * CONVERSATION Open a conversation with everyone you meet. Do not hesitate to speak with the same person twice-they often have new information to share with you. Write down any clues. * STOCK UP Before leaving town to brave the wild country, visit a store to buy all the items you may need. Fill your packs and purchase the best armor you can afford. Save your progress at an Inn before departing. * WEAPON SMITH After receiving a weapons Orb, seek out Watts, the weapon smith. Select a weapon from your Weapon Ring. He will forge that weapon to its new form for a small fee. * 28 * _____________________________________________________ * INN When you enter an Inn, the Inn- keeper will ask whether you want to stay. If you answer yes, the hit points and magic points of your party will be restored. The Inn- keeper will next ask if you would like to save. You should always save your progress. When you an- swer yes, a list of four files where you can save appears. Se- lect the one you want by pushing up or down on the COntrol Pad. If members of your party perish, their ghosts follow you until you enter an Inn. When you sleep at an Inn, life is restored to them, as well as full hit and magic points. * TRADER CATS Do not fear these feline crea- tures. They allow you to save your progress, though you cannot sleep in their presence. Many of these cats are eager to sell you certain items, if you have the money to buy. And they are usually willing to purchase any armor or items you no longer need. * 29 * ______________________________________________________ MODES OF TRAVEL You will travel mostly on foot as you wander across the land in search of the Mana Seeds. At times, though, you will find other ways to get around. You may fly on the back of a dragon, soar like a cannon ball, or be sent instantly from one place to a far distant site. * SITE Signs are set along many of the roads you travel. Walk up to a sign and press B for information. The sign will show you the names of nearby towns and landmarks, and the direction in which they lie. * CANNON TRAVEL Cannon travel agents can be very help- ful to you. Once you talk to them, they will offer to blast all of you to a distant place for a few G.P. Choose a site with the Control Pad and push B to take off. * FLAMMIE DRUM Late in your quest, you will recieve a a Flammie Drum. When you use this drum, a friendly dragon appears and sweeps all of you into the air. To see the World View, push Start while you are flying. Press the L or R Buttons for yet another view. Push B to return to normal vision. Flammie cannot find you when you are inside a building or underground. * 30 * ______________________________________________________ * DRAGON FLIGHT When flying on the back of Flammie, push A to soar higher and B to drop down. Press the L or R Button for a top- down view. Use the Control Pad to guide the dragon in different direc- tions. Use the N, S, E, W compass at the top of the screen to find your way. * LANDING Flammie cannot land on buildings or among trees, so choose a site carefully. Use his shadow to target a spot, and push B constantly until Flammie finds room to drop you off. * 31 * _______________________________________________________ OBSTACLES Your honorable quest will lead you through many strange new places where you may find your path blocked or threatened by never-before-seen objects. You can usually get around most of these obstacles, with a little clever thinking. Use items you have with you or that you will find nearby to tear down, or go around, roadblocks. UNDER- When bushes and tall grass are growing in the BRUSH way, use your sword to mow them down. FLOWERS Beware these pretty fiends--they see you as a snack! Slash them aside with your weapon. CHESTS Inside these chests are either treasures that will help you or traps that will destroy you! SKULL- Strike a skull with your weapon to trigger the SWITCHES switch of power hidden behind it. TELE- Step onto this pad and all of you will be transported PORTERS immediately to a nearby location. ROCKS When boulders and rocks crowd your path, try shattering them with blows from an axe. STAL- These stone spikes will stop you, unless one of you AGTITE can swing an axe to chop them down. POLES Near ravines you may see poles for crossing. Use a whip to snag them and pull your party over. HIGH Approach this strange blob and you will find STEPPERS yourself bouncing up to higher ledges. CRYSTAL Try casting spell on these mightly crystals to ORBS activate their magical switches. * 32 * _____________________________________________________ * SPECIAL ACTIONS At times, you will need to use your weapons and items for purposes other than fighting. When you are in a difficult situation, always remember to experiment with your magic, weapons, and items in new and different ways. -------------------- SWORD ---------------------- While walking around out on the land you will find grassy areas that you can cut down with your