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Pink Goes to Hollywood

Typed out by Jesse Smith SNS-YW-USA TECMAGIK PINK O HOLLY- T WOOD S E O G INSTRUCTION BOOKLET SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM WARNING: PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. CONTENTS Tall, Pink and Handsome! 2 Setting Up 3 Getting Started 3 Choosing Options 4 Controller Functions 5 The Great Pinksby 6 The Big Screen 7 PinkÕs Bag of Tricks 8 Tokens & Toll Gates 9 Movie Sets 10 Limited Warranty 12 1 TALL, PINK AND HANDSOME! Everyone dreams of being a movie star, especially Pink Panther. He's just hit Hollywood, on his way to audition for an important role that will put his name in lights! On his first day at MGM, Pink manages to wreck a scene starring the hot-tempered Inspector Clouseau. Not one to take injury lightly, Clouseau sets off on a hunt to foil Pink's chances at stardom! The ever-resourceful panther races around the backlot, bombarded by rowdy cowboy boots, nutty squirrels and too-ripe turkey stuffing. He fights back with a bug sprayer full of "pink" and handy gadgets from his Bag of Tricks. He creates chaos on every movie set he dives into, from Pinkinhood to Pink Chill to Cat on a Hot Pink Roof But will his big break ever come? 2 SETTING UP 1 Set up your Super NES system, and make sure the Power switch on the Control Deck is turned OFF. 2 Plug a controller into socket #1. 3 Load the Pink Goes to Hollywood Game Pak into the top of the Control Deck. Push it all the way down. 4 Turn on your TV and slide the Power switch on the Control Deck to the ON position. 5 Hello, Hollywood! Here comes Pink! Note: Slide the Reset switch forward to start the game over. GETTING STARTED First get a bowl of popcorn. Then get ready for a day at the movies with the Pink Panther! When you turn on the game, you can watch Pink cruise through three different game demos. Each demo shows a special piece of "stage business" Pink can do to wallop his enemies or move around. Follow these steps when you're ready to play: 1 Press the Start button on the controller to get to the Title screen. 2 Press Start again to see the Main Menu. 3 Press Start to begin Pink's movie career OR Press the Control Pad down to move the Pink's pawprint to "Options," and press Start. You'll go onto the Options screen. 3 CHOOSING OPTIONS Are you a beginner or an expert player? Either way, you can use the Options screen to change the game settings and make your game easier or more difficult. You can also adjust the Music setting. To do this: Press this: Select an option Select button or Control Pad up/down Change its setting Start button (or A, B, X or Y) Lives Pink Panther is no ordinary alley cat. He's more of a natty "cat about town." So instead of an ordinary 9 lives, you can start him out with an elegant 3, 4 or 5 lives. The more lives you have, the more chances you have to stay in the game. Extra Life Get a bonus life at every 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 points. Your score adds up as you polish off the movie extras and stage props that pursue Pink in a single-minded attempt to upstage him and end his career! Pink's favorite tune (The Pink Panther Theme, what else?) accompanies him everywhere. You can set the music to stereo or monaural to suit your sound system. Or you can turn the music OFF when you need to be quiet. Start Choose this option and press the Start button or A, B, X or V to run out to the backlot for the start of Pink's famous escapades. 4 CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS To do this: Press this: Move right/left Control Pad right/left Run Control Pad + V Button Duck Control Pad down Enter a passageway or door Control Pad up Squirt sprayer A Button Jump B Button Climb a cord or rope B Button + Control Pad up to jump on, then Control Pad up/down Jump off cord or rope B Button Select different Tokens L Button Toggle between Token types R Button and number of Tokens Drop a Token in a Toll Gate X Button Select a Trick from the Bag Select Button Use a Trick X Button Pause/resume game Start Button 5 THE GREAT PINKSBY A miniaturized but very cool Pink Panther starts the game, in an oversized house chock-full of secret passageways. You have to find the "back doors" to other movie sets, while avoiding the huge, snarly mice. Use all Pink's antics and pranks to make it through each scene: * Jump on surly cast members to "bonk" them away. * Spray 'em with a squirt of "pink"! * Shimmy up cords and ropes. * Find doors that will warp you to other places in the scene. * Be sure to grab all the Tokens and Tricks hanging in the air and resting on scenery. Pink will need 'em, if he doesn't want to "fade out" for good! Turn to pages 8-9 to find out how to use them. 6 THE BIG SCREEN When Pink's in the starring role, he can really ham it up! Keep an eye on the screen counters to see what tricks he might pull next. Timer The director's only giving you a short time to complete each scene. If the timer counts down to zero, you're a has-been! Lives If you've got 4 or 5 lives, have a blast! When you're down to 1, don't take chances. Use up your last life and Clouseau gets the starring role! Tricks Pull a gadget from your Bag of Tricks and keep the cast on its toes (see page 8). You'll find Tricks scattered around the scenes. The counter shows how many you have in the Bag. Tokens Collect 5 kinds of Tokens to use at the Toll Gates (see page 9). Press the R Button to switch between seeing the kinds of Tokens you have and how many of each kind you're holding. 