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Maui Mallers

Typed out by Gregory Bishop U/SNS-AZBE-USA MAUI MALLARD IN COLD SHADOW Disney INTERACTIVE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET SUPER NINTENDO(R) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) Maui Mallard DETECTIVE'S NOTEBOOK WARNING: PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(R) HARDWARE SYSTEM, GAME PAK, OR ACCESSORY. Thank you for selecting the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R) MAUI MALLARD IN COLD SHADOW(TM) game pak. K-A KIDS TO ADULTS CONTENT RATED BY ESRB THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN RATED BY THE ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE RATING BOARD. FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE ESRB RATING, OR TO COMMENT ABOUT THE APPROPRIATENESS OF THE RATING, PLEASE CONTACT THE ESRB AT 1-800-771-3772 Disney INTERACTIVE (TM) and (R) are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. ©1996 Nintendo of America Inc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) SAFETY PRECAUTIONS * DO NOT subject your Game Pak to extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Always store it at room temperature. * DO NOT touch the terminal connectors on your Game Pak. Keep it clean and dust-free by always storing it in its protective plastic sleeve. * DO NOT try to dismantle your Game Pak. * DO NOT let your Game Pak come into contact with thinners, solvents, benzene alcohol or any other strong cleaning agents that can damage it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) CONTENTS The Name's Mallard. Maui Mallard__________7 Get the Show on the Road__________________9 Control Yourself, Dollface_______________13 How to Soothe an Itchy Trigger Finger____16 Loot_____________________________________20 Notes on the Adventure___________________22 Credits__________________________________35 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) NOTES ON FILE 35: THE CASE OF THE MISSING MOJO ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) IF LOST PLEASE RETURN TO: [PHOTO] NAME: Maui Mallard ADDRESS: Anywhere PHONE: pager: 818-555-8932 OCCUPATION: Quack Detective BUS.# see pager BUSINESS ADDRESS: anywhere, anytime BLOOD TYPE: RED FAVORITE FOOD: spicy Chicken Quesadillas HOBBIES: travel, reading, hunting PET PEEVES: mudrakes in urban areas IN CASE OF ACCIDENT, CONTACT: NAME: The High Mojo Sorceress PHONE: 1-800-KAZOWEE ADDRESS: Mojo Mansion [Maui's fingerprints are at the bottom of the page, with, of course, the middle finger missing. Cartoon hands, go figure.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) FROM THE DIARY OF HERNAE ACOLYTE SORCERESS TO THE TEMPLE OF SHABUHM SHABUHM Legends foretell a time of strife, when Shabuhm Shabuhm, guardian of the gates of vile darkness, shall fall from his place of power. All hope for the island will rest with a wanderer, a reluctant hero caught up in the end of the world, poised to save it, or to condemn it for all time... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) THE NAME'S MALLARD. MAUI MALLARD. I arrived here a washed up shell of the duck I used to be. And I liked it just fine. I'd played the game, now I'd cashed in my chips and bought a one-way ticket to oblivion. It was time to crawl into a coconut shell and hide beneath a paper umbrella. Yes, oblivion was my kind of place. But SHE walked in the door and changed my life. Brother, she had gams up to her neck... But enough about her. Let's talk about you. What do YOU think of her? No wait, let's talk about this journal ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) you're holding in your hot little hands. On its pages you'll find my notes on File 35: The Case of the Missing Mojo. Believe me, everything I've written here is as true as the sky is blue, the grass is green and her hair that carried the soft scent of fresh wildflowers... oh, sorry So as I prepare to board a ship that will take me away from the nightmare that has been my life, I take one last look through this chicken scratch (er, make that MALLARD scratch), and recall the frosty and ferocious foes I had to battle. From the vicious MudDrakes and their giant Frog God to the Witch Doctor and his powerful mojo spells, I can't help thinking that for a guy with a death wish like me, this place was a dream come true. Maybe I'll stick around for a while after all... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD 1. Make sure you have a controller plugged into the one-player port on the front-left of the machine. 