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Typed out by Gregory Bishop INSTRUCTION MANUAL SETA(TM) SETA U.S.A., INC. K-A(TM) KIDS TO ADULTS AGES 6+ SUPER NINTENDO(R) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(R) HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN RATED BY THE ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE RATING BOARD. FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE ESRB RATING, OR TO COMMENT ABOUT THE APPROPRIATENESS OF THE RATING, PLEASE CONTACT THE ESRB AT 1-800-771-3772. LICENSED BY Nintendo(R) NINTENDO, SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM AND THE OFFICIAL SEAL ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. (C)1991 NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. SETA(TM) SETA U.S.A., INC. SETA U.S.A., INC. 105 EAST RENO AVE., SUITE 22 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89119 NOSFERATU AND SETA ARE TRADEMARKS OF SETA U.S.A., INC. (C)1995 SETA U.S.A., INC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) Nosferatu Contents Kyle's Quest......................3 Getting Started...................5 Options...........................6 Objective.........................7 Screen Display Regular Play..................8 While Fighting Bosses.........8 Continue / Game Over..............9 Controller.......................10 Controlling Kyle.................11 Power Up Cycles..................13 Acquired Skills..................14 Special Items....................15 Stage Construction...............16 How to Move from Area to Area....17 Switches & Walls.................18 Traps............................19 Monsters.........................21 Strategy.........................23 Hints............................27 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) Kyle's Quest As the passing day resides into night a cold and dark presence overwhelms the land. Looming in the midnight, shadowing the dead ground below, is the accursed castle of Nosferatu. Ancient in history, deadly in the present, this remnant of times past has griped the land with death and terror. Nosferatu, creature of night, a name feared by all. His reign of terror stretches across the land with unspeakable horrors. Those few who have seen him dare not speak his ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) name. Those unfortunate to meet him have never been seen again. Only one races to end the terror. Only one with the courage of many takes to arms to rid the land of Nosferatu. Kyle, driven by his quest, races to save his fair maiden taken by Nosferatu. Time is a factor as he draws closer to the castle. Many obstacles lay ahead, but Kyle has no remorse for those in his path. An army of darkness awaits. Kyle's Quest will be long and hard. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) Getting Started To get right into the game Press Start to advance to the Menu Screen. Press the Control Pad up/down to select Game Start. Press Start Button Press Start again to skip story animation. Prepare yourself! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) Options/Configuration Select Configuration at the Menu Screen to Change the Options of the game according to your preferences. Use Control Pad to move accordingly. GAME LEVEL Choose your level of play Easy/Normal/Hard. (Hint: You might want to start out on easy) MUSIC Choose Stereo or Monaural. KEY ASSIGN Configure your controller to fit your game play. EXIT After you have changed all options highlite EXIT and press Start. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) Objective Take Kyle through each level avoiding traps and monsters. Collect Power-Up crystals for added strike combos. Defeat Main Boss at the end of each Master Level. Face Nosferatu and save Erin. The Cast Kyle On a quest to stop Nosferatu and his reign of terror, Kyle races to save is fair maiden Erin. Erin Taken in the middle of the night, Erin waits patiently for her hero to return. Nosferatu His army of darkness awaits. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) Screen Display [Screenshot with the following highlighted: Time, Crystal, Life] REGULAR PLAY 1) TIME This displays the time you have to complete each sub-level or main level. 2) CRYSTAL This displays the amount of power crystals you hold in your possession. 3) LIFE This displays the amount of life Kyle has. [Screenshot with two Life meters highlighted] WHILE FIGHTING BOSSES 1) KYLE'S LIFE This displays the amount of life Kyle has while fighting the Boss. 2) BOSSES LIFE This displays the amount of life the Boss has left while fighting Kyle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) Continue Kyle may continue his quest after being defeated. At the Continue Menu use your Control Pad to select YES or NO to continue his journey to Nosferatu. Kyle may continue as many times as you wish. (If you continue too many times it will alter the ending of the game) But if you decide that Erin would rather live forever and become an evil vampire and rome the world searching for helpless victims, then choose NO. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) Controller Kyle can be controlled using the preset control buttons shown below. [Control Pad:] Walk, Run, and Climb. [Start] Start play or pause play. [Select] [B-] Jump [Y-] Fight Configuration can be changed at Main Menu. Use Select Button to Toggle from option to option. Left or Right to walk. Press Y to fight. Press B to jump. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) Controlling Kyle Kyle has many skills. Learn key control pad combinations for optimum fighting capabilities. RUNNING While walking Tap Control Pad Twice and hold. THRUSTING While running press Y to thrust your body forward. SLIDING While running press Y and down at the same time. FLYING ROUND HOUSE While running press Y and up diagonal. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (12) KICK Press B to jump then press Y to kick forward. FORWARD KICK While moving press B to jump then Y to kick. SPINNING BACK KICK Press away and Y at the same time. UPPER CUT Press Y and down diagonal to upper cut. SLIP AND DODGE Press away on control pad with Y to slip and dodge. SHAKE OFF Press control pad left or right and Y to shake off monsters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (13) Power Up Crystals On Kyle's Quest he will encounter several monsters and treasure chests those of which hold power up crystals. Crystals that give Kyle that extra edge of power to his punch. GARGOYLE GEM EATER ZOMBIE These are a few of the monsters who hold crystals. After attacking and defeating them they may have a surprise. The Gem Eater will steal your Gems with its long tongue so be careful, it may not be worth the fight. [Screenshot:] Don't leave so soon there may be more than one crystal. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (14) Acquired Skills As you collect power up crystals Kyle will acquire new skills and combinations according to the number of crystals he holds. Depending on the timing between 2nd and 3rd blow, the finishing blow will change. No. of Finishing Blows crystals 1st& 2nd Blow 3rd Blow - A 3rd Blow - B --------------------------------------------------------- 0 1 Jab Jab Power Jab 2 --------------------------------------------------------- 3 4 Jab Upper Cut/ Thrust 5 Power Jab --------------------------------------------------------- 6 7 Jab Low Kick/ Knee Jab 8 High Kick --------------------------------------------------------- 9 Jab High Kick/ Power Punch Body Kick ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (15) Special Items Other treasures and items await Kyle in his journey. They can be found in treasure chests through out each stage. HOUR GLASS Extends time you have remaining in sub-levels and main levels. RED CRYSTAL Restores Health 1/2. GREEN CRYSTAL Ads Crystal 1/2. BLUE CRYSTAL Skill Crystal. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (16) Stage Construction The stages encountered by Kyle are filled with traps and monsters, be careful. STAGE 1 LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 MAIN SUB- MAIN BOSS LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL Stage 1 has 2 main levels, one sub-level and 1 Boss level. STAGE 2 thru 6 LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 MAIN S-L S-L MAIN S-L S-L BOSS LEVEL S-L S-L LEVEL S-L S-L Stage 2 thru 6 has 2 main levels, 4 sub-levels each and 1 Boss level. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (17) Moving from Area to Area In each stage Kyle must find the exit to move on to the next sub-level and Main Levels. Some doors are open for Kyle to walk through... Explore all levels for hidden treasures. Some doors are closed. Kyle must find hidden switches to open these doors and proceed on. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (18) Switches and Walls Many Switches and False walls litter the massive mazes and halls of Nosferatu's fortresses. Kyle must select wisely in some cases. To trigger wall switches just move forward to the wall until Kyle begins to push. To trigger floor switches, simply step forward on to the switch and step off. False walls can be pushed by moving forward toward the wall until Kyle begins to push. Push as far as you like. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (19) Traps Beware the many traps that plague the halls of Nosferatu. DROPPING GATES Some gates may open with a switch...but watch out, they may close as quickly as they opened. WALL SPIKES These deadly spikes spring out of the walls when you least expect it. Keep an eye out. CEILING SWORDS That's right, Ceiling Swords. Dangerous and lethal! Be sure to get by fast! DROPPING SKELETONS They are under the spell of the Dark Knight himself. Run to avoid them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (20) FLOOR SAW Be prepared to jump fast and run! This is one saw with a mind of its own. FLOOR SPIKES Spikes in the wall and spikes in the ceiling. Their must be spikes in the floor. JUMP! FIRE BREATHING LION They may look like simple wall decorations, these lions have been known to bite and burn. FLYING CHAIR Possessed by evil spirits, these chairs rome the halls looking for trouble. DROPPING WEIGHTS Perhaps the easiest to elude, but deadliest when mistaken for slow and unthreatening. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (21) Monsters On his journey, Kyle will encounter Nosferatu's army of darkness. Get to know them, they will be your deadliest adversaries yet. GARGOYLE They rome the halls stirring up trouble. Be ready to fight. ZOMBIE With no living soul, these deadly foes will grab and choke! Some carry Bones to hit you with. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (22) Monsters WOLF MAN Boss Number 1. Appearing in human form first he strikes with a blade, but as the moon gets full he transforms into the hideous creature he is. GEM EATER He's harmless to you but hungry for your crystals. FLOATING EYE Try not to step in his way or you'll lose more then just life force. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (23) Strategy Kyle will find patterns to each beast, remember them well, but don't count on these patterns to be consistent through every stage. Climb down to reveal the level below before you jump. Stay out of reach of certain foes to avoid damage. Strike when they get close. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (24) Watch the floors for wandering hands, they can be annoying and costly. If you inch your way through some screens by walking instead of running you can see things to come. Keep Kyle alert when approaching foes, some may not wait to get close to strike! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (25) Try every door, who knows what you'll find. Avoid falling forward three stories, and backward two stories, you may meet a timely end Keep your distance from Bone wielding Zombies. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (26) Make at least your first strike to some foes the Flying High Kick. The Abomination floats about almost harmless. Don't be fooled! Keep an eye out for other floating objects and objects that look harmless. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (27) Hints * Collect as many crystals as you can. * Learn to slide, it will be important in all levels. * Learn the monsters moves. * Go into each level cautiously. * Avoid Creatures in close range. * Passing a boss may take time. Find his weakness or strike point. * Avoid pits and long drops. * Search all areas for crystals and power-ups. * When you're hanging from a ledge, some creatures will not hurt you. * Run left and right to avoid the Bat form of Nosferatu during the final fight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (28) Hints * In some levels you may need to run and jump several times in a row. As you land press B to jump without losing your momentum. * Strike at the Bone Wielding Zombie, step away then strike again * Be careful of flying axes. * Watch for loose Statues and mischievous pictures * Frankenstein has Crystals to spare. * Beware the hidden spears! * Timing will help to defeat the stone Boss and many of the other bosses * Press control pad left or right as fast as you can when levitated by Nosferatu. * Sometimes kneeling down serves as a defense and enemy's will go past you. * Learn Kyle's moves quickly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (29) Limited Warranty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (30) Credits SETA Co., Ltd. Japan: J. Fujimoto T. Ishikawa T. Suzuki M. Yoshihara J. Enoki J. Tsuda K. Tamura M. Ohno T. Tsuboi S. Fujii SETA U.S.A., Inc.: Tom Shizuma Robert Barr Leroy Wing MAR*T*G & Associates Design Group ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SETA(TM) SETA U.S.A., INC. SETA U.S.A., INC. 105 EAST RENO AVE., SUITE 22 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89119 PRINTED IN USA

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