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Metal Combat Flacon's Revenge

Typed out by Steve Begin SNS-KD-USA METAL COMBAT FALCON'S REVENGE (Super NES Super Scope logo) Instruction Booklet Super Nintendo Entertainment System PAGE 2 ------ Warning: please carefully read the consumer information and precautions booklet included with this product before using your Nintendo hardware system, Game Pak, or accessory. (picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying game and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo product. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality(TM). Thank you for selecting the Metal Combat(TM) - Flacon's Revenge game pak for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure proper handling of your new games. Save this booklet for future reference. Note: This game can only be played with the Super NES Super Scope(TM) accessory. TM and (R) are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C) 1993 Nintendo PAGE 3 ------ TABLE OF CONTENTS Story.................................................4 Super Scope Basic Operation...........................6 Controller Basic Operation............................8 Preparing For Play...................................10 Starting The Game & Mode Selection...................11 The Game Screen......................................12 Playing The Battle Game..............................13 Training Mode & Time Trials..........................14 The Battle Game and The Combat Mode..................15 Special Items........................................16 ST Profiles..........................................18 (picture of 2 robots, one blue and one green) Falcon Wong Arachnus Riola Tornado Griffin Cobra Garam Mk 2 Viscount Groken Siamang Thanathos Spika This Game Pak has a battery-backup function to record the progress of the game. To delete the saved data, while on the title screen press L, R, L, R on Controller 1. Deleted data cannot be restored WARNING: If the POWER switch is switched ON and OFF repeatedly, saved data may be deleted. Avoid switching the POWER OFF before saving your game or it may be lost. PAGE 4 ------ REBIRTH OF THE 21st CENTURY As the 21st century dawned and society ignored the warning signs of social unrest and tamperings with nature, crime, riots, and food shortages became commonplace. Cities soon dissolved into ruins and were divided and run as armed camps. As earthquakes and flooding devastated the remaining great cities, all seemed to be lost. In this world of anarchy, human life was filled with violence, hatred and hopelessness. Soon, the only source of amusement became the Battle Game. Advanced technology in weapons systems, armament and hydraulics were twisted to create a vehicle designed solely to compete in arena style combat. The first of these were little more than old army tanks outfitted with updated weapons systems. As pursuit of this new sport progressed, advanced designs with humanoid shapes soon began to appear. Originally called "Standing Tanks," they soon came to be called simply "ST." Typical combat between these metal monsters consisted of two STs facing off and firing their weapons at each other until only one was left standing. Victory meant power and prestige. Defeat meant that the loser would become a second-citizen, forced to serve the victors. Not all accepted the Battle Game's class system. One young man, Mike Anderson, refused to live by the station being forced on him by this father's defeat in the Battle Game. Determined to seek vengeance on the fighter who had defeated his father, Mike dedicated his life to learning all he could about the technology of the STs While Mike trained, Anubis, the fighter who had defeated his father, continued to win even more power fighting in hi ST Thanatos. As he took control, Anubis promoted the best fighters in the Battle Game to be his "Chiefs." Along with this title, each was given control over a portion of the earth. PAGE 5 ------ (picture of the game's cover art) Upon completion of his self imposed training, Mike undertook a most dangerous goal: to battle through Anubis' Chiefs and take on the one who had declared himself Emperor, Anubis. Three years have passed since Anubis suffered defeat at the hand of Mike Anderson. A new age of prosperity has begun to emerge, and along