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Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

Typed out by Gregory Bishop SNS-APAE-USA PITFALL(R) THE MAYAN ADVENTURE SURVIVAL GUIDE ACTIVISION(R) SUPER NINTENDO(R) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION & PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(R) HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. ACTIVISION(R) LICENSED BY Nintendo(R) NINTENDO, SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM AND THE OFFICIAL SEALS ARE TRADEMARKS OF NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. (C)1993 NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) SURVIVAL GUIDE The Legend of Pitfall..................2 Welcome To The Jungle..................4 Preparing For Your Mayan Adventure.....4 The Options Menu.......................5 Adventure Info.........................6 Getting Around The Mayan World.........7 Adventure Status.......................8 Mayan Weapons..........................9 Switching Weapons......................9 Super Shot............................10 Special Maneuvers.....................11 Mayan Artifacts.......................14 Mayan Foes............................16 The Lost Civilization of the Mayans...18 Mayan Lands...........................19 Bonus Worlds..........................22 Strategy Tips.........................23 Credits...............................24 Need Hints? In the U.S. just dial 1 (900) 680-HINT* $.95 per min. In Canada call 1 (900) 451-4849* $1.25 per min. *Must be 18 years or older, or have a parent’s permission to call. Touch-tone only. Prices subject to change without notice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) THE LEGEND OF PITFALL Many years ago there was a daring adventurer who traveled the world in search of ancient legends and lost treasures. His journeys took him across the seven seas and to the ends of the earth. He ventured into vast, uncharted regions filled with unthinkable dangers. As word of his exploits filtered back to civilization, he soon became larger than life...a legend. This great explorer was Pitfall Harry. After many successful quests, Harry settled down to raise his son, Harry Junior. Having inherited his father’s love of the unknown, Harry Jr. grew up to become a hip 18-year-old with a deep sense of adventure- and a bit of an attitude. He quickly learned the thrill of exploration and discovery and soon experienced many exciting quests of his own. Hearing of his son’s thrilling escapades, Pitfall Harry realized how much he longed for the life he once knew. So together the daring duo set off for the jungles of Central America in search of the lost treasures of the Mayans. But something went terribly wrong... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) Day 3--The Mayan Adventure After days of traveling through the jungle, Harry Jr. and I have finally reached the heart of the ancient Mayan Empire. It’s been a long journey, but the real danger lies ahead... For we are close to discovering the lost treasure of Vaxactun. According to legend, the treasure is guarded by the spirit of an ancient Mayan warrior--Zakelua: Lord of Evil. Thousands of years ago, Zakelua attempted to conquer the Mayan lands so he could rule the Empire. After many battles, he was finally defeated, never to be seen again... I have recorded my research on Mayan culture and legend in the following pages. If something should happen to me, it is my hope that Harry Jr. take my personal log and use it as a guide to continue our quest. I only hope that it will be enough help--if ever it must be used... P.H. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE Pitfall Harry has been taken captive by the dreaded warrior spirit Zakelua: Lord of Evil. Armed with only a trusty sling and his father’s journal, young Harry Jr. must now venture into the unknown to rescue his father...before it’s too late! PREPARING FOR YOUR MAYAN ADVENTURE 1. Set up your Super Nintendo Entertainment System and plug in Controller 1. 2. With the power switch OFF, insert the Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Game Pak into your system and press down firmly. 3. Turn on your TV or monitor, then turn the Super Nintendo Entertainment System power switch ON. After a moment, the introduction will appear. 4. Press the START button on your Nintendo Controller to begin. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) Important Note: If nothing appears on the screen, turn the power switch OFF. Check to make sure the Game Pak is inserted correctly, and check all cables to make sure they are properly connected. Then try again. (Always turn the power switch OFF before inserting or removing the Game Pak.) The Options Menu To change the game settings before playing, use the + Control Pad to move the boomerang next to “OPTIONS” on the title screen, and then press the START button. The Options Menu will then appear on the screen. Press the + Control Pad up or down to toggle through the options. Press A, B, X or Y to change an option’s setting. Press START anytime to exit the options screen. Sound--Select Stereo or Mono. Difficulty--Choose from two difficulty settings: Normal or Hard. Controls--A list of moves will appear on the screen, followed by the button each move is currently assigned to. Press A, B, X or Y to toggle through the different settings. See Getting Around the Mayan World for the default Control setup. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) Adventure Info To view a summary of what you may find during your journey, use the + Control Pad to move the boomerang next to “INFO” on the title screen and then press the START button. For more details about the items you can collect, refer to the Mayan Weapons and Mayan Artifacts sections of this manual. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) GETTING AROUND THE MAYAN WORLD Note: The following are the default settings. See “Controls” in the Options Menu to change these settings. [START] Pause/Resume Game [SELECT] Weapons Display (toggle) [Left/Right] Run/Turn/Crawl/Push/Look/Aim Weapon [Up/Down] Climb/Crouch/Pull/Look/Aim Weapon [A] Whip Sling [B] Jump [X] Boomerang [Y] Shoot Sling Stones (hold down for Super Shot windup) [L] Exploding Stone (smart bomb) [R] Exploding Stone (smart bomb) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) Adventure Status You can always see how Harry Jr. is doing on his quest to find his father--just check the top or bottom of your screen. [Screenshot highlighting the following: Score, Health Bar, Harry Jr., Weapon, and Treasure Count] Health Bar--As Harry Jr. takes damage, the crocodile moves closer and closer. A word of advice--don’t let him get too friendly! Harry Jr.--Indicates the number of attempts remaining. Weapon--Shows Harry Jr.’s current weapon and its available number of uses. Score--Indicates the number of points Harry Jr. has earned. Treasure Count--Calculates the Gold value of the treasure pieces Harry Jr. has collected. Collect 50 Gold points to earn a Continue. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) MAYAN WEAPONS Harry Jr. begins his adventure armed with only his trusty Sling and a few sling stones. Use these stones to shoot enemies or anything else that may help you advance through a world. The sling can be used as a Whip to swat enemies at close range. But the odds are already against you--so pick up as many sling stones as you can find. You’ll need them! Viewing Weapons During the course of your adventure, you may discover ancient Mayan weapons that will help Harry Jr. defeat enemies and overcome obstacles. Press the SELECT button to view each weapon’s available number of uses. For more details on how to use any available weapon, see Getting Around the Mayan World. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) Super Shot Every now and then, you may feel like hurling a sling stone with all your might. Good news--You can! Just hold down the Shoot (Y) button and Harry Jr. will wind up his sling to fire off a Super Shot. This will do more damage than a standard shot--but remember, waiting for the windup can cost you valuable time! Day 5--Mayan Weapons Sling Stones--Stones that serve as ammunition for slings. Commonly found throughout Mayan lands in sacks. Mayan Boomerang--Sends a powerful blow to any enemy. Must remember to recover this weapon after it’s thrown. Exploding Stone of Pacal--This sacred stone has magical properties. Said to destroy almost all enemies in sight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) SPECIAL MANEUVERS Harry Jr. will have to get through one deadly situation after another to save his father. This will often require some quick thinking and resourcefulness. Here are a few special maneuvers that may provide a little help: Swinging on vines *Press the B button to jump and grab the knot on the base of the vine. *Press the Jump (B) button again to release from the vine. Crawling *Press and hold the + Control Pad down. *Press Jump (B) button to engage in a crawl. *Press the + Control Pad left/right to make Harry Jr. crawl in either direction. *Press the + Control Pad up, or the Jump (B) button, to stand. Climbing ropes *Jump onto a rope. *Press the + Control Pad up/down to climb or descend the rope. *To jump off a rope, press and hold the + Control Pad in the direction you wish to jump, then press the Jump (B) button. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (12) Crossing pegs and cords *Jump towards the horizontal peg or cord to hook on to it. *Press the + Control Pad left/right to move Harry Jr. left or right. *Press the Jump (B) button again to release from the peg or cord. Riding ziplines *Jump to grab the zipline. *To release from the zipline, press the Jump (B) button again or ride the zipline to its end. Springing off items *Jump onto a web (or other item) and bounce into the air. Pulling levers *Use the + Control Pad to move Harry Jr. to the left or right of the lever, so he is facing it. *Press the + Control Pad up to pull the lever down. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (13) Entering doors *Move Harry Jr. in front of a door and press up on the + Control Pad to enter the door. Bungee-jumping *Jump onto a bungee. *Press the Jump (B) button again to release from the bungee and fly into the air (the closer to the top of the bungee plant you are when you release, the higher you will go). *Use the + Control Pad to control Harry while he is in the air. Riding the skate car *Jump onto car, then press the + Control Pad left/right to start moving. *Press the + Control Pad opposite the direction you are moving to use the brake. Runaway mine car ride (only in the Balankanche Mine) *Press the + Control Pad up or down and press the Jump (B) button simultaneously to make the skate car jump. *You have no brakes! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (14) MAYAN ARTIFACTS Day 7--Mayan Artifacts There are several artifacts that Harry Jr. and I hope to find during our journey. Many Mayans believed these ancient idols and relics were created and sent to earth by Itzamna--the Mayan God of knowledge. Time Keeper--According to legend, this powerful artifact temporarily freezes time after being touched. Mayan Chili Pepper--Said to endow the beholder with super-human strength, causing temporary increase in running and jumping abilities. Sacred Heart--A spiritual beating heart that restores a portion of lost health to its finder. Location Idol--Used by Mayan travelers to mark their location. Holds magical properties that point traveler in general direction of desired path. Allows traveler to return to marked point after traveler is unable to continue journey. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (15) Golden Idol--Rare Mayan artifact with the power to bestow its finder with a second attempt at continuing journey. Treasure Pieces--It is reported that pieces of Mayan treasures: gold coins, silver and gold bars, diamond rings...are hidden throughout the Empire. P.H. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (16) MAYAN FOES Day 9--Mayan Foes There exists very little information on Mayan foes...for all who have witnessed any evil doings have mysteriously disappeared. Therefore, I have only been able to compile a partial record on enemies. Skeletons--At one time were soldiers in Zakelua’s army. Groups have been recently spotted near Copan. Spirits of Chaac--Were at one time followers of Chaac--the Mayan God of War and Sacrifice. It is said that these spirits have a strong command of fire. Jaguar--This sleek, powerful animal was a favorite pet of Zakelua and served as his personal bodyguard. Recent sightings include the nearby jungles. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (17) Hawks--Served as messengers for Zakelua during wartime. Have been spotted in Tikal and areas near water. Gargoyles--According to legend, many of the ancient Mayan ruins are guarded by stone gargoyles that come to life when approached. Snakes--Favorites of Zakelua. These creatures are common throughout Mayan lands...and can be very dangerous. Vapor Ghost--Reportedly a product of Zakelua’s sorcery--created to ward off anyone who has sights on the lost treasure of Vaxactun. There have also been sightings of Zakelua, though no one has been able to document his appearance. And some believe that Zakelua himself, using ancient Mayan sorcery, wields control over the creatures that inhabit the Mayan Empire. P.H. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (18) THE LOST CIVILIZATION OF THE MAYANS Day 12--A Lost Civilization The Mayan civilization flourished for nearly four-thousand years throughout what is now Mexico and Central America. Although many Mayan sites have been discovered, little is known of their day-to-day activities. What is known is that they built elaborate cities and temples without aid from the wheel, metal tools or animals. Long has there been talk of ghosts and evil spirits roaming through the ruined cities and forests of the lost Mayan Empire. It is this civilization of mystery and magic that I long to explore. P.H. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (19) MAYAN LANDS Day 13--Mayan Lands Harry Jr. and I have traveled for days in search of the lost treasure. Although it’s been a long and tough expedition, it is far from over. The road ahead is full of danger. Jungle of Ceiba--An ancient and mysterious place uninhabited since the 1400’s. Danger lurks from all around on this maze-like path. Should be able to use surrounding elements to navigate. Tazamul Mines--Lost for centuries, this series of treacherous caverns is believed to be inhabited by deadly creatures and filled with hazardous barriers. Could possibly use abandoned mine car as transportation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (20) Xibalba Falls--Named after the demons believed to exist throughout the Mayan civilization. Only the skillful can travel the dangerous path without plummeting into the raging water below. Must be careful! Lost City of Copan--Located in the heart of the ancient Mayan Empire, this 2000-year-old, decaying exterior is loaded with deadly traps and even deadlier enemies. Copan Temple--All who have entered this mysterious labyrinth have never returned. P.H. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (21) Day 14--The Adventure Continues Should Harry Jr. and I actually survive the journey through the known Mayan territory, we will need all remaining luck to continue this expedition...Ahead lies a long road... Lakamul Rain Forest Yaxchilan Lagoon Balankanche Mine Tikal Ruins Tikal Temple P.H. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (22) BONUS WORLDS Hidden throughout the game are bonus worlds that could yield you great rewards...if you’re skilled enough. Loltun Secret Vault You will enter a room with three levers on a wall: Y, X and A. Directly above each lever is a light that will flash in random order, creating a pattern. Repeat this pattern by pressing Y, X and A on your Controller. If you successfully repeat all the patterns, the vault will open and you will be rewarded! A Trip Back Hidden somewhere in the game is a magical time warp created by the evil Zakelua. This warp will transport Harry Jr. back to a primitive time...A time which may bring back a few memories. The rules are simple: you have 20 minutes to collect all the goodies...or else. Here’s a hint--watch out for the scorpions! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (23) STRATEGY TIPS * Collect as many Treasure Pieces as you can. Every fifty points earns you a continue. * Use the Super Shot to help defeat deadly enemies or blast through nasty web blockades. * Try to be down hill from your enemies when fighting. * Be sure to use Mayan Artifacts and Mayan Weapons wisely. These Mayan goods only give you a limited amount of time and/or uses. * Remember to grab the Mayan Boomerang after each use...or it will disappear. * Try using abandoned minecars or other items as platforms. * You can do more than just stand on top of tree stumps. * Don’t be afraid to venture around each world--you may find hidden surprises. * Keep moving while above the jumping crocodiles. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (24) CREDITS Producers: Nathalie “dark-scary-mysterious-and-mayany-tone-and- atmosphere” DeschĆtres and John “chainsaw” Spinale Programming: Redline Games Lead Programmer: James Edward Anhalt III Programmers: Darin Patrick O’Rand and John Charles Peck, Jr. Lead Designer: John Spinale Level Design: Scott “king-of-tume” Krager, David “yes-I-can-format-a- disk” Pavoni and John Spinale Additional Design: Nathalie Deschatres, Tin “Romario” Guerrero and Sean “doom meister” Vesce Associate Producers: Kelly Walker Rogers and Sean Vesce Background Art: Tim “jaguar” May and Lin “that’s-for-girls” Shen Additional Tile Art: Scott Krager Animation and Rendering: Danny “what’s-up-big-guy” Matson Additional Frame Rendering: Kara Blohm and Evelyn “I-don’t-have-a- nickname” Horn Art Processing: Tom “leg of” Lamb and Christopher “iron lung” Smith Quality Assurance Director: Jon Doellstedt Lead Tester: Tin Guerrero Game Testers: Chuck “no-relation-to-the-mafia-kingpin” Bonini, Brian Clarke, Michael “easy killer” Dunn, Andrew Held, Abe Heward, Dan Kamins, Chris Pike, Kenny Ramirez, Mike Schneider, Christopher Smith and Rawson “the vidkid” Law Stovall Manual Copy: Scott Krager and David Pavoni Development Tools: George Allan and Dan Chang for Tume Illustrator: Nadia Staroselska Package Design: Ron Graening Documentation Manager: Michael Rivera Manual Writer/Editor: Veronica Milito Manual Layout: Sylvia Orzel Background Art Conversion by CYGNUS MULTIMEDIA: Sharon Cunningham, Winter Jenssen, Les Pardew, Ruth “let me go home” Stahnke and Robert Swindlehurst Original Animation by KROYER FILMS: Director: Bill Kroyer Supervising Art Director: Sue Kroyer Animators: Jaqueline Corley, Thomas Decke, Charles Harvey, Jeff Johnson, Joe McDonough and Roger Vizard Effects Animators: Sari Gennis, Brett Hisey and Kathleen Quaife-Hodge Assistant Animators: Ricardo Echevarria, Bob Miller and Jan Naylor Color Stylist: Leslie Hinton and Christopher Naylor Layout Supervisor: Anthony Christov Background Painter: Nadia Staroselska Character Designs: David Boudreau Additional Animation: Wendy Perdue, Mark Pudleiner, Chris Sauve, Shane Zalvin and Sue Zytka Production Managers: Steve Kellener and Jan Naylor Production Assistants: Brian Masters and Josh Williams ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (25) Animation Processing by FREESTYLE Animation Rendering by KAREN JOHNSON PRODUCTIONS: Producer: Denise Roberts Mckee Art Director: Karen Johnson Pixel Retouch Artists: Robert Churchill, Paul E. Nunn and Mary Kay Omelina MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS CREATED AND PRODUCED BY SOUNDELUX MEDIA LABS: Sound design and music supervision: Scott Martin Gershin Music composition: Robert Higgins and David Kneupper Sound design: Mark Lanza, Michael Regan and Caron Weidner Special Thanks to: The Atari 2600, Esther Chapman, David Crane, Peter Doctorow, Jefferson Eliot, Gary “curley” B. Frank, Alan “stormy” Gershenfeld, Brian Kelly, Tom “the finn” Ketola, Robert Kotick, Howard Marks, Mary, The Mayan Civilization, Jim Mitchell, The Pizza Delivery Guy, Ralph the Goldfish (RIP), Michael Schwartz, Tom Sloper, Snoopy the Dwarf Hamster, Sean (Again!) Vesce, Trish Wright...and the Fellas down south! Copyright (C)1994 Activision, Inc. All rights reserved. Pitfall!, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure and Activision are registered trademarks of Activision, Inc. All rights reserved. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ACTIVISION(R) Distributed by: Majesco Sales, Inc. 244 Fernwood Avenue Edison, NJ 08837 800-826-0015 PRINTED IN USA -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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