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R-Type 3

Typed out by Frank Furter BYDO RETURNS! The dark forces of the BYDO Empire threaten humanity yet again, with more powerful weapons than ever. Over the past few years, they have crept close to Earth, building hidden bases for their fleets. The Earth Science Center had believed that all of the BYDO Empire was destroyed. Now they know that somewhere a BYDO mother ship carries the remnants of that foul civilization. Earth will be overthrown unless the latest R-series vessel, the R-90, can defeat BYDO's armies. Equipped with the mighty Round, Shadow, or Cyclone Forces of power, the R-90 can warp into different dimensions and meet the enemy ships and ground troops on an equal basis. As the Captain of the R-90, you must seek out the mysterious mother ship and destroy it to save humanity. CONTROLLER The Buttons are described below in their Original Settings. You can change a Button's function in the Option Screen. Control Pad *To move the R-90 around the screen. A & B Buttons *To attach a Power Unit to the R-90, or to separate it from the R-90. X Button *Continuous fire of weapons. Y Button *Charges the Weapon Meter so you can fire the Super Power and Hyper Drive Beams. R Button *To switch the Weapon Meter between Super Power and Hyper Drive modes L Button *Not used in this game. Start Button *Begins your mission. Select Button *Not used in this game. SCREEN VIEW Extra Ships *Lower left-hand corner of screen. Weapon Meter *Lower middle of screen. Score *Lower right-hand corner of screen. Mode Selection On the Title Screen, you are given three selections: 1-Player. 2-Player. Option. Use the Control Pad to move the cursor to your choice and press the Start Button. Choose 1-Player to face the challenge alone. Choose 2-Player to compete with a friend. *In this mode, one player pilots a ship until he loses a Life, then the other player starts. Choose Option to change button functions. *1-Player & 2-Player button functions can be changed here. POWER UNITS When you destroy Power Armor, a Power Unit will appear. Collect Power Units to boost the strength or change the capabilities of your R-90. 1. Speed Unit *Each of the first five Speed Units you collect will increase your ship's speed. Once you have five, though, gathering Speed Units will no longer increase your velocity. 2. Laser Unit *When attached to the R-90, Laser Units fire beams, and block shots. Laser Units are red, blue, ore yellow, and the color determines the type of Force Laser beam you can fire. 3. Pursuit Unit *Missiles launched with the Pursuit Unit locate enemies and track them down. These missiles are hard to throw off, and they explode on contact. *Press the Y Button to launch them. 4. Pit Unit *These units will not physically attach to the R-90, but they will stay close to defend you. Pit Units circle around the ship, protecting it from enemy lasers and other weapons. Force Lasers Select Round, Shadow or Cyclone Force before beginning the game. As you collect Laser Units, you will be able to fire Force Lasers. The type of Force you choose and the Color of Laser Unit you collect determine which Force Laser you can fire. You must have two or more Laser Units to get a Force Laser. To shoot forward, attach the Laser Unit in front. Attach the Laser Unit to the rear of the ship to fire backwards. Separate Attack When separated, the Laser Unit functions differently depending on the type of Force selected. Round Unit *Fires in five directions at once. Shadow Unit *Fires in three directions Cyclone Unit *Unit becomes a shield, destroying all that it touches. Type 1 - Round Force The technology of the Round Force is based on BYDO life forms. It is the weakest of the three Forces. The three types of Round Force Lasers are: 1. Chain 2. Mirror 3. Sweep To change from one of these lasers to the other, collect a Laser Unit with the appropriate color: 1. Red Laser Units *Fires the Chain Laser. *Beam is transmitted in a circular pattern centered around your ship. 2. Blue Laser Units *Fires the Mirror Laser. *Fires in three directions, and continues to function after striking an obstacle. 3. Yellow Laser Units *Fires the Sweep Laser. *Beams run over and around obstacles, seeking out enemies. Type 2 - Shadow Force This is the first type of Force to be developed by Earth scientists without using BYDO technology. The three types of Shadow Force Lasers are: 1. Reverse 2. Shadow 3. Strafe With the Shadow Force Laser, a spectacular unit appears and automatically fires on your enemies. 1. Red Laser Units *Reverse Laser. *Fires laser beams behind you to catch enemies off guard. 2. Blue Laser Units *Shadow Laser. *Extra unit appears and shoots are your enemies. In addition, you can still fire from the R-90 itself. 3. Yellow Laser Units *Strafe Laser. *Beams follow along terrain, wiping out enemies. Type 3 - Cyclone Force *The three Cyclone Lasers are: 1. Pierce 2. Ring 3. Capsule When you are using Cyclone Force, the Laser Unit is a mighty weapon when it is attached. When it is separated, the Laser Unit changes shape, and functions like a shield, protecting you from enemy fire. 1. Red Laser Units *Pierce Laser. *Beam moves through objects, but becomes weaker as it goes. 2. Blue Laser Units *Wave Laser. *Beam expands in a ring when it strikes an object and destroys all enemies it meets. 3. Yellow Laser Units *Capsule Laser. *Get two 'Capsules' by picking up three Yellow Laser Icons. SPECIAL WEAPONS To use the Super Power Beam or the Hyper Drive Beam, you must charge the Weapon Meter. Only one of these beams can be used at a time. The R-90 can still fire its standard laser after you've charged the Weapon Meter. Super Power Beam The Weapon Meter is at the bottom of the screen and has two levels. Press and hold the Y Button to charge the Blue level. When done, it turns Orange, and beings filling again. Once the meter has turned orange, you can fire the Super Power Beam by releasing the Y Button. The higher the meter, the more powerful the beam. Press Y to recharge at any time. Hyper Drive Beam Charge the Weapon Meter in the same way for the Hyper Drive Beam as you do for the Super Power Beam. Release the Y Button to fire. The Hyper Drive Beam can only fire when both levels of the meter are full. After you shoot the Hyper Drive Beam once, you must wait a few seconds before being able to recharge. THE STAGES To save the Earth, you will need to hunt down and destroy the BYDO forces throughout a total of six stages. For glory and humanity, you'll be battling the nastiest fighters of the galaxy in crumbling factories, maze-like caves, and the black night of space! Stage 1 In the first stage, you will be journeying through the galaxy seeking out your enemies. Stay on your toes to avoid tons of space junk adrift between plants. You can pick up many types of defense systems in this stage. Stage 2 Your ships is swallowed by a gigantic creature of acid in Stage 2. Inside, highly toxic acid drips down in create obstacles and clear pathways for you - don't allow it to touch the R-90! You must destroy the walls that suddenly appear. Stage 3 Stage 3 is a vast machine large enough for you to pilot your ship through. It is like a metal cave filled with enemies and traps. You can move through this stage in both diagonal and horizontal directions. Stage 4 Now you must navigate through a Steel Factory in full production. One of the greatest dangers is molten metal pouring on to your ship. Other dangers are walls that slam together without warning and enemy space ships. Stage 5 This is a Bio Lab filled with mutant creatures that were once harmless insects. Now they are transforming constantly into unreal monsters of destruction. Some of these revolting bugs have already escaped to other levels. Stage 6 Suddenly, you warp into the Galaxy of Abyss. - a frightful dimension of nightmare and hideous foes. Your ultimate challenge will be to defeat Mother BYDO. After that, your destiny is shrouded in mystery...

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