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Lufia and the Fortress of Doom

Typed out by Mike Liu -------------------------------pgs. 01-02----------------------- U/SNS-ES-USA Taito (R) Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (TM) Instruction Booklet Super Nintendo Entertainment System WARNING: PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO (R) HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. Taito (R) Taito and Lufia & The Fortress of Doom are trademarks of Taito Corporation. (c) 1993 All rights reserved. This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure compatibility with your Nintendo product. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality (R). Licensed by Nintendo (R) Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Official Seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (c) 1991 Nintendo of America Inc. ---------------------------------pg. 03-------------------------- CONTENTS THE SINISTRALS RETURN! ..... 4 DOOM ISLAND ................ 6 THE FINAL BATTLE ........... 7 THE HEROES ................ 10 CONTROLLER ................ 12 VISION .................... 13 PARTY STATUS .............. 14 DOING BATTLE .............. 17 FIGHTING .................. 18 WEAPONRY .................. 22 ATTRIBUTES ................ 24 SPECIAL PLACES ............ 26 MODES OF TRANSPORT ........ 28 HERO'S LOG ................ 29 QUEST RECORD .............. 30 LEVEL 1 ................. 31 LEVEL 6 ................. 34 LEVEL 8 ................. 36 LEVEL 12 ................ 38 LEVEL 14 ................ 40 LEVEL 16 ................ 42 LEVEL 18 ................ 45 LEVEL 20 ................ 48 LEVEL 24 ................ 51 -------------------------------pgs. 04-05----------------------- THE SINISTRALS RETURN! Greetings, young hero. The mists of time reveal that you have not yet begun your quest. Who am I? A poet, a seer, one with just a bit of magic in his fingers -- no one of real importance. I exist only to assist you. It is said you are known by many names -- I will simply call you Hero. I have come to prepare you for a journey into darkness, to give you the secrets you must know to conquer the corrupt forces threatening our world. The terror began one hundred years ago, when the Sinistrals appeared in our sky on their floating island. Humanity was thrown into panic as the four nightmare beings, Chaos, Destruction, Terror, and Death, spread their dark powers across our land. I was a child then. Yes, I saw it all ... and remembered. Our greatest warriors threw their lives away trying to defeat the Sinistrals. Then the only four surviving heroes gathered. They were Artea, Guy, and Selan, with Maxim, their leader. They fought a might battle against the Sinistrals and won. That was 99 peaceful years ago. But now, young Hero, the Sinistrals have risen again on their strange island. They call upon the power of night and send forth their foul servants to revenge themselves upon us all. You, with your three companions, must become the new band of heroes to destroy the Sinistrals. I will help you get started by showing you how Maxim led his warriors to victory. You will find yourself living that day of tremendous courage and strife. I have just enough magic in me to draw aside the curtain of time and let you walk in the steps of Maxim. I will try to send you close to the last battle. Use this opportunity to learn and gain experience for your own mission. Feel yourself change as you become Maxim ... ---------------------------------pg. 06----------------------- DOOM ISLAND Doom Island looms like a black storm cloud over our fair land. All hope is lost as our armies are crushed by the Sinistrals. Our four mightiest warriors, the last ones, develop their plan. -------------------------------pgs. 07-09---------------------- THE FINAL BATTLE Maxim and his warriors battle their way onto Doom Island and enter the Fortress. Now they seek the Sinistrals. When the heroes find gold plaques, they approach them and push the A Button. Valuable clues are then provided. The Sinistrals leave red treasure chests around the Fortress. The heroes open these by pushing A. Powerfully armed with weapons and spells, the heroes destroy every foe they encounter in this sinister Fortress. Whenever the heroes walk over a blue and gold tile marked with a diamond in a circle, their hit points are restored. When approached, tiles painted with a gold staff against a blue circle replenish the heroes' magic points. Warp pads are pulsing blue circles on the floor. The heroes stand on these to teleport to distant locations. The Sinistrals lurk in a mysterious realm. Our heroes must use a warp pad to find them and finish their mission. Gades, master of Destruction, is the first Sinistral to attack. His strength is awesome, but he is not invincible. Selan must use her magic against Amon, master