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Mega Man X3

Typed out by Steve Begin MEGA MAN X3 (The cover of this instruction manual was missing when I wrote it down) PAGE 3 ------ MEGA MAN X3 TABLE OF CONTENTS A Special Message from CAPCOM..................................2 Safety Precautions.............................................4 Getting Started................................................5 REPLOIDS ON THE WEB............................................6 Using Mega Man X...............................................7 Using Zero.....................................................8 Zero's Special Attacks.........................................9 DopplerTown Select Screen.....................................10 Weapon Select Screen..........................................11 Armor Capsules................................................12 Robot Ride Armor..............................................14 Character Profiles............................................16 Option Mode...................................................18 Passwords.....................................................19 Mavericks.....................................................20 Warranty......................................................21 PAGE 4 ------ MEGA MAN X3 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Follow these suggestions to keep your MEGA MAN X 3 Game Pak in perfect operating condition. 1. DO NOT subject your Game Pak to extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Always store it at room temperature. 2. DO NOT touch the terminal connectors on your Game Pak. Keep it clean and dust-free by always storing it in its protective box. 3. DO NOT try to disassemble your Game Pak. 4. DO NOT let your Game Pak come in contact with thinners, solvents, benzene, alcohol or any other strong cleaning agents that can damage it. PAGE 5 ------ MEGA MAN X3 GETTING STARTED 1. Insert your MEGA MAN X 3 Game Pak into your Super Nintendo Entertainment System and turn the power on. 2. Watch the introduction and the press START when the title screen appears. 3. Press the control pad up or down to move Mega Man X to one of the three options on the title screen. Then press START to choose the option. See OPTION MODE and PASSWORD sections in this manual for more information. 4. Choose GAME START to begin playing MEGA MAN X 3. 5. To end the game at any time, simply turn your Super Nintendo Entertainment System off and remove your Game Pak. PAGE 6 ------ MEGA MAN X3 REPLOIDS ON THE WEB world wide site Welcome to the exciting new REPLOIDS ON THE WEB site. Produced and created by the Cain Laboratory, under supervision by Dr. Cain himself, this web site is intended to: 1. Look into the creation and operation of REPLOID robots 2. Present up-to-date info on the latest technology BREAK-THROUGHS 3. Inform users of handling reploids to avoid MAVERICK problems Just click on the category headings or the key words and away you go! INTRODUCTION NEWS UPDATE FAMOUS REPLOIDS DIRECT SALES DR. CAIN'S RESEARCH LAB EMERGENCY EMERGENCY Alert! Alert! The DOPPLER research reploid has inspired a revolt in DOPPLER- TOWN. The Maverick VIRUS has broken through the Doppler ANTI-VIRUS, and it appears Doppler has caused it. All previous postings here about the anti-virus are incorrect. The anti-virus is a placebo. REPEAT: THE ANTI-VIRUS IS A PLACEBO! DopplerTown is over-run with Mavericks. Utopia has ended before it even started. Take cover quickly. Virus is spreading rapidly. Cain Laboratory is being infiltrated. MAVERICK HUNTER UNITS on FULL ALERT. MEGA MAN X and ZERO... mobilize! Grave Danger! PAGE 7 ------ MEGA MAN X3 USING MEGA MAN X Fire Weapon Press Y button (picture of Mega Man X running) Jump Press B button Use X-buster Hold Y button until charged, then release Y button to fire Dash Press A button, or tap control pad forward twice quickly Dash jump Dash, then press B button Climb wall Jump to wall, then press control pad up or down while repeatedly pressing B button Change weapon or Press START button. Then use control pad to highlight Pause Game weapon or power and press START to begin play Change weapon Press L or R button (you must gain a weapon first to be during play able to use this) PAGE 8 ------ MEGA MAN X3 USING ZERO (picture of Zero slashing his saber beam) At any point during a stage you may switch characters you control from Mega Man X to Zero, and back to Mega Man X if you want. Once you change back to Mega Man X from Zero you cannot use Zero again until you exit the stage. When using Zero, do not let him perish. He has only one life, and cannot return once he dies. Zero can only collect energy tablets, and cannot fight Mavericks. Change to Zero or Press START to bring up the Weapon Select Screen. Press Mega Man X R button to communicate with Zero or Mega Man X. Press START to select the character. (If the communication screen is static, Zero is not available) (picture