with it, the rebirth of some of the earth's great cities. Just as quickly as he disappeared following his defeat, Anubis has reappeared to resume his tyranny. Again you must join Mike and attempt to crush the iron rule of Anubis before he can once more throw earth back into the darkest of ages. PAGE 6 & 7 ---------- SUPER NES SUPER SCOPE CONTROL BUTTONS AND BASIC OPERATION Pause Button (nearer button from you on top) Press the PAUSE Button to interrupt game play. Press PAUSE again to resume game play. While the game is paused, you can recalibrate the Super Scope accessory. Power Switch (nearest switch from you on top) Slide this switch forward to the center position to turn the power on. Note: You can also set this switch to TURBO. On this setting you will shoot continuously when you hold the FIRE Button down. Sight Tube & Front Sight (aiming devices on top of the Super Scope) To aim, align the center of the Front Sight over your target wile looking through the Sight Tube. (picture of the Super NES Super Scope) Fire Button (farthest button from you on top) Press this button to shoot at the screen. Cursor Button (button on the holding bar) In this game, the CURSOR Button is used to select special weapons, such as the Bomb, for use. See the appropriate section of the manual for details. PAGE 8 & 9 ---------- CONTROL BUTTONS DESIGNATIONS AND OPERATION Control button designations and operation L & R Buttons: Used for special attacks + Control Pad: Move ST X & Y Buttons: Hold to charge Energy weapons - Release to fire (picture of the SUPER NES Control Pad) SELECT Button: Selects ST on ST Selection Screen START Button: Enters ST selection on ST Selection Screen A & B Buttons: Fires TURBO type weapons GARAM MK 2 (picture of a green human-shaped robot) X Button: Rocket Punch, Elbow Shot (after Rocket Punch) Y Button: Knuckle Bomb, Elbow Shot (after Rocket Punch) B Button: Chest Cannon A Button: Shoulder Cannon L & R Buttons: Not used Special Attacks - Double Rocket Punch: Press(down arrow)+Y + B Buttons to charge, release to fire Jumping Double Rocket Punch: Press (up arrow)+Y + B Buttons to charge, then release to fire Double Knuckle Bomb: Press X + A Buttons to charge, release to fire SIAMANG (picture of a purple and yellow robot with a tail) X Button: Banana Shot Y Button: Tail Shot B Button: Chest and Shoulder Cannon A Button: Clap Shot Special Attacks - Monkey Blast: Hold the L Button and rapidly press the B Button Siamang Special: Rapidly press X + A Buttons to charge, release to fire (energy must be above 1/4) WONG (picture of a green robot with 2 huge fans at each sides) X Button: Hand Bluster Y Button: Head Graviton B Button: Chest Cannon A Button: Grenade R Button: Missiles Special Attacks - Double Hand Bluster: Press X + A Buttons to charge, release to fire Typhoon: Press X + Y Buttons to charge, release to fire Hurricane: Press (down arrow)+X + A Buttons to charge, release to fire THANATOS (picture of a blue human-like robot with spike on head & shoulders) X Button: Knuckle Saucer Y Button: Aurora Leg Bomb B Button: Body Cannon (Big) A Button: Body Cannon (Small) R Button: Missiles Special Attacks - Rocket Punch: Press any direction + X Buttons to charge, release to fire Rocket Kick: Press any direction + Y Buttons to charge, release to fire Underhand Knuckle Smash: Hold the L Button and press the Y Button to charge, release to fire Overhand Knuckle Smash: Hold the L Button and press the X Button to charge, release to fire Skull Triangle: Press X + A Buttons to charge, release to fire Cytron: Press X + Y Buttons to charge, release to fire Double Knuckle Bomb: Press Y + B Buttons to charge, release to fire Super Cytron: Press (up arrow)+X + Y Buttons to charge, release to fire Omega Spark: Press (up arrow)+X + A Buttons to charge, release to fire GRIFFIN (picture of a winged purple & yellow robot) X Button: Wing Tip Shot Y Button: Talon Shot B Button: Chest Cannons 1 A Button: Chest Cannons 2 R Button: Missile Special Attacks - Spin: Double click (left arrow) or (right arrow) on + Control Pad. Quick Escape: Hold the L Button and double click (left arrow) or (right arrow) on + Control Pad Double Wing Tip Shot: Press X + A Buttons to charge, release to fire Double Talon and Wing Tip Shot: Press Y + B Buttons to charge, release to fire Griffin Special: Press (up arrow)+X + A Buttons to charge, release to fire ARACHNUS (picture of a dark purple robot) X Button: Big Eye Bomb Y Button: F Shot B Button: Stomach Cannon A Button: Leg Cannon Special Attacks - Atomic Shot: Press X + A Buttons to charge, fires automatically Plasma Shower: Press Y + B Buttons to charge, fires automatically Propellant Dance: When he doesn't have his stomach, press X + A Buttons to charge, fires automatically VISCOUNT (picture of a red human-like robot with a shield) X Button: Shield Crash (throw shield), Knuckle Shot (if shield is gone) Y Button: Hyper Bazooka, Knuckle Shot (if bazooka is gone) B Button: Turbo Shot A Button: Shield Cannon, Crystal Shot (if shield is gone) R Button: Defend with shield Special Attacks - Energy Shot: Press X + A Buttons to charge, release to fire (only when bazooka and shield are gone and energy is above 1/4) Super Turbo Shot: Hold the L Button and press the B Button PAGE 10 ------- PREPARING THE SUPER SCOPE FOR PLAY (picture of the title screen) Set up your Super Scope Receiver Module as shown in the Super Scope Instruction Manual. Insert your Metal Combat - Falcon's Revenge game into the Super NES Control Deck and turn ON the Super NES and the Super Scope accessory. Shoot the screen. (picture of the Super Scope aiming at the center of the bullseye on screen) AIM ADJUSTMENT Hold the Super Scope so you can see through the opening in the eyepiece Sight Tube and the Front Sight. Aim at the center of the target on the ADJUST AIM screen and shoot the center of the screen. For best accuracy, it is important that you always aim through both the eyepiece Sight Tube opening and Front Sight tube. (picture of the calibrate Super Scope screen) After firing, a hit will be registered in the center of the target. The Super Scope is now calibrated. (picture of the testing Super Scope screen) After calibrating, test to make sure your scope is accurate by firing at the target again. If not, recalibrate. Recalibrating the Super Scope If at any time your aim seems inaccurate or if you change your position during play, you should recalibrate the Super Scope. Press the Super Scope's PAUSE Button to bring up the ADJUST AIM screen and follow the instructions above. If you do not want adjust your aim, or when you are finished doing so, you must press the PAUSE Button again to resume playing the game. PAGE 11 ------- STARTING THE GAME & SELECTING MODES One or two players can play. Please see the appropriate instructions below for information on playing each of the different modes. Training Mode (picture of the training mode welcome screen) The Training Mode is used to prepare you for the Battle Game. Your instructor will give you a series of lessons that must be passed before you can select the Battle Game. The Training Mode is a one player game that uses only the Super Scope. See page 14 for further details. Time Trial Mode (picture of the times registered screen) In the Time Trial Mode, you will battle a group of STs. Your total time to defeat each group will be saved by the game into battery-backed memory. The Time Trial Mode can be played by one or two players who will both use the Super Scope, alternating turns. See page 14 for further details. Battle Mode (picture of the Battle Mode welcome screen) In the Battle Mode, you must attempt to fight your way to Anubis and his ST Thanatos. Your progress will be saved into battery-backed memory as you progress toward your goal. The Battle Mode is a one player game that uses only the Super Scope. See page 15 for further details. Combat Mode (Picture of a game screen with the Viscount ST) The Combat Mode allows you to challenge a friend to a Battle Game match. After selecting your STs and handicapping, one of you will play using the Super Scope, while the other plays as the enemy using a standard controller. See page 15 for further details. PAGE 12 ------- THE GAME SCREEN The game screen, with the exceptions noted, is basically the same for all modes of play or ST chosen. (picture of a typical game screen with the Siamang ST) Player's [1] Energy Meter (bar at top-left of screen besides "PLAYER") Enemy's [2] Energy Meter (bar at top-left of screen besides "ENEMY") Enemy's [5] Weapon Power Meter (bar at top-left of screen besides "ENERGY") [3] Elapsed Game Time (time at top-right of screen) [4] Bomb Count Indicator ('Bs' at top-right of screen under Elapsed Game Time) Enemy [9] Speed (2 digits at bottom-left of screen) Enemy ST [8] identification (name at bottom-left of screen) [7] Energy Bolt Indicator Lamps (vertical bars at bottom-center of screen) [10] Special Weapon Icons (4 rectangles at bottom-center of screen) [11] Your ST's speed (kms digits at bottom-right of screen) [12] Your Pilot's Face (drawing at bottom-right of screen) [6] Weapon Power Meter (large horizontal bar at bottom-center of screen) ENEMY ST [1] Your Energy Meter turns red as you lose energy to enemy attacks. [2] The enemy's Energy Meter tells you how much energy your foe has. [3] The amount of time used so far this battle. [4] The number of Bs displayed indicates the number of Bombs available. [5] This meter fills to indicate the amount of energy charged in the enemy energy weapon. [6] This meter fills to indicate the amount of energy charged in your energy weapon. [7] As energy is charged, the Energy Bolt Indicator Lamps will light. [8] This is the name of the current enemy ST. [9] This meter tracks the enemy ST's speed. [10] These icons indicate which weapon you have currently selected. [11] This indicates your ST's speed. [12] This is the pilot of your ST. PAGE 13 ------- PLAYING THE BATTLE GAME The main objective of the Battle Game is to use your weapons to defeat your opponent. Your opponent of course will be attempting to do the same, so remember to also practice defense. Firing Your Laser Cannon Your main weapon is a laser. Each time you press the FIRE Button, you will shoot a single shot. Like a machine gun, you can rapidly shoot these bolts, but this will do little damage to the enemy. (picture of a game screen where a laser shot is shot at an ST) The Weapon Power Meter is located beneath the view screen. Firing Energy Bolts If you do not shoot the laser, energy builds up within your gun. When the Weapon Power meter is filled, an indicator bar will light up. The magnitude of an Energy Bolt is much greater than TURBO fire and can severally damage your enemy. (picture of a game screen where an Energy Bolt explodes on a ST) Each time the Weapon Power Meter fills, an Energy Bolt Indicator Lamp will light. Bombs And Special Items You can select any of the Special Items from those listed by pressing the CURSOR Button until the desired Item's Icon lights. After aiming, press the FIRE Button to use it. See page 16 for further details on Special Items. (picture of a game screen where an item is fired on a ST) Special Weapon Icons are located beneath the Weapon Power Meter. Defense Each enemy has different weapons at its disposal and will not be afraid to use them. If you wish to survive you must practice defense. Use the machine gun-like fire of TURBO shots for this. However, some enemy weapons can only be defended using Energy Bolts. (picture of a game screen showing a ST) Use both TURBO Fire and Energy Bolts to defend against enemy fire. PAGE 14 ------- STARTING THE GAME AND SELECTING THE MODES One or two players can play, dependent on the mode chosen. After adjusting your aim, if you have not yet passed training, you will automatically enter the Training Mode. Once training has been passed, you will automatically go to the battle Game. If you are restarting the game, after the Training Mode has been passed, you will be asked if you wish to continue. Shoot YES to continue a Battle Game in progress. Shoot NO for other options (Combat Mode and Time Trials). When the SELECT MODE screen appears, select your choice by shooting at the appropriate target. The Training Mode (picture of the welcome screen in Training Mode) All new ST Gunners must take compulsory training. After successfully completing the Training Mode, your information will be stored in the Game Pak's battery-backed memory and you will be allowed to advance to other modes of play. The Training Mode is a one player game. ST Gunner Training is broken into seven lesson levels. The seven levels are: Level 1............Targeting Level 5.............Assault Level 2..............Defense Level 6............The Bomb Level 3..............Offense Level 7..............Combat Level 4............Intercept Time Trials Mode (picture of the registered times game screen) In the Time Trials Mode, you will battle a group of enemy STs. The goal is to defeat the