of terror. It is a contest of furious power, and Selan is victorious. Maxim pits his unmatched strength against Erim, the mistress of Death. Her spells shatter and fall apart before him. The heroes must join forces to destroy Daos, master of Chaos and all the Sinistrals. He does not survive the battle. -------------------------------pgs. 10-11------------------------ THE HEROES Hero, you will begin this journey alone. Before long, your childhood friend and dear companion, Lufia, will join you, and later Aguro and Jerin. HERO Your fiery hair marks you as the descendant of Maxim. You are heir to his power, his moral strength, and his devotion to duty. Your greatest talents are those of a warrior, but you know some magic. LUFIA Lufia mysteriously appeared in Alekia when she was seven, and she is your closest friend. She gladly joins your quest and vows to use all of her tremendous magical skills to help destroy the Sinistrals. AGURO Aguro [is] the commander of the Lorbenian Army[;] his strength is as great as Lufia's Magic abilities. Once you meet him in Treck, he becomes devoted to you. JERIN As half-elf, half-human, Jerin has been outcast by both races. Only her wondrous skill with bow and arrow and magic have kept her alive. Because you save her, she joins your quest out of gratitude. OTHER DEFENDERS MAXIM Your ancestor who led the original band of heroes to victory. SELAN This talented sorceress and Maxim went down with the Fortress. ARTEA His wondrous archery skill helped Maxim stop the Sinistrals. GUY A true soldier, loyal to Maxim. His strength ensured victory. LOU The son of old Professor Shaia, Lou was left behind in Lorbenia. COOPER An assistant to Professor Shaia, and his friend and confidante. PROFESSOR SHAIA Absent-minded Professor Shaia built a ship called the Falcon. He focused his whole life on it. You will need the Falcon to succeed. ---------------------------------pg. 12------------------------- CONTROLLER Take this tool called Controller on your quest. Use it according to my instructions, or else you will not survive the first hour of your journey. L Button When you want to scroll through lists of items, weapons, spells, etc., push the L Button. R Button As with the L Button, press R to move around the various lists that are available to you. Y Button On this quest, you will have no reason to use the Y Button. X Button To read descriptions of spells when looking at a list, use the Control Pad to move the cursor to an item. Push X. B Button To see the Party Status, press the B Button. Push B again to return to seeing the Overview. A Button Press the A Button to perform many actions, including conversation, buying, selling, trading, and fighting. CONTROL PAD You must push the Control Pad to move around. In windows, move the cursor with the Control Pad. SELECT The Select Button serves no purpose in this quest. START Push Start to begin the game. -------------------------------pgs. 13-16--------------------- VISION As you journey across the land, you will be able to observe yourself, your party, and battles from three viewpoints: Overview, Player Status, and Battle. OVERVIEW With this form of vision, you will look down on your group as you travel. You will also be able to see the landscape around you. PARTY This is how your band appears in the Overview vision. The high viewpoint also helps locate landmarks and find your way from town to town. TOWN/CASTLE The towns and castles of our land are centers of commerce, with shops, inns, and clerics. Put these services to good use. FOREST Unless you really need to collect Gold, or want to build your experience, avoid the forest. It's a breeding ground for monsters of every description. MOUNTAINS When you try to scale mountains, your progress is slowed. Monsters can then catch up while you are vulnerable. PLAIN On the plains, your band can move quickly. When members of your group have few hit points or are at low levels, try to stay on the flatlands. WATER Since none of you are very good swimmers, you cannot cross bodies of water without a boat. Take a ship or use the Falcon to explore the lakes and oceans. PARTY STATUS When you're in Overview, push B to enter Player Status. Here you can review the status of yourself and your friends, [and] take action with items, weapons, or spells. Inventory Window [left-hand box] When you look into this window, you will see all of the items being carried by your party. Character Window [top right-hand box] Your party's hit points, magic points, and health are revealed to you in this window. Command Window [middle right-hand box] Here, you are given the power to change items, magic, equipment, and some aspects of the quest. Gold Window [bottom right-hand box] As you all share the danger, so you share the rewards by keeping your Gold in a common purse. ITEMS INVENTORY [left-hand box] Position the