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SNS-WM-USA MECHWARRIOR TRAINING MANUAL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TABLE OF CONTENTS 3017 ....................................................... 1 3027 ....................................................... 2 Getting started ............................................ 3 The object of MechWarrior .............................. 3 Quick introductory walk-through ........................ 4 Controlling your 'Mech ................................. 7 Further information ....................................... 12 Club Zero-Zero ........................................ 12 'Mech Complex ......................................... 16 Reload/Repair your 'Mech ......................... 17 Customize your 'Mech ............................. 17 Buy a new 'Mech .................................. 19 Sell a 'Mech ..................................... 19 GHQ (General HeadQuarters) ............................ 19 Negotiating contracts ............................ 20 Mission information .............................. 20 Saving a game in progress ........................ 22 Battle ................................................ 22 Ending the game ....................................... 23 The 'Mechs ................................................ 25 Tips ...................................................... 34 ______________________________________________________________________________ 3017 It was the year of the septicentennial of the founding of the Federated Suns. For exactly 700 years, House Davion had ruled this portion of the Inner Sphere. Herra Ragen's father was a Colonel of an elite force in the powerful Davion army, but the army of Hanse Davion was not on the planet of Redondo that fateful night of January 12th. Colonel Joseph T. Ragen was an idol to his son. He was the best MechWarrior in the best force in the army of the best of the Successor Houses. But there was more to the man than the boy knew. The colonel had been working to infiltrate and destroy the renegade mercenary cartel called the Dark Wing Lance--and he'd learned entirely too much. Somehow, the location of his residence had leaked to the Dark Wing Lance, and a plan was drawn up for a covert hit operation. Before taking action, the members made a pact; immediately after the hit they would disband and lay low for 10 years, maintaining a code of strict secrecy, before regrouping to again undertake their nefarious enterprise. Under cover of night, the lance attacked. While playing at a friend's house, young Herras heard the sounds of the firing. Rushing home, he found a roaring inferno where he and his mother and father and sister had lived and eaten and laughed and cried together. Orphaned at the age of 12; he vowed that someday he would have revenge on those who had done this. 1 ______________________________________________________________________________ 3027 The outrage and shock that echoed through every home in the Federated Suns has long since died down, but it lives on in the heart of Herras Ragen, now a young man. After he saw what happened to his family, Herras could not serve the House of Davion. Now he makes his living, one day at a time, as a freelance MechWarrior--selling his services, not to the highest bidder, but to anyone whose contract might lead him closer yet to the insidious Dark Wing Lance. Herras has tirelessly and obsessively chased down every rumor about the Dark Wing Lance. This quest has led him here, to the planet Galatea, where mercenary MechWarriors and the dregs of the Inner Sphere gather. But we don't need to tell you this--for you are Herras Ragen. 2 ______________________________________________________________________________ Getting started Insert the MechWarrior Game Pak and then turn on your system. On the title screen, you can select your game options. Press any button when the desired option is highlighted. START GAME PRACTICE STEREO LOAD GAME If you are playing for the first time, you'll probably want to select PRACTICE and get right into your 'Mech and blast some other 'Mechs. The object of MechWarrior In MechWarrior, you play the role of Herras Regen. Operating out of the outpost on Galatea, your object is to find the members of the evil Dark Wing Lance and have your revenge. You'll have to identify and find them first. And you'll never be able to do it with just your Nexus (your first 'Mech), either. As you earn money for successfully fulfilling contracts, you'll be able to afford better 'Mechs so that you can deal with the enemies you encounter. 3 ______________________________________________________________________________ Quick introductory walk-through At the title screen, select START GAME and press any button. You'll see yourself (Herras). Press any button to exit the screen, and you'll find yourself on the main menu screen. [Picture of the main menu screen with a label for each icon. The 1st icon is "Battle"; the 2nd is "Club Zero-Zero"; the 3rd is "G.H.Q."; and the 4th is "'Mech Complex."] 