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Maximum Carnage

Typed out by Gregory Bishop Game Title: Maximum Carnage Manufacturer: Acclaim Game System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System Game Type: Action Adventure Recommended Ages: Teens # of Players: 1 Player Password Function: No Save Feature: Continue Option Using the Controller L Button- Scroll through Super Heros you may summon R Button- Summon designated Super Hero for assistance START Button- Pause SELECT Button- Select Hero A Button- Tap and release to fire webbing, Keep button depressed to form shield, Tap and release to extend arm and grab enemy (Venom) B Button- Jump, Release web when swinging or release grip when climbing wall A and B Buttons (Press rapidly in alternating pattern when carrying an enemy)- Spin enemy X Button- Fire web line (swing) Y Button- Punch, Pick up object, Throw object or enemy B Button to jump then Y Button- Jumping kick B & Y Buttons (simultaneously)- Spinning heel kick Control Pad- Press Right or Left- Move right or left Press Up- Move up (toward top of screen), Climb up wall, Pick up enemy in the grasp, Climb up web or line Press Down- Move down (toward bottom of screen), Climb down wall, Climb down web or line Press Up & X Button- Shoot web or line straight up Press Right or Left & B Button- Somersault Somersault then Press Y Button- Leaping Kick Press Right or Left & Y Button (enemy in grasp)- Throw Press Right or Left in rapid succession- Dash attack Playing the Game The Status Display shows the number of lives you have remaining, the score and your life meter. You may use your punching and kicking abilities to pummel enemies into submission or pick up objects or enemies and throw them at encroaching enemies. Collect a small heart and you will replenish a small portion of the life meter. Collect a large heart and you will completely replenish the life meter. Collect an icon bearing a red spider, (Spider-Man), or a grey insignia, (Venom), and you will earn a bonus life, (1up icon). Collect an icon bearing a yellow exclamation mark, (!), and you will earn one continue option. When you clear the hall you will need to select Spider-Man or Venom as the hero you wish to portray for the next leg of your adventure. Collect Super Hero icons and you will be able to summon other Super Heros to assist you during battle. When the life meter is completely depleted you will lose a life. If you lose all of your lives and you have collected a continue option you may continue the game from the beginning of the last stage attempted. Once you have exhausted all of your continue options the game is over. Gameplay Tips: There is a continue option on the computer screen in the Fantastic Four Headquarters. Muzzoid, the Giant Robot that guards the Fantastic Fours lab is nearly indestructable. The only way to harm the huge monster is to cling to the wall directly above the robot and then drop directly down onto his head. As soon as you drop onto the robots head immediately jump back up onto the wall. Maximum Carnage Trademark/Copyright 1994 LJN Ltd. Spider Man and Venom are Trademarks and 1994 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

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