cursor at Items [in the Command Window] and push A to see this window. To scroll through the inventory list of your items, press the L or R Buttons or use the Control Pad to move the cursor. USE OR DROP [bottom right-hand box] Move the cursor to the object and push the A Button. You will be asked whether you want to USE or DROP the item. Select an option with the cursor and push A. CHARACTER SELECTION [top right-hand box] When you must use an item for one of your party, indicate the recipient by moving the arrow with the Control Pad and push A. MAGIC SPELL LIST [left-hand box] Spells a character casts are shown by selecting that character. CHARACTER SELECT [top right-hand box] To cast a spell on a friend, choose the spell, then select the character. EQUIP EQUIPMENT IN USE [left-hand box] Choose Equip, then a person. Weapons in use appear on the left. SPARE EQUIPMENT [middle right-hand box] On the right side is the spare equipment carried by your band. MENU SCENARIO ITEMS [first line of middle left-hand box] Choose this to see a list of the rare and unusual items you have collected during your quest. COMBAT ORDER [second line of middle left-hand box] Move the hand to a character. Push A. Position the second hand and push A. The two switch places. ITEM SORT [third line of middle left-hand box] Shuffle your items around in the same way you did Combat Order. MAGIC SORT [fourth line of middle left-hand box] Rearrange the order of your spells as described above. MESSAGE SPEED [fifth line of middle left-hand box] Make a selection and push A. MUSIC [sixth line of middle left-hand box] Choose mono or stereo. Push A. PLAY TIME [bottom left-hand box] Shows the duration of the quest. BATTLE SCREEN When you confront an enemy, choose one of five actions. Four options you select with the Control Pad and push A. To pick the fifth option, only press A. FIGHT [sword icon] If you want to fight with the weapon you are currently using, do not push the Control Pad. Simply press A. SPELL [staff icon] When you prefer to use magic, rather than engage in hand-to-hand combat, push the Control Pad up and then press A. ITEM [open box icon] If you are carrying a particular item that you think will bring you victory in battle, push the Control Pad left, then press A. DEFEND [shield icon] If you are feeling weak, and need to concentrate on self-defense rather than attack, push the Control Pad right, then A. RUN [running stick-figure icon] When you decide that it would be best to avoid combat altogether and escape, press the Control Pad down, then A. ---------------------------------pg. 17------------------------ DOING BATTLE After selecting a method of attack, you will target enemies with the icon. Each of your characters has a special skill to use in battle. By fighting often, the agility of your characters will increase. AGILITY BATTLE Every time you fight, you learn about the enemy. You also improve your reflexes and develop your skills. As you and your party gain experience and move up levels, your agility will automatically increase. With greater agility, some of your band can attack more than others. Look in Player Status to check the agility level of your character. -------------------------------pgs. 18-21--------------------- FIGHTING In battle, you will make a combat decision as described on Page 16 for each member of your band. I have a few words of advice to help you win your battles, so pay attention. Remember to draw upon the individual strengths of your characters. FIGHT OR FLEE Once you determine whether a person should fight, defend, or use magic or items, you will need to select a foe from among your enemies. SELECT ENEMY An icon appears when you make a decision to attack with weapon, item, or spell. Use the Control Pad to position the icon over an enemy. Push A. tip: FOR EASY VICTORY ... When you are confronted with an entire group of enemies, gang up on the stronger ones first. Then recharge and attack the weaker foes. HP (HIT POINTS) Keep an eye on your status box to track your HP levels. When they are low, the box [text] is yellow. If you are almost out, the box [text] turns red. ATTACK A FRIEND If a member of your band is confused or asleep, awaken him with an attack. Push down on the Control Pad to move the [targeting] icon to your group. HELPLESS You cannot fight when you have no hit points. Use the Revive or Miracle potion, or the Revive spell, to recover your hit points in battle. PETRIFIED A number of curses and poisons can freeze up members of your band. People can also collapse into a deep sleep. In any case, you must find a way to restore the person. The causes of petrification are: STONE [character icon turns grey] Some kinds of spells and poison can turn a person into stone. The effects ado not wear off, so the person must be cured. PARALYZED [jagged lines around character icon] Paralysis