enemy group in the shortest time possible. The fastest times will be saved by the Game Pak's battery backup. The Time Trial Mode can be played by either one or two players who alternate the use of one Super Scope. PAGE 15 ------- The Combat Game Mode (picture of the enemy ST selection screen in Combat Game Mode) Use the SELECT Button to choose the enemy ST, then press START. In the Combat Mode Game, you and a friend can compete head to head. You can choose to use either the ST Falcon or Tornado. The other player will choose their favorite enemy ST to battle with. The Combat Game Mode is a two player game. Player One will use the Super Scope, player two will use a standard Super NES Controller plugged into Control Socket 1. See Controller Operation on pages 8 and 9 for details on controlling the enemy STs. (picture of the handicapping screen) Use the Super Scope's CURSOR Button and (left arrow) or (right arrow) on the + Control Pad to adjust the handicapping. Records Mode (picture of the Record Mode screen) To access the records stored in the Game Pak's battery-backed memory, you must have a Controller plugged into Controller Socket 1. When the title screen appears, press the X Button. To view different records, either press the FIRE Button on the Super Scope or the B Button on Controller 1. The Battle Game Mode (picture of the welcome screen in Battle Game Mode) Thanatos is waiting! In The Battle Game Mode, you take control of the ST Falcon. Your goal is to advance through those STs who stand in your way as you attempt to reach Anubis in his ST Thanatos. When the map screen appears, your next battle location will be high lighted. Shoot the screen to begin your adventure. The Battle Game Mode is a one player game. Warning: Your Battle Game's progress is automatically saved. Do not RESET your Super NES or turn it's POWER to OFF until the map screen appears, or until you are asked to continue if you lose the battle. Doing so at any other time could cause your progress to be lost. PAGE 16 ------- SPECIAL ITEMS (picture of the 4 icon squares at the bottom of the screen) You can select these special items by pressing the CURSOR Button on your Super Scope. Once the icon of your choice is lit, press the FIRE Button to use it. If you do not use an item it will be saved for the next battle. (picture of the 'B' icon) The Bomb The Bomb will slowly fly toward the point where you aimed. After a short time it will explode, causing a great deal of damage to the enemy. You get only one bomb per enemy. If you do not use it in battle, it will be saved for the next battle. (picture of the 'S' icon) Shield This item surrounds the entire ST with an energy shield to protect you from enemy attack for a short time. (picture of the 'E' icon) Energy Recovery Unit This item will recover your ST's energy to full while in battle. It can only be used once, so save it until you really need it. (picture of the 'P' icon) Plasma Bomb The Plasma Bomb allows you to launch charged gun energy as a bomb. Because this requires a 100% charge, if you press the FIRE Button before its changes is complete, it will not be fired. (picture of the 'H' icon) Homing Laser This weapon will launch a volley of laser fire that will home in on the enemy's weakest point, but it cannot home in on an enemy that is not visible in the view screen. PAGE 17 ------- SPECIAL ITEMS (picture of the 'D' icon) Disrupter Bomb This special bomb can be used to disrupt the energy transfer from an opponent's engines. While affected by the Disrupter Bomb, your enemy will be unable to move for a short time. (picture of the 'L' icon) Lightning Bomb This bomb has the ability to turn night into day. When the time comes to use this weapon, you'll know it. (picture of the 'V' icon) V-System This special item not only shields your ST, it also increases its speed and power. CAUTION: This temporary item will use a great deal of your energy and cannot be activated if you do not have enough. (picture of the 'N' icon) Neutron Beam This weapon concentrates neutrinos into a focused beam to damage your opponent. CAUTION: Using the Neutron Beam consumes a large portion of your ST's energy. It will not fire unless you have enough energy. (picture of the 'W' icon) Wide Bomb This special weapon is the most effective item in your ST's arsenal. Its destructive power