sword. Don't spend too much time doing this as you will not find anything of interest. Some low brush must be cut down for you to pass over it. --------------------- WHIP ------------------------ When a ravine blocks your path, search both sides for crossing poles. Take up a whip and stand opposite the pole on the far side. Choose your position with care, then swing the whip. --------------------- AXE ------------------------- As you travel underground, boulders and stalagtites will prevent your passage. Equip the axe and deliver powerful blows to the stubborn rock. ------------------ FLAMMIE DRUM ------------------- Flammie will come to you when you use the drum, if he can. However, because of his great size it is impossible for him to squeeze into buildings. And since he fears the dark, he will not go underground. * 33 * ______________________________________________________ ADDITIONAL PLAYERS If you have a multi-layer adapter for your Super NES, up to three people can go questing for the Mana Seeds at once. Without the adapter, two people can search for the Seeds. When three people band together, each takes a role and participates in all of the action. * ONE PLAYER You can be any one of the heroes at any time during the quest. To switch from one to the other, press the Select Button on Controller One. The number one will appear next to the face icon of your charac- ter in the stat bar. * TWO PLAYERS A second player can enter into the quest at any time by pressing the Start Button on Controller Two. The second player can switch between the two heroes no being manipu- lated with Controller One by press- ing the Select Button. To quit, press Start again. * THIRD PLAYER A third player can join the quest or quit, as does the second player. * 34 * ______________________________________________________ THE HEROES You, our hero, shall begin this noble quest alone. Before long you will be joined by two others. You three will never separate, unless one is lost or perishes. At such times, progress should stop until the stray is found or restored. * HERO --------------------------------------- Young hero, you were maked by the gods at an early age when you were guided to the ancient Sword of mana. Your sword skill will become unequaled. When a weapon is in your hand, you will be unstoppable. * ALLY --------------------------------------- You are an active, young Sprite. The hero finds you soon, in the Dwarf cave. You are aggressive, and will excel at casting attack spells - especially when confronting the enemy lords. * ALLY --------------------------------------- You are a very gentle, but strong-willed, young lady and have spent your life learning the heal- ing arts and studying how to give strength to others. When in the thick of battle, you will enhance your friends' abilities and cure them of injuries. * 35 * _____________________________________________________ SPRITE MAGIC Little Sprite, the spells on these two pages are yours. Find the Elemental named to obtain the spells listed. Most of your magic is best used in combat. When you cast a spell on multiple vic- tims, the effect of that spell grows weaker. ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | EARTH SLIDE | | | 3MP | | GNOME | A large ball of mud drops | | | on enemies. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | SPEED DOWN | GEM MISSILE | | 1MP | 2MP | | Vines grip your | A shower of sharp jewels | | enemy, slowing him. | shreds the foes. | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | FREEZE | | | 2MP | | UNDINE | Your enemies will be | | | temporarily frozen. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | ENERGY ABSORB | ACID STORM | | 2MP | 2MP | | The enemy's hit points | A corrosive rain falls upon | | transfer to you. | your foes. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | FIREBALL | | | 2MP | | SALAMANDO | Shoot blazing fireballs | | | with this. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | LAVA WAVE | EXPLODER | | 3MP | 4MP | | A tide of molten rock | This spell will blow up | | drown the enemy. | enemies. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ * 36 * ________________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | AIR BLAST | | | 2MP | | SYLPHID | Three gale-force winds | | | blast the enemy. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | SILENCE | THUNDER BOLT | | 2MP | 4MP | | Your enemies will be | Burn up your foes with | | strangely confused. | this sizzler. | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | CHANGE FORM | | | 5MP | | LUNA | Randomly converts one | | | enemy to another. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | LUNAR MAGIC | MAGIC ABSORB | | 8MP | 1MP | | This spell is crazy like | Steal your foe's magic | | moonshine. | points. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | EVIL GATE | | | 8MP | | SHADE | A wave of night sweeps | | | over enemies. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | DISPEL MAGIC | DARK FORCE | | 4MP | 2MP | | Halt's an enemy's | Orbs of darkness attack | | magic attack. | enemies. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | BURST | | | 4MP | | DRYAD | Ultraviolet rays crisp the | | | enemy. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | SLEEP FLOWER | | 2MP | | Sends your enemy into | | a deep sleep. | | | ------------------------------- * 37 * ______________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | STONE SABER | | | 4MP | | GNOME | A weapon under this spell | | | turns foes to stone. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | DEFENDER | SPEED UP | | 2MP | 3MP | | Improves your party's | Increases hit and evade | | defensive skills. | points. | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | ICE SABER | | | 2MP | | UNDINE | Weapons under this spell | | | ice up enemies. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | REMEDY | CURE WATER | | 1MP | 2MP | | Curses a person who | Restores a portion of | | has been poisoned. | someone's hit points. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | FLAME SABER | | | 2MP | | SALAMANDO | Puts the power of fire | | | magic in a weapon. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | BLAZE WALL | FIRE BOUQUET | | 3MP | 3MP | | A wall of flame falls | Cast this to drop enemy | | upon enemies. | attack power. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ * 38 * _______________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | THUNDER SABER | | | 3MP | | SYLPHID | Weapons will strike with | | | thunder's might. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | ANALYZER | BALLOON | | 1MP | 2MP | | Sniffs out enemy traps | Cast this to immobilize | | or weak spots. | enemies. | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | MOON SABER | | | 3MP | | LUNA | Increase your hit points | | | as you topple foes. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | MOON ENERGY | LUNAR BOOST | | 2MP | 2MP | | Raise the number of | Allies focus on attack, | | your critical hits. | not defense. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | LIGHT SABER | | | 5MP | | LUMINA | Weapons gain the | | | power of light. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | LUCID BARRIER | LUCENT BEAM | | 4MP | 2MP | | Protection from | Enemies will be hit by a | | weapon attacks. | blast of pure light. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | REVIVIFIER | | | 10MP | | DRYAD | Restore life but not Hit | | | points. | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | WALL | | 6MP | | Makes a barrier to ward | | off magic. | | | ------------------------------- * 39 * _____________________________________________________ THE VAST ARRAY OF WEAPONS Eight types of weapons are used in combat on our world, and there are eight levels for each type. You must choose the most effective weaponfor every situation you will face. Also, you will find that you can wield some weapons very well, and others not. To see onscreen weapon information, choose Level on the Edit Ring. Highlight the weapon you want to check, and press the B Button to see a brief description at the bottom of the screen. (See Page 17.) * SWORDS The Sword of Mana can go through a transformation every time you locate and collect an Energy Orb. As will all weapons, Watts needs to reforge your weapon to make a new one. Its levels are: 1. Rusty Sword 5. Excalibur 2. Broad Sword 6. Masamune 3. Herald Sword 7. Gigas Sword 4. Claymore 8. Dragon Buster * GLOVES Don this powerful handgear and punch your enemies into oblivion. 1. Spike Knuckle 5. Heavy Glove 2. Power Glove 6. Hyper-Fist 3. Moogle Claw 7. Griffin Claws 4. Chakra 8. Dragon Claws * AXES You can use axes in many different ways. Attack venomous plants and fishes with an axe, or break apart certain rocks. 1. Watt's Axe 5. Golden Axe 2. Lode Axe 6. Were-Buster 3. Stout Axe 7. Great Axe 4. Battle Axe 8. Gigas Axe * 40 * _____________________________________________________ * POLE ARMS Wield a spear when you don't dare get too close to your foe. You will find spears helpful when fighting dragons. 1. Spear 5. Halberd 2. Heavy Spear 6. Oceanid Spear 3. Sprite's Spear 7. Gigas Spear 4. Partisan 8. Dragoon Lance * WHIPS If you are being attacked by giant insects, arm yourself with a whip. Also use whips to snag poles to cross ravines. 1. Whip 5. Flail of Hope 2. Black Whip 6. Morning Star 3. Backhand Whip 7. Hammer Flail 4. Chain Whip 8. Nimbus Chain * BOWS AND ARROWS Shoot arrow over long distances and different levels-the enemy can't lay a hand on you! 1. Chobin's Bow 5. Bow of Hope 2. Short Bow 6. Elfin Bow 3. Long Bow 7. Wing Bow 4. Great Bow 8. Doom Bow * BOOMERANGS When you throw a boomerang, you have a better chance of making a critical hit. It's also a good distance weapon. 