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NHL Hockey '97

Typed out by Gregory Bishop Game Title: NHL Hockey '97 Manufacturer: THQ Game System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System Game Type: Ice Hockey Recommended Ages: All Ages # of Players: 1 or 2 Simultaneous Players Password Function: No Save Feature: Continue Option Using the Controller(s) START button- Pause (Raise the Score Board Screen) (Offense) A button- Wrist Shot, Raise Play Option Screen B button- Capture puck Y button- Flip Pass/Clear puck (Defense) A button- Speed burst, Block B button- Poke Check/Trip puck carrier, Transfer control to player within closest proximity of the puck Y button- Hold/Hook Control Pad+ Move up, down, right or left Instant Replay (See Playing the Game) A button- Fast forward B button- Replay/regular speed X button- Slow motion Y button- Rewind Playing the Game The object of the game is to move the puck across the ice and shoot the puck into the net, (goal), of the opposing team. Active players are designated by stars appearing beneath them, (active players are controlled by player 1 and player 2). Once you have possession of the puck you may pass the puck by pressing the B button. You may clear the puck up the ice by pressing the A button, (shoot the puck a greater distance up the ice). Press the A button to perform a wrist shot of the puck or keep the A button depressed to perform a slap shot of the puck. When playing defense press the A button to hold or hook your opponent, (block or grab an opponent). Press the A button in conjunction with the Control Pad to give your defensive player a sudden burst of speed that can be used to block your opponent, (body check). Repeated use of a body check may result in a fight and possible penalty for both combatants. Press the B button to steal the puck from an opponent. To review a play press the START button to pause the game and raise the Score Board Screen then use the Control Pad to highlight Instant Replay and press the Y button. Press the A button to view the instant replay at regular speed. Press and hold down the X button to view the instant replay in slow motion or tap the X button to advance the play one frame at a time. Press the Y button to rewind and review the instant replay. Press the START button to return to the Score Board Screen. Use the Control Pad to highlight Resume Game and press the A button to resume the game. If your Line Changes selection on the Game Set-up Screen is in the ON position you will have the option of bringing substitutions into the game. When you control the puck press the A button to raise the Line Change Sub Screen exhibited in the corner of the Action Screen. Three selections will be exhibited, (SC1 and SC2 are scoring teams, CHK is the wide body team with strong body checking capabilities). Each team will be designated by A, B or Y buttons. Press the corresponding button of the team you want to bring into the game. Each teams energy or power is indicated by a horizontal bar. Icing is called when a player passes or shoots the puck across the red center line, the opponent's blue line, and the red goal line, but not through the crease. If the score is tied at the end of the game an overtime period will be played. NHL Hockey '97 Trademark/Copyright 1996 of THQ NHL is a Registered Trademark of the National Hockey League

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