is truly awesome. CAUTION: This wide bomb must be allowed to charge before it can be used. It will not fire unless it is fully charged. PAGE 18 ------- FALCON (picture of a wire-frame Falcon robot) Control Nozzle (on the very top of the robot) Radar Scanner (on the body of the robot) Shoulder Armor (on top of its shoulders) Power Arm (its left arm) Control Nozzle (on wing-like thingy) The H.F. Engine (on the right foot) Gunner (inside head) Pilot (inside body) ST Vital Stats Height: 12.88 meters Width: 7.25 meters Weight: 32,500 kg Max Speed: 195 km/h Engine: Xeno-Tech HFE VIS Pilot: Michael Anderson Mike is the designer and pilot of the ST Falcon. Earth's new renaissance, which began three years ago, has been directly attributed to Michael's defeat of Emperor Anubis. Since then, Mike has kept a low profile. However, with the return of Anubis, he has been seen in training near a deserted air base in the southwestern area of North America. Often he has been accompanied by two mysterious strangers, Rola and Carol Eugene. (picture of the Mike Anderson) PAGE 19 ------- TORNADO ST Vital Stats Height: 11.95 meters Width: 7.22 meters Weight: 29,700 kg Max Speed: 190 km/h Engine: Xeno-Tech hfe ROL Alpha 4,100 kg (picture of the wire-frame of the Tornado ST) Energy Charger (on the very top of the ST) Radar Scanner (on its body) Soulder Armor (on its right shoulder) Control Nozzle (on its body) Power Arm (on its right arm) The H.F. Engine (on its left foot) Gunner (inside head) Pilot (inside body) Pilot: Carol Eugene Carol is the pilot and presumed owner of the ST Tornado. Her place of birth and the details of her background are currently unknown. She has recently been seen in the company of Michael Anderson and the other mysterious stranger, Rola. (picture of Carol Eugene) PAGE 20 ------- GARAM MK 2 (picture of the green human-like robot) ST Vital Stats Height: 8.00 meters Width: 9.05 meters Weight: 29,500 kg Max Speed: 150 km/h Engine: Madal GSR - 2,250 kg, Madal GSX - 1,550 kg Pilot: Guido After being defeated by Falcon three years earlier, Guido returned to his training grounds in the Rocky Mountains. When Anubis regained control, Guido came out of hiding and quickly seized Neo New York, the seat of North America, where he serves as a Chief of Thanatos. (picture of Guido) Scouting Report When Guido redesigned his ST Garam as Garam Mk 2, he retained most of the original design. This time, however, he has chosen the next generation of systems in order to make Garam bigger, better, stronger and faster than before. Be especially wary of his Rocket Punch, which now carries an internal guidance system and improved destructive power. PAGE 21 ------- SIAMANG (picture of the pink and yellow monkey-like robot) ST Vital Stats Height: 6.00 meters Width: 6.80 meters Weight: 12,500 kg Max Speed: 145 km/h Engine: Alfred Particle Engine A.P.E. 60-01 1,750 kg Pilot: Chada Chada, pilot of the ST Siamang, rules the area of Borneo and Oceania form a base in the Indonesian islands. Originally he had hoped to use Antonov's old Russian aircraft carrier as a base, but it was booby trapped and sunk when he tried. As a youth, Chada was wild, small and thin. He sought power and strength by learning to pilot an ST. He traveled the world, fighting all challenges, until he met up with Guido, who was training in the Rocky Mountains. They became fast friends and swore an oath of brotherhood under a Douglas Fir. Scouting Report The ST Siamang is not particularly strong, but it moves very fast and is hard to track. Using spped to his advantage, Chada attempts to make enemy pilots feel foolish so as to cloud their judgment. The ST Siamang uses a particle emission engine specially designed for him by the Alfred Research Center in the ancient city of Kyoto. PAGE 22 ------- WONG (picture of a green robot with 2 huge fans at its sides) ST Vital Stats Height: 19.35 meters Width: 12.60 meters Weight: 30,500 kg Max Speed: 100 km/h Engine: Anti-Gravity Control System Alfred DM-2A Pilot: Dayan Dayan, pilot of the ST Wong, stages his battles as a running fight from behind "The Great Wall" in Mongolia. Originally the head of a tribe of nomadic Mongolians, Dayan learned to pilot an ST in order to protect his people, but he is now the Chief of the Asian region. At first Anubis sent many battlers to dispose of Dayan, but