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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

Typed out by Mike Liu ---------------------------------pg. 01---------------------- U/SNS-OB-USA Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen (TM) Instruction Booklet ENIX (R) KIDS TO ADULTS: AGES 6+ Super Nintendo Entertainment System ---------------------------------pg. 02---------------------- WARNING: PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO (R) HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN RATED BY THE ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE RATING BOARD. FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE ESRB RATING, OR TO COMMENT ABOUT THE APPROPRIATENESS OF THE RATING, PLEASE CONTACT THE ESRB AT 1-800-771-3722. ENIX AMERICA CORPORATION 2679 151st Place N.E. Redmond, WA 98052-5522 (c) 1994 Enix America Corp. Ogre Battle is a copyright of Quest. (c)1993 1994 Quest Licensed from Imagineer Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure compatibility with your Nintendo product. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality (R). Licensed by Nintendo (R) Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Official Seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (c) 1991 Nintendo of America Inc. ---------------------------------pg. 03---------------------------- CONTENTS Story ...................... 4 Basic Steps ................ 5 Starting & Controller ...... 6 Beginning the Battle ....... 8 Game Play Fundamentals Part One ................. 9 Part Two ................ 11 Part Three .............. 13 Part Four ............... 15 Part Five ............... 17 Part Six ................ 20 Part Seven .............. 23 Part Eight .............. 25 Part Nine ............... 27 Editing Units ............. 12 Stage 2 Strategy .......... 18 Stage 3 Strategy .......... 28 Stage 4 Strategy .......... 30 Stage 5 Strategy .......... 32 Stage 6 Strategy .......... 34 Stage Chart ............... 36 Endings ................... 38 Warranty .................. 39 -------------------------------pgs. 04-05--------------------- THE STORY OF OGRE BATTLE The days of Zenobia are growing dark and cold -- evil is running rampant over the entire continent. Shadows of men roam the streets, whispering of the demise of their great King. The trusted Sage Rashidi fell prey to the evils of power, and in its grip, Rashidi slew Gran, the mighty King. Rashidi then joined forces with Empress Endora, and their reign of terror spread to the entire continent. Thus the Zetegenian Empire was born. YOUR MISSION It's been nearly a quarter of a century since the reign of terror began. The Empire rules with neither justice nor compassion. The last remaining members of the rebellion are gathering on the outskirts of Sharom. The rebellion is greatly outnumbered by the mighty Empire, and there seems no way to defeat such an evil power. However, secrets carried through the wind tell of a great Wizard, "Warren" who may be willing to help you. Choose your path wisely, listen carefully to the people, and gain their confidence. If you are not careful, all will have been in vain. You will have toppled an evil Empire, only to start one of your own. Basic Steps 1. Choose Location Areas displaying a flag have been freed, and those with Swords are ready for you to explore and liberate. 2. Deploy unit Once you've arrived in an area, deploy several units -- some to liberate towns and some to fight enemy troops. 3. Defeat enemy's unit Upon encountering an enemy unit, you will enter the Battle Screen. The side that inflicts the most damage wins. 4. Liberate towns Liberate towns to receive a healthy tribute. Enemy troops can retake a town, though, if you don't watch it! 5. Beat the boss When entering a new area, the Boss' location is displayed. When you think your forces are ready, go for the boss! -------------------------------pgs. 06-07--------------------- ACT. 1: HOW TO START THE GAME This game is controlled by choosing Icons. Use the Control Pad to move the cursor to an Icon and press A Button to select it. To reset the game, press L, R, Select, and Start. STEP 1: Turn on your Super NES Please make sure the power to your Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super NES) is off. Insert the Ogre Battle game pak and turn the power on. You will then see the opening screen. Here, you may choose to start a new game, or if this isn't the first time you've played Ogre Battle, you may continue working on a previously saved game. Use the Control Pad to select an option and press A Button to