1. Boomerang 5. Red Cleaver 2. Chakram 6. Cobra Shuttle 3. Lode Boomerang 7. Frizbar 4. Rising Sun 8. Shuriken * DARTS Arm yourself with a dart, then use it in battle to hit enemies who are at some distance from you. 1. Pole Dart 5. Fork of Hope 2. Javelin 6. Imp's Fork 3. Light Trident 7. Elf's harpoon 4. Lode Javelin 8. Dragon's Dart * 41 * _____________________________________________________ ITEMS To purchase new items that will help you in your quest, visit shops. You will find that the price of things vary from town to town. Chests hold items that may be of use to you, as well- but remember that they may also hide traps. You can carry four of each item except the rope, Flammie Drum, Moogle Belt and Midge Mallet. CANDY You will be able to buy candy in most stores, and it frequently appears inside chests. Eat some of this sugary treat to partially restore your hit points. CHOCOLATE You will get more energy from eating chocolate, and it will raise your hit points more than candy. Unfortunately, it is also more expensive than candy. ROYAL JAM Made from the royal jelly of the Buzz Bee queen, this tasty snack has magical properties. It replenishes the hit points of the one who eats it to it's full capacity. FAERIE WALNUT You will need to keep a full stock of Faerie Walnuts. Whenever you eat one, it will restore your magic points to maximum. * 42 * _________________________________________________ MEDICAL HERB Try to keep this in your packs always. If you are poisoned by an enemy or a chest with needles, Moogled etc., take this herb. CUP OF WISHES Hold this magical cup to the lips of one who has perished, and that person is restored with full hit and magic points. MAGIC ROPE When you become lost, or endangered in a castle, dungeon, or forest, use this to return to the beginning of the area. FLAMMIE DRUM You will find this wondrous drum as you near the end of your quest. When you pound on it, Flammie shall appear. MOOGLE BELT When one or all of you have been moogled by an enemy's magic, use the Moogle Belt to return to your normal self. MIDGE MALLET Only one Mallet exists. It will shrink or enlarge all of you. Use it when you have been shrunk by enemies. BARREL Wear this barrel when you must race through a dangerous area. It protects you, but you cannot use your weapons. * 43 * _____________________________________________________ ARMOR Below are named and described all of the types of armor available to you. Some of you won't be able to wear certain kinds of armor. The faces of those who can wear the armor appear in the Ring when you are purchasing it. Use this chart to see the protection each armor provides before buying it. ----------------------------------------------------------------- | BANDANNA | DRAGON HELM | | PROTECTION ........... 2 | PROTECTION .............. 66 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | HAIR RIBBON | DUCK HELM | | PROTECTION ........... 3 | PROTECTION .............. 140 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | RABITE CAP | NEEDLE HELM | | PROTECTION ........... 5 | PROTECTION .............. 140 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | HEAD GEAR | COCKATRICE CAPE | | PROTECTION ........... 7 | PROTECTION .............. ??? | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | QUILL CAP | AMULET HELM | | PROTECTION ........... 10 | PROTECTION .............. ??? | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | STEEL CAP | FAERIE CROWN | | PROTECTION ........... 13 | PROTECTION .............. ??? | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | GOLDEN TIARA | OVERALLS | | PROTECTION ........... 17 | PROTECTION ................ 3 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | RACCOON CAP | KUNG FU SUIT | | PROTECTION ........... 21 | PROTECTION ................ 4 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | QUILTED HOOD | MIDGE ROBE | | PROTECTION ........... 26 | PROTECTION ................ 7 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | TIGER CAP | CHAIN VEST | | PROTECTION ........... 32 | PROTECTION ............... 10 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | CIRCLET | SPIKY SUIT | | PROTECTION ........... 38 | PROTECTION ............... 13 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | RUBY ARMET | KUNG FU DRESS | | PROTECTION .......... ??? | PROTECTION ............... 17 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | UNICORN HELM | FANCY OVERALLS | | PROTECTION ........... 55 | PROTECTION ............... 22 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- * 44 * ______________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------- | CHEST GUARD | COBRA BRACELET | | PROTECTION ........... 28 | PROTECTION ................ 6 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | GOLDEN VEST | WOLF'S BAND | | PROTECTION ........... 34 | PROTECTION ................ 8 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | RUBY VEST | SILVER BAND | | PROTECTION ........... 43 | PROTECTION ............... 10 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | TIGER SUIT | GOLEM RING | | PROTECTION ........... 