2. Insert the Maui Mallard Game Pak into your Super Nintendo Entertainment System and turn the power on. 3. When the Maui Mallard title screen appears, press the START button on your controller. The GAME START/OPTIONS menu appears. 4. Press the Control Pad UP or DOWN to highlight GAME START, then press any button to begin playing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) OPTIONS If you'd like to set up options, highlight OPTIONS and press any button. The Options screen appears. Control Pad UP or DOWN to highlight an option, then RIGHT or LEFT to change it. When you're done, press START. Difficulty: The Difficulty option lets you set the difficulty of the game. - Practice starts you with 200 health points, four lives, and two continues. - Normal starts you with 100 health points, three lives, and one continue. - Hard starts you with 100 health points and three lives. Sound Test: Listen to all the different sounds in the game. Controls: Adjust the configuration of your controller (in other words, change which actions are assigned to certain buttons). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) PASSWORDS To use a password, you must first get one by playing the game. If you'd like to use one, highlight PASSWORD and press START. To enter a password, Control Pad UP/DOWN to change a letter, then Control Pad RIGHT/LEFT to enter the letter and move to the next space. When you're finished, press START to go back to the START GAME/OPTIONS/PASSWORD menu. GETTING AROUND Shabuhm Shabuhm's a nice fellow, one you'd like to take home for dinner. He helped me out by giving me a few mojo tools, and I'm giving them to you. Here's a couple of my drawings to help explain them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (12) HEALTH METER When this meter gets to zero, it's game over. The end of the road. Time for the big sleep. MAUI'S NINJA METER The numbers on this meter helped me keep track of my Maui health. When I collected Yin-Yang coins, I started building my ninja strength, and the picture of my head flashed between Maui and Ninja Maui. When I had collected enough, I was able to switch between Ninja Maui and Regular Maui as I needed to (see Control Yourself, Dollface to learn how to switch). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (13) The more ninja power I have, the more powerful my attacks. Even my belt color changes to show how strong I am! To boost your health, drink plenty of tropical punch. There's more about this special stuff under Loot. CONTROL YOURSELF, DOLLFACE You can change the control pad configurations (in other words, which actions are assigned to which button) at the Options screen. You can access the Options screen by choosing OPTIONS at the beginning of each new game. AS REGULAR MAUI: [up] Look Up, Grab Above [down] Duck, Look Down, Grab Below [left] Run Left [right] Run Right [START] Pause [B] Jump [A] Shoot Bug Gun [X] Transform into Ninja (if yin-yang coins are collected) [L & R] Select Bugs for Bug Gun ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (14) ON BEING A NINJA Detectives are sometimes like great chefs--we have to mix it up a little. But while cooks whip up souffles, we have criminal cupcakes to contend with--like ninja clones, for example. I trained to be a ninja long before I was a detective. It helped me during Case 14: The Search for Sue Schee, just like it helped me on this case. If you don't know much about being a ninja, take a gander at my scrawl below--it should help. AS NINJA MAUI: [START] Pause [B] Jump [A] Swing Staff [Y] Wedge Move [X] Transform into Maui [L & R] Special Spin Move ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (15) Two helpful moves I learned during training were the Swing and the Wedge. The Swing let me slap my staff back and forth to get to new places. The Wedge taught me how to jump up and wedge my staff between walls to climb up. Here's how to do the moves: To swing from a sparkling duck head, press B to jump, then A to place your staff in the swing. To climb by wedging your staff between walls, press B to jump, then Y to wedge the staff between walls. In addition to his amazing staff attacks, the ninja is said to have a devastating secret fighting move: The Tempest of a Thousand Blows. Translators tell us the secret to unleashing the tempest's power is to “Press L or R”. