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Secret of Evermore

Typed out by Mike Liu -------------------------------pgs. 01-02------------------------------- U/SNS-AEOE-USA Secret of Evermore (TM) SQUARESOFT (R) Instruction Booklet KIDS TO ADULTS: AGES 6+ Super Nintendo Entertainment System WARNING: Please carefully read the consumer information and precautions booklet included with this product before using your Nintendo (R) hardware system. This product has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. For information about the ESRB rating, or to comment about the appropriateness of the rating, please contact the ESRB at 1-800-771-3722. LICENSED BY Nintendo (R) NINTENDO, SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM, AND THE OFFICIAL SEALS ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. (C) 1991 NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. THIS OFFICIAL SEAL IS YOUR ASSURANCE THAT NINTENDO HAS REVIEWED THIS PRODUCT AND THAT IT HAS MET OUR STANDARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN WORKMANSHIP, RELIABILITY AND ENTERTAINMENT VALUE. ALWAYS LOOK FOR THIS SEAL WHEN BUYING GAMES AND ACCESSORIES TO ENSURE COMPATIBILITY WITH YOUR NINTENDO PRODUCT. ---------------------------------pg. 03--------------------------------- CONTENTS THE QUEST .................. 4 THE CONTROLLER ............. 6 MORE CONTROLS ............ 7 WORLD OF EVERMORE .......... 8 PLAY SCREEN ................ 9 RING COMMANDS ............. 10 ALCHEMY ................... 18 ALCHEMY FORMULAS ........ 20 ALCHEMY INGREDIENTS ..... 23 INTO THE FRAY ............. 26 THE HEROES ................ 31 WEAPONS ................... 32 ARMOR ..................... 34 ITEMS ..................... 36 CREDITS ................... 38 WARRANTY .................. 39 SQUARESOFT (R) (c) 1995 Square Soft, Inc. All rights Reserved. Secret of Evermore (TM) is a trademark of Square Soft, Inc. Squaresoft (R) is a registered trademark of Square Co., Ltd. -------------------------------pgs. 04-05------------------------------- THE QUEST After years of research and many failed attempts, Professor Sidney Ruffleberg finally did it! With one brilliant shot of electricity, he successfully catapulted himself and his friends into a fantasy world of their own design. He called the world "Evermore" and watched over it from a futuristic city, floating high above the ancient lands. What the professor didn't know was that a sinister force has been working against him from the beginning. This entity would quickly make Professor Sid's dreams into a nightmare from which there would be no escape. In the real world, the disappearance of the professor and his friends went largely unnoticed. Years after the spark that sealed the fate of the scientist and his friends, the mansion was an abandoned, deteriorating heap -- a mysterious structure from the past. And a mystery it would have remained if it weren't for the adventuring instincts of a boy and his dog from Podunk. Propelled into Evermore without so much as a warning, they find a world that has gone from a fantasy-born utopia to a dream turned upside-down. With his wits, weapons, and will the boy finds adventure, and the dog sniffs out everything else. Seek out the leaders of the lands of Evermore. They alone can help you unravel the mysteries of the land. Discover the secret of Evermore or you will never see Podunk again. -------------------------------pgs. 06-07------------------------------- THE CONTROLLER To succeed in the worlds of Evermore, you will need to have complete control over the hero and his dog. Some buttons have more than one function, depending on your situation. + Control Pad Press the Control Pad in the direction you would like to walk. When a Ring Command menu is displayed, push the Control Pad left or right to spin the Ring one way or the other, and up and down to switch Rings. X Button Press X to open the Ring Commands for the character you're not controlling. Y Button Press Y to open or close the Ring Commands for the character you are controlling. Use Y to end conversations. Also use Y when you want to pause the game. A Button After you receive the Jaguar Ring, press and hold the A Button to run. As you run your power meter will slowly deplete. B Button The B Button controls a number of different actions: talking with people, selecting options from the menus and Ring Commands, and activating weapons. L+R Buttons Press and hold the L and R Buttons to sniff out and retrieve items with the dog. START Button Used to start the game. SELECT Button To switch control between the hero and his dog, press the SELECT button. MORE CONTROLS In addition to normal control, some buttons also perform other functions. B Button Pressing the B Button when enemies are around will let you fight. While you are in town, pressing the B Button begins a conversation. + Control Pad/B Button When a Ring Command is on screen, press left or right on the Control Pad to rotate the selections. When the item you want is in the box, pressing the B Button will select it. All