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Lost Vikings 2

SNS-ALVE-USA LOST VIKINGS(TM) 2 INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Interplay(TM) BY GAMERS. FOR GAMERS(TM) K-A KIDS TO ADULTS CONTENT RATED BY ESRB Silicon & Synapse, Inc. SUPER NINTENDO(R) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(TM) HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN RATED BY THE ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE RATING BOARD. FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE ESRB RATING, OR TO COMMENT ABOUT THE APPROPRIATENESS OF THE RATING, PLEASE CONTACT THE ESRB AT 1-800-771-3772. LICENSED BY Nintendo(TM) NINTENDO, SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM, AND THE OFFICIAL SEALS ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. (C)1991 NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction...............................2 Controls...................................4 Starting The Game..........................6 How To Play................................7 Good Guys..................................9 Bad Guys..................................14 Other Guys................................16 Items.....................................17 Stuff to get you through the level........17 Stuff to keep you alive...................17 Stuff you can get.........................18 Thor's Hints..............................19 Password Log..............................20 Credits...................................21 Customer Support..........................22 Limited Warranty..........................23 (C) 1997 Interplay Productions and Silicon & Synapse. All rights reserved. Lost Vikings 2 and Interplay are trademarks of Interplay Productions. All rights reserved. Interplay is the sole publisher and distributor. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) LOST VIKINGS 2 What has gone before... It's not every day that three Viking warriors find themselves imprisoned aboard an alien spaceship...and it's certainly not every day that three Viking warriors trounce their alien kidnapper and come swaggering home in triumph. It was some time before Olaf, Baleog, and Erik's egos deflated, but eventually life returned to normal in their small northern village. Or nearly so - for after their wild extraterrestrial adventures, the three brothers found themselves discontented with their former calm Viking lives... Dissatisfied with his job as senior polar bear wrangler, Baleog the Fierce auditioned for the Nordic Gladiators but stomped out in disgust when he was barred from bringing his own weaponry. It was then that Baleog realized his responsibility to pass on his skills to the next generation of Vikings. He formed Baleog's School of Plunder, with a popular curriculum focusing on Pillaging, Plundering, and Setting Things On Fire. He became famous throughout Scandinavia for a brilliant lecture course entitled Geat-Crushing In Three Easy Steps. ("Step One: Select a Geat. Step Two: Aim high. Step Three: Crush.") He then went on a tour promoting his book Stalking The Wild Geat and its wildly successful sequel Just What IS A Geat, Anyway? Olaf the Stout decided to pursue his dream of becoming a sumo wrestler and set off in search of the Land of the Rising Sun. He made it as far as the Land of the Noonish Sun before he turned back - not because the journey was too tough but because he couldn't find lasagna anywhere beyond the Mediterranean. Instead, he returned sheepishly home to his family and devoted himself to instructing his children in the arts of swordsmanship, looting, thundering, and making decent goat cheese. Both of his daughters now attend the Baleog School of Plunder- Olaf is especially proud of his eldest, Gerda, who has achieved the rank of Honorary Valkyrie AND can out eat her dad any day of the week. Olaf has appeared on "Lifestyles Of The Large & Bearded" and is busy working on a Combat Frisbee, although the neighbors insist that the idea will never fly. Erik the Swift's experiences in outer space left him bored with village life. He ended up with the mystic Order of the Leaping Mountain Goat, Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) LOST VIKINGS 2 where he finally learned peace, enlightenment, and how to eat a tin can whole. In fact, Erik emptied his mind so thoroughly that he then spent months wandering around dazed and confused, sculpting fjords out of mashed potatoes and believing he was an iguana. He regained his memory after several knocks on the head, all self-inflicted whilst attempting to ram open a can to tuna: --KANG! KANG!-- "Wait a minute! I'm not an iguana at all!" --KANG! KANG!