7 PINK'S BAG OF TRICKS Pink is something of a magician, with a Bag of Tricks waiting in the wings. Collect more Tricks wherever you can find them The Bag of Tricks on the Big Screen keeps count of how many you have. Press the Select button to choose a Trick. Then press the X Button and watch Pink pull the Trick out of nowhere. Tricks fend off a flurry of furious foes. They last just long enough to do their job: * Stoplight Freezes foes in their tracks. * Jackhammer Pile-drives enemies away for good! * Fly Swatter Whaps annoying attackers! * Bowling Ball Knocks 'em over like pins. * White Dog Puts the bite on bad guys. * Detonator They'll get a bang out of this Trick. * Sledgehammer No aspiring star should be without one! 8 TOKENS & TOLL GATES The leg bone may be connected to the foot bone, but one stage of a scene isn't always connected to the other. In certain spots, you'll notice that Pink has places to go, but no way to get there. That's when the Tokens and Toll Gates dotting the backdrops come in handy. You can pick up 5 kinds of Tokens. Each one produces a different effect when you drop it in a Toll Gate (press the X Button). * Bridge Lays down a bridge between two stages. * Stairs Builds stairs from a lower stage to a higher one. * Hook Lifts you up on a cargo hook. Jump off when you reach the stage you want. * Umbrella Floats you on an invisible breeze straight up to a higher stage. Jump to get off the umbrella. * Magic Carpet Glides upward. Press the Control Pad left/right to steer the carpet. Bon Voyage! The Big Screen shows the Tokens you have. The Token that's blinking is the one you'll use next. Press the L Button to select a different Token. Press the R Button to see how many Tokens of each kind you have left. (Press the R Button again to see the Tokens). Be sure to use up your Tokens, because you donÕt carry them over from scene to scene. 9 MOVIE SETS Honey, I Shrunk the Pink Explore for the entries to other stages in a giant room. Watch out for mega-mice and a gigantic Inspector Clouseau! Refrigerator Slip through the ice machine into an eerie refrigerator rife with flying olives, bottle caps, lemon slices and other leery leftovers. Go spelunking inside the turkey, peopled by odd cutlery and jittery stuffing balls. Still hungry? Slip past various vegetables, onions and carrots, and watch out for that spiky wishbone! Pink Lemonade Dive into a tall, cool pitcher of lemonade. Dog-paddle through this tasty aquarium, past funny fish and lemon slices. Don't let the current sweep you away, or the sucking straws will dump you at the beginning of the scene. Pink Chill Pink's freezer features a ski-lift, ambushing Eskimos and armed snowmen. Clouseau's had his chilly hand in this, for sure. Ride the lift up, then slide all the way down while dodging snowy trees and icicles. Pinkinhood Slip like a bookworm into Sherwood Forest. Pink must navigate a maze of branches, archers, feisty squirrels and a tireless eagle in order to reach the castle and the pitched battle with an armor-clad Clouseau. Cat on a Hot Pink Roof Jump from roof to roof and even into the clouds. Watch out for slashing lightning, spitting cats and Charles Lindbergh Clouseau. 10 Pink Beard Ahoy, matey! Pink turns purple underwater as he gasps for air while avoiding jellyfish, crabs and sharks. He never liked seafood! On board the ship, pirates and crabs scuttle Pink's attempts to climb the mast and escape! Jungle Pink Pink lands in the middle of a rainforest, washed by powerful waterfalls and packed with dinosaurs, chimps and alligators. Memonze the maps to figure out where the hut doors lead. Pink Ranger Pink moseys into everybody's favorite western, complete with plank sidewalks, scruffy cowboy boots and tumblin' tumbleweeds. If you climb high enough, you can jump on the flying cows. In the gold mine, Pink whirls away on an ore cart through a maze of underground tunnels! The Sasparilla Hotel is a wild and woolly world of hurtling bottles and dancing chairs. Polter Pink Menacing trees, ghosts and candelabras make this haunted house a hoot! Step into the Rogues' Gallery for a fearful fright... er, fight! You can only reach this scary scene by finishing the earlier levels. Pinkenstein Take one of the arches to the recesses of the castle, where Frankenstein wannabes and bellicose bats hound the long-suffering Pink. The acrobatic panther must ride the platforms through a vertical maze to escape the bubbling vats of ooze! Safe Rooms There are ways to get to special secret rooms where falling safes burst open, spilling out power-ups and other goodies. Can you figure out how to get there? 11

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