when the were unable to defeat him, Anubis challenged Dayan himself. After soundly thrashing Dayan in battle, Anubis stopped just short of finishing him and made him swear an oath of loyalty, which Dayan secretly desires to break. (picture of Dayan) Scouting Report The ST Wong is equipped with an anti-gravity device, developed by the Alfred Research Center, the foremost authority on anti-gravity. This allows him to attack his enemies accurately no matter how much damage he has sustained. Dayan does not hesitate to take advantage of the obstacle that "The Great Wall" presents to the battle ground, climbing up and down the hills and running through the valleys to make excellent use of the maneuverability that his anti-gravity engine provides. PAGE 23 ------- GRIFFIN (picture of a yellow & purple winged robot) ST Vital Stats Height: 10.13 meters Width: 7.98 meters Weight: 22,800 kg Max Speed: 155 km/h Engine: Anti-Gravity Control System Alfred OB-3B Pilot: Orusoh After the environmental changes began on Earth and the axis slipped, the last great achievement of the old society was to build a space station in the orbit of the new equator. It was dubbed the O.R.S. (Orbital Ring Station) Babel, and his connected to Earth by a great elevator. O.R.S. Babel also connects to the original Moonbase, Luna, by means of a magnetically guided space ship. It is here where Anubis has placed the most ruthless ST pilot he could find, Orusoh, as a guardian. (picture of Orusoh) Scouting Report The ST Griffin, by means of its Alfred anti-gravity engine, has the ability to enter space, dropping in and out of the atmosphere at will. Orusoh, who has no regard for his enemies, take advantage of this ability and actually fights his battles by dropping into the atmosphere. His theory is that anyone who challenges him is foolish, and that if he doesn't destroy them quickly, the heat of re-entry will. PAGE 24 ------- VISCOUNT (picture of a yellow robot with a shield) ST Vital Stats Height: 12.50 meters Width: 9.66 meters Weight: 37,700 kg Max Speed: 195 km/h Engine: Xeno-Tech HFE VIS Alpha 4,000 kg Pilot: Carlos When Thanatos held the world in his hands three years earlier, Carlos was Anubis' top General. After being defeated by the ST Falcon, he wandered the Earth trying to find himself. He succeeded only in building up an intense hatred for the ST piloted by two people, which he considers an abomination. When Anubis returned, he found Carlos" position. Carlos has accepted knowing that ST Falcon will most likely return as well and when it comes, he will get revenge... (picture of Carlos) Scouting Report When Carlos rejoined Anubis, he was given complete access to all Xeno-Tech knowledge and materials. After consultation with Zephyr himself, Carlos designed and rebuilt a much improved version of Baron, calling it Viscount. Improvements include the built-in hyper bazooka in his right hand. This bazooka is designed to have more destructive power than Falcon's. He still carries a shield in his left hand and has improved all of the weak points Falcon attacked before. PAGE 25 ------- THANATOS (picture of a blue human like robot) ST Vital Stats Height: 12.55 meters Width: 9.65 meters Weight: 37,500 kg Max Speed: 165 km/h Engine: Xeno-Tech HFE THN Beta 4,250 kg Pilot: Anubis Three years earlier after his original defeat, everyone thought that Anubis and his ST Thanatos had been destroyed forever. Somehow, he has returned and quickly reestablished himself as the world's Emperor once again. This time, it only has taken him three days to conquer the world, and has divided it into three areas for his new Chiefs. Each of them is assigned to control politics and laws for his area. He assigned Orusoh to be his General and guardian of O.R.S. Babel and has appointed Carlos his personal bodyguard at Moonbase Luna. (picture of Anubis') Scouting Report With the advantage of his synaptic connections directly to the ST Thanatos, Anubis has only to think a command and Thanatos responds. Anubis also has a special power that allows him to take the battle into another dimension filled with a hypnotic show of swirling colors and dancing skulls. PAGE 26 ------- ARACHNUS (picture of a purple spider-like robot) ST Vital Stats Height: 8.76 meters Width: 8.00 meters Weight: 24,800 kg Max Speed: 158 km/h Engine: Xeno-Tech HFE Spider 