is temporary, and its duration depends on the strength of the person affected. It always wears off by the end of a battle. CONFUSED ["?" from character icon] Enemy wizards like to cast spells of confusion because they make people attack their own friends. Cure this condition quickly. ASLEEP ["ZZ" from character icon] Some poisons and certain spells can send a person into slumber. To wake them, use Awaken potions or spells, or wait until the end of a battle. NO HP [character icon lies on back] Without hit points, you become helpless in battle. Find a way to restore your hit points before an enemy annihilates you. COMBAT ORDER How you arrange your party for battle will have a major effect on whether you are victorious. The fighting skills of each of you must be exploited. I can give you some advice on where you should be positioned when you are faced with combat. HERO, LUFIA At the beginning of your quest, you and Lufia will be fighting alone. Since you are the stronger in battle, position her beside you. HERO, AGURO, LUFIA Aguro's talents lie in the power of his muscles. He should be placed between you and Lufia so that he can help protect her while she works her spells. HERO, AGURO, JERIN, LUFIA With her bow and arrow, Jerin can strike from afar. The best position for her is after Aguro, where she can use her agility and marksmanship. -------------------------------pgs. 22-23------------------------ WEAPONRY You and your people are skilled in the use of different weapons. You each have unique requirements in the way of protective gear, as well. Upgrade the equipment of your people whenever you can. ARMING YOURSELF While in Alekia, purchase a weapon and protective clothing of some kind. Later in your quest, before entering the Old Cave, you should at least be armed with the Long Knife. FINDING WEAPONRY Careless monsters often leave their weaponry behind. Also look in chests; sometimes you'll find better equipment. Some weapons cannot be bought; for example, the Broad Sword and Broad Rod. Items like these are only found in treasure chests. ASSIGNING EQUIPMENT Arm yourself and Aguro with the mightiest swords and helmets you can find. The Wave Ring increases your powers, and Aguro knows how to use the Hi-Daze Ring effectively. Because of her sorcery, arm Lufia with staffs and rods. Jerin uses bows and arrows. Both of them need to wear berets and caps for head protection. tip: BATTLE PREPARATION Monsters usually attack quickly, giving you little time to prepare. And once battle is joined, the action is too fast and furious for you to change weaponry. Avoid trouble by getting into the habit of equipping new items as soon as you obtain them. -------------------------------pgs. 24-25---------------------- ATTRIBUTES Each member of your party has his or her own set of individual strengths and weaknesses. Attributes are given a numerical value -- the higher, the better. They increase as the character's level goes up. ATP -- ATTACK POWER Attack power determines how powerful you are in combat and how much damage you can inflict on your enemies. DFP -- DEFENSE POWER With a high defense power, you will protect yourself better and lose fewer hit points when struck by an enemy. STR -- STRENGTH If you are strong, you can resist poison and some types of injury. To strike effective blows, you must have strength. AGL -- AGILITY Your agility will increase as you battle foes and build up experience. With high agility, you can attack or flee faster. MGR -- MAGIC RESISTANCE All of us have some inbred resistance to magic. With a strong magic resistance, you are immune to certain spells. MP -- MAGIC POWER The more magic power you have, the more spells you can cast. When running low, visit an Inn or take a potion to recharge. HP -- HIT POINTS The number of hit points you have determines how much injury you can survive in battle. When you run out, you are helpless. INT -- INTELLIGENCE Intelligence is a necessary characteristic for everyone. Being smart helps you resist confusion and learn spells. -------------------------------pgs. 26-27--------------------- SPECIAL PLACES Many services are available to you in towns and villages. To open conversations with people, push A. To answer questions, or make selections when purchasing, use the Control Pad and A Button. INNS To rest yourself and replenish hit points, visit an Inn and sleep. CLERIC A talented cleric can remove curses, revive characters, and record your journey. ITEM SHOP When you have Gold clinking in your purse, visit an Item Shop to buy the things you need. WEAPON SHOP The weapons dealers of our land have been doing a booming business. Buy their goods. ARMOR SHOP Visit these shops and gird yourself and your friends in the best armor you can afford. WARP ZONE Step onto a Warp Zone and your band will be whisked away to an unknown destination. WARP SHRINE