Command Rings work the same way. Y Button To see the Ring Commands for the hero or his dog (whichever you are controlling), press the Y Button. Press Y again to close the Rings. This can also be used to pause and resume play. ---------------------------------pg. 08--------------------------------- WORLD OF EVERMORE Our hero and his dog begin their quest together. After the title screen appears, press the START button to begin a new game. Start a New Game To start your game at the beginning, select New Game from the Game Select screen with the Control Pad and press the B Button. A new screen will appear where you can enter your name. Entering Your Name Enter your name using the Control Pad to move the cursor and the B Button to select a letter. To delete a character, press the Y Button. Press START when you are finished. Input Dog's Name After reaching Fire Eyes' Village, you will need to name the dog. This is done in the same way as your name. To Continue a Quest If you have already begun a quest and saved it, you can return to the point where it was last saved. You can save up to four different quests at a time. Choose the file you want from the Game Select screen and press the B Button. Use Hero or Dog When the hero and his dog are together, you can play with either character (press SELECT to switch between them). Sometimes you will have to play alone with the hero or the dog. ---------------------------------pg. 09--------------------------------- PLAY SCREEN As you make your way through the lands of Evermore, you need to stay aware of your status. Listed below is a summary of the stats normally displayed on the screen. 1. Our Hero The hero's status is shown in the lower left corner of the screen, next to his icon. 2. The Dog The dog's status is shown in the lower right corner of the screen, next to his icon. 3. Hit Points Each player can withstand some blows. The number on the left is the life this character has remaining; the number on the right shows the maximum life this character can hold. 4. Power Meter After reaching level 2 with your weapon, you can power up a weapon by holding down the B Button. While holding down the button, the power meter will grow as you power up for a stronger attack. Running will deplete your Power Meter. -------------------------------pgs. 10-17------------------------------- RING COMMANDS Our hero has more than one Ring Command menu, and his dog has one. Push the Control Pad up or down to move from one Ring to another. To rotate a Ring, push left and right. When the item you want is selected in the box at the top of the Ring, push B to select it. MERCHANT RINGS When you converse with shopkeepers, a Ring appears showing what that proprietor has for sale. As you move items into the selection box, the number you own of that particular item and its price will appear in the shopkeeper's conversation window. Your money is shown in the middle of the screen. EDIT RING The Edit Ring lets you view the status of your characters and edit your controls. Character Status Choosing the STAT icon on the Edit will bring up your character's status window. Both the hero and the dog have status windows. Use the R Button to switch between characters. Experience and Levels [top left corner] This area of the window displays your character's hit points, current level, experience points, and experience points needed to increase to the next level. Hit Points: remaining/maximum HP. Level: your character's current level. Exp: current level of experience points. Needed: experience points needed to reach the next level. Abilities [bottom left corner] This area of the window displays your character's abilities. Attack: attack strength. Defend: defense strength. Magic Def: defense against magical attacks. Evade %: potential to evade an attack. Hit %: potential for connecting when striking an enemy. Money [middle of left column] This area displays the type and how much of each different currency you have. Each world in Evermore has a different monetary unit, listed below: Prehistoria Talons Antiqua Jewels Gothica Gold Omnitopia Credits Exchanging Money Currencies from abroad can be exchanged at any shop for the currency of the land you're exploring. Weapons/Armor Equipped [bottom right corner] This area of the window displays the weapons and armor currently equipped. Level Choosing the LEVEL icon will bring up the hero's Weapon Skill window. Each weapon type has its own menu page. To access the different pages, press the R Button. An icon of each weapon available is shown with its name and level next to it. Each weapon has four different levels of attack power, indicated by the numbers after the name. The first number is your weapon's maximum attack power (0-3). The second number is your experience with the weapon (0-99). Press up and down on the Control pad to select a weapon. Any special abilities of the weapon selected will be shown in the message window at the bottom of the screen. A demonstration of the weapon in action appears in the window on the right. Action Level