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Typed out by Realm Developer - Titus Publisher - Titus The Game Take control of a super cyborg called Biomech, Earth's secret weapon in the battle against alien invasion. Adventure through four warped landscapes, from the dark forest home of the resistance, through the stratosphere, to Plasma Port, and then onto the alien's Battle Station. Penetrate the station's defenses and make your way through the maze-like interior in order to destroy the station and end the alien's occupation of Earth. Title Screen/Options Page From Realm's Title Screen you have the choice of starting the game right away, or going to the Options Page to adjust the following settings: 1. Level of Difficulty: *Easy, Normal (default Setting), or Hard. 2. Music and Sound Effects: *On (default Setting) or Off. 3. Control Pad Configurations: *Control Type A is the default setting, but can be changed. Game Controls The default Setting is A. If this is the Setting you are using, the controls are as follows: 1. L & R Buttons: *Holding down the L or R Buttons allows you to fire in any direction while standing still. 2. Start Button: *Pauses & Unpauses the game. 3. Control Pad Down: *Drops your cyborg into a crouching position. You can still fire normally while crouching. 4. Y Button: *Fires currently selected Weapon. 5. B Button: *The Jump Button. The longer the Jump Button is held, the higher your cyborg will jump. 6. X Button: *Toggles between weapons if you have collected more than one. The Game Screen 1. Shields: *Displays your cyborg's resistance to damage. Each time he is hit by an enemy or bullet, he loses half a shield. If you cyborg is hit when he has no shields remaining, he explodes and loses a Life. 2. Lives: *This icon shows the number of lives your cyborg has left. 3. Weapons: *These icons display the weapons you have available for use. At the beginning of the game, you have only the default weapon available. Once you have found a second weapon, you will be able to choose between the two of pressing the X Button. The currently selected weapon will be displayed with a larger icon. Below the weapon icon, the amount of energy left for that weapon is shown. When a weapon is shown. When a weapon runs out of energy it is replaced by the default weapon. The default weapon has unlimited energy, but all other weapons have limited ammunition. See the section on Energy Crystals to find out how to recharge your weapons. 4. Score: *Displays the amount of Points you have scored. Extra Weapons Extra weapons are scattered throughout each level, and are picked up by running into them. If you have only one weapon, or your second is the default weapon, a newly collected weapon becomes you already have two weapons, a newly collected weapon becomes your second gun. If you already have two weapons, picking up a new weapon replaces your current active weapon. Before collecting a new weapon ensure the weapon you wish to replace is selected, or you risk losing a weapon you wanted to keep. If you pick up a weapon identical to one you already have, its energy will be added to the weapon already in your possession. Energy Crystals Large yellow crystals can be found on every level. These provide you with Energy Recharges for your weapons, extra Shields, and sometimes, extra Lives. Shooting a crystal will cause it to release orbs that contain the energy recharges. The orbs will float upwards and must be collected before they float off of the screen. The amount of extra Shields and Lives that the crystals release depends on the Level of difficulty; more Lives and Shields will be released when playing on the Easy level, less on the Hard level.

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