4 ______________________________________________________________________________ On the main menu screen, the icon for Club Zero-Zero is already highlighted for you. Press B or Y ("Yes") to go to the club. In the club, you'll see another club icon already highlighted for you. Press B or Y to initiate a conversation with Cearle, the waiter/proprietor/chief- bottle-washer of what is jokingly referred to as the dining room of this establishment. He'll tell you which planet to go to first (Galeton). After he's left you alone, press A or X ("eXit") to exit the club and go back to the main menu. Back at the main Galatea menu, select "G.H.Q." In G.H.Q. you'll be presented with a variety of possible mercenary contracts. If need be, click on the right-arrow icon (just below the "OK!" icon) and keep pressing B until the Galeton contract appears. Click on the "OK!" icon to sign the contract (press B or Y), and you'll exit back to the main menu. Back at the main menu, you'll see that the Battle icon (skull and crossbones) is now available, and highlighted. But don't rush into battle just yet. Move the highlight all the way to the right, to the 'Mech icon, and press B. 5 ______________________________________________________________________________ In the 'Mech Complex, there are only three icons available to you right now; Repair/Reload (wrench); Customize ("???"), and "Buy." Trust me, you don't have enough money to buy any 'Mechs just yet. Click on the "???" icon, to go to the Chop Shop and buy some extra armor for your 'Mech. When you enter the Chop Shop menu screen, the weapons icon is highlighted. Move the highlight down, to the armor icon, and press B. You enter the armorer's bay. Use the right-arrow icon to increase your armor as much as you want, then select "OK!" You automatically exit the armorer's bay back to the Chop Shop screen--and you'll see that you don't have much money left. Press A or X to exit the Chop Shop. Back at the 'Mech Complex screen, press A or X to exit back to the main Galatea menu. Back at the main menu, you're ready now for your first mission. Click on the battle icon. Your 'Mech will be presented for your inspection--you're ready. Click "OK!" and go blast those 'Mechs! 6 ______________________________________________________________________________ Controlling your 'Mech This diagram shows how the controller is used in battle. [Diagram of the controller with labels describing each button's function. This info is given in text format on the next page so I won't bother going into any further detail here.] 7 ______________________________________________________________________________ General controls: To start the game from the title screen: ............. Any button To accept a menu option when it's highlighted: ....... B or Y ("Yes") button To exit a menu screen without accepting a menu option: A or X ("eXit") button Battle controls: To move your 'Mech: .................................. Control Pad To fire your selected weapon: ........................ Press the B button and release To activate the Automated Weapons System: ............ Press and hold the B button To select a weapon (bracket it on the weapon display): L or R button To target a specific part of an enemy 'Mech: ......... Hold Y button and move the targeting reticle with the Control Pad To use jump jets: A button To toggle your OWACS radar viewscreen on or off: ..... X button To pause and unpause the game: ....................... START button To exit battle scene and return to Galatea: .......... Hold L and R button simultaneously for about one second. 8 ______________________________________________________________________________ Your 'Mech's cockpit control panel There are several different cockpit arrangements, all of which give basically the same information. [Picture of a Nexus cockpit with a label describing each display's function. The lower left display is the Radar scope; to the right of it is the 'Mech status display; to the right of that is the Weapons monitor and to the right of that is the Target monitor.] 9 ______________________________________________________________________________ The status display shows a rotating, animated image of your 'Mech. If your 'Mech has any damaged parts, those will flash red. At the right of the status display is a gauge which shows the heat level of your 'Mech. The target monitor shows a rotating, animated image of the 'Mech which is currently targeted. As you cause damage to it, you can see the affected parts flash red. The weapons monitor lists each weapon on your 'Mech. In the case of a weapon which requires ammunition (such as a machine gun or a missile launcher), the number of bullets or missiles is shown to the right. A pair of brackets indicates the currently-selected weapon. The radar scope shows the relative location of all enemy 'Mechs in radar range. Radar range is a little shorter than your visual range. The major advantage to the radar scope is that it also shows you 'Mechs outside your angle of view--beside you or behind you. At the bottom of the radar screen is a speedometer, showing your 'Mech's speed in kilometers per hour. There is a fifth instrument available to you, but it's not on your cockpit control panel. Press X to access the OWACS (Orbital Warning And Control System) viewscreen. 