Choosing the ACT (ACTION) icon in the Edit Ring will bring up the Action Menu for the hero and his dog. You can set the aggression level for either character and set the power of their attack. Aggression Level Press B to highlight the character you want to adjust (that character will then flash), then move the Control Pad left or right to set the aggression level. Aggression levels range from DEFENSIVE or SEARCH (on the lowest levels) to AGGRESSIVE and FIGHT (on the highest levels. When the dog is set to SEARCH, he will spend most of his time sniffing out ingredients. Attack Power After setting the aggression level you will be able to set the maximum attack power the character you're not controlling (computer controlled) will use. You can set the attack power of the hero or the dog to any level up to their current maximum setting (0-3). Controller Edit The Controller Edit option of the Edit Ring is for players who prefer to set their own button functions. Changing Buttons Press up or down on the Control Pad to change button configuration. Press SELECT to change the sound mode. Window Edit The Window Edit icon allows you to customize the message window background and frames. Background/Frame Editing You can see the different message window styles by pushing the Control Pad up, down, left, and right. Press START or the Y Button to exit. Equip When you need to change armor, select the EQUIP icon from the Edit Ring. Rings showing your armor will appear. Press up and down to switch between the body armor, head gear, and arm gear Equip Rings. Choosing Armor When using the Equip Ring to select armor, information about the item in the selection box appears at the top of the screen. The number to the left shows the power of the armor you are currently wearing. The number to the right indicates the power of the armor selected in the box. Sell the Old Old armor will weigh you down and clutter your Rings. Whenever possible, sell off the old items in weapon stores or to Merchants. Targeting When you select the Target (crosshair) icon from the Edit Ring of a computer-controlled character, the target arrow appears. Position it at the enemy you want that character to attack and press the B Button. This allows you to select where the computer-controlled character will focus their attack. Name Targeting You can also use the Target function to find out the name of a particular enemy on the screen. You cannot use Target in towns. ITEM RING As you adventure throughout the world of Evermore, you will need the assistance of many potent and magical items. Some are hidden in chests, other you will earn when defeating enemies, and still others you purchase. Item Usage The Item Ring displays all of the objects currently being carried by the hero (except for alchemy ingredients, weapons, and armor). To use an item, place it in the selection box of the Item Ring and press B. If you can use the item at that time, you will immediately do so. Otherwise, a message is displayed telling you differently. With some items, the target arrow appears. You must position the arrow on whatever you wish to influence and press B. Tradeable Goods and Charms These items are used to help you through your journey. Some help improve your status and some help you gain other goods. Tradeable Goods Tradeable goods are items that you can use to barter with in the marketplace. To see your current inventory of tradeable goods, choose the pouch icon from the Item Ring and press B. You will be taken to a screen showing the list of tradeable goods currently in your inventory. Charms Charms are enchanted items -- gather them to enhance your character's attributes. They can't be purchased but they can be traded for or discovered as you explore. Call Beads By combining rare elements with just the right amount of heat, the alchemists of Evermore created Call Beads. Throwing these mystical stones to the ground and shattering them releases a burst of energy that can summon the leaders of Evermore to assist you in battle. To use a Call Bead, place it in the selection box of the Item Ring and press B. If you have the ability to summon any of the leaders, a Ring will appear with their image(s). Place the image of the leader whose spells you wish to use in the selection box and push B. A ring with that leader's spells will appear. Choose a spell and push B. NOTE: A complete list of the items appears on pages 36-37. WEAPON RING Only the hero can use weapons. Using the proper weapon is essential to success. When you receive a new weapon, it is added to your Weapon Ring. You cannot sell or dispose of weapons. To check the strength of a weapon, open the Weapon Ring and place it in the selection box. The number to the left indicates the relative strength of your current weapon; the number to the right shows how much stronger or weaker the selected weapon is. Changing Weapons Open your weapon ring when you want to use a different weapon. The name of the weapon you are currently using will be shown in the message window. Position the weapon you want to use in the