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (16) We will know the wandering hero by his webbed feet, and by the strange weapon he bears: a gleaming tube launching a fearless variety of insect allies. They shall be named in accordance with the idiom of the day: firebug and lightning bug, and the hero will gather them often in his travels across the land... HOW TO SOOTHE AN ITCHY TRIGGER FINGER No pearl-handled pistols here, bub. You've got a 1935 vintage Westchester Bug Gun. And it works. It fires bugs--Lightning bugs, Basic Bugs, and Fire bugs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (17) All bugs sleep in blue bug shells. You need those shells--get 'em at any cost. Each shell has a special marking to show you what kind of bugs are inside. Capture these blue bug shells to keep a good supply of ammo. ...Once in possession of these powerful weapons, the hero will have to learn to switch between them via an arcane command our sayers can interpret only as “By Pressing the L or R Button”. Using this combination for still more powerful results. Mastering this technique will be critical to the hero's success. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (18) The hero shall also have the ability to climb hanging ropes, chains and vines in order to access remote areas, gather more of the elusive bugs, or thwart earthbound enemies who can only gape at the display of acrobatic finesse... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (19) COMBINING BUGS FOR MORE FIRE POWER You can scroll through all the different bugs by pressing R or L on the Control Pad. After you scroll through the individual bugs, a bug combination appears. Use it for an extra blast to your enemy. SPECIAL FIREFLY BUG You may comes across a special bug shell that contains a Firefly. The Firefly isn't ammunition, but instead lights the way in dark corridors to let you see where to go. Look for the special platforms that show up by the Firefly's light. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (20) LOOT TROPICAL PUNCH This ain't no sissy drink. This is life-giving juice. Drink it when you find it to regain lost strength. A glass gives you a boost, the pitcher restores you to full health. YIN-YANG COINS These Yin-Yang Coins were minted in 1100 BC. They were discovered by settlers in a cave on the North side of this island and scattered to the four corners to blanket the island with ninja protection. I picked up some in my travels and discovered a few things. The small ones give you a small power boost, and the gold ones give a large power boost. If you run out of ninja power, not only are you in trouble, but you have to find more Yin-Yang coins to get the power back. Once you have ninja power, Maui's ninja meter counts slowly up to 100. You can't run out of power. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (21) GOLDEN MAUI TOKEN Find a Golden Maui Token and get a life (oh, if only getting a life was that easy...). MOJO DOLL A Mojo Doll lets you continue playing after Maui uses up all his tries. The key word here is CONTINUE (hint, hint). MAGICAL SHRUNKEN HEAD This Shrunken Head is a place marker. When you run out of health, you'll restart the level at the last shrunken head you passed. LUAU LOOT Pick up A LOT of treasure to get to bonus areas (no kidding...), then complete bonus levels to earn special passwords. ZOMBIE POWDER BAG Collect this bag to increase your maximum health potential. Or don't. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (22) NOTES ON THE ADVENTURE Here's the skinny. I had stumbled right onto the scene of a crime. And it hurt. The idol of Shabuhm Shabuhm had been stolen and the islanders were willing to pay big bucks for its return. So I took the job, even though big bucks usually meant big trouble. You can't prepare yourself for danger--it comes to you suddenly, like a sneeze. But there are a few things you can do to up your chances of pulling through: 1. Stock up on ammo (bugs). 2. Stay cool with lots of Tropical Punch. If you don't know what I'm talking about, flip to the Loot section and read about it. 3. Don't die. Oh yeah, the legend of Shabuhm Shabuhm says that if the idol isn't returned within three days, the whole island will go kaboom kaboom. So ya better step on it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (23) Look kid, I wish you luck. I really do. If you get into any trouble, just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you? Just put you beak together and blow. Among the hero's first trials is a battle through a wealthy palace rife with unleashed magic. Here, if the hero steps correctly upon bronze touchstones, the evil magic can actually help him by moving diabolical statues into strategic position... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (24) 1. CRACKIN' THE GATE OF THE MOJO MANSION So I walk into the creepiest crib on the island, the Mojo Mansion, and find nothing. Nothing but spiders, an old butler, and enough gold to keep me in down for a decade. As it turns out, there was more to this dump than meets the eye. I was jumped by a gang of spiders, then I had to swing from chains and walk on ceiling fans to get outta the joint! Do the same and the Big Kahuna In The Sky might let you see tomorrow... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (25) The hero has a secret. His studies of the exotic art of combat have given him the ability to transform to a ninja. This ninja is said to have once possessed a thousand souls...until one was stolen. It is said the ninja is in constant search for this missing soul, but until he finds it, he must gather the ancient yin-yang medallions scattered about the island in order to transform. Few have seen the hero transform into his ninja counterpart. Those who have, describe a tornado of energy triggered by the invoking of the collected yin yang power. Glyphs interpreted by the sayers translate strangely as “Press Y after collecting yin yangs”. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (26) 2. AT THE NINJA TRAINING GROUNDS All good detectives should be hands with a stick. My ninja finesse makes me just a little handier than most. Knowing my ninja abilities might be the difference between survival and a shady plot at the local cemetery, I unpacked my pajamas and headed for the Ninja Training Grounds. While I was there I sacked a straw training dummy of two. Then, wouldn't you know it, the first guy I met in the Training Grounds was the local island witch doctor. He was in a friendly mood, so he only swiped a couple of my remaining souls and used them to create an army of ninja clones for me to battle. I hate that. Good luck getting through this place--you're gonna need it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (27) To learn more about ninja moves, see the On Becoming a Ninja section under Control Yourself, Dollface. The ninja is said to have the power to swing from mystical sparkling blocks left throughout the island by our ancestors. Should the ninja staff strike one of these blocks, it will lock into place until the ninja dislodges it in order to proceed. There have been reports of the ninja's little-known ability to climb shafts of stone by wedging his staff into cracks in the rock. This action has been documented in ancient texts as “Press X while jumping into a shaft”. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (28) 3. MUDDRAKE MAYHEM So I met these creatures called MudDrakes. Not a kind bunch. Banished to mud flats where nobody else is willing to live, they have chips on their shoulders the size of Morocco. Need a better dental plan, too. Keep your eyes peeled for mud wasps too. Oh and something about the object of the MudDrake's awe...a frog? I guess I'll find out soon enough. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (29) 4. SACRIFICE OF MAUI Sardonic bitterness has been my only friend over these last years. And as I stand here on the edge of a volcano about to be tossed in, I just have to laugh at my present predicament. Passing the ritual of proof has proven me worthy of sacrifice. The MudDrakes are determined to keep this island from blowin' its lid one way or another. As I stand here singeing my tail feathers, I think about water. This is one duck that misses the ocean. But somehow I sense that I'll be slurping salt water soon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (30) 5. TEST OF DUCKHOOD The MudDrakes have a custom--their ritual of proof, by which they test the purity of strangers they encounter. Judging by the looks of those MudDrakes, I'm not going to come out of this with all my feathers intact... Sure, I make it look easy, but don't try this at home. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (31) 6. SUNKEN FLYING DUCKMAN I collect bugs and bogeymen. Not bones. After doing a little interim research, I learned the only way to get the idol back is to take the bones of some ancient native chief named Quackoo from his current resting place, to a burial ground called the Realm of the Dead. One problem: his current resting place is on a the bottom of the ocean. Just my luck. Apparently he went down with the Flying Duckman years ago and has been pretty unhappy since. Can't say that I blame him. A watery grave is a lousy place to work on your tan. Moving around can be a little tricky when you're a few fathoms down. Shoot your bug gun to move in the opposite direction of firing. This will get you around a little quicker. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (32) 7. REALM OF THE DEAD First and last rule of ducktectivehood: Only take chances when you're paid to. I'm told to jump into a particularly smelly opening to get to the Realm. Against my better judgment (but because I'm getting paid several thousand clams) I do. It felt like I was falling forever. Once I made it to the bottom, I placed Quackoo's bones in their rightful place. And he thanked me with a sock in the eye and a right- left combo to my beak. I guess the stress of being dead really got to him. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (33) 8. MOJO STRONGHOLD After surviving a ten-foot spider with a bad attitude, a flock of MudDrakes, and Mojo Flame Spirits, I finally made it here and found the missing mojo idol. I hope you do the same. It's not over yet, though. You'll see...if you get there. So long, pal. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (34) 9. BABALUAU, BABY Collect enough luau loot and you'll wind up here, the local tourist shindig. Put on a good show and they'll punch your ticket to come back any time--just do your best to set off all the fireworks within the time limit and grab any other party favors you can along the way. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (35) CREDITS DISNEY INTERACTIVE SENIOR PRODUCER: Patrick Gilmore ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Craig Annis LEAD ARTIST: John Fiorito BACKGROUNDS: Shannon McNeill, Alex Schaefer, Christina Vann ADDITIONAL ART and ANIMATION: Ann-Bettina Colace, Tamara Holcomb, Adolph Lusinski, Paige Pooler and Oliver Wade MUSIC COMPOSITION: Michael Giacchino MUSIC COMPOSITION and SOUND DESIGN: Patrick Collins PROGRAMMING SUPPORT: Cary Hara EUROCOM ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE PRODUCER: Mat Sneap LEAD PROGRAMMER: Jon Williams ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMING: Stuart Johnson, Tim Rogers, Neil Baldwin ARTISTS: Lloyd Baker, Steve Bedser, Nigel Bently, Matt Dixon, Clive Stevenson MUSIC COMPOSITION and SOUND DESIGN: Steve Duckworth PRODUCTION SUPPORT: Hugh Binns, Paul Bates, Mark Hetherington, Kevin Holt ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (36) LEVEL DESIGN SUPPORT: Alan Hickey, Joe Santos, Eric Ventura CONCEPT ART and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Thom Ang, Kurt Dumas, Raymond Fung, Teddy Newton, Jane Nussbaum, Erik Wiese, Lil' Gangster PROJECT MANAGER: C. Steve Booth PRODUCTION SUPPORT: Amy Steiner, Arden Ishimaru, Toby Espiritu MANUAL WRITER: Andrea Smith, Patrick Gilmore TEST SUPERVISOR: Jeff Blattner LEAD TESTER: Brian Adriano TESTERS: Andre Aguilar, Kristen Bachman, Chip Beaman, Roger Bray, John Castro, Daryl David, Carl Drown, Daniel Hall, Paul Factora, David Hickey, Aki Kim, Andrew King, Scott Lamb, Pat Larkin, Wes Lazara, Kevin Ocampo, Jocelyn Pastrana, Luigi Priore, Mary Schuyler, Weijean Strand, Victor Schwartz, David Watts CREATIVE CAPERS ENTERTAINMENT, INC. ANIMATION DIRECTORS: Terry Shakespeare, David Molina ANIMATION PRODUCER: G. Sue Shakespeare PRODUCTION MANAGER: Darci Ernst ANIMATORS: Matthew Bates, Ian Christopher C., Jeff Etter, Connor Flynn, Ronald Friedman, Ernie Gilbert, Michael Kiely, Gavin Moran, Dermot O'Connor, Sandra Ryan, Natasha Sasic, Greg Tiernan, Janice Tolentino, Adam Van Wyk, Drew Woodard, Shane Zalvin CLEAN UP ARTISTS: Peter Anderson, Adam Burke, Kathy Burton, Richard Draper, John Eddings, Aidan Flynn, Ellen Heindel, Tom Higgins, Cathy Jones, Mi Yu Lee, Leticia Lichwardt, Wantana Matinelli, Shannon Murphy, Richard Smitheman, Debbie Spafford, Marshall Toomey, Monica Zorman ANIMATION CHECK ARTISTS: Carla Washburn, Helen O'Flynn, Penelope Sevier CAMERA ARTISTS: Arantxa Rodriguez, Robert Rose, Brendan Harris, Tony Quinn PRODUCTION SUPPORT: Kathy Burton, Patrice Monis, James Arnold, Leanne Howard, Bobbi Swartzendruber ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WARRANTY AND SERVICE INFORMATION ----------------------------------------------------------------------- NEED HELP WITH INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE, OR SERVICE? CALL 1-800-255-3700 Nintendo(R) Nintendo of America Inc. P.O. Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 U.S.A. PRINTED IN USA

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