of the character selection screen) Fire Weapon Press Y button Jump Press B button PAGE 9 ------ MEGA MAN X3 ZERO'S SPECIAL ATTACKS 1 Hyper-Zero Hold Y button for 2 seconds, then release Y button to fire Blaster 2 3-fold Saber Hold Y button until fully charged. Release Y button for Beam Attack Hyper Zero-blast. Then press Y again at any point for a second blast. Then, at any point, press the Y button a third time to release the Saber Beam Attack. (picture of a game screen where Zero is doing his 3-fold Saber Beam Attack) PAGE 10 ------- MEGA MAN X3 DOPPLERTOWN SELECT SCREEN After battling your way through the invaded HEADQUARTERS, you will be presented with more information on the whereabouts of the Maverick leaders inside DopplerTown. This is the stage select screen where you choose which Maverick to battle. 1 Use the control pad to highlight the stage you want, the press START, Y button or B button to select the stage. 2 After you have DEFEATED the 8 Maverick leaders, Mega Man X and Zero can advance to the next set of levels. To return to one of the original 8 levels, just move the cursor to the blackened picture of the Maverick and press START. (picture of the game select screen) PAGE 11 ------- MEGA MAN X3 WEAPON SELECT SCREEN The weapon select screen is also your status screen. It will show you: (picture of the weapon select screen) 1 Weapons you have acquired (left side of the screen) 2 Lives remaining (right top corner of the screen) 3 Health remaining (under the lives remaining) 4 Energy subtanks / current energy (center of the screen) 5 Exit velocity (to the right of the Energy subtanks / current energy) Use the CONTROL PAD to highlight the item you want to use, then press START button to begin play. 1 Weapons will appear here when you acquire them. Defeat a Maverick leader and acquire its WEAPON. Recharge the weapon by collecting WEAPON CAPSULES. 2 You start with 2 extra lives. Add to Mega Man X's lives by collecting the Mega Man ICONS. Remember: Zero has only one life so use it wisely. 3 Increase the length of Mega Man X's health bar by finding the HEART TANKS hidden in each stage. Recharge Mega Man X and Zero's health by collecting POWER CAPSULES. 4 Use your weapons and armor to locate hidden subtanks. Power them up by collecting power capsules, then when your health gets low use one to recharge your health. 5 You can ESCAPE a stage only after you have defeated that stage's Maverick. PAGE 12 ------- MEGA MAN X3 ARMOR CAPSULES The trusty Dr. Light has once again hidden some secret capsules that will enhance Mega Man X's abilities. When Mega Man X steps into one of these capsules, it will come to life and change the appearance of Mega Man X. (picture of a game screen showing Mega Man X stepping into an armor capsule) Here are descriptions of what some of the capsules do to Mega Man X: (picture of a game screen showing the use of the Item Radar) HEAD - ITEM RADAR - When a Maverick in a stage is defeated, and you re-enter the level, a map will appear at the beginning of the level to show you where hidden items are located. PAGE 13 ------- MEGA MAN X3 ARMOR CAPSULES cont. BODY - PROTECT ARMOR - Automatically creates a defense shield on Mega Man X's chassis that reduces damage by 50% LEG - AIR-DASH BOOTS - The boots allow Mega Man X to perform the air dash in 3 different directions: (picture of a game screen where Mega Man X is performing an up air-dash) Up: Press B button to jump, then press (up arrow) on the control pad and hold the A button simultaneously to dash straight up. (picture of a game screen where Mega Man X is performing a left air-dash) Left: Press B button to jump, then press (left arrow) on the control pad and simultaneously hold the A button to dash to the left. (picture of a game screen where Mega Man X is performing a right air-dash) Right: Press B button to jump, then press (right arrow) on the control pad and simultaneously hold the A button to dash to the right. PAGE 14 ------- MEGA MAN X3 ARMOR CAPSULES cont. (picture of a game screen showing Mega Man X's Double Charge Shot) ARM - DOUBLE CHARGE SHOT - Makes X-buster power much more powerful. Sends out a double charge blast. If timed correctly, you can overlap the double blasts to create one huge cross-over explosion. ROBOT RIDE ARMOR In addition to the Armor Capsules, Dr. Light has set out 4 different armors known as ROBOT RIDE ARMOR. Mega Man X and Zero must find these 4 armors, each with different capabilities and functions. The armor looks like a giant robot that Mega Man X can activate by jumping into it. Once you find an armor, you may use the armor in any stage where you may find the Robot Ride PLATFORMS. (picture of a game screen where Mega Man X's stepping on a Robot Ride Platform) If you have found an armor, the platform will activate. A menu will appear just to the left of the platform, so use the control pad to select which armor you would like to use. While in