selection box at the top of the Ring and press the B Button twice. NOTE: A list of all the weapons you will use throughout the game appears on pages 32-33. ALCHEMY RING Scattered throughout Evermore, you will find many different alchemists. Whenever you encounter an alchemist there is a good chance that you will learn new formulas or receive ingredients. -------------------------pgs. 18-20, 22, 24-26-------------------------- ALCHEMY Alchemy is the lost art of creating magical spells by combining ordinary items. Alchemy can be learned from various inhabitants of Evermore. Ingredients for alchemy can be found in many different places. Some may be purchased, but most are found scattered throughout Evermore. Each formula takes two ingredients. Select the Alchemy (Flask) icon from the Edit Ring to access your selected alchemy formulas and alchemy ingredient inventory. Alchemy formulas can only be added or deleted from your list of available formulas at an alchemist, so choose wisely. It's a good idea to keep a balance of offensive, defensive, and curative formulas handy. Use the L and R Buttons to switch between the Alchemy Formulas and the Alchemy Ingredients. You can only memorize 9 formulas to take with you at any one time and you can only select different formulas by visiting an Alchemist. To see the formulas you have memorized, choose the Flask from the Edit Ring. ALCHEMY FORMULAS The formulas you have memorized are shown on the Alchemy Formulas screen. The name of the formula is shown first, followed by the number of times you can create the concoction. Experience with a particular formula is shown next. Finally, the number of ingredients needed to create the formula are shown. As you gain experience mixing alchemy, the formulas will become stronger (up to level 9). NOTE: A full list of Alchemy formulas can be found on page 20. FORMULA TYPES There are two basic types of formulas you can learn. Light Formulas Light formulas are used for protection, healing, or as tools to open new paths. Dark Formulas Dark formulas are used to attack your enemies. Changing Formulas You can only memorize 9 formulas to take with you at any one time, and you can only select different formulas by visiting an alchemist. As you select or remove formulas, your Alchemy Ring will change. Mixing Formulas To mix a formula, you must first have it memorized and have the proper ingredients. Using the Alchemy Ring, position the icon of the formula you wish to use in the selection box and press the B Button. The target arrow appears. Press up and down on the Control Pad to move the Arrow from target to target, then press B. You can also target multiple monsters or your entire party by moving the arrow until the word "MULTIPLE" appear, and then press B. The name and the number of times a formula can be mixed is shown in the message window and when a formula is placed in the selection box. If you do not have enough ingredients to mix a formula, the number after the name will be zero. To see what ingredients are necessary, choose the Flask from the Edit Ring. Each formula takes varying amounts of different ingredients. ALCHEMY INGREDIENTS To see the alchemy ingredients you are carrying, press the R Button from the alchemy formula screen. The list includes the number of ingredients, the ingredient icon, and its name. Alchemy can be cast on many different objects in Evermore. This includes the hero, his dog, enemies, and some features of the landscape. If you are unsure whether a formula works on a specific object, choose a spell and try to target the object. Finding Alchemy Ingredients Finding and collecting ingredients for alchemy is essential. The ingredients necessary to create alchemy are scattered everywhere in Evermore. Some can be found by searching. To find ingredients after searching, press the B Button at the spot where you think they might be. Search with The Dog Some items can only be found by using the dog's powerful sniffer. To make him sniff, just push and hold the L and R Buttons. Alchemy Power To learn as many formulas as possible, it will be essential to find the alchemists. Some can be easily found while others are hidden. You must find and learn all of the Light alchemy tool formulas to progress through the game. Use the Light formulas to protect the hero and his dog. Use the Dark formulas against the evils of Evermore. Formula Levels Select the Flask icon on the Edit Ring to see the formulas you have memorized. Listed after each spell are: the number of times you can mix the formula ingredients, the formula name, the level and experience with that formula, and the ingredients necessary to use it. As you use the formulas and your knowledge of alchemy increases, they will become stronger. When you receive a formula, its level will be 0:0. The first number indicates the current level of that formula (Level 9 is the most powerful). The number after the level indicates your experience level using that formula. When this number reaches 99, the level of the formula will increase by one. MAGIC OF IMAGINATION -- The Leaders of Evermore The leaders of the various lands of Evermore are the ones who first imagined them for Professor Ruffleberg. As the creators of these lands they've imagined, they have magical abilities which draw on the elements of Evermore. You'll need their help to advance in your quest. As you complete tasks for them, you will receive permission to summon their magical powers into battle using Call Beads. Using the Magic of Imagination After you've summoned one of the leaders to help you (using a Call Bead), their Magic Ring will appear and you will be able to choose one of their spells. To cast a spell, press the B Button and target your enemy. If you don't want to use a Call Bead, press Y to return to the Item Ring. Fire Eyes/Elizabeth Flare -- Produces a small fireball. Heat Wave -- A blanket of heat affects all enemies. Storm -- Lighting bolt. Life Spark -- Heal spell. The Historian/Horace Highwater Time Warp -- Enemy takes back last blow. First Aid -- Super heal. Confound -- Confuses target enemy for a short time. Tablet Spells These spells can be found in the Antiqua and will add to Horace's spell list when they are collected. Regenerate -- When the player perishes, he will come back to life with minimal HP. Aura -- Makes the hero invincible for a short time. Queen Miranda/Camellia Bluegarden Magic Drain -- Steals MP from target enemy. Shield -- Halves the number of HP being taken from the target player for a short time. Plague -- Does biological damage to target. Hypnotize -- Freezes target enemy for a period of time proportional to that enemy's remaining HP; more HP equals more time frozen. Shock Wave -- A devastating blast. Professor Ruffleberg Bullseye -- Adds to target hero's attack power. Restore -- Brings both heroes to maximum HP. Electra-Bolt -- Multiple lightning blasts. Disrupt -- Confounds the enemy. -------------------------------pgs. 20-21------------------------------- ALCHEMY FORMULAS The following are lists Note: D=Dark; L=Light Prehistoria -- Root, Water, Mud Pepper, Oil, Clay, Crystal, Ash, Wax Levitate [L, 1 Mud Pepper + 1 Water] Lifts heavy objects. Heal [L, 1 Root + 1 Water] Hero recovers some HP. Cure [L, 2 Root + 1 Oil] Dispels poisonous states. Defend [L, 1 Clay + 1 Ash] Defense power temporarily up. Speed [L, 1 Wax + 2 Water] Raises agility. Flash [D, 1 Wax + 2 Oil] Small fireball, 1/2 power of Fire Eyes' Flare. Hard Ball [D, 1 Crystal + 1 Clay] Hard clay. Acid Rain [D, 1 Ash + 3 Water] Hits all enemies mildly. Antiqua -- Root, Water, Limestone, Ash, Vinegar, Bone, Brimstone, Wax, Ethanol Revealer [L, 2 Ash + 1 Wax] Reveals hidden paths over man-made pits. Miracle Cure [L, 2 Root + 1 Vinegar] Dispels states and recovers some HP. Revive [L, 3 Root + 1 Bone] Restores life to dog and recovers some HP. Barrier [L, 1 Limestone + 2 Bone] Shields hero shortly and recovers some HP. Escape [L, 1 Wax + 1 Vinegar] Escape from interior mazes. Atlas [D, 1 Atlas + 1 Ash] Gives hero super strength for limited time. Sting [D, 2 Water + 1 Vinegar] Small damage to enemy. Crush [D, 1 Limestone + 1 Wax] A heavy object falls on enemy. Drain [D, 1 Ethanol + 2 Root] Steals some HP from enemy. Fireball [D, 1 Brimstone + 2 Ash] Destruction, 2x power of Fire Eyes' Flare. Gothica -- Water, Ethanol, Acorn, Feather, Brimstone, Iron, Mushrooms, Vinegar Super Heal [L, 2 Ethanol + 1 Acorn] Recovers HP to maximum for both heroes. One Up [L, 1 Feather + 1 Root] Will regenerate hero with maximum HP. Fire Power [D, 1 Feather + 1 Brimstone] Damage on enemy = to hero's current HP. Lightning Storm [D, 1 Iron + 2 Ash] Multiple bolts of lightning. Explosion [D, 2 Ethanol + 1 Ash] Blows up some barriers. Corrosion [D, 1 Mushroom + 3 Water] Deadly rain more powerful than Acid Rain. Regrowth [L, 1 Acorn + 2 Water] Current HP increases until hero is hit. Lance [D, 1 Iron + 1 Acorn] Sharp projectile. Slow Burn [D, 1 Iron + 1 Brimstone] Enemy's HP deteriorates at a steady rate. Omnitopia -- Water, Grease, Dry Ice, Meteorite, Crystal, Iron, Wax, Gunpowder Nitro [D, 1 Gunpowder + 2 Grease] Big explosion. Stop [D, 2 Wax + 1 Crystal] Stops enemy's attack for a short time. Reflect [L, 2 Grease + 1 Iron] Reflects magic for a short time. Call Up [L, 1 Meteorite + 1 Dry Ice] Increases Call Bead max by one. Energize [D, 1 Crystal + 1 Iron] Hero's next blow will be a big one. Force Field [L, 1 Grease + 1 Iron] Hero will not be affected by next blow. ---------------------------------pg. 23--------------------------------- ALCHEMY INGREDIENTS Water [dark blue drop] Bone [bleached humerus] Root [brown, gnarled] Limestone [green block] Oil [black drop] Atlas (Medallion) [orange/red Iron Cross] Clay [blue/grey blob] Mushroom [white stem, red cap] Ash [white pile] Acorn [as you'd think] Wax [candle stub] Feather [black and blue stripes] Crystal [green] Dry Ice [white cube] Mudpepper [red chile] Meteorite [brown rock, glowing red] Vinegar [yellow drop] Iron [black ingot] Brimstone [red crystal] Ethanol [light blue drop] Grease [orange/brown drop] Gunpowder [black pile] -------------------------------pgs. 