10 ______________________________________________________________________________ The OWACS viewscreen gives you a much broader view of your locale, and indicates the direction to enemies (*) and bases (B) within or outside your field of view. It also shows which way is north (N) and the location of special pickups (P). While in the OWACS view, you continue to control your 'Mech's movement and actions, and you are still subject to enemy attack. Press X again to turn the OWACS view off. 11 ______________________________________________________________________________ Further information There are four possible exits from the Galatea main menu: Battle, Club, G.H.Q., and 'Mech Complex (see menu screen on page 4 of this manual). Highlight an exit icon using the Control Pad and press B or Y ("Yes") to go to the indicated location. To return to this screen from Club Zero-Zero, G.H.Q., or the 'Mech Complex at any time, press A or X ("exit"). To play MechWarrior, you'll need to become familiar with the options available to you in all of the locations on Galatea, and use them all to your advantage. Club Zero-Zero Club Zero-Zero (so called because it's on Galatea's equator--latitude--and longitude) is the place to be, if you want to hear news and rumors and get tips about where you might find Dark Wing Lance members. You'll be able to meet a variety of characters here, as well as to view your holovid messages and watch the NewsNet. 12 ______________________________________________________________________________ It's important to make full use of the Club's facilities, or you won't know what contracts to ask for at G.H.Q., and the necessary contracts won't be available to you. So pay close attention! [Picture of the Club Zero-Zero menu screen with a label for each icon. The 1st icon is "Cearle"; the 2nd is "Chat"; the 3rd is "Holovid"; and the 4th is "NewsNet."] 13 ______________________________________________________________________________ Using the holovid player is pretty straightforward--but if you've never seen one, or even a late-20th century VCR, you might not be familiar with the universal symbols for "fast-forward," "play," and "eject." You press one of these buttons by highlighting it and pressing B or Y. Fast-forward to view other holovids queued up on the player. Cearle Jamist - the proprietor and maitre d' of the club. He gets on your nerves sometimes with his constant chatter, but he seems like a nice guy. But you're new here of Galatea, you don't know who you can trust... Larman Sholest - Larman is an experienced merc, a veteran of more battles than he can remember. He's kept his skin in one piece through it all, so he definitely knows his stuff. Duff Skully - a mercenary whose loyalty is unquestioned; everybody knows his loyalty is to Number One and the almighty C-bill. Meece Yerta - if you need some extra cash on the side, go see Meece. He's kinda sleazy, a merc who likes to get others to take the tough jobs for him. 14 ______________________________________________________________________________ Agent Vermin Minter - this spy has a compromised comm link with House Marik; her holovids keep winding up in your hands! Zach Slasher - a mercenary MechWarrior you'll meet along the way. Make sure it's not in a dark alley, okay? Roden Wull - so you want some information, huh? Got any C-bills? Professional informants are an unpleasant necessity in this day and age. Yerg Gantor - another veteran merc, and one tough cookie. Lana Mann - the lovely spy from House Davion. No one can resist her charms. Wolf Glupper - yet another merc. With so many mercs kickin' around, you can see that you guys are a dime a dozen. After you've done everything you need to do in the Club, press A or X to exit back to the main Galatea menu. 15 ______________________________________________________________________________ 'Mech Complex This is where you can do everything related to your 'Mech--except fight with it, of course. Not all options will be available to you all the time. To exit the 'Mech Complex, press A or X. [Picture of the 'Mech Complex menu screen with a label for each icon. The 1st icon is "Reload/repair"; the 2nd is "Customize"; the 3rd is "Buy"; and the 4th is "Sell." 16 ______________________________________________________________________________ Reload/repair your 'Mech After a battle, you'll need to reload and repair your 'Mech. If you don't have enough C-bills for a full refit, only the affordable repairs will be effected. If you want to leave without fixing anything, press A or X. Customize your 'Mech Mercs in the know call this place the Chop Shop. This is probably the most complicated part of the 'Mech Complex. There are six action icons here: Next 'Mech | Heat sinks Weapons | Engine Armor | Jump jets Unless you have more than one 'Mech, the "Next 'Mech" icon will not be available to you. To add anything to your 'Mech, click B or Y on the appropriate icon if you have the cash (if you don't, the "BUY" icon won't appear). 