4,280 kg Pilot: Danpe A general of the Eltorian invasion army, Danpe has stationed himself to observe the actions of Thanatos from his post on Jupiter. From there he reports back to the central command. With a passion for fighting, he awaits his opportunity to strike. (picture of Danpe) Scouting Report Equipped with a Xeno-Tech HFE (Hydrogen Fusion Engine), the ST Arachnus has truly amazing potential. Its armor and weaponry were designed by Zephyr on the spec provided by Danpe. Little more than this is known. PAGE 27 ------- COBRA (picture of a blue & yellow robot with a shield) ST Vital Stats Height: 46.50 meters Width: 28,82 meters Weight: 18,876 kg Max Speed: 155 km/h Engine: Xeno-Tech HFE Python 10,000 kg Pilot: Zephyr Stationed at Saturn, Zephyr is the pilot of the huge Cobra and Eltoria's sole authority for ST research and development. Zephyr has personally designed all of the Eltorian STs. Although ordinarily quite timid, he has a tendency to show off his intelligence and look down on others. He wife Pamela, whom he calls Momma, is stationed on Uranus and hen-pecks her husband. (picture of Zephyr) Scouting Report The huge ST Cobra has a shield on his left hand that can absorb any energy source, even the energy fired from Falcon's bazooka. Cobra's right hand is a psycho gun that uses the energy absorbed with his left hand to shoot an extremely strong shot. PAGE 28 ------- GROKEN (picture of a green robot) ST Vital Stats Height: 33.66 meters Width: 47.44 meters Weight: 237,390 kg Max Speed: 80 km/h Engine: Xeno-Tech HFE Trident Mk 7,200 kg Pilot: Pamela Chief Commander of the Eltorian invasion and wife to General Zephyr, Pamela is highly aggressive and believes that she is the most beautiful creature in the universe. With a distaste for her army uniform, she wears her own clothes including an extravagant fur coat and lots of jewelry and gold. (picture of Pamela) Scouting Report Pamela's ST Groken was designed especially for her, and is of mammoth proportions. Its squid shape is made specifically to function underwater. Groken can fire devastatingly effective shots from the cannons all over her body. PAGE 29 ------- SPIKA (picture of a red winged robot) ST Vital Stats Height: 12.77 meters *3.61 meters) Width: 10.43 meters *5.60 meters) Weight: 12,800 kg Max Speed: 275 km/h Engine: Xeno-Tech HFE ROL Beta 5,800 kg * Indicates dimensions minus wings Pilot: Unknown No one knows who pilots this graceful looking ST. It has never been involved in the Battle Game - it has been seen only observing. Scouting Report As this ST has never been known to battle, its intentions are quite unknown. PAGE 30 ------- ROLA (picture of Rola) Rola is the instructor at Michael's secret training grounds located in South- western North America. A mysterious stranger, she has been seen only in the company of Michael Anderson and Carol Eugene. Ankoh TD (fish-like droid) This training droid, fashioned in the shape of an angler fish was developed by Rola for ST gunner training. Kinoko TD (2 mushroom-shaped droids) This mushroom shaped training droid was developed by Rola to train and test potential gunners to accompany Michael Anderson in his attack on Anubis. ST Majin (red droid) The ST Majin is used by Rola for training exercises. It carries only the most basic weaponry and can be reassembled from spare parts in just minutes. PAGE 31-32-33: Blank Pages PAGE 34 ------- WARNING It is serious crime to copy video games. 18 USC 2319 Nintendo games are strictly protected by copyright rights worldwide. Back-up copies are not authorized and are not necessary to protect your Nintendo Game Pak. Please destroy any illegal copies that may come into your possession. Violators will be prosecuted. If your Game Pak ceases to operate and it is not a copy and your Nintendo Control Deck has no alteration or backup device attached to it. please call the Nintendo Consumer Assistance Hotline at 1-800-255-3700 (U.S. and Canada) or your local authorized Nintendo distributor for assistance. INSIDE BACK COVER: 3-Month Limited Warranty (not written) BACK COVER ---------- Need help with installation, maintenance, or service? Call 1-800-255-3700. (Nintendo logo) Nintendo of America Inc. P.O. Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 U.S.A. Printed in Japan

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