26-30------------------------------- INTO THE FRAY Throughout Evermore, you will be confronted by many strange and unusual beasts and mechanical creations. You must fight to grow strong and experienced. Enemies can be found around every corner, but you can avoid them by running. Attack When you are confronting enemies and are ready to battle, press the B Button to attack. Watch you power meter in your status window recharge. If the meter is not fully charged (to 100%) when you try to attack again, you will only trigger a weak attack. Wait until the meter is full to strike at full power. Power Attack When you first receive a weapon, you will only be able to use a low- level attack. As you gain experience using each weapon, you will learn new attacks. Each weapon has three different levels of attack (except for the bazooka). To land more powerful blows, you must first set the attack level in the ACTION menu of the Edit Ring to the level you want. Once the level is set, press and hold the B Button down. When the power meter in your status window is full, continue holding the B Button. If you've learned stronger attacks, another power bar will appear and begin building up to the maximum level of that weapon. Once it reaches full strength, release the B Button to trigger the attack. Be warned, though, that this maneuver takes time and you are open to attack while you are waiting to charge up your meter. Enemy Bosses An enemy boss is bigger and more powerful than his henchmen. When you meet a boss, use alchemy, power attacks, and help from the leaders of Evermore to defeat him. If you win, you'll gain important items and information. Battle with Alchemy When battling a boss, remember to cast healing alchemy on your party members and use attack alchemy on the enemies. Some bosses are immune to most kinds of alchemy. You must experiment to learn which type of alchemy is the most effective. Survival The best way to ensure that you will survive a fight is to go into it prepared. Make sure that you have all the healing and strengthening items you can hold. Also make sure you are wearing the most powerful armor you can afford. When locked in combat, practice different battle techniques until you learn which works best in each situation. FRIENDS AND SERVICES Most of the inhabitants of Evermore are safe within their towns. When you enter a town, you should speak with everyone to collect valuable information. You can also purchase items and rest at Inns. Occasionally, you will meet people as you explore. Talk to them as well. Conversation Do not hesitate to speak to the same person twice -- they often have new information and clues to share with you. Also, try initiating conversations when you're controlling the dog. People usually react differently when approached by an animal. Stock Up Before leaving a town, visit a store to buy all the items you may need. Fill your pack and purchase the best armor you can afford. Save your progress at an Inn before departing. Goods can also be purchased from inhabitants scattered throughout Evermore. Weapon Masters During your travels, you will encounter alchemists, inhabitants of Evermore who are experts at weapon usage. Speak to them whenever you find them and they will teach you new weapon skills. Inns When you enter an Inn, the Innkeeper will ask whether you want to stay. If you answer yes, you will sleep and your party's hit points will be restored. The Innkeeper will also ask if you would like to save your progress. When you answer yes, a list of four save files will appear. Select the one you want by pushing up or down on the Control Pad. MODES OF TRAVEL As you wander through Evermore, you will travel mostly on foot. Sometimes you will find other ways to get around. You can fly in a futuristic Shuttlecraft, putter around in a homemade Windwalker, or be warped from one location to another. Taking the Shuttle After entering Evermore, you will be jettisoned from Omnitopia in an escape pod to the surface of the planet. It's a rough, one-way trip. To return to Metroplex, you will have to find another way back. Power of the Wind As you journey through Evermore, you will meet someone who has mastered the power of the wind. If you can help him, he'll let you use his invention -- the Windwalker. It's not the most elegant flying machine, but it will get you where you are going. Windwalker Controls To enter the Windwalker, approach it from the rear and press the B Button. You'll be whisked up into the skies of Evermore. To see the World Map, press START while you are flying. Press B to return to normal vision. When you land, be sure to remember your surroundings -- you will have to make your way back to the Windwalker to use it again. While flying, press the A Button to fly higher, or B to drop down. Press the L or R Button for a top- down view. Use the Control Pad to guide the machine in different directions. Landing You can only land the Windwalker at certain spots in Evermore. When it's possible to land, you will see a glimmer of light from a fire pit on the