execute it. STEP 2: Let's make a Hero The character you will play is the head of the rebel forces, and is also known as the Opinion Leader. Choosing the New Game option at the Title Screen will call the wise man Warren, who will perform a character reading of your personality with Tarot cards. Warren will ask you six questions, as well as your sex. Based upon your answers, your hero's character will be formed. STEP 3: Choose the first Location A menu is displayed upon first entering the Main Map screen. Here, you may choose Edit Units, Monitor, and Data. Press B Button to remove the menu. Move the cursor to an area and press A Button. You may fight in areas marked with a sword. Areas which have already been liberated are marked with a flag. Press X Button to display the menu again. -------------------------------pgs. 08&10-------------------- ACT. 2: BEGINNING THE BATTLE A worthy leader has been created to lead the rebel forces to victory, and that leader is you! Let the battle begin ... STEP 1: Let's move your unit Click on the Unit Icon and select Move. The cursor then becomes a flag. Place the flag on the location you wish to move a unit to and press A. In later stages, you will use this command to move several of your units. When you have many units moving at one time, you may click on a unit and choose the View Destination command to view where that party is headed. STEP 2: Liberate cities Liberating a city is as simple as moving a unit. Place a flag on the city with the Move Unit command. caption: Upon the unit's safe arrival, the city will be liberated. caption: As a reward, you will have a chance to pull a Tarot card. caption: Valuable information may be received after taking a card. STEP 3: Discovering Hidden Cities Sometimes, your units will come across hidden towns. These towns can provide important information, so be sure to send a Unit to check out suspicious areas. caption: In the first area, check out the island in the north. caption: A unit reaches the island, and a hidden town is found! caption: Lans appears and gives you some valuable information. STEP 4: Let's Beat the Boss Pay attention to the Boss' location when it is displayed at the beginning of a stage. When you feel that your forces are up for the challenge, head for the Boss! caption: Warren appears when you reach his castle. caption: Make sure your Unit is ready to fight. caption: Each member will fight automatically caption: During battle, use a Tarot card to send an extra blast down on your enemies. ---------------------------------pg. 09------------------------ Game Play Fundamentals -- PART 1 ICONS ON THE WORLD MAP Edit units [arrow pointing toward five dots] Use this command to change the members in each party (see page 12). Option [television] Here, you can change the sound, game speed, and animation. Data [feather pen] You may save your progress into one of three files (from the world map only!) ICONS ON THE STAGE MAP Move [boot] This allows you to set a destination for a selected unit. Tactics [broadsword] The way battles are fought can affect your reputation. Edit [two skinny mushrooms] This command takes you to the Edit Units screen. City Icon [city walls] To find out the details of a certain city, move the cursor to its icon and press the A Button. City's Name [top line] Population [castle]: the number of people to liberate. Morale [ankh]: the general mood of the townspeople. Friendliness [heart]: compassion for the rebel cause. Money [coin]: your tribute amount, after liberation. Shop [bottom line]: this will appear if the town has a shop. Reputation Meter [ornate thermometer] This meter shows what the people of the area think of you. You may play Ogre Battle without regard for the opinion of the populace, but the storyline will be adversely affected if the meter falls too low. ---------------------------------pg. 11------------------------- Game Play Fundamentals -- PART 2 HOW TO LOOK AT THE UNIT BOX During battle and in the Edit Units screen, your units will be displayed in the following Unit Box. FRONT [left half of box] BACK [right half of box] Character [figure] Each type of character has a unique miniature icon. Hit point [number] This shows the maximum Hit Points for this character. Life meter [horizontal bar] This indicates how much of the total Hit Points remain. Unit leader [cross] The leader of a Unit is designated with a cross symbol. ICONS ON THE BATTLE SCREEN Although parts of the battle scenes are controlled by the computer, there are a few options you do get to decide on. Press B Button to bring them up. Tarot Card [orange