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Mega Man Soccer

- MEGA MAN SOCCER - TABLE OF CONTENTS Chaos at The Soccer Stadium..................6 Mega Man Soccer..............................7 Exhibition Mode..............................9 CAPCOM Cup and Tournament Modes..............11 Passwords (CAPCOM CUP only)..................12 League Mode..................................13 Controlling Your Player......................14 Robot Characters.............................17 -[6]- CHAOS AT THE SOCCER STADIUM In the near future the day had come for the big showdown between the two best soccer teams in the nation. A wide television audience was expected in addition to the large crowd that had already assembled at the stadium. As the teams took the field an uneasy feeling fell over the crowd. Suddenly, bursts of fire pelted the stadium and the field was engulfed in smoke. The crowd gazed in amazement as the smoke cleared to reveal that the players had been replaced by highly familiar robots running out onto the field It seemed the robots were going to play the game instead. The television audience was especially surprised at the events. The most surprised person was the one and only Dr. Light, who immediately recognized the robots and knew Dr. Wily had to be up to his old tricks. This is unexpected, Dr.Light thought. That's probably what Dr. Wily is thinking: no one will notice when my robots take control of the world through its most popular sport. Think again Dr. Wily, here comes MEGA MAN! Dr. Light brought to life a reserve of blue crime-fighting robots with the trusty Mega Man leading them. The next great robot showdown will be on the soccer field. No matter where Dr. Wily's diabolical plots occur Mega Man will be there to battle through the robots and get Dr. Wily. -[7]- MEGA MAN SOCCER Mega Man Soccer is a futuristic sports-action game where you can play soccer with a team comprised of robots masters from the Mega Man action game series. Press Start at the Title screen to bring up a menu of the play modes in the games. Play Modes Move the "Met" icon up or down to choose the mode of play you want. Then press start to begin play. Exhibition will let you play a single match where you can choose which robots will play on your team. You may play a one-player game against the computer (1P vs. COM), a two-player match with a friend (1P vs. 2P), team up with a friend against the computer (1P & 2P vs. COM) or watch a demo match (com vs. com). Capcom Cup is a one or two player tournament feature. You play as the Mega Man team and battle each of the eight computer-controlled robot master teams. Tournament is the same as the above CAPCOM CUP except that you may choose to control any of the eight robot master teams in addition to the Mega Man team. -[8]- MEGA MAN SOCCER, cont. League is a one or two player feature that gives you the chance to play a season against all the other robots teams. You play against the computer as a one player team or as a two player team. Options Mode allows you to adjust the control function of each button, set the game time length up to 10 minutes per half and choose the number of special attacks per game. You may also listen to the music themes and sound effects used in Mega Man Soccer and adjust the sound from STEREO to MONAURAL. Finally you put the KEEPER control on AUTO to let the computer control your goaltender or set it to MANUAL to have full control. -[9]- EXHIBITION MODE Choose your formation of 7 players plus a goaltender bases on the type of play strategy you want by putting the "A" or "B" arrow on the formation listed. The first number is the number of defensive players, the second number is the number of midfield players and the last number is the number of attacking players. For a more defensive strategy, choose 3-2-2, 3-1-3 or SWEEPER, which is a 2-2-2 formation with the additional player playing SWEEPER position near your goaltender. After choosing your formation you go into Member Change. Here you can adjust which robots you want on your team. FW means Forwards, HF means Halfbacks, DF means Defenders, GK means Goalkeeper and SW means Sweeper. After each of these players roles will be a number of Mega Man heads based on the formation you chose. Move the Square cursor up or down to make a change in players. Press A or B Button to move the square down to the robot list at the bottom of the screen. Choose which robot type you want in the position and press X, Y, A and B button. This will make all players in that position the robot type you chose. Press Start when you have finished selecting your robots. -[10]- EXHIBITION MODE, cont. Now you move to Position Change. You can adjust where on the field each robot will play. Move the square cursor to the player you want to move, then press the B button. That robot will flash on the field above. Then move the square through the list again and another player will flash. Press the B button again to switch the position of these two players. To look at the STATUS of each of your robots press DOWN on the control pad. "Met" will appear next to STATUS. Press the A or B button and a robot on the field will flash and more information about that robot will appear. Press Left or Right on the control pad to look at a different robot. When you are done checking your robots, press the X, Y, A or B button. To then look at the computer-controlled robots, press Left on the control pad when you see "Met." Scan through the robots the same way as above. Press Start to exit this mode and select a playing field for the game. Move the flashing square to the field you want to play on and press Start to play the game. Once time runs out you may return to Member Change, Stage Change or Retry the same game. -[11]- CAPCOM CUP AND TOURNAMENT MODES After selecting this mode of play, you may start playing a new tournament or enter a password to return to a previous tournament (see Passwords, p.12). When starting a new game, a short anima- tion sequence will play and then the game select screen will appear. The CAPCOM CUP is a one or two-player tournament. MEGA MAN will be in the middle surrounded by SKullMan, Cut Man, Wood Man, Pharaoh MAn, Dust Man, Needle Man, Fire Man and Elec Man. To win the Cup you must play as the Mega Man team and defeat each of these robot master teams. Move the flashing square to a team and press Start to play a match against that team. Choose your