17 ______________________________________________________________________________ When you're buying multiple items like jump jets or armor, you will find that the right arrow (buy) icon disappears when your 'Mech can't hold any more. Watch for the icon to change, and click "OK" to go buy something else; otherwise, you might unknowingly sell the items back! It's possible to exceed the recommended weight limitation on your 'Mech. You'll see a warning when this occurs. It is possible to go into battle with a 'Mech that weights too much or too little for its class (see "The 'Mechs," elsewhere in this manual), but if you try it, you'd better fight well, and fast! To exit the Chop Shop at any time, press A or X. 18 ______________________________________________________________________________ Buy a new 'Mech Click on the right arrow icon to see all the available 'Mechs. If you see one that's in your budget, click on "BUY" and it's yours. Otherwise, put your tongue back in your mouth and press A or X to get back to the job at hand. You can own a maximum of four 'Mechs. Sell a 'Mech The fourth icon in the 'Mech Complex menu will only become available to you when you have more than one 'Mech. By the time that happens, you won't need any instructions about what to do here. G.H.Q. (General HeadQuarters) G.H.Q. is a clearing house for mercenary contracts. The process of negotiating contracts, like many things in the 'twenties, has become a cold impersonal computerized interaction. You can view the available contracts by clicking on the right- and left-arrow icons. To accept a contract without negotiating the price, just click "OK." Once you've accepted a contract, you can't take any other contracts; you'll have to fulfill your obligation--or go down tryin'. 19 ______________________________________________________________________________ Negotiating contracts Houses typically offer mercenary contracts at a fairly low opening price. You can usually get more money for a contract. Click on the "$$$" icon to go to the negotiation screen. To increase the amount you request for the contract, click on the "UP" icon. Press "OK!" to enter your bid. You'll be returned to the G.H.Q. menu, and you'll hear a bell sound if your price is acceptable to the House. To sign the contract, click on the "OK!" icon. Or if you want to exit the negotiation screen without putting your cards on the table just yet, press A or X. Mission information After you've gotten the hang of being a MechWarrior, you'll see the importance of knowing as much as you can about your mission before taking off. On the contract, it tells the type of mission you're going on--it's vital to know what it is you're expected to do! By clicking on the "INFO" icon, you can get information about the planet to which you'll be going, and how many enemy units you'll be up against. Garrison Duty - the easiest missions. Houses normally employ mercenaries for garrison duty to free up their own troops for the front line. Defend a planet from the odd 'Mech or two (destroy all you find) and you've earned yourself some easy money. 20 ______________________________________________________________________________ Riot Duty - somewhat similar to garrison duty, but larger groups of 'Mechs will appear, and you'll be paid more. You gotta get 'em all to complete the mission. Reconnaissance Raid ("Recon") - you have to locate and collect a specific object on the planet while fighting off enemy 'Mechs. Objective Raid - one step up from recon raids. The objective is still to collect something, but there'll be more 'Mechs in your way this time, and of course the pay is better. Planetary Assault - enemy 'Mechs are trying to get into a base, and you gotta stop 'em all. If just one gets in or if the base gets destroyed, you've failed in your mission. Offensive Campaign - same as a Planetary Assault, but there'll be more 'Mechs and higher pay. Security Duty - protect a base from attacking 'Mechs. You'll have to destroy them all, and make sure the base doesn't get destroyed in the process. Siege Campaign - you'll have to locate and destroy an enemy base. It's protected by 'Mechs, of course, and you'll have to deal with those too. After making sure you know what's expected of you, you should check out the information on the planet too--if it's hot, you'll need more heat sinks. If it's high-gravity, you'll want to take that into consideration when shopping for jump jets. And like that there. 21 ______________________________________________________________________________ Saving a game in progress Click on the bottom icon in the G.H.Q. menu to save a game. The computer will show the date when you saved the game, and you'll be able to save three games. Remember which one is yours if you're sharing the MechWarrior Game Pak with a friend. If you ever want to erase a saved game, just start a new game, go straight to G.H.Q., highlight the saved game you want to erase, and save a game on top of it. The date will change to January 4th, 3027, and whatever mess you've gotten yourself into in that old saved game will vanish into so many electrons, never to bother you again. When you're ready to exit the G.H.Q. screen, press A or X to go back to the Galatea menu screen. If you do this without first having accepted a contract (by clicking on the "OK" icon), you will not be able to go into battle. Battle After you've gotten a contract, the skull-and-crossbones icon will appear on the Galatea menu screen. Click on it, and you take off for the planet where the contracted-for battle will take place. 