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Mario is Missing!

Mario is Missing! Documentation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting the Game ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To start the game: ------------------ 1. Make sure your Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is turned off. 2. Put Mario is Missing! in your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. 3. Turn on the SNES. 4. At the title screen, press Start. 5. Inside Bowser's Castle, choose a door to open that city Portal. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bowser's Plot ------------- Oh no! Bowser and his bad boys are back to a life of crime. This time, it's not Mario World -- it's your world! From his Antarctic castle, Bowser hustles his cold-blooded crew of cantankerous Koopas into his powerful Passcode Operated Remote Transport And Larceny System (PORTALS). The twisted turtles transport themselves throughout the globe, where celebrated cities suffer shocking crime waves, as turtles trash landmarks and loot ancient artifacts. With dough from his slimy sales, Bowser hoards hair dryers from the Hafta- Havit Hotline. His plot? Melt Antarctica and flood the planet! Whoa! Mario's Fate ------------ Will the brave brothers from Brooklyn permit this abominable snow plan? The boys say "Not!" Mario, Luigi and Yoshi trek across ice and snow to shellac the shelled ones' schemes. But Bowser's slick; in one last trick, he takes the dearest thing of all.. Mario is Missing! Luigi's Mission --------------- Luigi must stop the Koopas, foil Bowser's plan, and find Mario. Sneaking into each Portal, Luigi is transported to a city in trouble. There, Luigi needs to nab each Koopa, grab its loot, and return the artifact to its proper landmark. Along the way, Luigi explores the city, chats with the locals, reads the maps, and solves puzzles. Help him do this before time runs out! Once he figures out where he is on the globe, Luigi must use the "Globulator" to call Yoshi. Only after Yoshi scares Pokey away, can Luigi return to Bowser's castle and lock the Portal for that city. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Controls ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use the Game controller to help Luigi on his travels. When Luigi arrives in a city, he needs to explore, talk to people, jump on Koopas, recover stolen artifacts, and return them. As his reward for returning stolen goods, Luigi gets to take a snapshot of each landmark that he opens! Control Pad ----------- Push Right - Run right. Push Left - Run left. Push Down - Cross a street at a crosswalk, or jump down a sewer pipe. Push Up - Run up a street, or enter a door. Note: Also use the Control Pad to talk to people, choose tools, and enter Passwords. Buttons ------- Y - Run faster. Used with Direction Left or Right. A - Choose a tool, or talk to a person. When talking, push up and down on the control pad to pick a question, then press A again to ask it. B - Jump. Can be used alone or with Direction Left or Right. R - Turn the small city map on/off. Select - Show the big city map (when the small map is showing). Start - Open and close the Plumber's Toolbox, or resume game play after taking a photo. Passwords --------- Locking a city Portal reveals a Password. Write down the Password. Then use that Password to play next time, starting where Luigi left off. Note on Scoring --------------- In Mario is Missing! the less time in each city, the higher the score. Every game action, including use of the Globulator, costs time. In the Toolbox, the choices that do not cost time are the Artifacts, the Computer, the City Map, and the Photo Album. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Plumber's Toolbox ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Besides all his sightseeing adventures, Luigi needs to remember important information about each landmark. He also needs to call Yoshi when it's time to lockup a city Portal. Luckily, our Plumber has his handy dandy Plumber's Toolbox. Press start to open the Plumber's Toolbox. Artifacts --------- Luigi finds artifacts when he jumps on Koopas. Some Koopas are carrying loot, while others have nothing! A small picture of each recovered artifact appears in the Plumber's Toolbox. Once Luigi has an artifact, he can return it to the Curator at the proper Information Booth. Hint: Curators get grouchy if you give them the wrong artifact! Computer -------- Lucky Luigi, he's got a Computer! This essential tool records all conversations and pamphlets that Luigi collects while sightseeing. Press A Button to choose the computer. Move the box to the item that you want, then press A Button again to read it. Press Start to go back to the Toolbox. Note: If a box is empty, Luigi doesn't have that information yet. Globulator ---------- Once he figures out where on Earth he is, Luigi can use the Globulator to call Yoshi from Antarctica. Move Yoshi to the correct continent, country, and city. Then press A to return to the Toolbox. Press Start to keep playing. If you choose the right city, Luigi will be riding Yoshi. Once Luigi returns all stolen artifacts, Yoshi helps him scare away the Pokey guarding the exit portal. City Map -------- The city map shows where Luigi, the citizens and the Koopas are in the city. An "i in a bubble" marks an Information booth for a famous landmark. Press start to go back to the Toolbox. Photo Album ----------- Whenever Luigi takes a picture, he stores it in his photo album. To see the pictures, choose Photo Album from the Toolbox. Press Start to resume game play. Note: This tool won't work until Luigi takes a picture! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- City Sightseeing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- City Maps --------- Traveling by sewer pipe is fast, but doesn't give much of a view. So Luigi can take a peek at the city map or see the big picture. Press Right button to open and close the small map window. When the small map is open, press Select to open and close the big city map, which shows all Koopas, Information Booths, local people, and sewer pipes. Hint: To save time, open the city map from the plumber's toolbox. Moving Around a City -------------------- Luigi can explore a city by foot, with Yoshi, or by sewer pipe. To exit a city, Luigi must be riding Yoshi, who will scare away the Pokey guarding the city. Hint: Luigi can move faster on Yoshi than he can by foot! Use the Globulator ASAP to call Yoshi and save time! Mopping Up the Koopa Problem ---------------------------- The Koopa crime wave is shell shocking! Thieving turtles infest nearly every street. None of them are up to any good. Some of 'em have stolen loot; all of 'em need the boot! Luigi needs to jump on all the Koopas to find every sack of loot. When Luigi picks up a sack of loot it appears in the Artifacts part of the Toolbox. Hint: As Luigi cleans up Koopas, they disappear from the map. Talking To People On The Street ------------------------------- Being friendly pays off. When Luigi meets a local citizen, have Luigi turn to face him or her, then press A Button to talk. Press A Button again to keep playing. Getting Important Info and Returning Stolen Goods ------------------------------------------------- Visit each information booth to figure out what that landmark is and what the Koopas stole from it. Walk up to the Curator and press A button to talk. Be sure to read the pamphlet that is available at each Information Booth. If Luigi has the item that was stolen, answer the questions and return it. Press A button again to keep playing. Note: If Luigi doesn't have the right artifact or know the right answers, the Curator gets kind of grouchy! Just Rewards ------------ Once an artifact is returned to its rightful owner, Luigi may walk into the open Information Booth. There he gets his picture taken at the famous landmark! Press A button to keep playing.

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