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Road Runner's Death Valley Rally

Typed out by Gregory Bishop SNS-DV-USA ROAD RUNNER’S Death Valley Rally™ INSTRUCTION BOOKLET SUPER NINTENDO® ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SUNSOFT® Limited Warranty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) WARNING: PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO® HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. THANK YOU ...for purchasing the Sunsoft Road Runner’s Death Valley Rally™ Game Pak. Please read this instruction booklet carefully before starting to play the game. In doing so, you will be able to play the game better and enjoy it even more! Remember to keep this manual in a safe place. CONTENTS “BEEP! BEEP!”.....................2 HOW TO START THE GAME.............2 HOW TO USE THE CONTROLLER.........3 ENEMIES AND ATTACK METHODS......4-5 ITEMS.............................6 FLAGS.............................6 TIME..............................7 POINTS............................7 BONUS SCREEN......................7 GAME PLAY SCREEN..................8 BOSS LEVELS.......................9 TOP SECRET........................9 STAGE TITLES.....................10 TIPS AND HINTS...................11 HIGH SCORES...................12-13 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) “BEEP! BEEP!” And they’re off...In the most hilarious action adventure chase of the century starring the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Road Runner’s Death Valley Rally features 20 levels of cartoon-like graphics and hilarious game action that will leave you wanting more. Wile E. Coyote will challenge you with crazy antics involving TNT, catapults, rocket skates and more--courtesy of ACME, or course. As the Road Runner, you must jump ravines, pick up power-ups and peck to disable wacky contraptions to avoid danger at turbo-speed. HOW TO START THE GAME Insert the Road Runner’s Death Valley Rally Game Pak then turn the system ON. A short demo screen will appear. Press the Start Button to see the beginning game stage screen. To cut straight to the chase, press the X-Button during the game stage screen to begin game play. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) HOW TO USE THE CONTROLLER Left Scroll: “Beep! Beep!” Right Scroll: “Thup Thup” Control Pad: Left--Moves character to the left Right--Moves character to the right Down--Duck Control Pad Up + Left Scroll = Jump and “Beep Beep” A Button: Peck to attack Peck to pick up bird seed B Button: Jump X Button: Not Used Y Button + Control Pad Left or Right = Turbo Speed Start: Starts and Pauses game play Select: Not Used ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) ENEMIES AND ATTACK METHODS PECKING Throughout each level you will encounter many enemies that move along the ground. To eliminate them from the game play screen press the A Button to peck at them. However, you must be within close range of the enemy before pecking. SKIDDING Another way to eliminate enemies is to skid into them. To perform the skid attack, press the Control Pad Left or Right until you are running, then press the Control Pad in the opposite direction you were running to slam on the brakes. Any enemy that lies in your path will automatically be eliminated from the game play screen. Be sure you know where the enemy is located before running. Otherwise, you will run right into it and lose health meter increments. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) TURBO SPEED Pressing the A Button while running will activate Turbo Speed. The amount of Turbo Speed you have to use is located in the gauge at the top left corner of the game play screen. Picking up bird seed will help to fill up the Turbo Speed Meter. When running at Turbo Speed you become invulnerable to enemies and their attacks. Additionally, it will allow you to jump further and run upward at angles that normally would take added effort. OTHER POINTS TO NOTE Ground obstacles that block the pathway forward (i.e. cacti, spikes, etc.) must be avoided by jumping over or dodging them without getting hit. They cannot be destroyed by pecking or skidding. Obviously, your main enemy is Wile E. Coyote. He will stop at nothing to see that you become his next meal. During every level he will scheme to trap you with a number of amusing antics. As the Road Runner, you must avoid him and his wacky contraptions while you search for flags, items and check points. Wile E. Coyote is not affected by pecking or skidding. He must be avoided by jumping and dodging. Only after reaching each sub-level check point, is Wile E. Coyote thwarted...for a matter of time. Rest assured, in the following levels he will return with more difficult ACME gadgets for you to outrun. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) ITEMS BIRD SEED -Peck to pick up -Adds energy to speed gauge CLOCK -Freezes all enemies and time for a short period of time 1 UP -Adds one extra life HEART -Fills up health meter 500 -Adds 500 points to your score SHIELD -Invincibility for short period of time PARACHUTE -Once landed, peck to open -Any of the above items could be enclosed (Except Bird Seed) FLAGS Dispersed among the levels are different colored flags that you must find in order to accumulate points and continues. For every 20 flags found, you will receive 1 continue option at the end of game play. Different colored flags are worth a different number of points. Obviously, the higher the points the more difficult the flag may be to find. [Yellow flag] 500 points [Green flag] 1000 points [Red flag] 5000 points [Purple flag] 20,000 points ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) TIME A time limit has been added to make the chase even more exciting. You have 5 minutes to complete each sub-level. If you successfully complete the sub-level with time left over, bonus points are added to your score. If you do not complete the sub-level within the time limit, no bonus points will be given but the game will still continue. POINTS During game play, points are accumulated by eliminating enemies and finding flags. Once a sub-level is completed, extra points will be allotted during the bonus screen. You will be awarded 1 extra life for every 50,000 points earned. BONUS SCREEN At the end of every sub-level (except Boss levels) a bonus screen will appear. Bonus points are given for remaining time and remaining speed left in your Turbo Speed Meter. The screen will also reveal how many different colored flags were in the sub-levels and how many you actually found. For every flag found 100 points will be given. If all flags are found, 10,000 bonus points will be awarded in addition to 100 points for every flag. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) GAME PLAY SCREEN [Well, this page is simply one big screenshot. The Number of Lives is in the top left corner, with the Health Meter just under it, and the Turbo Speed Meter is just under the Health Meter. The Time is in the bottom left corner. The score is in the bottom right corner.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) BOSS LEVELS Road Runner’s Death Valley Rally consists of 5 levels each with 4 sub- levels of game play. The end of each sub-level is indicated by a check point (checkered) flag. Once this check point if crossed, Wile E. Coyote’s plans will back-fire resulting in hilarious and cartoon-like sequences. Then it’s on to the next level of the chase. After passing three check point flags, the fourth sub-level that follows will require you to defeat a boss. More specifically, you must peck to dismantle a huge ACME contraption operated by none other than Wile E. Coyote before it dismantles you. Once you have defeated the boss you will earn 5,000 points and proceed onto the next level of game play. TOP SECRET Throughout the game there are many hidden areas where you can find extra points, power-ups and shortcuts. Upon reaching the bonus screen you may discover that you did not find all of the flags that were available. This is a good indication that they may be hidden in a secret area somewhere in the sub-level. Search high and low to find them. These secret areas could be just about anywhere! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) STAGE TITLES LEVEL 1: “ZIPPITY SPLAT” LEVEL 2: “ROCK ‘N’ RIVET” LEVEL 3: “TRAIN RUNNERY” LEVEL 4: “HOPALONG CASUALTY” LEVEL 5: “QUANTUM BEEP” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) TIPS AND HINTS * When moving left and right, hold down the turbo speed button and release directional pad to stop on a dime. * When moving down on a 90* angle, hold down turbo speed button and release directional pad to slow down Road Runner’s descent. * At fast speeds, Road Runner can fly off 90* angles to get to higher, hard to reach areas. * To save bird seed, tap turbo speed button to maintain top speed rather than holding it down consistently. * When jumping left and right, you can control Road Runner’s direction while in the air to help land on small platforms. * Look at blueprints carefully. They give you hints on how to destroy the end bosses. * Watch for road signs. They help Road Runner to find checkered flags and warn of dangerous areas. * Hit “X” button to abort level introductions. * Grab “500” points. They get you closer to a free life. * Getting all the flags in a level will give you a bonus of 10,000 points! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (12 & 13) HIGH SCORES ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SUNSOFT (R) 11165 KNOTT AVE. CYPRESS, CA 90630 (714) 891-4500 Developed by ICOM ICOM SIMULATIONS, INC. Sunsoft (R) is a registered trademark of Sun Corporation of America. LOONEY TUNES, Characters, names and all related indicia are trademarks of Warner Bros. Inc. (C)1992. “MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG” (Charles Tobias, Murray Mencher, Eddie Cantor) (C)1935 WARNER BROS. INC. & CHED MUSIC & EDDIE CANTOR PUB. DES. (Renewed) All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. Nintendo (R) and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (R) are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C) 1992 Sun Corporation of America. Printed in Japan

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