52 | PROTECTION ............... 13 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | TIGER BIKINI | FROSTY RING | | PROTECTION ........... 64 | PROTECTION ............... 16 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | MAGICAL ARMOR | IVY AMULET | | PROTECTION ........... 78 | PROTECTION ............... 20 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | TORTIS MAIL | GOLD BRACELET | | PROTECTION ........... 95 | PROTECTION ............... 24 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | FLOWER SUIT | SHIELD RING | | PROTECTION .......... 115 | PROTECTION ............... 29 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | BATTLE SUIT | LAZURI RING | | PROTECTION .......... 139 | PROTECTION ............... 35 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | VESTGUARD | GUARDIAN RING | | PROTECTION .......... 240 | PROTECTION .............. ??? | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | VAMPIRE CAPE | GAUNTLET | | PROTECTION .......... ??? | PROTECTION ............... 90 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | POWER SUIT | NINJA GLOVES | | PROTECTION .......... ??? | PROTECTION .............. ??? | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | FAERIE CLOAK | DRAGON RING | | PROTECTION ........... 55 | PROTECTION .............. ??? | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | FAERIE'S RING | WATCHER RING | | PROTECTION .......... ??? | PROTECTION .............. ??? | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | ELBOW PAD | IMP'S RIG | | PROTECTION .......... ??? | PROTECTION .............. ??? | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | POWER WRIST | AMULET RING | | PROTECTION ............ 4 | PROTECTION ............... 95 | ----------------------------------------------------------------- * 45 * ________________________________________________________ TRAVELER'S LOG Young hero, on the following pages, I have recorded some steps you must take if you wish to begin your quest success- fully. I cannot tell you how to proceed all the way to the end, for who can know whether any of use will survive that long? I must also warn you that there are several ways to make your way through this ordeal. No single way is the "right" way. 1 GET THE RUSTY SWORD One fateful day, you find the Rusty Sword embedded in stone. Be- cause you need something to cut down the bushes, you pull it free. But your action breaks the seal that holds the local monsters at bay and protects Potos, your town. Now as you try to return home, you face a hundred foes. 2 BUILD YOUR LEVEL As your fight your way through the hordes of famished monsters that are taking advantage of their new freedom, try to find candy. You must collect and eat it whenever you need to regain your strength. Attack monsters to build up your sword to level one. Your combat experience and candy snacks will help increase your level-try to reach level three before you get to Potos. * 46 * ___________________________________________________ 3 VISIT THE ITEM SHOP Once back in Potos, visit the Item Shop. If the store has bandannas, buy one. If you have room in your pack for more candy, buy some of that, too. 4 EQUIP ARMOR It may not look like much protection, but your new bandanna will function as armor. Put on the bandanna as described on Page 19, by opening the Edit Ring and selecting Equip. Once you are wearing the ban- danna around your head, you will see that your armor is level two. 5 SAVE GAME Take time to stop at the local Inn and save your progress. If you truly wish to suc- ceed in your quest, you should visit Inns often to save and recover. * 47 * _________________________________________________ 6 TALK TO THE TOWNSPEOPLE Approach the people of Potos and engage them in conver- sation. Be sure not to miss the Elder. He has much to say about that Rusty Sword you found in the stream! Af- ter he speaks with you, an earthquake rocks Potos. You and your friend Elliott, fall into a gaping pit. Brace yourself, because you are about to battle a giant ant! 7 MANTIS ANT The dreaded Mantis Ant is the first enemy lord you will meet. Once the protective power of your sword was removed from Potos, the Mantis Ant raced to the town to try to take the sword for himself. The earthquake was actually the Ant digging his way under Potos to reach you. Like many of the enemy lords, he can sense the presence of the Sword of Mana. Use your hard-won experience to defeat the Ant. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | When you defeat the mantis Ant, you find the powerful Sword Orb, which | | draws its power from a Mana Seed. When you find Watts, the blacksmith, | | he'll pu the Orb to good use... | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- * 48 * ____________________________________________________ 8 STAY IN POTOS Once the dust clears from your battle, Jema, a knight from a distant land, ap- proaches to see if you are alive. He is relieved to find you well, and gives you much useful advice. Return to the Elder and speak to him some more. Go downstairs in his house and open the chest. Talk to villagers again. While you are doing this, the townspeople are meeting to discuss your punishment for removing the protection from Potos. ------------------------------------------------------------------ | You are banished from Potos forever, never to return unless you clear the | | world of monsters and danger. | ---------------------------------------------------------------- 9 JOURNEY TO THE WATER PALACE Go to the Water Palace after you leave Potos. You can reach the Palace by walk- ing, or you can find Cannon Travel and get a boost. Jema has already paid the re- quired fee, so you can fly free. If you decide to walk, however, try to find Neko's Item Shop along the way. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | Neko has a well-stocked shop. You should purchase the wristband and | | any other items that appeal to you (and you can afford). Equip the | | Wristband once you have it. | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * 49 * ________________________________________________________ 10 TALK TO SOLDIERS As you ap- proach the beautiful Water Palace, you will encounter five soldiers. One of them is Dyluck-re- member his name and face. Be sure to talk to each of the guards until his duty hour is up and he leaves the screen. Then continue north to the enterance of the Palace. 11 TALK TO LUKA Jema meets you at the front door of the Water Palace and leads you to Luka. She has much information for you about the sword, the Mana Seed, and the Empire. While you two are conversing, Jema heads out for Pandora. Continue speaking with Luka, and politely answer all of her questions. If she likes what she hears, she will tell you about the other Mana Seeds. --------------------------------------------- | Luka gives you the Speak, and provides | | you with information about other | | weapons. She also restores your hit | | points and sends you off to Gaia's Navel. | --------------------------------------------- * 50 * ______________________________________________________ 12 TAKEN ALIVE! Before you can reach Gaia's Navle, a horde of Goblins may attack and capture you. Fortunately, a blonde girl comes to your rescue and saves you from being the main course at the Goblins' ritual din- ner. But before you can learn her name, she runs off. Proceed to Pandora. 13 PATH TO GAIA'S NAVEL Don't bother to ex- plore Pandora yet. Leave town by the mid-left road. This route should put you back on the path to Gaia's Navel. Visit Kippo Village when you reach it. Increase your armor, and con- verse with all of the inhabitants to learn valuable clues. 14 TRY OUT YOUR SPEAR The road to Gaia's Navel is long and filled with a hun- dred perils. Practice with the spear given to you by Luka as you travel. You need to build the level of your spear up to one, just as you did the Rusty Sword, earlier. Keep an eye out for any items dropped by enemies that you could find useful, and build your experience points. * 51 * ______________________________________________________ 15 ENTER THE CAVE The forest is the last obstacle you must work throughbefore reaching gaia's Navel. It is a grim place, home to monsters who fear the light of day. You need all of your skill and courage to survive. Gaia's Nael is a deep cave, so watch for it carefully. When you do find the cave, enter it on the left side to avoid trouble. 16 TRIGGER THE SKULL SWITCH Depending on your decisions, you may be all alone when you enter the cave, or you may be with an ally. Explore the cave until you find a Skull Switch on the wall. The room beyond is filled with lava and you cannot pass. Stab the Skull with your weapon to trigger the switch beneath. In the next room, grates in the floor swing open and drain the lava. 17 ANOTHER SWITCH Pass through the room that was just cleared of lava and descend the steps on the far side. Gaia's Naval has many interesting places and items. Ex- plore the cave until you find an- other Skull Switch. Once you lo- cate it, strike the switch with your weapon to trigger it. * 52 * ____________________________________________________ 18 SECRET DOOR You can never foretell what a Skull Switch will do. Often when you trigger one, you cannot see the results imme- diately. Other actions you perform will also cause mys- terious things to happen, so be alert. Once you trigger this second Skull Switch, enter the next room. A portion of the floor has fallen away to reveal a new path. 19 VILLAGE OF THE DWARFS This hidden route you have found is the passageway used by Dwarfs to enter their village from Gaia's Navel. They are friendly to you, so talk with them. Find Watts, the blacksmith, and have him reforge your Rusty Sword. It costs 100GP, but is well-worth it. Visit the Inn, then find the exhibit hut. A fascinating show is about to begin. 