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Typed out by Steve Begin SNS-PV-USA Instruction Manual This Game Is No... PUSH-OVER Featuring G.I. Ant Ocean Super Nintendo Entertainment System INSIDE COVER ------------ Thank you for purchasing PUSHOVER from Ocean of America for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. For maximum enjoyment, please read this Instruction Manual thoroughly before playing. WARNING: Please read the enclosed consumer information & precautions booklet carefully before using your Nintendo(R) hardware system or game pak. Licensed by Nintendo Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the official seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C) 1991 Nintendo of America Inc. (picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the official Nintendo seal of quality. PAGE 1 ------ CONTENTS This Game Is No PUSH-OVER.......................3 Your Controls...................................4 Playing The Game................................6 Domino-Blocks...................................10 Dos & Don'ts....................................12 Limited Warranty................................13 (picture of a pink & green butterfly) PAGE 2 ------ (picture of the main game screen) PAGE 3 ------ THIS GAME IS NO PUSH-OVER (picture of G.I. Ant) G.I. ANT(TM) is a soldier ant. He's extremely clever, and highly trained in tactical maneuvers. What's more, he's extraordinarily strong and super smart! His latest mission is to gain access to the crazy world of Captain Rat's Treasure Caves. Very straightforward..... NOT! You see, this particular cave is a tunnel entrance to Domino Domain - a mini- world comprised of nine different continents. G.I. must negotiate many screens of mind-teasing problems. Each level has a door to the next. To open the door, the 'Trigger' domino-block must be felled by causing a chain reaction with all of the other domino-blocks in that level. Pretty easy..... NOT! PAGE 4 ------ CONTROLS (picture of the Super NES Control Pad) L Button (top left button) X Button (top button of one to the right) R Button (top right button) Y Button (left button of one to the right) Control Pad (+ button on left) B Button (down button of one to the right) Select Button (left center button) A Button (right button of one to the right) Start Button (right center button) Control Pad Up: Moves G.I. ANT up. Makes G.I. ANT climb a ladder, go between blocks to push, or enter. Control Pad Down: Moves G.I. ANT down. Makes G.I. ANT descend a ladder or step out from between blocks. Control Pad Right: Walk to the right. Control Pad Left: Walk to the left. Select: Quit / Abort Level. Start: Pause / Unpause / Help screen. Button Y: Push domino left. Button A: Push domino right. Buttons A, B, X, or Y: Pick up or put down dominoes. PAGE 5 ------ OPTION SCREEN CONTROLS Control Pad Up / Down: Change current field. Control Pad Left / Right: Move cursor left / right. Select: Toggle between sound / code entry. Start: Start puzzle. (picture of PUSH-OVER title screen) PAGE 6 ------ PLAYING THE GAME The object of the game is to manipulate the blocks in order to achieve a 'chain reaction' of falling dominoes within a certain time limit. The LAST domino to fall, however, must always be the TRIGGER block. All other blocks, apart from the red STOPPER blocks, must have fallen before the TRIGGER block. G.I ANT can pick up and carry, then place, any of the blocks into different positions, except for the TRIGGER block which cannot be moved. Many blocks have different symbols, signifying the particular property of that block. At any time during play, pressing START will pause the game and bring up the help screen, showing you the symbols and their names. To push over a block, G.I. Ant must get into Pushing Position. He does this by getting behind the block and walking to the inside / back of the block. Press the Control Pad UP to get into this position. Once G.I. Ant is in pushing position, he can push the block over by pressing the A Button if he is pushing to the right, or by pressing the Y Button if he is pushing to the left. When you're sure you have positioned all of the blocks correctly, you have just ONE push to succeed. If successful, you must exit the open door within a time limit. PAGE 7 ------ A screen will appear reading: CONGRATULATIONS, YOU COMPLETED THE PUZZLE, YOU GAIN A TOKEN. To get to the next puzzle from this screen, press the A or B button. This will take you back to the Pushover Screen. From here, press the Start Button; this will take you to the next puzzle. You may skip to any puzzle by entering its Pass Code at the