card] Each card has a special use, which will come in handy. Animation [small strip of movie film] With the animation on, you can see each character attack. Retreat [running, blurred stick figure] If you're weak, this allows you to escape from the battle. Tactics [broadsword] Best: Attack the enemy that can be hit most effectively. Strong: Attack the enemy with the most Hit Points. Leader: Attack the leader of the unit first. Weak: Attack the opponent with the least Hit Points. ----------------------------pgs. 12,14,16,17---------------------- ACT. 3: EDITING UNITS Although it is entirely possible to play Ogre Battle with the units as they come, it is best to customize each party for maximum effectiveness. Some characters fight better together than others. STEP 1: Viewing Status Select the Edit Units icon while on the Main Map screen to get to this menu. All characters will be displayed -- those in units and those which are in your character pool. caption: Use the Control Pad to select the unit you wish to view. caption: Within the unit, you may select and view each character. caption: Try doing the same thing with the rest of your units. STEP 2: Removing/Adding Characters The steps you take to remove or add a character are similar. Read on, fearless warrior, for all the details. caption: First, highlight the unit you wish to change, then press A. caption: Next, select the character you wish to add or remove. caption: Removed characters end up back in the character pool. STEP 3: Make new Units When a unit leader is removed, the unit is disbanded. New units may be formed with the Add Character command. caption: First, highlight a unit by using the Control Pad. caption: Select and remove the unit leader to disband the unit. caption: Add a new member from the character pool to be the leader. STEP 4: Change unit formation You may position the characters any way you like within a unit. Check each character's front/back attack skills to decide which row is best. While starting out, keep the leaders of your parties in the back row to protect them from attacks. caption: From the old formation, select characters with the A Button. caption: Place them in the empty box to create a new formation. STEP 5: Let's save the Data Once you've spent some time organizing your units, it's a good idea to save your data on the Main Map screen. HINT ONE: BUILDING THE BEST SET OF UNITS To ensure that you're getting the most effectiveness when building units, try following these guidelines. See page 22 for more hints on unit-building and making battle plans. TYPE A CITY-LIBERATION UNIT To build a good reputation with the people of the area, liberate cities with a party of high Alignment. TYPE B ENEMY-ATTACKING UNIT Characters of lower Alignment and those with muscle should go out and take care of the enemy troops. TYPE C CITY-DEFENDING UNIT Place balanced units in liberated cities. Use units with strong characters in the front rank to ward off physical attacks. TYPE D TERRAIN-BATTLE UNIT Build parties with characters of a common terrain type, and send them to fight in the most suitable areas. ---------------------------------pg. 13-------------------- Game Play Fundamentals -- PART 3 ICONS ON THE EDIT UNITS SCREEN View status [one mushroom, with nine dots] You can view the characteristics of the unit members. Add character [arrow pointing toward five dots] Allows you to add a member to a unit, or create a new unit. Remove [arrow pointing toward two columns of dots] Use this command to remove a character from a unit. Formation [six horizontal lines, in two columns] This allows you to change the positions within the unit. Erase [skull] This permanently removes a character from the game. Change leader [person reaching for an apple to your left] This allows you to change the leader of a unit. Change Class [person flexing for the girl on your right] When characters reach higher levels, they may be able to change their class to one of an equal or more powerful being. Items [bag/sack] Selecting this icon brings up the next Item menu, from which you may choose Use Item, Equip Item, Sell Item, Drop Item, or Sort Items. There are over 200 Items to be found in Ogre Battle, so this menu will be very important (see page 23). ---------------------------------pg. 15----------------------- Game Play Fundamentals -- PART 4 CHARACTER SCREEN INFORMATION [top to bottom, more or less] Character size Characters are either large or small. A unit may contain five small characters, or a combination of large and small. Each large character takes up the space of two small