formation then press START. Adjust the position of your players in the same way as in EXHIBITION. In addition you may move players from your reserve team onto your starting team or vice versa. Move "Met" down to RESERVE and press A or B button. The reserve players will appear below the starting eight players. Select the player you want to switch, then choose the reserve player you want to move into starting position. The orginal player will automatically go into reserve. Review the STATUS of your players or the computer-controlled players the same way as in EXHIBITION. Press start to begin the CAPCOM CUP. At the beginning of the CAPCOM CUP you have a team of only Mega Man robots. As you defeat the opponent, you will automatically gain one robot from each defeated team. This player will appear in the RESERVE, so move it to the field if you want to use the player. -[12]- PASSWORDS At the end of each match in the CAPCOM CUP only, a password will appear with red dots on a grid. Write down this password for future reference. Once you have a password you can quit and return to the same point later by choose "Password" after selecting the CAPCOM CUP mode. Enter your password to continue. Tournament This feature is similar to the CAPCOM CUP except you may choose any team you would like. Select your team then the TOURNAMENT tier will appear to show you who will be playing whom. Choose your Formation, adjust your player Positions or check STATUS. Press start to begin the TOURNAMENT. -[13]- LEAGUE MODE League is one or two-player series of games where you compete against all the other robot teams. You will always play against a computer-controlled team even when you play a two-player game. After you choose a one or two player game, you may choose from any of the nine robot teams. The players on each team cannot be changed, but the position they play can be adjusted. The LEAGUE schedule will then appear and show you the match-ups for the LEAGUE. You will only play the games that the team you selected is involved in. Your team's record will be displayed from left to right. Use the graph to line up your opponent. A red circle means you won that game, an X means a loss and a blue triangle means you tied the game. "GP" refers to Game Points and "GD" means Goal Differential. You receive 2 points for a victory and 1 point for a tie. The Goal Differntial is determined by subtracting the number of total goals you have allowed the opponent to score from the total number of goals you have scored. After each match, the schedule will appear and show you the results of each match. When you have finished viewing the results, press START and you can play your next league match. -[14]- CONTROLLING YOUR PLAYER Here is an outline of how to control your robot player with the default control setting: Control PAd Moves player in direction pressed WITH POSSESSION OF BALL Y Button Passes to teammate. Press control pad and Y button simultaneously to change direction of pass. B Button Shoots ball. Also can be used for a long, low pass. Press control pad and B button simultaneously to change direction of shot. -[15]- CONTROLLING YOUR PLAYER, cont. A Button Clearing kick or centering pass. When in defensive zone, the A button clears the ball straight downfield. When in attacking zone, the A button sends a long, quick cross toward the goal. When near the outside of the penalty area, the A button will send a lobbing cross toward the other side of the goal. Hold R button, then Special Move (see page 17) press B button Without Possession of Ball Y button Slide tackles or heads ball. B button Depending on when you press the button and the location of the ball determines which move is performed. A button Shoulder tackle. Knocks opponent off the ball and allows your player to steal. Passing At the top of the field of play below the scoreboard there is a player position guide that shows where the players are since only part of the playing field can be seen at any one time. Player 1 will be blue dots and Player 2 (or computer) will be red dots. -[16]- CONTROLLING YOUR PLAYER, cont. Use this guide to determine when to pass to a player. As you are dribbling up field, watch the white dot on the guide. This is the player with the ball. When you see one of your dots move into an open or unmarked position, try to pass to that player. If you pass before he appears open, most likely a defensive player will intercept the ball. Slide Tackling, Defensive Headers Tackling and defensive headers are an important part of gameplay yet are difficult moves to perform. Try to start a slide tackle about a half-inch away from the opponent with the ball. Sliding diagonally at the opponent with the ball can help you be more successful in making a steal. Shoulder tackles only work when you are standing right next to an opponent. As for heading the ball, it really takes keen anticipation. You must time the jump correctly in order to make contact. When the ball is in the air, run underneath and if done correctly your player will either head the ball in the direction you are pressing the control pad or the player will trap the ball and bring it down to its feet so you can pass, clear or shoot. -[17]- ROBOT CHARACTERS Special Attacks Each robot has special attacks that will change the look of the ball and send it hurling toward the opponent's net. Should any player come in contact with the special attack ball while in flight, that player will be disabled for a moment. The ball will drop near that player, but that player cannot play the ball right away. Another player may come in and steal the ball. In many cases, the special attack will go straight at the opposing goal. Most goalkeepers cannot stop this shot so a goal will be scored. Once again timing is crucial when performing these special attacks. You must press the B button and the R button precisely at the same time to perform the special attacks, which are different for each type of robot. Robot Characters When playing in the EXHIBITION Mode you can select which robots you would like on your team. Here is a list of the robot you can choose from in the order as they appear on screen from left to right in MEGA MAN SOCCER. Mega Man Ice Man Elec Man Skull Man Needle Man Wood Man Flash Man Top Man Bomb Man Bubble Man Fire Man Proto Man Toad Man Pharaoh Man Dust Man Cut Man Enker Air Man Gemini Man Snake Man

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