20 THE SPRITE SHOW Pay 50GP for the first part of the show, then pay an additional 100GP, if you have it, to help the Sprite. After the show, return to the stage and go behind it. Find the Sprite and get a refund... * 53 * _____________________________________________________ 21 BATTLE TROPICALLO Once the Sprite and the Dawrf have been shamed into giv- ing you back your money, return to the village and brace yourself. A tremendous earthquake strikes, shaking up the people and the town. This is a warning to you that Tropicallo, an enemy lord, is about to appear. When you defeat him, the Spear Orb is your reward. The Sprite is unimpressed with your skill but decides to join you when it hears you might be able to help it! The Sprite brings along a Boomerang and Chobin's Bow. You are then asked to go to Elinee's Castle. 22 However, be- fore you pro- ceed to Elinee's Castle to dis- solve the seal, visit the back- smith once more. Out of gratitude for destroying Tropicallo, he sells you his own weapon, Watt's Axe. He then creates a new enterance to the Dwarf Village so that others can find it more easily. Before you bid farewell to the blacksmith, ask him to reforge your spear. He is able to raise it to level two. Return to Pandora. This time you will examine the town more closely. * 54 * ________________________________________________ 23 THE GIRL If you haven't already done so, enter the Castle of Pandora, located in the up- per right of the town. Search the Castle, talking to every- one, until you again meet the blonde girl who saved you from the Goblins. She will join your quest and aid you with her magic powers. Her boyfriend, Dyluck, is missing and she hopes to find him while traveling with you. Once you settle the details with her, go to the left and enter the first room you find-it is King Pandora's chamber. 24 TALK TO JEMA Jema is already in the King's chamber. He is concerned about recent events in Pandora and, after filling you in, heads out to explore. Talk to the King to gain his per- spective. His spy network, greatly reduced since the trouble began, is still func- tioning and keeping him informed on many issues. Even so, gossip is the best way to learn details, so speak with the people living in the Castle. When you are done, leave town and journey to Elinee's Castle, north of Gaia's Navel. * 55 * ______________________________________________________ 25 TRAVELLING Now that you have two part- ners, you will have to learn about you. Take every opportunity to practice together against enemies so that you know the strengths and weak- nesses of the heroines. On your way to Elinee's castle, stop in Kippo Village and the Dwarf Village. Your allies need to purchase armor and all of you need to fill your packs with items. Be sure to equip your new armor immediately. 26 GEAR CHECK Before you leave the last town, do a gear check. You should be wearing the Head Gear, Power Wrist, and Spiky Suit. Your armor level will be increased by 24 points with this outfit. The Sprite should have on the Rabite Cap, Power Writs, and the Spiky Suit. This gear should raise its armor level by 25 points. Make sure the girl has the Hair Ribbon, Power Wrist, and Kung Fu Dress. Her amor will then be increased by 24 points. Each member of your party should build up the skill level of his or her weapons, and all of you should be at level eight or higher. If everyone is properly armed and geared up, lead your party on to Elinee's Castle. * 56 * _______________________________________________________ 27 THE HAUNTED FOREST Elinee's Castle lies on the far side of the Haunted Forest. The woods are filled with dread beasts and a hundred pitfalls for the unwary trav- eler. To find it, go north of Gaia's Navel and look for ten pillars lined up along the road. Walk between them and you find yourself in the Haunted Forest. Work your way through a maze of trees and hordes of monsters until you come to a fork in the road. 28 FORK IN THE ROAD If you take the left-hand path, your quest shall be doomed to failure. Follow the path to your right. Find the unusual symbol set into the ground and stand upon it. A slight earthquake shakes the for- est. Once the ground has settled, return to the fork in the road. Now proceed down the left path. Before long, you find two towering pillars crowned with grim skulls. These are remnants of the technology and wizardry of the ancient ones, and hold a secret power. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | To guarantee your safe passage, you must destroy the skull pillars. | | Sheathe your sword, take up Watt's Axe and chop them down. | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * 57 * _________________________________________________ 29 ELINEE'S CASTLE After bringing down the pil- lars, continue to Elinee's Castle. Enter it and walk down the hall until you find a switch set in the floor. 