Arriving here, remember which Warp Zone brought you. The Keeper will give you good advice. ---------------------------------pg. 28------------------------ MODES OF TRANSPORT To hunt down the Sinistrals and their servants, you will need to find special ways of traveling across the land. Mostly you will use the Falcon, but you must also set sail in a military vessel. THE MABERIA In return for recovering the Maberia from the monsters, the ship's captain offers you free passage between Treck and Lorbenia. WATER FALCON Professor Shaia's Falcon leaks a little, and is not in good repair. But it will take you where you need to go and stay with you on your journey. Be careful not to lose it. SUB-FALCON To travel underwater in the Falcon, you need to collect Alumina so that Professor Shaia and Cooper can repair it. Look for a whirlpool to dive underwater. AIR FALCON To make the Falcon fly, you must find a dangerous fuel known as Power Oil. Bring it to Professor Shaia so he can prepare the Falcon for flight. Once she's airworthy, press A to take off. ---------------------------------pg. 29------------------------ HERO'S LOG ---------------------------------pg. 30------------------------ QUEST RECORD To begin your quest, push Start. You then have two choices. Select Initial to start a new quest or choose Continue to carry on with an earlier quest. INITIAL AND CONTINUE Once you choose Initial, record your name. A new quest will open to you. When you select Continue, indicate the quest you want to resume. You will return to the place where you last recorded your progress with a Cleric. RECORDING Locate a Cleric in a town or village to have your accomplishments recorded in the Book of Heroes. When you approach, the Cleric will offer you several services. Choose the Record option. tip: THREE PAGES Three pages of the Book of Heroes are blank, so you can record up to three different quests at a time. Or, you can record one quest in three different ways. -------------------------------pgs. 31-33---------------------- LEVEL 1 Level 1 indicates that you should rank level 1 at this point in the game. Use this table to plot your course in Alekia. You can stay overnight at the Inn for free. 1. Alekia 5. Alekia 9. Alekia 2. Chatam 6. Chatam 10. Chatam 3. Caves 7. Cave 4. Sheran 8. Sheran ALEKIA: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop FRIGHTFUL RUMORS Rumor has it that monsters, the kind not seen for 99 years, are attacking the town of Sheran. The King and armies are lazy now -- only you are brave enough to discover the truth. THE ROAD TO SHERAN On your way to Sheran, stop in Chatam, and go through the caves. Save Lilah and rescue the prisoners. Hmm, this gets complicated -- I will provide details. CHATAM: Inn, Item Shop A WORRIED GIRL As you go through Chatam on your way to Sheran, visit a young woman. She is very worried about Lilah, who is supposed to be in Sheran. Danil, her brother, has heard the frightful rumors and wants to save Lilah. He has disappeared and is thought to have gone to the caves. CAVES ITEMS The Sinistrals' servants stash their loot in the caves. Search for powerful healing items, and a large stash of gold. THE KEY To unlock the dungeon of Sheran Castle, you need a key. Danil has it. Find him in the caves near the exit that leads to Sheran. SHERAN EXPLORE The once-lovely town of Sheran lies in ruins. Try to find survivors and get information. Though in shock, they will be able to share a little news. Next enter Sheran Castle and locate the King. SHERAN'S KING The King and his court are locked in the dungeon. Enter the throne room and find the locked door on the left. Use the key Danil gave you to open it. Flip the switch inside and go to the King. GADES ATTACKS! As you leave the castle, the Sinistral Gades attacks. Lufia escapes with the others while you stay behind to fight. You are not yet strong enough to defeat him, but he flees when Lufia returns. -------------------------------pgs. 34-35------------------------ LEVEL 6 1. Treck 3. Treck 2. East Cave 4. North Cave TRECK: Inn, Cleric, Item Shops, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop GUY When you are in Treck, visit the Elder. He gives you directions to find Guy. You will need the help of the Elder's niece. AN ALLY You must locate Guy and speak with him. When you return to Treck, you will meet Aguro. He joins you in a battle against four of Daos' servants. Aguro's strength is impressive. Both of you will journey north in search of his ship. But let me start at the beginning ... EAST CAVE FINDING GUY Enter the East Cave. You must travel on foot to Guy. Only the Elder's niece can unseal the door that blocks your passage through the cave. CRUCIAL INFORMATION Guy, one of the survivors of the original band of heroes, has grown old and suspicious. However, keep talking to him and he'll tell you very valuable information