22 ______________________________________________________________________________ You probably already know about as much about battle as any other merc on Galatea, if you've read everything up to here (especially "Controlling your 'Mech," and "Your 'Mech's cockpit control panel"), and if you've put in some time in the practice battle simulator. But a few more words here about battle couldn't hurt. Like mainly, know when to quit. If you're outta ammo, your damage indicator is flashin', and the 'Mechs just keep comin', bail outta there, pal. Press and hold the L and R buttons simultaneously (for about a second) to quit back to Galatea. If you don't bail out, your cockpit capsule is automatically ejected in the event of 'Mech destruction anyway. So you'll be able to take the pieces back to the 'Mech complex and try to repair it, but that takes money. Better to default on a contract than have to pay to fix a 'Mech that's been totaled. Ending the game Sometimes your 'Mech may be destroyed in battle. You'll usually be given another chance--you can take the same mission again if want (after repairing or reloading you 'Mech if you have the money, or choosing one of your other 'Mechs if you have one) and re-enter the fray. Fail the same mission twice, and you'll lose your life (and the game). 23 ______________________________________________________________________________ If your 'Mech has been destroyed and you don't have enough money to fix it--and you don't feel like getting up from your chair to press RESET--you can end the game by accepting the same contract you took before, go to the planet, and get blown up again. The game will end and you can start over with a new 'Mech. But if you're good enough, you'll win in the end. You'll hunt down the members of the Dark Wing Lance and have your revenge at last. 24 ______________________________________________________________________________ The 'Mechs The BattleMech is a highly sophisticated descendant of 20th century war machines called "tanks." The most powerful war machines ever built, these behemoths dominate the battlefields of the Succession Wars. 'Mechs come in four basic categories: light, medium, heavy, and assault. Light 'Mechs, at 20 to 40 tons, are the most inexpensive and common type; they're mostly used for reconnaissance due to their speed and jump capability. Medium 'Mechs are the real workhorses of the MechWarrior universe. Ranging from 40 to 60 tons; they usually end up doing the dirty work because of their versatility. Heavy 'Mechs, weighting in at 60 to 80 tons, are the major force on the battlefield. Their capacity for delivering and withstanding enormous amounts of damage can make all the difference in a battle. The assault 'Mechs are the true heavyweights of the MechWarrior universe. With tonnage ranging from 80 to 100, their massive armor and weaponry make them formidable opponents. But they're pretty darn slow. The secrets of the intricate technology involved in making 'Mechs was lost in the chaos of the Succession Wars--nowadays the best that people can do is mix-and-match 'Mechs parts. Lost technology (simply called "lostech") has become a valuable commodity--there's always the hope that someday the secrets of building 'Mechs will be re-discovered. 25 ______________________________________________________________________________ Nexus The Nexus may not be the biggest or the strongest 'Mech around, but it's nothin' to sneeze at. Reliable and quick, the Nexus is a good beginning 'Mech until you earn enough C-bills to buy something with more oomph. Class: Light 'Mech Mass: 23 tons Maximum speed: 125 kph Jump jets: 5 Armor factor: 48 Armament: Short-range homing missiles Small laser 26 ______________________________________________________________________________ Nexus-A The Nexus-A is a little heavier than the basic Nexus 'Mech. The main difference, though, is the substitution of the missiles instead of the machine gun. Class: Light 'Mech Mass: 25 tons Maximum speed: 144 kph Jump jets: 5 Armor factor: 48 Armament: Short-range non-homing missiles Small laser 27 ______________________________________________________________________________ Nexus-B This variant of the Nexus, with the addition of arms, gains some weight but packs considerably more punch with its missiles and medium laser. Class: Light 'Mech Mass: 30 tons Maximum speed: 126 kph Jump jets: 5 Armor factor: 72 Armament: Medium laser Short-range homing missiles 28 ______________________________________________________________________________ Nexus-C With the triple whammy of medium-range missiles and medium laser and machine guns, this is the most powerful of the Nexus variants. It also can withstand the most punishment of any of the Nexus 'Mechs. Class: Light 'Mech Mass: 35 tons Maximum speed: 108 kph Jump jets: 5 Armor factor: 96 Armament: Medium-range non-homing missiles Medium laser Machine guns (2) 29 ______________________________________________________________________________ Raijin The Raijin, named after the mythological Japanese god of thunder, is well named. It may not be as quick as lightning, but it unquestionably makes itself heard with its long-range homing missiles and medium laser. Class: Medium 'Mech Mass: 55 tons Maximum speed: 108 kph Jump jets: 4 Armor factor: 112 Armament: Medium laser Long-range homing missiles Machine gun 30 ______________________________________________________________________________ Fujin (Raijin-A) This variant of the Raijin was affectionately dubbed "Fujin" by MechWarriors of Japanese ancestry, after their mythological twin gods of thunder (Raijin) and wind (Fujin). The Fujin lives up to its namesake by dint of its versatility and ferocity. Class: Medium 'Mech Mass: 50 tons Maximum speed: 108 kph Jump jets: 5 Armor factor: 88 Armament: Large laser Medium-range homing missiles 31 ______________________________________________________________________________ Grand Crusader This heavy attack 'Mech, a variant of the popular Crusader, is one of the most effective fighting machines around. Its twin PPCs make it a formidable opponent against any 'Mech unlucky enough to be in the vicinity. Class: Heavy 'Mech Mass: 75 tons Maximum speed: 72 kph Jump jets: 4 Armor factor: 200 Armament: Particle projection cannons (2) Machine gun 32 ______________________________________________________________________________ Ragnarok The dictionary defines Ragnarok as: "the final destruction of the world in the conflict between the Norse gods and the powers led by Loki." Pretty heavy stuff, which is fitting for this gigantic assault 'Mech. Someday you might run into the 4-legged variant, commonly referred to as the Ragnarok/4. But on Galatea you'll only encounter the standard 2-legged variety. Class: Assault 'Mech Mass: 80 tons Maximum speed: 76 kph Jump jets: None Armor factor: 280 Armament: Particle projection cannon Long-range homing missiles Medium laser Machine gun (2) 33 ______________________________________________________________________________ Tips * When buying weapons, think missiles. Short-range homing missiles are cheap and effective, and you get a lot of 'em. Medium-range missiles let you keep your distance from the enemy, but you get less. * When you're on a battle planet, you'll see that the installations are buried in the ground--moving across the tops of the buildings will slow you down. You'll be able to move most quickly along the roads and runways. If you see a gray disk on the ground, that's a land mine. You don't want to step on those! * Watch your heat gauge; 'Mechs have a tendency to overheat, which can cause it to shut down. Make sure you buy enough heat sinks, especially when you're going to use high heat-inducing weapons like the large laser and the particle cannon. If you get overheated and there's some water nearby, take your 'Mech for a little dip to cool off. * As you build your fleet of 'Mechs, make sure that you acquire a variety of 'Mech types so you can pick the 'Mech best suited for the job at hand. Sometimes you need to be quick, other times you want more firepower. * The most vulnerable part of a 'Mech is its legs--take them out and the 'Mech is useless. Of course. that are two of them per 'Mech--you have to shoot 'em both away to eliminate the threat from its weapons. Just remember that the same goes for you. * Save your game before going into battle. That way, if you lose the battle, you can just go back to your saved position and try it again without having to pay for repairs. 34 ______________________________________________________________________________ Original BattleTech board game by Jordan K. Weisman and L. Ross Babcock III- board game design, characters and universe (C)1990 FASA Corporation Original MechWarrior game design by John A.S. Skeel, Paul Bowman, Terry Ishida, and Damon Slye - original software (C)1989 Dynamix, Inc. 'Mechs designed by Victor Musical Industries, Inc. Developed by Beam Software, courtesy of Victor Musical Industries, Inc. Produced for Activision by Tom Sloper Testing by Chris Campbell and Kelly Rogers Package by TDC Group Cover Art by Greg Winters Manual by Tom Sloper Special thanks to Andrew Davie, James Halprin, Yasushi Endo, Takashi Kimura, Sam Lewis, Kelly Zmak, Mike Rivera, Bill Swartz, and Scott Jenkins Game (C)1993 Activision Code (C)1993 Victor Musical Industries, Inc. MechWarrior, BattleTech, BattleMech, and 'Mech are Trademarks of FASA Corporation, registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If you enjoy this game, check out the full line of BATTLETECH(R) board games-- look for them in game stores or comic book shops in your area. And next time you're in Chicago or Yokohama or Switzerland, pay a visit to the BattleTech Center there. There are more BattleTech Centers planned too--coming soon to a city near you. Opening in June '93: Detroit and Los Angeles. See you there! ______________________________________________________________________________ Activision, Inc. P.O. Box 67001 Los Angeles, CA 90067 PRINTED IN JAPAN

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