30 USELESS SWITCH You discover, when you try to throw the switch, that it does not cause anything to hap- pen. Proceed past the switch and on down the stairs. Ex- plore this new area until you find Neko locked in a cell with some soldiers. Not sur- prisingly, they are very unhappy to be there. 31 RELEASE THEM talk to the sol- diers to learn how to free them, and let everyone out of the cell. Neko was taken prisoner while he was carrying goods to his shop, so he has items to sell that you might need. He will also save your progress for you. Be sure to talk to the soldiers, too. They have information about how to make the useless switch create a bridge. Return to that switch and activate the bridge. * 58 * __________________________________________________ 32 SLIDING WALL Continue exploring Elinee's Castle until you find another switch in the floor. Step on it and a wall slides away. Go on through the passageway. 33 ELINEE When you find Elinee, she runs away. Follow her until she is cornered. Dyluck is her cap- tive, and she send him to Thantos. Elinee seems a nasty woman, and gleefully tells you about the Empire's plans to conquer Pandora. Then she escapes and the enemy lord, Spiky Tiger, attacks. 34 BOOMERANG ORB You receive the Boomerang Orb upon defeating Spiky Tiger. You might find your Bow and Arrow helpful in this battle. Seek out Elinee once more. You see that she is a greatly changed person. Apparently, she has been under the control of the enemy lord Thanatos. She realizes that she behaved badly, and is quite apologetic. * 59 * ____________________________________________________ 35 RECEIVE WHIP Elinee advises you to see the ruins located south of Pandora. The, to compen- sate you for the swful things she said and did, she gives you two treasure chests. Take what is in them. Elinee also tells you what you must have Ice Magic to get past the lava in the Dawrf Village. This lava protects the Underground Palace. 36 RETURN TO WATER PALACE Go back to the jail and find Neko to save your quest progress, then leave Elinee's Castle. Luka sends you a message that you must re- trun to the Water Palace. 37 A NEW CAVE Find Luka at the Water Palace. She tells you about Undine, a friend of hers, who is a water spirit. She has not heard from Undine in quite some time, and with all the trouble going on, is worried about her. Luka asks you to go to the cave where Undine lives and see if she is alive and unharmed. Prepare yourself to run into enemies. * 60 * __________________________________________________ 38 UNDINE When you enter the cave, Tonpole, an enemy lord, launches an attack. Keep hitting him so that he can't use Heal Water on himself! De- feat him and receive the Glove Orb. Enter the newly opened cave to find Undine. She bestows her magic on the Sprite and the girl. These two can now cast spells of Water. At the same time, Undine give you a new weapon, the Pole Dart. 39 RETURN TO GAIA'S NAVEL When you have assured yourself that Undine is well, and will be safe in her cave, Talk to Luka again, then go back to Gaia's Navel and enter the Drawf Village. 40 BLACKSMITH First visit Watt and ask him to upgrade your weapons. Each type of weapon that you have found an Orb for can be forged up to a higher level. By now you should have an Orb for the Spike Knuckle and an Orb for the Boomerang. The Spike Knuckle becomes the Power Glove and the Boomerang becomes Chakram when the blacksmith is through. * 61 * ______________________________________________________ 41 CRYSTAL CAVE At the center of the Dwarf Vil- lage is a cave with a crystal. Find this cave and enter it. Explore the cave until you find the crystal. It is a thing of beauty, a product of ad- vanced technology. The knowledge of how to utilize a crystal was lost when the ancient ones were destroyed. Now people must use magic on crystals to unlock their powers. 42 ICE MAGIC Use Ice Magic on this crystal, as Elinee said. You can then enter the Underground Pal- ace, or return to Pandora to search for Dyluck. Thsi deci- sion and all others are yours to make. I have said all that I can, and my time is over. May the gods smile on your quest so that you succeed and restore harmony to our world. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | A STRATEGY GUIDE IS AVAILABLE! | | Lost? Stuck in a cavern? Wondering what to do next? Here's where you can | | get all the details, tricks, and strategies for success -- Secret of Mana: | | The Official Strategy Guide! You'll find full-color detailed maps, | | strategies for every part of the game, statistics on all characters, | | monsters, weapons, special items and hidden areas! For more information, | | refer to the postcard included in your Secret of Mana game pak! | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * 62 * _____________________________________________________ SQUARESOFT Westpark G-I, 8351-154th Ave. N.E. Redmond, WA 98052 For a Square Soft Game Counselor, call (206) 861-0303 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. P.S.T. PRINTED IN JAPAN

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