ones. Character name Character's class [second line of text] Present level The experience level increases as the character gets stronger and more skilled. Hit points Str (Strength) The higher the character's Strength, the more damage he will inflict in battle. Agi (Agility) Characters with high Agility will successfully hit opponents in battle more often. Int (Intelligence) This affects your ability to cast and protect against spells. Cha (Charisma) The Charisma level determines how well a character is able to lead units. Ali (Alignment) The higher a character's Alignment is, the more he or she cares for others. Luk (Luck) A luck character will be able to avoid attacks more often, and has a better chance of finding items in defeated enemy units. Cost This is the cost of deploying the character and its daily wage. Next level Characters gain experience points after a battle. This shows the points needed to advance one level. Front/back Characters attack differently on the front line than when on the back. Move Shows the terrain or method of travel this unit uses most effectively. Item equip This shows if a character is equipped with an Item, and what type it is. Leader OK Some character types cannot be unit leaders regardless of their Charisma. ---------------------------------pg. 17-------------------- Game Play Fundamentals -- PART 5 WHAT AFFECTS YOUR REPUTATION? Although you may play Ogre Battle any way you'd like, a good reputation can ensure help from the people of the area. CLASS COMPATIBILITY (affects CHARISMA AND ALIGNMENT) Characters in a unit with very different Compatibility cannot fight to their maximum potential. ALIGNMENT (affects YOUR REPUTATION) When liberating towns, the Alignment of the liberating unit should be higher than the town's morality level. CHARISMA (also affects YOUR REPUTATION) A high Charisma level means that you are a good and effective leader, and will raise your reputation. YOUR REPUTATION Finishing the game with a good reputation will be one of the factors in getting the best ending to the game. -------------------------pgs. 18,19,21,22,24-27----------------- ACT. 4: NEXT BATTLE! Congratulations fearless Leader, you're doing well! Now it's time to take your units out and explore the Forests of Sharom. Who knows what evil lurks beyond the trees ... STEP 1: Check Map & Form a Plan A well though-out plan is essential to your success in Sharom. Press the R Button to zoom out from the Area Map screen to get a better look at the area as a whole. Map: 1 Base (SVASTPOL) 1 Hidden Treasure 3 Hidden Cities (ELAGE, FALSARA, 1 Roshfallian Temple) 4 Enemy Territories (ABDELLA, VALIKESH, VALNA, 1 Roshfallian Temple) 1 Boss (JINDARK) caption: In addition to the visible cities and temples, take note of the hidden city and temple in this area. They may contain exclusive information. STEP 2: Deploy All Units Below is a step-by-step suggestion of how to go about completing this area efficiently. As you can see, customizing each unit for maximum effectiveness will prove to be a worthwhile effort. In the beginning, all units but one should be deployed from the base, each with its own unique mission to accomplish. This is expensive, but will be worth it. caption: Send flying units to the cities of Abdella and Valna. caption: Send a group of units to Valikesh, where the enemies will be advancing. caption: Remember to leave one unit guarding the Rebel base. caption: Press the R Button to zoom out and watch the units move. caption: When a unit reaches a city, the "Liberation" message appears. caption: You'll be notified when a unit reaches a general location. caption: Press the R Button to zoom in and examine your position. caption: Choose another city for an available unit to liberate. caption: Press the L Button to determine which units are moving. STEP 3: Shopping in Valna The town of Valna is a shopping paradise. For those with some cash, nearly anything can be bought. caption: Select the Unit icon from the Area Map screen. caption: When in a town with a shop, the Buy Item icon will appear. caption: The available Items and each of their prices will be listed. HINT TWO: WHICH ITEMS SHOULD YOU BUY? This is the first shop you've happened upon, so don't spend all your money in one place. If you're not careful, you could go bankrupt. It's not necessary to buy the more expensive items right now. Stick with useful, inexpensive items like Cure and Heal. STEP 4: Take on the Enemy Units! As your units go on their way, there are sure to be enemy units to fight. Keep in mind that the people don't like a bully! Your reputation will suffer if you wipe out units that are weaker than yours. Fight the tough ones, and you'll gain respect. caption: Check if this unit is stronger or weaker than yours. caption: Fight enemies stronger than you to gain experience points. caption: If Enemy units are weak, use one of your own weaker units. HINT THREE: MAKING BATTLE PLANS Below are some hints which are especially helpful when you have units deployed out on the Area Map screen. 