surface. Aim towards the glimmer and press the B Button to land. OBSTACLES Your quest will lead you through many strange and unusual places. Sometimes, you may find your path blocked by objects or strange creatures. You can usually get around most of these obstacles with a little clever thinking. Try using alchemy, items you have with you, or objects you find nearby to break through or go around roadblocks. Underbrush When you find your path blocked by bushes and tall grass, try cutting through with your weapons. Sacks/Chests/Remains Sometimes you will find sacks, chests, or the remains of monsters. Inside might be valuable items or maybe traps. Teleporters Step onto a teleporter and you will be transported immediately to a nearby location. Rocks When rocks or boulders block your path, use alchemy to move or destroy them. Chasms Sometimes the only path is over a chasm. It might take a little push or the power of alchemy to create a path. ---------------------------------pg. 31--------------------------------- THE HEROES There are two heroes in this adventure, a young boy and his dog. Hero Our hero is a boy from a small American town called Podunk. Nothing interesting has happened in Podunk since Professor Ruffleberg disappeared 30 years ago. At the Bijou matinee, our hero always dreamed of living those cinematic adventures, and now he's the star of one. He will have to use his intelligence and learn new skills to escape from Evermore. The Dog The dog is your everyday, average mutt. He is smarter than he looks, and can usually chew his way out of trouble. The dog also has a knack for sniffing out alchemy ingredients. -------------------------------pgs. 32-33------------------------------- WEAPONS Four different weapon types can be found in the lands of Evermore: sword, ax, spear, and bazooka. Each weapon type can be upgraded twice (except for the bazooka), depending upon which land you are exploring. Each individual weapon can be used for three different types of powered attacks, depending on your experience with that weapon. Choose the most effective weapon for different situations. To see on- screen weapon information, choose LEVEL on the Edit Ring. Use the Control Pad to highlight the weapon you want to check. You will then see a brief description at the bottom of the screen. As you adventure through Evermore, you will find ways to upgrade your weapons which will make them more powerful. SWORDS You will begin your adventure with the Bone Crusher. It's too dull to cut foliage, but it's better than nothing. Bone Crusher [bleached femur] Gladiator Sword [rusty orange blade] Crusader Sword [long, skinny, shiny blade; prominent hilt/guard] Neutron Blade [short, thick blade that glows blue] AXES Somewhere in Prehistoria, you will earn the Spider's Claw. This powerful ax can easily cut through foliage. Spider's Claw [single-headed, pitted edge] Bronze Axe [double-headed] Knight Basher [single-headed, shiny edge] Atom Smasher [single-headed, glowing magenta] SPEARS The first spear you will receive is the Horn Spear. You can keep more distance between you and your enemies when you attack with the spear. Horn Spear [curved, yellow-orange spear] Bronze Spear [looks vaguely like a matchstick] Lance [tapering blue/white shaft] Laser Lance [prominent head, glowing green] BAZOOKAS This projectile weapon is very effective for attacking from a distance. Various projectiles can be found that will enhance the power of the bazooka. Thunder Ball [white ball with magenta trail] Particle Bomb [green comet] Cryo-Blast [blue comet] -------------------------------pgs. 34-35------------------------------- ARMOR Many different types of armor can be found throughout Evermore. It's a good idea to make sure you have the best armor available before exploring uncharted territory. The dog can also wear different collars, which will enhance his abilities. The dog can only equip one collar at a time. BODY ARMOR Grass Vest ---- 2 Defense Pts Silver Mail --- 40 DP Shell Plate ---- 4 DP Gold-Plated Vest --- 55 Dino Skin ---- 7 Shining Armor --- 73 Bronze Armor --- 12 Magna Mail --- 94 Stone Vest --- 19 Titanium Vest -- 124 Centurion Cape --- 28 Virtual Vest -- 169 HEAD GEAR Grass Hat ---- 2 DP Titan's Crown --- 39 DP Shell Hat ---- 3 Dragon Helm --- 54 Dino Helm ---- 6 Knight's Helm --- 72 Bronze Helmet --- 11 Lightning Helm --- 93 Obsidian Helm --- 18 Old Reliable -- 117 Centurion Helmet --- 27 Brainstorm -- 144 ARM GEAR Vine Bracelet ---- 1 DP Iron Bracer --- 37 DP Mammoth Guard ---- 2 Magician's Ring --- 50 Claw Guard ---- 5 Dragon's Claw --- 65 Serpent Bracer --- 10 Cyberglove --- 82 Bronze Gauntlet --- 17 Protector Ring -- 101 Gloves of Ra --- 26 Virtual Guard -- 122 COLLAR Leather Collar ---- 5 DP Defender Collar --- 68 DP Spiky Collar --- 24 Spot's Collar -- 115 -------------------------------pgs. 36-37------------------------------- ITEMS To purchase items which will help you in your quest, visit shops. Gourds, sacks, or the remains of enemies hold items that may be of use to you as well -- but remember that they