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Typed out by Gregory Bishop SNS-P4-USA TRADEWEST PLOK(TM) INSTRUCTION MANUAL SUPER NINTENDO(C) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for purchasing PLOK from Tradewest for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. For maximum enjoyment, please read this instruction manual thoroughly before playing. WARNING: PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(C) HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. Plok TM & (C) 1993 John and Ste Pickford. All rights reserved. Licensed to Tradewest, Inc. by Software Creations (Holdings) Ltd. LICENSED BY Nintendo(C) NINTENDO, SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM AND THE OFFICIAL SEALS ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) CONTENTS Who is Plok?.................2 The Story....................3 Getting Started..............4 Controller...................4 Screen Layout................5 Skill Levels.................5 Plokontinue System...........6 Level Descriptions...........7 Fleas........................8 Other Bad Guys..............10 Bosses......................13 Obstacles...................15 Good Stuff..................16 What a Snappy Dresser!......20 Check Out the Hardware!.....22 A Tour of Poly-Esta.........26 Advanced Techniques.........27 Credits.....................28 Limited Warranty............29 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) WHO IS PLOK? AT LAST, A REAL HERO! Plok is an irresistible, irrepressible, unstoppable, highly improbable and downright dangerous bundle of pure energy. Plok does not like fleas. Plok has the amazing ability to fire all his body parts at will. Plok can really 'throw' a punch. Plok has a very short fuse; at the slightest irritation those limbs begin to fly. Plok hates fleas. Plok is a true hero, with a heart of gold and joints of the highest- quality velcro. Plok is a man with a mission. He is dedicated to ridding the world of the menace of the dreaded Fleas. Plok is a dreamer, a wanderer, a free spirit. He's suave and elegant. He's grade-A, first-class prime cut. Plok really does not like Fleas. Plok is the king of the beautiful island called Akrillic, part of the archipelago Poly-Esta. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) THE STORY Everyone knows that Plok is simply crazy about flags (of course you do!). He has them everywhere. He uses them to mark out which parts of Akrillic (he thinks) belongs to him. His flags are all over the place! Now, what you may not know is that Plok has a particular favorite flag, a big square one with a picture of himself on it. He keeps this special flag on top of his own house so that he can see it every day when he gets up and every night when he returns from a hard day of... uh, of being Plok! If you were a despicable character and you wanted to upset Plok or get him out of the way for some reason, what would you do? Hide his special flag? Well, that's exactly what happened today! Somebody, he doesn't know who, has stolen his special flag and placed it on nearby Cotton Island. As you can imagine, Plok is hopping mad about this. First thing this morning he set off in his boat to retrieve his property. But knowing Plok, he's not gonna leave it at that. Nope, no way! Anyway, that's the story so far, but there may be more to this business than meets the eye... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) GETTING STARTED LOADING 1) Search your room for pesky Fleas. 2) Make sure the power switch is OFF. 3) Insert the PLOK game pak as described in the SNES manual. 4) Have one last check for those sneaky Fleas. 5) Switch the power ON. PLAYING 6) Count your limbs (no more than four allowed). 7) Push start. 8) Check that your flag is in position. 9) What are you waiting for? Get going! CONTROLLER [control pad] L & R direction Down for crouch and lower jump [START] Pause [X] Fire limb or current weapon [Y] Release Buddy Hornets [B] Jump [A] Super somersault [L/R] Rapid pushing activates Amulet ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) SCREEN LAYOUT [Screenshot with the following: Score indicator, Shell counter: fill it for an extra life, Plokontinue tokens collected, Extra lives indicator, Plok's energy meter, Fleas left or Boss energy meter.] SKILL LEVELS The skill level can be selected by pushing the Select button on the title screen. There are two settings to choose from: NORMAL and CHILD'S PLAY. The default setting is NORMAL. NORMAL This is the complete game from start to finish, with every boss and every feature in place. Only when the game is completed on this level is the full end sequence shown. CHILD'S PLAY This is a special version of the game designed to be easier for younger players. The baddies all move slower and usually take less shots to defeat, and some of the most difficult levels have been omitted. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) PLOKONTINUE SYSTEM At the start of a new game, Plok has no continues available. When all spare lives are used up the game is over. During the course of the game, Plok can earn several continues, which allow the game to continue from specified points when all lives are lost. P-L-O-K TOKENS One P-L-O-K token is awarded when the player plays a new level from the beginning to the flag at the end without losing a life. As soon as a life is lost, no P-L-O-K token can be earned on that level in the current game. When the fourth token is collected and the word PLOK is lit up at the top of the screen, a Plokontinue is awarded on the current level. This will be visible on the map screen as four tiny spinning P-L-O-K tokens hovering over the level where the Plokontinue was earned. Now when the player loses all remaining lives, instead of Game Over, the game will return to the level where the last Plokontinue was earned. The score will be reset to its previous value, and play will begin again with three lives. Several Plokontinue points can be earned in one game. At Game Over, Plok will restart at the place where the last Plokontinue was earned. PERMANENT CONTINUE POSITIONS A few key positions in the game have been designated 'Permanent Continue Positions'. These are after either the Bobbins Bros. or Rockyfella have been defeated. Once a player has reached one of these positions, every new game started will begin at this position, so the earlier levels will not have to be played through again and again. This position will be remembered even if the Reset button is pressed. To play the game again from the beginning after a 'Permanent Continue Position' has been reached, the Power switch should be switched off for a few seconds. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS COTTON ISLAND Each section of Cotton Island is completed by reaching the end and running up the flag at the flagpole. This may not be as straightforward as is seems... AKRILLIC All parts of Akrillic have been populated by pesky fleas. To complete these sections, Plok must defeat every flea. The last flea defeated will give up Plok's flag and it will then float to the flagpole. If Plok gets to the flagpole before all the fleas have been overthrown, their flag will still be flying. If Plok gets lost, an arrow will appear pointing towards the nearest flea or to the flagpole. LEGACY ISLAND Each section of Legacy island is completed by reaching the end and digging at the mound. Valuables may be hidden there, but maybe not... BOSS LEVELS These short levels usually contain one large enemy who must be defeated. When beaten, the Boss will drop Plok's flag, which will then float to the flagpole. FLEAPIT LEVELS Each cavern of the Fleapit is played as a race to the final archway, with a big bonus for Plok waiting there. Each level is one step nearer to the Flea Queen. SECRET BONUS LEVELS These levels (if you can find them) are a race against time. The idea is to reach the end before a digital timer counts down to zero. This can be very difficult, but there is a special reward for completing this challenge. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) FLEAS The loathsome spawn of the evil Flea Queen from the dark depths of the mysterious Fleapit, these beasts should never have been allowed to see the light of day. Plok will have a tough task ahead of him if he wants to make Akrillic a safe and clean place to plant his flags again. FLEA EGGS Every level of Akrillic will be populated by a dozen or so Flea eggs, each one set in a big pile of disgusting blue Flea gunge. The eggs are harmless in themselves, but will soon hatch into horrid little bug-eyed Fleas. Flea eggs will hatch of their own accord after a minute or so, freeing one more blue menace to roam the face of Akrillic. Much better to shoot the egg, as it will hatch quicker and you can blast the Flea as soon as it has hatched. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) ADULT FLEAS Full-grown Fleas are truly the most terrible beasts in the whole of Poly-Esta. The jittery little bugs are hopping mad and never stay in one spot for more than a few seconds. Every hit turns them a shade greener as their strength is sapped. Three whacks should end their foul existence for good, but watch out that they don't jump on Plok's head first. SUPER FLEAS Many more powerful Flea types guard the Flea Queen in her underground lair. Flying mutant Fleas, slime-spitting super Fleas and tough sentry Fleas are all ready and waiting for anyone brave enough to enter the Fleapit. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) OTHER BAD GUYS Most of the inhabitants of Akrillic have yet to learn who their true leader is and still don't treat Plok with the respect that he deserves. Plok should dispense some discipline... GERSHWIN A crazy kid from Cotton Island, this guy hops 'til he drops. Two punches should knock him out for good. GIBSON Gibson is a metal fish who is all wound up about being wet! He's so scared of getting rusty, he tries to spend as much time as he can above water. Plok's ordinary limbs won't do any damage to Gibson, so it is best to just stay out of his way. THE SHPROUTS These short, fat guys are the main indigenous population of Poly-Esta. The little suckers are all over the place! They come in several varieties, but they'll always fall for the old one-two punch. SHPROUTS Two shots should sort them out. SHIELD SHPROUTS You have to shoot these guys from behind--twice! SHCUBA SHPROUTS One hit and they'll jump in fright--shoot them again before they fall down. SHKY SHPROUTS These fall down from parachutes. SHCUBA SHIELD SHPROUTS These guys are only frightened if you get them from behind. SHKY SHIELD SHPROUTS The toughest Shprouts of all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) ORSON This shy creature doesn't like company much; he'll always try to frighten Plok away. If you can hit him once he'll lie back and play dead. Then you can hop on and hitch a free ride! JIVE HIVE These is always a party going on in here. This place rocks! Don't go too near unless you really mean business. FUNKY B. These guys party in the JIVE HIVE and hate gatecrashers. They may be small but they can really give Plok a run for his money! BIG BUDD This giant flower is really lazy and hates to be disturbed. If Plok wakes him up, he'll always be in a bad mood. He's very tough to defeat and will release BUDD LITES to fight his battles for him. BUDD LITE This young flower is immune to Plok's limbs; but Plok isn't immune to the seeds it loves to spit, so watch out! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (12) FROGROSE A distant cousin of the BUDD flowers, usually found in the wetlands of Akrillic. HATTERSLY A thoroughly rude character, Hattersly is so bad mannered he'll spit on Plok if he comes anywhere near him. A quick punch will scare him away for awhile, though. LILY MACE LILY MACE is a gentle giant of solid rock who floats around the islands of Poly-Esta. She doesn't mean any harm, buy always wants to be near to Plok. Unfortunately, her spikes are quite deadly to the touch. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (13) BOSSES Although Plok is the self-proclaimed King of Akrillic, a few renegade big shots have yet to come under his full control. These are all likely to give Plok some trouble during his mission. BOBBINS BROTHERS Milton and Marshall are failed circus acrobats who now roam the islands of Poly-Esta as thugs for hire. They are rumored to be in league with the Flea Queen. Some people say there used to be a third brother, Irving, who left the act many years ago due to “creative differences.” PENKINOS A tribe of inflatable magicians living in the north of Akrillic. Nobody knows where they came from or why they're there, because no one has ever returned to tell the tale. They cannot be hurt when fully inflated. Besides, they float too high, so something sharp should be used to bring them down to earth. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (14) WOMACK SPIDER A real cool dude who lives right in the center of Akrillic. He thinks he's the king of all he surveys and won't let Plok past without a fight. Womack's spindly spider legs are definitely his weak point. ROCKYFELLA The spirit of the very soil of Akrillic, Rockyfella can pop out of the ground wherever he likes. Rocky is pretty sore about all the flagpoles which Plok stuck into the ground a while ago and is out for some kind of revenge. His stronghold is the mountains in the southeast of Akrillic. THE FLEA QUEEN Nobody has ever set eyes on the supreme Flea, but you can bet your last shell she's going to be ugly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (15) OBSTACLES FLEA GUNGE This disgusting, sticky blue mess is left behind wherever the loathsome Flea Queen has laid her eggs. Most of it is harmless and will be cleaned away when Plok reclaims his kingdom, but some blobs can be shot away while playing, making Plok's route easier. LOGS, ROCKS AND PEBBLES These are liable to fall from a great height at any point. Plok's limbs are useless against any of these, so jumping is the only defense. What is it that keeps dropping things on his head? That's what Plok wants to know. SPIKY DOORWAYS These are spinning death traps--approach with extreme caution! I'm sure you'll work them out. SPIKES & BARBED WIRE These are deadly to the touch, and usually surround an area that somebody wants to keep Plok out of. There is always another way around. You can walk on these for a short time when you pick up a force field. RINGERS All kinds of junk and rubbish left by Plok's arch-enemies (guess who?) to fool him into thinking he's found what he's looking for. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (16) GOOD STUFF There are plenty of objects on the islands of Poly-Esta that are very useful to Plok, and all of these will help him in one way or another. LIMBS Plok's main weapon. Plok has only four of these, so don't fire them all at once or he'll end up with a pain in the posterior. TARGETS Targets must be hit in the center by one of Plok's limbs to trigger a change in the landscape. This could be anything, from a moving spike to a wall of solid rock bursting from the sea. The limb that hits the target will be left out to dry on the nearest hanger. Some targets will only accept certain types of limbs, and some are connected to dynamite--so beware! HANGERS Usually found near a target, these are a collecting point for any limbs that have been fired at the target. FLAGS Each level has a pennant flag featuring the face of its owner (Plok instigated this system a while ago when he decided that he himself owned every level), with a special square flag exclusively reserved for Plok's House. When a gang of Fleas steals a flag, the last Flea to be defeated will give up the flag which will float back to the bottom of the flagpole, ready to be run up. Impostor flags can always be collected for extra energy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (17) SHELLS These are the most valuable items on Poly-Esta, so collect as many of them as you can. As well as giving points, the shells also power Plok's AMULET. When the shell counter at the top of the screen is filled up, an extra life is awarded. SPEED BLADE This turns Plok into an indestructible spinning ball of steel, whizzing across the islands of Poly-Esta at breakneck speeds for a few short seconds. FORCE FIELD GEMS These magic gems give Plok an invisible force field for a few brief seconds. SURPRISE GIFTS Gifts have been left around the island by a mysterious secret admirer. They usually contain a costume or a vehicle to help Plok past a tricky situation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (18) MAGIC FRUIT Fruits restore your energy. Magic fruits are very small, but will get bigger if you shoot them. The bigger the fruit, the more energy they restore. Beware you don't shoot them too many times, or you might not get what you expected. GOLDEN FRUIT Golden fruits are very rare. They are always full size, and will always fill Plok's energy level to the max. THE LOST AMULET The Amulet was lost by Plok's Grand Pappy many moons ago, but tales of its fabulous powers are legendary in the Plok household. The Amulet was powered by shells, and when activated the wearer would develop a fierce temper and fight like a whirling tornado, destroying everything in sight until the shells ran out. SAFETY CRADLES These floating platforms will carry Plok over dangerous gaps, complete with a hands safety rail. AUTO CRADLES These rotating platforms are fixed to a central cog and are quite handy for reaching high ledges. Some of these are broken, so Plok needs to hit the central cog with his fist punches to get them going. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (19) BUDDY HORNETS These friendly little bugs can be found around Akrillic in tiny blue and yellow nests. When Plok picks them up they will buzz around his head until he sends them out as humming missiles to attack any nearby enemies. They may be loyal, but they're not too clever, and may not always attack the right target. SQUARE HEADS Strange creatures, half vegetable and half mineral, who are found scattered around the island of Akrillic. Although quite happy to sit and do nothing all day, if you jump on their heads a few times they might help you out a little. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (20) WHAT A SNAPPY DRESSER! Plok likes nothing better than to dress up like his favorite characters from the movies. He has quite an extensive wardrobe, and each costume also gives him a better weapon. PLOCKY Plok loves boxing, and with this costume, he has even bigger boxing gloves and unlimited punch power. VIGILANTE PLOK Straight from his favorite video, “Ploxterminator,” Plok is on the warpath with a nasty flame-thrower under his arm. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (21) SQUIRE PLOK An English country gent in a deerstalker hat and with a blunderbuss under his arm, Plok can be lord of all he surveys. Anyone who disagrees will soon find a pound of buckshot headed in their direction. COWBOY PLOK Plok's favorite films are westerns. With a ten-gallon hat and spurs on his boots, Plok is the fastest gun in Poly-Esta. ROCKETPLOK Armed to the teeth with rocket launchers! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (22) CHECK OUT THE HARDWARE! In the final battle with the Fleas, no punches will be pulled. The doors to Plok's garage will be opened and his extensive fleet of fighting vehicles will be put to full use. Enterprising players may get to test-drive these vehicles earlier on, though... UNICYCLE Not bad for beginners, the Unicycle has some unique advantages for the ecologically-minded user. Comes with a free water cannon. OFF-ROAD TRUCK For tougher terrain than the Unicycle, this four-wheel-drive beauty offers both speed and comfort for those who want to go that little bit further. All models are equipped with an army surplus rocket launcher. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (23) JETPACK Straight from the drawing board, this prototype flying machine is sure to become the transport of the future. Not all safety features are in place yet; but it sure gives a hair-raising ride, and the powerful laser packs quite a punch! MOTORBIKE Now we're talking! A fast and mean radical machine! The quickest vehicle on the whole of Akrillic, and if anyone gets in your way, just chuck a grenade in their face... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (24) HELICOPTER The only choice when it comes to air-to-ground combat, this baby is totally maneuverable in the tightest situations, and will drop bombs on anybody from a great height. TANK This is for those of you who really mean business! An unstoppable monster machine that nobody is going to argue with. What this thing lacks in speed, it makes up for in power. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (25) UFO For a limited period only, and at great expense, we have this totally alien, highly unlikely flying machine. Equipped with plasma cannons and fashionable deeley-boppers, this gadget will save you from a close encounter with doom. SECRET SUPER-VEHICLE The very latest in high-tech sophistication and modern battle armor technology has been utilized in this no-expense-spared weapon of the future to help Plok defeat the evil Flea Queen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (26) A TOUR OF POLY-ESTA Plok's world is the breathtaking archipelago of Poly-Esta, located in the Meridian Sea. Let's take a quick tour of some of the more interesting locations... COTTON ISLAND A picturesque island to the west of Akrillic, where everything is made of soft fabrics. There are only a few local inhabitants and so far nobody (not even Plok) has claimed sovereignty over this small domain. Cotton Island is famous throughout Poly-Esta for its beautiful sunsets. AKRILLIC This is Plok's homeland and the biggest island of Poly-Esta. Akrillic has many inhabitants both large and small, with the Penkinos, Womack Spider and Rockyfella being the most notable. The countryside ranges from sandy beaches through deep shady forests to craggy cliffs and caves. The only blot on this beautiful landscape is the highly built- up Plok Town. Plok recently proclaimed himself king of the island, although whether anyone took any notice of this is another matter. LEGACY ISLAND This is a long-deserted island to the north of Akrillic. In years gone by this was the site of Grand Pappy Plok's great quest for the Lost Amulet. After many fruitless years, Grand Pappy Plok returned empty- handed. The Amulet is rumored to still be buried on Legacy Island. THE FLEAPIT Who knows what lurks in the underground home of the Fleas? Nobody, that's who! No one has ever been stupid enough to go down there! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (27) ADVANCED TECHNIQUES * Fired limbs come back instantly when they hit a baddie, but float back slowly when they miss. So try to make every punch hit. * Plok cannot fire in a somersault jump, but can jump much higher than an ordinary jump. * Pushing the Control Pad down at the same time as the Jump button gives Plok a lower jump. * Pushing the Control Pad down during a jump brings Plok back to the ground much faster. * When Plok has no limbs, he bounces constantly, being very difficult to control. Avoid this if at all possible. * Buddy hornets only last for a short time, so don't release them when there are no enemies around. * When Plok is short of limbs, a power-up costume will bring them all back if there is one lying around. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (28) CREDITS Concept, Design and Manual John Pickford & Ste Pickford A Software Creations Game Graphics and Design Lyndon Brooke Ste Pickford Program and Design John Buckley Music and Effects Geoff Follin & Tim Follin Compression Software Kevin Edwards Stephen Ruddy Additional Graphics Dan Whitworth Artwork Ste Pickford Chris Jojo Thanks to Mike Webb Brian Ullrich Dave Mac Malcolm Daglish Steve Thomas Lucy Gell Tony Harman Rare Ltd. Joel Hochberg Zippo Games Ltd. Producers John Pickford & Ste Pickford Executive Producers Richard Kay Byron Cook Joey Territo ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (29) LIMITED WARRANTY ----------------------------------------------------------------------- TRADEWEST Tradewest, Inc. 2400 South Highway 75, Corsicana, TX 75110 PRINTED IN JAPAN

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