1. Stay on the City It's important to keep units in liberated towns in order to defend them. Also, characters can recover hit points as long as the unit stays in the city. 2. Landscape Effect Form units whose members have common terrain preferences, then send the mountain, plains, and water units to areas in which they fight most effectively. 3. Night or Daylight Battle Characters of high alignment fight better in the day time, and those of low alignment prefer the night. 4. Don't Be a Bully, Check Your Level If a good reputation concerns you, be careful who you fight. If you must fight enemies weaker than your party, one option is to defeat only their leader. STEP 5: After the Battle - Part One If someone in your party has sustained grave injuries, you should try to restore their hit points as soon as possible. caption: Select a unit on the field, and check each member's HP. caption: Select the Item icon, and then select Use Item. caption: If you have a "Cure" item from a shop, use it now. STEP 6: After the Battle - Part Two Occasionally, a character will get wiped out in the course of a battle. You may revive those characters by taking them to the local temple. If the unit leader is slain, you'll have to have another member take over until you can revive the leader. caption: Oh mercy! A character in this party has been destroyed. caption: Never fear -- take this party to the nearest temple. caption: Choose the Revive Character icon and he'll be good as new. caption: If a unit leader is terminated in battle, a skull appears. caption: A unit cannot be without a leader. What should you do? caption: Choose the Change Leader icon and select a new unit leader. HINT FOUR: IF A CHARACTER DIES ... Before going somewhere far away from a temple, it's wise to buy a "Revive" item from one of the shops. Use this item to bring a character back to life, anywhere! If you can afford to lose the deceased character forever with all of their experience, then erase the character and recruit a new one in a nearby city. STEP 7: Surround the Boss' Castle Once you've completed the immediate objective of the stage -- liberating towns, collecting useful information etc. -- choose a group of units that you think are ready and launch an attack on the Boss! STEP 8: Fighting the Boss' Unit Remember the hidden city on the island back in the first area? You met Lans, and old friend of King Gran who was very upset at the king's assassination. Now his recruitment is helpful. caption: Choose Lans' unit and have it go to the Boss' location. caption: A tense dialogue begins between the two mortal enemies. caption: Lans is overcome with fury, and the battle begins. STEP 9: After Beating the Boss Congratulations, Great Leader! The evil oppressor of Jindark has been vanquished. It was not necessary to use Lans in your attack on Usar, but as you can see, his assistance was very helpful. Keep this in mind as you progress through the game. There are many more persons whose information and help could be essential to your success. Follow the steps below when in between each major area. caption: It's cause for celebration, but there is work to be done. caption: Next, it's time to return to the Main Map screen. caption: Choose the Edit Units icon to view all of your units. caption: Change the class of any characters who are now eligible. caption: Don't forget to save your progress with the Data icon. caption: Back on the Main Map screen, what's the next step? caption: After each area, return to areas you have already visited. caption: There will be new clues to find. caption: Return to the Main Map anytime by choosing this new icon. HINT FIVE: WHEN NEUTRAL CHARACTERS APPEAR You will notice that occasionally a neutral character appears in battle. If you quickly press A Button at the start of the battle, you will have the option of recruiting that character into your own party. ---------------------------------pg. 20------------------------- Game Play Fundamentals -- PART 6 CHECK WHICH UNITS ARE MOVING On the Area Map, press L Button to view deployed units. If one is finished moving, select the unit from the list, press A Button to zoom