may also hide traps. You can carry six of each item. Petals [red/white, three petals] You can purchase petals almost everywhere in Evermore. Eating some petals will partially restore your hit points. Nectar [red/orange drop with candle in background] You will get more energy than from petals by eating some nectar. Nectar is also more expensive. Honey [red/orange drop with blue honeycomb in background] Eating honey will restore your hit points to their maximum. Dog Biscuit [red biscuit] When the dog is injured, feed him a biscuit, and he will recover all of his hit points. Wings [blue/white wings with yellow arrow underneath] When you become lost or endangered in a maze, cave, or dungeon, use these to return to the beginning of the area. Essence [blue plant with three leaves, glowing white] If you are poisoned by an enemy or an item, take some Essence to recover your health. Pixie Dust [constellation of blue/white stars] Enchant the hero or his dog with Pixie Dust and their HP will be automatically replenished if they perish. Call Beads [yellow border and blue center] When you choose to use a Call Bead, a Ring with the icons of the leaders will appear. Choosing a leader will summon them. Choose the Pouch icon to see your inventory of Tradeable Goods, Charms, and Rare Items you've collected. TRADEABLE GOODS Tradeable goods are items you can use to barter with in the markets and some towns in Evermore. Below is a list of the tradeable goods you can find. Jar of Spice Ceramic Pot Bag of Rice Tapestry Beads Golden Jackal Bottle of Perfume Jeweled Scarab Chicken Limestone Tablet Souvenir Spoon Amulet of Annihilation Magic Gourd Ticket for Exhibition CHARMS/RARE ITEMS As you explore, you will discover many different charms. Try to collect as many as possible. Most charms will enhance the abilities of your characters. Charms and their capabilities are listed below. Jaguar Ring Increases running speed. Chocobo Egg Increases maximum HP. Oracle Bone Some characters offer clues. Thug's Cloak Increases evade %. Silver Sheath Increases the strength of swords. Moxa Stick Increases the power of heal formulas and heal items. Armor Polish Increases the protection of body armor. Insect Incense Repels mosquitos. Jade Disk of Emperor Qi Increases hit %. Ruby Heart Decreases enemy hit % when hero's HP are low. Wizard's Coin Increases magic defense. Staff of Life Increases defend power. Sun Stone Increases endurance. Energy Core ??? Diamond Eyes ??? Gauge ??? Wheel ??? Queen's Key ??? ---------------------------------pg. 38--------------------------------- CREDITS Executive Producer Stephen Magladry Doug Smith Dalen Abraham Paul Mazurek Concept Producer Brian Fehdrau Alan Weiss Jeff Petkau Bill Kristiansen Design Producer James Gillis George Sinfield Lead Tools Programmer Technical Producer Rick Ryan Rick Ryan Tools Programmers Lead Programmer Stephen Magladry Brian Fehdrau Brian Fehdrau Programmers Lead Writer Jeff Petkau George Sinfield Bill Kristiansen Rick Saenz Writer Bart Kijanka Paul Mazurek Art Director/Character Concepts Design Team Daniel Dociu Alan Weiss George Sinfield Lead Animator Beau Folsom Rebecca Coffman Daniel Dociu many others ... Animators Clayton Kauzlaric Lead Game Tester Peter Fries Paul Reed David House Al Dumo Game Testers Hans Piwenitzky Shawn Schafer Conan Chamberlain Lead Background Artist Ed Gregory Beau Folsom Information Services Background Artists Dalen Abraham Kevin Pun Clayton Kauzlaric Square Soft Team Damon Conklin Rich Silveira Toshi Horii 3D Artist Junichi Yanagihara Brad Clarkson Ted Woolsey Chris Budd Composer/Sound Effects Glenn Halseth Jeremy Soule Mirko Freguia Kaeli Kreider Scenario Scripters Kelly Beloit George Sinfield Lynn Novak Rick Ryan Jackie Tietze ---------------------------------pg. 39--------------------------------- WARRANTY SQUARESOFT, INC. LIMITED WARRANTY SQUARESOFT, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of this SQUARESOFT, Inc. software product that the medium on which this computer program is recorded is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. 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The remedy provided above is your exclusive remedy if the SQUARESOFT, Inc. software product does not comply with this Limited Warranty. This warranty shall not be applicable and shall be void if the defect in the SQUARESOFT, Inc.. software product has arisen through abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment, neglect, or reasonable wear and tear. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND NO OTHER REPRESENTATIONS, OBLIGATIONS, OR CLAIMS OF ANY NATURE SHALL BE BINDING ON OR OBLIGATE SQUARESOFT, INC. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES APPLICABLE TO THIS SOFTWARE PRODUCT, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED TO THE NINETY (90) DAY PERIOD DESCRIBED ABOVE. IN NO EVENT WILL SQUARESOFT, INC. BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM POSSESSION, USE, OR MALFUNCTION OF THE SQUARESOFT, INC. SOFTWARE PRODUCT. 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