about the return of the Sinistrals. NORTH CAVE AGURO'S SHIP Pass through the North Cave to find the lost ship Maberia. The servants of Daos have it, and they want to keep it. You must fight a terrible battle to win back the vessel, but it is worth the cost. -------------------------------pgs. 36-37----------------------- LEVEL 8 1. Lorbenia 3. Old Cave 2. Grenoble 4. Grenoble LORBENIA: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop LOU Visit the dress shop when you arrive in Lorbenia and you will encounter a young thief. He is Lou, the son of Professor Shaia, and was left behind in Lorbenia. He only steals to eat. GRENOBLE: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop SPRING BASEMENT In Grenoble, a strange old man lives in the spring. He will only tell you about Artea if you get him the Fairy Kiss. A TASK To earn the Fairy Kiss, receive a task at the Treasure Hunter's desk. OLD CAVE HIDDEN CHESTS The smarter monsters try to hide their treasure in pools of poison. Use the float spell or potion to glide over pools and pull out the treasure chests. The Old Cave is filled with hidden wonders. RETURN TO THE CAVE The Old Cave will play an important role in the success of your quest. Visit it whenever you need to refill your purse with Gold, or to find better weaponry in the hidden treasure chests. tip: AMBUSH AND SURPRISE ATTACK You need to watch for two special types of random attack. Enemies can sneak up and ambush your party before you have a chance to prepare for combat. In return, you can launch a surprise attack on your foes and catch them off guard. Or, in Surprise Attack, you can escape without being blocked. -------------------------------pgs. 38-39---------------------- LEVEL 12 1. Tower 4. Kirof 2. Kirof 5. Ghost Cave 3. Medan TOWER THE KNIGHT This powerful Knight trained with Artea; he can tell you about him. However, he will share nothing until you prove yourself in combat. ELFREA After the fight, the Knight tells you about the land of the elves, Elfrea. He also speaks of elfin magic. Heed his words when he says to visit Kirof. KIROF: Inn, Item Shop REYNA A merchant has brought his ill daughter, Reyna, to Kirof for the healthy air. MARK, THE THIEF Mark is terribly worried about Reyna, so he goes after the Hope Ruby. MEDAN: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop THE HOPE RUBY The Hope Ruby has not been granting many wishes in Medan lately. Locate the Princess and her friend and eavesdrop on their conversation. You will learn something most surprising. GHOST CAVE REYNA IS LOST Follow Mark back to Kirof. There, you learn Reyna is gone. Seek her in the Ghost Cave where she is being held prisoner. Find the Ghost Ring the cave and equip it before you try to fight her captor. tip: DEAD END In the cave you face a chasm with two unusable bridges and a gap where there should be a third bridge. Gather your courage and try to find your way. -------------------------------pgs. 40-41---------------------- LEVEL 14 1. Medan Cave 3. Dais 2. Belgen 4. North Tower MEDAN CAVE CLEAR PASSAGE If you tried to pass through this cave earlier, you'll remember that your way was blocked. However, after you rescue Reyna, see the Princess of Medan. The Princess will arrange for you to have safe passage through the cave. BELGEN: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop A KIDNAPPING Monsters are stealing maidens from Belgen. In fact, a kidnapping just took place before you arrived. You are asked to rescue her, but of course you would have volunteered to do so anyway. DAIS: Inn FOILED TWICE! Elves prevent you from taking Jerin down from the dais. While you are arguing with them and trying to get through, a monster swoops down and carries off the poor young woman to the North Tower. NORTH TOWER MULTI-LEVEL MAZE The top of the tower is a maze of platforms set a different heights. You must warp from one to the other. The monster is especially vulnerable to sleep and confuse spells. -------------------------------pgs. 42-44------------------ LEVEL 16 1. Jenoba 3. Ruan 2. Blue Tower 4. Grenoble 3. Green Tower 6. Old Cave JENOBA: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop THREE GEMS To warp to Elfrea with elf magic, you must place the Red, Blue, and Green gems in their home towers. First the Blue gem, the Green, and finally the Red. You will then warp to Elfrea. BLUE TOWER PITFALLS Beware the trap doors hidden throughout this tower. You can spot these pitfalls because the trick tiles are a lighter color than the rest of the floor. Remember their location and avoid them. GREEN TOWER: Inn FIND THE SWITCH East of the Blue Tower is the Green Tower. Once in the Green Tower, locate the switch that changes the stairs. You will need to move around quickly, so remember the stair positions. RUAN: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop POISON WATER