in on it, then send it to a new location. ICONS ON THE STAGE MAP 2 Deploy Unit [arrow pointing toward mushroom] Deploying units in this area can be done as shown on page 19. Edit Unit [arrow pointing toward five dots] You may edit units specifically with this area in mind. Tarot Card [orange card] You may learn about each Tarot card's effect at this time. Income Projection [circle on blue spreadsheet] This shows your projected income. At noon, you receive money from each freed town, minus the cost of the units you have deployed. ICONS ON THE CITY 1 Recruit Character [bell] While a unit is in a city, you may recruit members into that party, provided there is space. Exchange Character [two opposed arrows] If two of your parties are close enough to each other, you may trade characters. ---------------------------------pg. 23------------------------- Game Play Fundamentals -- PART 7 ITEM ICONS EXPLANATION Press X Button on the Area Map screen to bring up a menu from which you may choose the Items icon. This menu allows you to perform a variety of functions. Use item [arrow pointing out of bag] This icon displays a list of the Items you currently own. Equip item [multiple shields] Use this to equip characters with weapons, armor, and charms. Sell item [hand held out for coin] If you're short on cash or have to use for an Item, sell it. Dispose item [trash bin] This allows you to permanently remove an Item from the game. Order [two clockwise-pointing arrows] Use this to organize your Items in any way you would like. Clean up [two columns of horizontal lines: one messy, one not] This icon will sort your items according to category. ITEM INFORMATION To get more information on an Item you are unfamiliar with, move the cursor to an Item and press Select. Also refer to the poster for more details. ---------------------------------pg. 23------------------------ Game Play Fundamentals -- PART 8 ICONS ON THE CITY 2 Revive Icon [golden ankh] When you bring a slain character to a temple, the Revive icon will be available. This service will cost a pretty penny, though! ---------------------------------pg. 27-------------------- Game Play Fundamentals -- PART 9 ICONS ON THE CITY 3 Return to map [arrow pointing from miniature map] Often you will need to return to previously completed areas to pick up more information. Press X Button on the Area Map and you will be able to choose the new icon, Return To Map. Remember, after the Boss has been defeated, you can no longer collect tribute money from the towns in that stage, so don't return expecting money from them. -------------------------------pgs. 28-29--------------------- ACT. 5: STAGE 3: REVOLUTION Now that you have completed the first two stages of Ogre Battle, you should have all the basic skills necessary to complete the rest of the game. Don't think it's going to be easy, though. This area, Rashom District, is fraught with dangers and holds many secrets. Below are some tips to get you through the area. Some of the following steps can only occur if your Reputation Meter is high enough, so if you are having trouble, try backtracking and building up a higher reputation. Map: 1 Base (LLWELYN) 3 Hidden Treasures 2 Hidden Cities (LENIKAN, 1 Roshfallian Temple) 7 Enemy Territories (BAH'WAHL, CHANG'GA, LATINGUR, SAGEBARD, VANNU, 2 Roshfallian Temples) 1 Boss (PARCIVAL) caption: The center area on this map is a good tactical position for most of your strong units. Deploy units with flying characters to hard-to-reach places like Jindark. Basic Steps 1. Deploy Your Forces Once again, don't hold back your units. Deploy all but one party, leaving that one to defend the Rebels' base. 2. Fight in the Center Send most of your units down the center path to meet the enemy forces. 3. Visit Yulia After liberating Chang'Ga and Bah'Wahl, head for the hidden temple in the southwest to meet Yulia. 4. Find Canopus After Yulia gives you the Wing of Victory, return to Bah'Wahl where you will meet Canopus. He will join your quest. 