the Robot Ride Armor, Mega Man X and Zero will not be damaged. The armor can be damaged, but can be healed by returning to PAGE 15 ------- MEGA MAN X3 ROBOT RIDE ARMOR cont. the platform. If the armor is destroyed, you cannot use it again until you enter a new stage. (picture of a game screen where Mega Man X is wearing a Robot Ride Armor) Here is a list of some Robot Ride Armors: CHIMERA (picture of Mega Man X riding a robot with big fists) Use the regular attack and dash functions inherent to Mega Man X. HAWK (picture of Mega Man X riding a robot with missile launchers instead of arms) Press B button to jump, then press and hold B again to hover in the air. Press Y button to shoot missiles. PAGE 16 ------- MEGA MAN X3 CHARACTER PROFILES MEGA MAN X (picture of a blue human-like robot) Reploid leader of the 17th Unit, Maverick Hunters. His creation is shrouded in mystery; nobody knows why he was built and then buried. Can X learn? X is famous among Maverick Hunters for defeating Sigma twice and leading to its ultimate demise. X understands his role, and believes deeply in the need to protect reploids and humans alike. But he has an inner conflict about fighting and violence. ZERO (picture of a red human-like robot) Zero is Mega Man X's best friend and partner. His creation is a mystery as well, yet many rumors and much speculation have arisen. Recently destroyed to protect X, Zero has been revived to continue the aid he has offered x in the past. Once part of the 17th Unit, Maverick Hunters, Zero now leads a Special #0 Class Unit. Always cool and calm, Zero takes quick action against the evil forces he hates so much. PAGE 17 ------- MEGA MAN X3 CHARACTER PROFILES cont. DR. DOPPLER (picture of a white haired and white bearded human-like robot) A scientist reploid created to support humans in creation of reploids. Equipped with a high-performance neuro-computer, DOPPLER was instrumental in determining the cause of the recent Maverick outbreak. Its' anti-virus was revolutionary and once again brought peace to the world. Re-programmed to build a utopian world called DopplerTown where humans and reploids lived in harmony. It grew too quickly and became infected with the same virus it was believed to remedy. Doppler incited a new Maverick outbreak and created chaos in DopplerTown. It changed its computer body into one geared for battle and gathered all the reploids in its' first move in war against humans. VILE (picture of a blue robot with a missile launcher on his shoulder) Once a top henchman for Sigma, VILE was destroyed at the hands of Mega Man X and Zero. When Doppler became virus-infected, its' first move was to revive Vile. When Vile became infected with the same computer virus, it went completely nuts. Doppler could not control Vile. Vile went on a rampage, and has become so stricken with hatred for Mega Man X and Zero, who knows what its' intentions are? PAGE 18 ------- MEGA MAN X3 OPTION MODE Choose the OPTION MODE form the title screen to adjust the configuration of your control pad functions or switch the sound mode. * Use the control pad to highlight a function you want to change, then press the button on the control pad you want to have perform that function. SELECT L and SELECT R refer to the buttons which control changing your weapon during gameplay. (picture of the option mode screen) * To change the sound mode from STEREO to MONO or vice versa, highlight SOUND MODE and then press left or right on the control pad. To return to the title screen, highlight EXIT and press START. PAGE 19 ------- MEGA MAN X3 PASSWORDS When you run out of lives, you will be shown a password. Copy down this password to save your game. When you want to begin your game later with the same Maverick leaders defeated, highlight PASSWORD form the title screen and press START. * Use the control pad to move the cursor to the space you want to enter a letter in. * Press Y or B buttons to change a letter or number. * When complete password has been entered, press control pad down until START is highlighted. * Then press the START button to enter password. * If your password is incorrect, a message will notify you and you will have to change the password. (picture of the password entering screen) PAGE 20 ------- MEGA MAN X3 MAVERICKS Blast Hornet Blizzard Buffalo Weapon: Parasitic Bomb Weapon: Frost Shield (picture of a bee-like robot) (picture of a buffalo-like robot) Gravity Beetle Toxic Seahorse Weapon: Gravity Well Weapon: Acid Burst (picture of a beetle-like robot) (picture of a seahorse-like robot) Volt Catfish Crush Crawfish Weapon: Triad Thunder Weapon: Spinning Blade (picture of a catfish-like robot) (picture of a crawfish-like robot) Tunnel Rhino Neon Tiger Weapon: Tornado Fang Weapon: Ray Splasher (picture of a rhino-like robot) (picture of a tiger-like robot) PAGE 21 : WARRANTY (not written) PAGE 22 : BLANK PAGE

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