The Dark Ghost now dwells in the Red Tower. He took the Water Fairy prisoner and filled Ruan's wells with poison. The people are becoming desperate for clean water and beg you to help them. RECORD At this point in your quest, locate a Cleric and have your progress recorded. If you then lose all your hit points, you can return here. RETURN TO MEDAN REMEMBER THE MINES Remember the Old Man in the Medan Mines who wouldn't let you into his room? Could it be that he is holding something you need now? MEDAN MINES OLD MAN This man clutches his ruby tight and won't give it to you. But if you take the time to talk to him and explain why you need it, he will relent. He is old and frightened, but not selfish. tip: FILL YOUR PURSE While you are in the Medan Mines, take this opportunity to fill up your purse with Gold and useful items. Search high and low for treasure chests, and defeat monsters to take their Gold. -------------------------------pgs. 45-47--------------------- LEVEL 18 1. Red Tower 4. West Cave 2. Elfrea 5. Odel 3. Ranqs 6. Lyden RED TOWER THE DARK GHOST This is one of the most powerful enemies you have yet faced. Before you engage him in battle, be sure you have equipped the Ghost Ring -- it will provide you with a little assistance. ELFREA: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop ELF MAGIC Once the Dark Ghost is vanquished, place the gems in their towers, starting with the Blue, then Green, then Red. You will be whisked off to Elfrea. ARTEA Artea has grown old and blind in the 99 years since the last battle. He gives Jerin his bow and speaks of the Dual Blade and the Sinistrals. RANQS: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop DISAPPEARING MEN All the men of Ranqs have left to work on the tunnel to Odel. The women of Ranqs run all the shops and Inns. They cannot explain the strange enchantment at the end of the tunnel. WEST CAVE A MAZE Some twisted servant of the Sinistrals has built a strange maze into the entrance of the cave. All who enter become trapped and cannot find their way out. Visit the elder in the cave east of Ranqs. He will tell you what to do. ODEL: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop FIND PIRON The cave from Odel to Arus is split by a vast chasm, and the bridge that once crossed it has collapsed. Only the great architect, Piron, can rebuild it. He is in the Odel castle visiting the Princess. Before he will agree to repair the bridge, he wants you to get his assistant from Lyden. LYDEN: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop MEET THE MASTER CHEF Locate Piron's assistant, but don't leave town right away. Go into the local restaurants and talk to the chefs. Lyden is home to the greatest cooking schools in all the land. Each of the chefs has his own secrets, but one chef has developed new cooking that you may want at a later time. -------------------------------pgs. 48-51----------------------- LEVEL 20 1. West Cave 4. Platina 2. Arus 5. Bakku 3. Tower of Grief 6. Carbis WEST CAVE WATCH THE REPAIR Piron, the master architect, needs you to watch the bridge reconstruction from a high ledge and look for mistakes. To observe the work from the high ledge, exit the cave and return by the top entrance. ARUS: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop SEEK THE PROFESSOR The Professor was in Arus for a while, but he left without warning (he's very absent-minded). Rumor has it that he went to study at the mysterious Tower of Grief. Ask the people in Arus how to find the Tower of Grief, then go there to meet Professor Shaia. TOWER OF GRIEF THE ELDER To obtain information, fight your way to the top of the Tower of Grief. It won't be easy. An ancient wise man dwells there, and he freely shares his knowledge with those who find him. He will tell you about the Dual Blade, the Sinistrals, and where you can find the missing Professor Shaia. PLATINA PROFESSOR SHAIA, AT LAST The Professor has a lab in Platina, which you may have passed earlier. Professor Shaia is eager to tell you about his many wondrous inventions, and he'll press them upon you. Pay no attention to those toys -- you need the Falcon, so ask for it. He offers you the use of it if you find Cooper first. BAKKU: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop COOPER Though Cooper is supposed to be in Bakku, he has left. Find the local Cleric and ask about Cooper. Also wander over to the right side of town and talk to the man in the diner. Rumor has it he holds the key to the Tower of Light. But he claims that the key was stolen from him. CARBIS: Inn, Cleric THE FALCON Once you've hunted down Cooper, take him to the Professor's lab in Carbis. Shaia is quite pleased and shows you the Falcon. It is not yet complete. The Professor must have seven pieces of alumina before the Falcon will function. You must get them. Shaia says Brant, who is in Linze, can