5. Defeat Gilbert Use Canopus' unit to fight Gilbert. After the battle, they will reconcile their differences. -------------------------------pgs. 30-31-------------------- ACT. 6: STAGE 4: ADVANCE Pogrom Forest is a vast, dark, forested plain, and is haunted by many troubled spirits. You will need all your cunning to get through this stage. You can best prepare for the long trip to the enemy headquarters by building units that are of high Alignment and that use clerics as their leaders. The undead characters of the forest can only be defeated by white magic tarot cards, a white magic weapon, or the spells of a cleric. Save two or three of your units to use for flying to the cities which are off the beaten path. Map: 1 Base (MATT'GRO) 1 Hidden Treasure 2 Hidden Cities (ALAGOYAS, PARA) 7 Enemy Territories (LOLAIMA, MELANION, RHODNIA, VYER, 3 Roshfallian Temples) 1 Boss (GOYAS) caption: In this stage, the Southeast and Northwest corners are where you'll want to send your flying units. Make sure their alignments are high before liberating the cities. Your other units should stay grouped for battle in the center of the map. Basic Steps 1. Add All Clerics & Deploy Edit your units to include all of your clerics. Change their tactics to "Best" to attack ghosts and skeletons. 2. Love your Enemies As you go through the forest, use the Befriend command on any neutral characters; they will be very useful later. 3. Team Attack When you are ready to fight Kapella, place a group of units outside his castle. They can then attack in quick succession. 4. Use "World" Save any "World" tarot cards you have acquired for this battle and use them against Kapella. 5. Get Mercury After defeating Kapella, return to Pogrom Forest, go to Para, and receive an Item from Boltorano. -------------------------------pgs. 32-33------------------- ACT. 7: STAGE 5: FULL MOON The title of the Lake Jannenia stage should serve as a clue to the dangers that await you within. The inhabitants will have many stories to tell you when you liberate their cities, but look out for one particular inhabitant named Sirius. He may seem friendly at first, but everything he has to say is meant to mislead you. You'll meet him again at the end of the stage, at which time you may repay him for his dishonesty! Map: 1 Base (TRAB) 1 Hidden Treasure 1 Hidden City (1 Roshfallian Temple) 6 Enemy Territories (ALLEPHAL, ANTALYA, G'JIANDE, KAISELLY, KRASNO D, 1 Roshfallian Temple) 1 Boss (ELSRUM) caption: After liberating most of the satellite towns, circle the North edge of the lake. It will be difficult to get to the Boss' hideout on the protected island, so take a group of units across the bridge at the same time. Basic Steps 1. Use the Undead Put your undead characters in the front lines of your fighting units -- they can absorb physical damage. 2. Meet Sirius His name is Sirius, but he's trying to play a pretty nasty joke on you! Don't fall for his plot to destroy the rebels. 3. Get Rune Axe A monk at the Temple on the east edge of the map will give you a white magic weapon. Use it on the Boss. 4. Daytime Fight Because of the Boss' canine condition, visiting him at night is a bad idea. Go during the day. 5. Use Magic A Wizard's unit with Undead characters in front will be particularly effective on the Boss. -------------------------------pgs. 34-35--------------------- ACT. 8: STAGE 6: GLASS PUMPKIN Deneb's Garden is a haven for monsters. Deneb herself is a beautiful but evil witch who has been performing experiments on humans in the district. The locals are wary of her, but she has plenty of Imperial troops on her side which will try to keep you from rescuing the citizens. When you defeat Deneb, you'll discover her true nature, and you'll have to decide whether or not to let her go. Map: 1 Base (RANKAGUA) 0 Hidden Treasures 0 Hidden Cities 6 Enemy Territories (ANQUARD, BALJIB, PELTMONT, ROSEANHE, TALKA, 1 Roshfallian Temple) 1 Boss (VALPARIN) Caption: In this stage, there are some hidden items to find, but they are not shown on the map. Explore! You are bound to find them sooner or later, but don't get too distracted on the way to Deneb's place. Basic Steps 1. Follow the Road There is a path straight through the mountains to Deneb's city. You should follow this path to reach her quickly. 2. Rumors Fly The people around Deneb's lair will tell you all about her evil ways. They'll be thankful to be rid of her. 3. Jack-O-Lanterns Deneb has pumpkin-headed henchmen to protect her. Their attacks are strong, but hers are fairly weak. 4. Forgive Deneb? After you defeat Deneb, she will beg for mercy. Say no, and your Reputation will rise. 5. Deneb's Mission Return to Valparin and Deneb will ask a favor of you. She'll also give you a Black Pearl. -------------------------------pgs. 36-37--------------------- ACT. 9: STAGE CHART There are many ways to reach the last stage of Ogre Battle, but following the chart at the right will help you take the smoothest route to the finish. Since the Imperial enemies are stronger in each consecutive stage, it's also the best way to advance your own level. Furthermore, keep an eye out for the four hidden maps as you make your way through the