Pushover Screen and then pressing the Start Button. The Pass Code for each puzzle appears after that puzzle is played. To change the Pass Code, use the Control Pad. If you have completed a puzzle and exited the scene after the clock has reached zero and it has begun counting your negative time in red, a screen will appear which reads: CONGRATULATIONS, YOU COMPLETED THE PUZZLE... BUT YOU DID NOT DO IT FAST ENOUGH! YOU HAVE ___ TOKENS... From here, you can choose to Use A token (to go on to the next puzzle), Replay The Puzzle or Quit. Press the Control Pad up or down to make your selection, then press the B Button. PAGE 8 ------ G.I. ANT G.I. ANT is tough, and can fall from a pretty good height with just a dazed head. However, there is a limit, and if G.I. ANT falls too far, he will disintegrate. The level will have to be restarted if this happens. Similarly, he can get crushed if caught under a toppling block. He is also quite happy to run up and down steps with blocks, if necessary; but if he jumps with a block, it's likely to shatter. G.I. ANT is strong enough to carry blocks along the surface, and even up and down ladders. Basically, the only thing too heavy for him to move is the TRIGGER block. Due to the energy exerted to manipulate all the blocks, G.I. ANT only has enough strength for ONE push per screen. TOKENS (picture of a pink and green butterfly) When you complete a screen successfully, and within the time limit, you will be awarded a TOKEN. TOKENs can be used in two ways: 1. If you complete a screen but have gone beyond the time limit, you will be allowed to use a TOKEN to allow you to progress to the next level. PAGE 9 ------ 2. If you fail a screen for any reason other than overrunning the time limit, you can use a TOKEN to replay the screen from the point at which you 'pushed' - i.e. the screen will be set up as you arranged previously. NOTE: the time will also be reset to the time at which you made the push. BUNDLES OF CAPTAIN RAT'S CASH On each level, there is a screen which, when completed successfully, will award you with a bundle of cash. The specific screens are unknown, but you will need to collect all nine bundles in order to play the very final screen. You will not be awarded your bundle if you have used a token to complete that particular screen. PAUSE / HELP When START is pressed during gameplay, this will PAUSE the game, and bring up a help screen showing and describing the 'Special' domino-blocks. Additionally, once you have overrun the time limit, this screen will also display a HINT on how to complete the current screen. PAGE 10 ------- DOMINO-BLOCKS (picture of the pause game screen) Normal (Plain Yellow) These fall just once, except when they are placed on the edge of steps or at the edge of a gap, where they will tumble until they reach a flat surface or another block. Tumbler (Middle Red, Top and Bottom Yellow) These continue tumbling until they are stopped by a fallen block. Ascender (One Vertical Red Stripe) These will, when hit, float up until they hit an obstruction, at which time they will continue flipping in the same direction until stopped by a flat surface. Bridger (One Horizontal Red Stripe) If positioned at the edge of a gap, these will bridge the gap when hit. When PAGE 11 ------- positioned elsewhere, they will act as a NORMAL block. Delay (Diagonally, Half Yellow, Half Red) When hit, these will not fall for a few moments, causing the 'hitter block' to rebound off it. Splitter (Horizontally, Half Yellow, Half Red) When hit (usually by a falling block), these will split and knock over blocks on both sides of them. Vanisher (Two Horizontal Red Stripes) When hit, this will knock the next block over, then vanish as it hits the ground. Exploder (Vertically, Half Yellow, Half Red) When hit, this will explode, leaving a gap in the platform. Stopper (Plain Red) When hit, the block will rebound off it. This block cannot topple. Trigger (Three Horizontal Red Stripes) This must be the last block to fall to open the door to the next screen. PAGE 12 ------- DOs & DON'Ts DO ensure that the TRIGGER block is the last block to topple. DON'T allow a block to fall directly onto another block, unless the lower block is a SPLITTER. DON'T allow any block to fall onto another to create rubble. DO keep your exit door clear. (picture of a game level screen) INSIDE BACK COVER: Limited Warranty (not written) BACK COVER ---------- (Ocean logo) Ocean of America, Inc. 1855 O'Toole Avenue, D-102 San Jose, CA 95131 Copyright (C)1992 Red Rat Software/Ocean Software Ltd. Printed in Japan

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