tell you where to get them. -------------------------------pgs. 51-54-------------------- LEVEL 24 1. Tower of Light 2. Linze 3. Gaya's Cave TOWER OF LIGHT PITFALLS This tower was built by beautiful spirits of the air. The pitfalls here are fairly safe -- in fact you need to fall through some of them to obtain valuable items that you could not find elsewhere. AMON'S SERVANT Before you ascend to the top of the Tower of Light, search carefully for a ring of power. You must have this before facing Amon's mighty servant. He will fight you for the key. Be sure to equip the ring as soon as you find it. To defeat this foul wretch, you will have to attack with both steel and magic. LINZE: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop BRANT'S LIFE Brant is not in Linze. He left word that he is out searching for alumina. However, the gossipers of Linze claim that Brant is actually in love with a young woman in Marse and that he has gone to visit her. Whatever the facts of his personal life may be, though, you can find him in Gayas Cave. GAYA'S CAVE BRANT When you finally do locate Brant, he is more than happy to talk to you about alumina. He also shares the secret of the warp tiles located on the three islands near Marse. In addition, Brant mentions that the King of Herat is a known collector of alumina and might be willing to trade -- if you have something good to offer in return. MARSE: Inn, Cleric, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop TOUR THE ISLANDS As soon as you enter the town of Marse, find a Cleric to record your quest. Next, take a walk down to the docks and buy a ticket for the island cruise. The tour carries you past all of the surrounding islands. Make a mental note of their location so that you can find them later. THE CAVES & HERAT GATHER ALUMINA Three caves are located near Marse. In these caves, you can find alumina that was mined and left behind some time ago. After you have gathered the four pieces of alumina, go to Herat. Visit the King and find out what he will trade for his supply of alumina. tip: DRAGON EGGS Throughout the game, you will find Dragon Eggs. Collect eight of them and take them to the Dragon Shrine, northwest of Bakku. You will receive special weapons, armor, and favors for them. You only receive one special item for every eight Dragon Eggs, so once you have traded them in, start collecting more. FAREWELL Well, young hero, I have helped you all I can. The time has come for me to leave you on your own. Remember me and the things I have taught you, on the rest of your journey. The fate of our world lies in your hands, but the blood of Maxim flows through your veins -- use its power to sweep the Sinistrals into oblivion! ---------------------------------pg. 55--------------------- WARRANTY Taito America warrants to the original purchaser of this Taito product that this game pak is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. This Taito product is sold "as is" without express or implied warranty of any kind, and Taito is not liable for any losses or damages of any kind resulting from use of this program. Taito agrees for a period of ninety (90) days to either repair or replace, at its option, free of charge, this Taito product. Send product postage paid, along with dated proof of purchase, to the address shown below. This warranty shall not be applicable and shall be void if the defect in the Taito product has arisen through abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment, or neglect. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND NO OTHER REPRESENTATIONS OR CLAIMS OF ANY NATURE SHALL BE BINDING ON OR OBLIGATE TAITO. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES APPLICABLE TO THIS PRODUCT, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED TO THE NINETY (90) DAY PERIOD DESCRIBED ABOVE. IN NO EVENT WILL TAITO BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM POSSESSION, USE, OR MALFUNCTION OF THIS TAITO PRODUCT. Some states do not allow limitations as to how long an implied warranty lasts and/or exclusions of limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and/or exclusions of liability may not apply to you. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Taito America Corporation 390 Holbrook Drive, Wheeling, IL 60090 Tel: (708) 520-9280 ---------------------------------pg. 56---------------------- TAITO (R) TAITO AMERICA CORPORATION 390 Holbrook Drive Wheeling, IL 60090 TAITO HINT LINE 1-900-28-TAITO ($0.95 charge for the first minute, $0.75 charge for each additional minute. If you are under 18 years of age, be sure to get your parents' permission to use the Taito Hint Line. The Taito Hint Line requires a touch-tone telephone and is only available in the U.S.A. Messages are subject to change without notice.) PRINTED IN JAPAN

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