game! HINT SIX: FIND THE CHAOS GATES The Legend of Ogre Battle says that the four gods of the Sky Islands are alive and waiting for you to visit them. To reach their floating worlds, you must have the "Brunhild" sword. Use it to discover each of the four Chaos Gates. The gates are passages to the floating worlds of the gods. Look for them in out-of-the-way places: between mountains, on small islands, etc. 1. Castle of Warren I 2. Sharom I 3. Sharom District I +--------+-----------+ I I 4. Pogrom Forest 5. Jannenia I I I +---+----------------+ I I I 7. Slums of Zenobia 6. Deneb's Garden I [note: numbers that +----+ start with "H" I represent hidden 8. Island Avalon stages] I +--------+-----------+ I I 9. Kastolatian Sea 10. Diaspola I I +------------+--------+ +----------+ I I I 12. Valley of Kastro 13. Balmorian Ruins 11. Kaliban Peninsula I I I I I I I I I +----+------+ I I I I I I I H1. Muspelm------ I ----H2. Organa I I I I +---------------------+ I I I I +----------------+----------------------+ I I I I 14. City of Malano 15. The Tundra 16. Antalia I I I I +---------------------+---------------+ I I I 17. Shangrila H3. Antanjyl I 18. Fort Allamoot I I +---------------------+ +-------------+ I I I 19. Dalmuhd Desert 20. The Rhyan Sea H4. Ruined City I I I 21. Fort Shulamana 22. Shrine of Kulyn H5. Dragon's Haven I I +---------------------+ I 23. City of Xanadu I 24. Zeteginea I 25. Temple Shalina ---------------------------------pg. 38-------------------------- TRUE ENDING!? The course of Ogre Battle is as diverse and challenging as you wish to make it. With 12 different possibilities, the ending will prove to be no less unique or unpredictable! CHECK 1: Your Reputation Meter Finishing the game with a full, or near full, reputation meter is just one of the criteria in getting the very best ending. CHECK 2: The Hero's parameters The maximum Strength, Agility, and Intelligence are 255, and the maximum Charisma, Alignment, and Luck are 100. CHECK 3: Collecting important items Seeing the best ending also depends upon discovering all of the special treasures and items scattered throughout the game. CHECK 4: Finding important characters As important as finding hidden items is finding and talking to all of the various characters along the way. Many key characters must join your forces in order for you to reach the best ending. GOOD LUCK! ---------------------------------pg. 39------------------------- 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY: Enix America Corporation ("Enix") warrants to the original purchaser of this Enix Game Pak ("PAK") shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. If a defect covered by this warranty occurs within this 90-day warranty period, Enix will repair or replace the PAK at its option free of charge. To receive this warranty service: DO NOT return your defective Game Pak to the retailer. Notify the Enix Consumer Service Department of the problem requiring warranty service by calling: (206)861-4927. Our Customer Service Department is in operation from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Pacific time, Monday through Friday. If the Enix Service Representative is unable to solve the problem by phone, he will provide you with a return authorization number. Simply record this number on the outside packaging of your defective PAK and return your PAK FREIGHT PREPAID AND INSURED FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE together with your sales slip or similar proof-of-purchase within the 90-day warranty period to: ENIX America Corporation 2679 151st Place N.E. Redmond, WA 98052-5522 This warranty shall not apply if the PAK has been damaged by negligence, unreasonable use, modification, tampering, or by other causes unrelated to defective materials or workmanship. WARRANTY LIMITATIONS: ANY APPLICABLE IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE HEREBY LIMITED TO 90 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE AND ARE SUBJECT TO THE CONDITIONS SET FORTH HEREIN. IN NO EVENT WILL ENIX BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE BREACH OF ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES. The provisions of this warranty are valid in the United States only. Some states do not allow limitations as to how long an implied warranty lasts or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. ---------------------------------pg. 40------------------------ Game Counseling Line (206)861-4927 ENIX AMERICA CORPORATION 2679 151st Place N.E. Redmond, WA 98052-5522 PRINTED IN USA

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