- "Heeey, I'm Erik the Swift!" He swiped a ship and hurried home to the village, where he was warmly greeted by his brothers...especially Olaf, who was thrilled to discover that his own journey had NOT been the most ridiculous one in the history of the village, after all. Early one fine Thor's-Day morning the three brothers set out together in their ship, the Ragnarok. Baleog wanted to do a little light plundering, Olaf felt like fishing. The argument was settled peacefully when Erik wisely sided with Olaf...that is, after Olaf threatened to pick him up by the braids and throw him overboard. After some good-natured brawling on the foredeck, the trio settled down to enjoy the cold, clear morning, and to wait for the sun to rise so that they could bait the fishing lines without sticking hooks through their fingers in the darkness. Little do our heroes know that a specter from their past is stalking them high above. No, it isn't the Master of the Order of the Leaping Mountain's Tomator, their alien captor of years before! Though their last encounter was only a year ago for Olaf, Baleog, and Erik, to the time-travelling Tomator his stinging defeat at the brothers' hands occurred only last week...and he wants revenge. Fortunately, for an alien evil genius, Tomator is pretty sloppy. Once again, his ship malfunctions just as the three Norsemen are in his grasp...and this time, the Viking brothers are ready. They've grabbed some of Tomator's high-tech equipment and they know exactly what they have to do to get back to their homes and families: find Tomator and beat the snot out of him! Will the Vikings find their way home across time and space? Will Erik lead his brothers to safety without bonking himself back into thinking he's an iguana? Will Olaf be reunited with his wife and daughters? Will Baleog ever to get a date with Freya, that Valkyrie babe on the "Resume Game" screen? Stay tuned... Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) LOST VIKINGS 2 CONTROLS CONTROL PAD Guides the movement of the currently selected character, including climbing ladders. In addition, use the UP/DOWN buttons to make Olaf grow or shrink. Some of the Vikings can also reach up to grab ropes, either to pull themselves up and tightrope-walk across or to climb along hand-over-hand. Press the UP button on the Control Pad when one of the Vikings is standing directly under a rope to grab it. Use the Control Pad to move between inventory items when in inventory mode. L/R Cycles through available characters, even in inventory mode. A Activates a world item - flip switches, open treasure chests, query help boxes, etc. B Primary character function - Eric jumps or swims, Baleog slashes with his sword, Olaf raises or lowers his shield, Fang leaps and clings to walls, Scorch flaps his wings. Tap B twice to activate Erik's rocket boots. Hold down B while Scorch is in the air to make him glide like a majestic Olaf. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) LOST VIKINGS 2 Y Secondary character function - Eric charges (if already moving forward), Baleog punches or grabs with his bionic arm, Olaf farts (yes, he does!), Fang slashes with his claws, Scorch breathes fire. X Use a selected item. SELECT Enters or exits the inventory/pause mode. While in this mode, use the Control Pad to move between the available items. Any item which is highlighted when you exit this mode will be available for use by that character by pressing X. To swap an item between characters, select an item, press B, and use the L/R buttons to choose the character to whom you wish to give the item. (Note: Characters must be standing together to perform a swap.) START Pauses the game. While paused, the player is given the option to give up on the current level. Safety Precautions Use the following suggestions to keep your Super NES Game Pak in good condition: 1. Keep the Game Pak away from heat, cold, water, and direct sunlight. The Vikings have enough to worry about without having to think about the weather. 2. If your Game Pak gets dusty, use a clean, soft cloth to clean it. Do not use any type of chemical to clean the Game Pak. Olaf doesn't like to use soap anyway. 3. Do not take the game apart. There is nothing in it that can be used for other purposes. Though cool enough guys, you wouldn't want the Vikings to get loose from the Game Pak and thrash your house. 4. Always make sure that the power is off before inserting or removing the Game Pak from the Super NES. The Vikings might not be able to go home if the Game Pak is damaged. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) LOST VIKINGS 2 STARTING THE GAME After inserting the Lost Vikings 2 game pak, several introductory screens will appear. On the screen will appear several options: NEW GAME, OPTIONS and PASSWORD. NEW GAME This will start you on the adventure of a lifetime. OPTIONS Here you will be able to select one or two players and turn the music and sound on or off. PASSWORD This will let you bypass the levels you have already completed. Use the Controller to enter the appropriate password and a new game will begin at the designated levels (You will receive a new password every time you complete a level so be sure to write them down.) Use the Control Pad to scroll the right letters into place. UP and DOWN will scroll through the alphabet. RIGHT will move you to the next position in the password, while LEFT will move you back one position. Press START and if the password is correct, you will find yourself on that level. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) LOST VIKINGS 2 HOW TO PLAY Your goal in Lost Vikings 2 is to guide three Viking brothers - Erik, Baleog, and Olaf - to victory against their alien kidnapper Tomator (AGAIN!) so that they can return home to their Nordic village. Thanks to Tomator's time-travel machine and a mistake on Olaf's part (Baleog and Erik are NEVER going to let him live this one down) the swashbuckling trio have been set adrift in time. The only way for these displaced guys to get home is to find the time-travel machine and hope it takes them home. All the Vikings begin each level with no items and three life points (represented by the red dots below each character picture at the top of the screen). If a Viking is injured three times, he will begin the long trip to Valhalla. (Hint: you can locate food along the way to restore health points.) Remember: Some actions, such as falling into water and drowning (except for Erik), will result in losing all of that characters health points. Along the way you will see square "buttons" marked with a question mark. Stand before these buttons and press A to activate them. You will find them very useful since they give clues and hints on how to play the game. Items are picked up automatically when your character touches them. To use an item, select the item and press X on the Controller (see "Controls"). Some items will only work in certain places (Example: A Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) LOST VIKINGS 2 key can only be used while standing near the keyhole). Buttons, levers, treasure chests, and anything like that are activated when you stand a character in front of them and press A. Along the way you will find 2 new friends, Scorch the Dragon and Fang the Werewolf (or was that Wombat?). During parts of the game, these new friends will replace some of the Vikings. Each character has their own special abilities which you will need to learn (see "Good Guys"). Regardless of which characters you have for any specific level, you will need the abilities of all three available characters to complete a level. The Vikings depend on each other in other ways too. Keep in mind that they are honor bound to escape together or not at all. You MUST complete the level with all three characters alive. If you lose a character or feel that you've backed yourself into a corner, press START to quit the game. Freya the Valkyrie will appear before the Vikings. Press X, Y, or A and she will give you the password for the level you were on. Press B and an option to "Try Again" will appear. Choose YES and Freya will restore all the Vikings back to life. Choose NO and the game will end. At the beginning of a new level you will receive a password - write this password down! The next time you pop in the game pak and play, you can return to that level by selecting PASSWORD from the main menu and entering the password of the level you desire. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) LOST VIKINGS 2 GOOD GUYS Erik the Swift NAME: Eric the Swift AGE: 20 HEIGHT: 5'8" WEIGHT: 160 lbs ABILITIES: Jumping: Push B and Erik will jump in the air. If you keep holding B, Erik will keep jumping for a little bit longer. While in the air, press B again and Erik will activate his rocket boots giving him an extra boost to hurdle large distances or knock out weak ceilings. Swimming: Erik is the ONLY character that can swim. While in the water, press B and Erik will swim in the direction he is facing. Headbutt: By pressing Y, Erik will begin to charge (Head first!) in the direction he is facing. Use this to ram any enemies who get in his way and to break any loose walls. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) LOST VIKINGS 2 Baleog the Fierce NAME: Baleog the Fierce AGE: 26 HEIGHT: 6'0" WEIGHT: 220 lbs ABILITIES: Energy Saber: Pressing B will make Baleog swing his energy saber with great vengeance and furious anger upon any bad guy he happens to hit with it. Bionic Arm: Baleog can activate his Bionic arm by pressing Y and the direction on the Control Pad you want his bionic arm to go to. He can use his bionic arm to punch out baddies, knock out target buttons, get items, and grab jewels. Although Baleog can't jump, he can use his bionic arm to swing over a chasm if there is a jewel within reach. When Baleog has a grip on a jewel, the Control Pad will control the speed of his swing and how long his arm extends. Press LEFT and RIGHT on the Control Pad to control the speed of his swing. Press UP and DOWN on the Control Pad to extend or retract his arm. To release his grip on the jewel, press Y again. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) LOST VIKINGS 2 Olaf the Stout NAME: Olaf the Stout AGE: 23 HEIGHT: 6'2" WEIGHT: 320 lbs ABILITIES: Shield: By pressing B, Olaf can raise his shield above his head or hold it in front of himself. When lowered, it provides protection in the direction Olaf is facing. When raised it can a) provide protection from dangers above, b) will let other characters stand on top of it, c) allow him to glide down during a fall instead of plummeting to the ground. Fart: Olaf can emit a thunderous blast from the nether region by pressing Y. This can destroy unstable floors, give Olaf an extra lift while gliding, annoys Baleog, nauseates Fang, and generally disgusts any parents watching over your shoulder. Dwarfing: By pushing down, Olaf will use his Titanium Dwarfing shield to become very small. This allows him to fit in some of the most narrowest places that none of the other Vikings can fit in. Push up to return Olaf to his normal round size. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (12) LOST VIKINGS 2 Fang the Werewolf NAME: Fang the Werewolf AGE: 24 HEIGHT: 5'8" WEIGHT: 260 ABILITIES: Jumping: Fang can leap into the air by pressing B. If he leaps upon a wall, he will automatically cling to it. Be careful though, Fang is a pretty big guy and he tends to slowly slide down walls he has clung to. By pressing B while being clung to a wall, he will leap into the air again. (Hint: If two walls are close enough, Fang can climb the walls by jumping back and forth between the two.) Claws: By pressing Y, Fang will use his razor sharp claws to rip his opponent apart. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (13) LOST VIKINGS 2 Scorch the Dragon NAME: Scorch the Dragon AGE: 99 HEIGHT: 6'3" WEIGHT: 285 ABILITIES: Jumping: Pressing B will make Scorch leap into the air. Flying: While in the air after a jump, Scorch can majestically flap his wings to fly up in the air by pressing B again. Keep pressing B again and again to have him fly higher, though he can only flap his wings so much before he needs to land and rest. (Hint: Try to master how often to press the B button to get Scorch to fly as high as he can) Gliding: While in the air, hold down B and instead of diving into the ground, he will use his wings to glide. Fire Breathing: Press the Y button to make Scorch unleash a blazing ball of fire which can torch his enemies into ashes. If Scorch breathes while he is in the air, he will glide for a little while so that he doesn't crash into the ground. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (14) LOST VIKINGS 2 BAD GUYS BAT He isn't exactly blind. SKELETON This bad guy has a bone to pick with the Vikings. VAMPIRE This creature of the night has found a liking for Viking blood. BLACK KNIGHT This armored warrior would like nothing better than to cut the Vikings in two. EVIL DRAGON Distant cousins of Scorch who don't have the same disposition. WIZARD This bad guy likes to zap Vikings by appearing out of thin air and throwing lightning bolts. PIRANHA This hungry critter would love to sink his teeth into Erik. PARROT This pesky bird likes to swoop down and peck on the Vikings. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (15) LOST VIKINGS 2 PIRATE These guys would love to swab the deck with any of the Vikings. PEGLEG Don't let this one legged, one eyed bad guy fool you. His gun packs a MEAN punch. JELLYFISH Another aquatic bad guy who Erik has to watch out for. VINES Baleog, Fang, and Scorch are the only ones who can destroy these mean plants. Be careful, they tend to grow back really fast. GORILLAS This ape would rather throw Bananas instead of eating them. HEAD HUNTERS This native likes to chuck spears. V-1000 BOTS These mechanized hunters are built to fight in the air as well as on the ground. Once they sight their prey, they absolutely will not stop until destroyed. URQHARTIANS These hideous aliens originated from a star in the north and do nothing but eat. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (16) LOST VIKINGS 2 OTHER GUYS FREYA THE VALKYRIE This bold and beautiful guardian is one of the Viking's greatest allies. She will revive any of the Vikings who may have fallen or turn back the wheels of time to give the boys another chance. WITCH Don't let this little lady's looks fool you. Her cauldron might brew the right stuff to take the Vikings home. SORCERESS This up and coming magician is working on perfecting her teleportation spell. WITCH DOCTOR This doctor won't be able to help the bumps on Erik's head, but he might be able to offer something to the gods to help the Vikings out. GYPSY This mystic nomad and her crystal ball might be able to foresee a way home for the Vikings. CONROY This infamous rebel leader is in dire need of a time machine in order to set things right in his time. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (17) LOST VIKINGS 2 ITEMS Stuff to get you through the level: JEWELS Baleog can use his Bionic arm on this to swing. BUTTONS These have various effects on each level. Press A to activate them. SWITCH When activated, a new path through out the level is usually opened. Press A to flip it. QUESTION MARK BOXES These will give you clues. TARGET BOXES Hitting these has various effects on each level as well. TREASURE CHEST Open these to find a surprises. Stuff to keep you alive: GARLIC Appropriate in Transylvania, eh? ROAST Nothing like a hearty meal after a battle. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (18) LOST VIKINGS 2 ROOT BEER A Vikings best friend. BANANAS One a day keeps Valhalla away. HAMBURGERS Would you like fries with that? Stuff you can get: KEYS Opens the lock which is the same color as the key. BOMBS Use and RUN AWAY as it will blow up as most bombs do. Bombs have various uses like destroying unstable blocks and blowing up cannons. They make great presents for bad guys, too! SMART BOMBS Use this to instantly disintegrate all the enemies on the screen. SHIELDS Use to protect a Viking from his next point of damage. This will appear as a Blue dot next to Red Dots/Health of the Viking. TORCHES These will let the Vikings see in certain dark and creepy places. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (19) LOST VIKINGS 2 Thor's Hints I AM THE MIGHTY THOR! IN MY DAY AS A VIKING, I NEVER NEEDED ANY OTHER VIKINGS TO HELP ME CONQUER SUCH PITIFUL LEVELS! I NEVER EVER GOT HIT AND NEVER NEEDED MORE THAN ONE TRY TO FIGURE OUT SUCH SIMPLE PUZZLES. AND YOU KNOW WHAT...WE LIKED IT!!! NEVERTHELESS, THESE NEW LADS MIGHT NEED SOME ADVICE. 1 This new group of Vikings is a little on the SLOW side when it comes to brains. Take your time and think things out. A rushed Viking usually means a dead Viking. 2 Bah! Who needs teamwork! Well, I've got to admit, these lads work BEST as a team so remember that! 3 I would never even THINK of eating while in the middle of a level, but these guys don't look like they are in the same fighting condition I was in when I was their age. Be sure to stock up on food before any of the lads enter battle. Just in case they get hit a few times (perish the thought!) they have something to give them a boost. 4 I don't know about these lads. I could do everything these guys can do and a lot more! But that's besides the point. Try to keep these guys together. That way, you can use any of their abilities at a moment's notice. 5 Now I may seem like the strict Viking but always remember, you're doing this to have FUN! If for some reason you get frustrated with these pitiful puzzles, play around and experiment. Who knows, the boys might get lucky and find the answer to get past the puzzle. Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (20) LOST VIKINGS 2 Keep Track of Your Passwords! We're giving you enough of a break as it is, allowing Freya to give you the secret passwords. Do you honestly expect us to be your private secretaries as well? BAH! Write down your own passwords. Look, we'll even give you the space to it. Hmph. Mortals. Level Passwords Level Passwords Level Passwords 2__________ 12__________ 22__________ 3__________ 13__________ 23__________ 4__________ 14__________ 24__________ 5__________ 15__________ 25__________ 6__________ 16__________ 26__________ 7__________ 17__________ 27__________ 8__________ 18__________ 28__________ 9__________ 19__________ 29__________ 10__________ 20__________ 30__________ 11__________ 21__________ 31__________ Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (21) LOST VIKINGS 2 CREDITS Game Design Silicon & Synapse Executive Producers Allen Adham Alan Pavlish Creative Director Ronald Millar Level Design Ronald Millar James Phinney Additional Level Design David Berggren Chris Metzen Lead Programming Jesse McReynolds Frank Pearce Patrick Wyatt Allen Adham Michael Morhaime Bryan Waters Sound Programming Jim Sproul Art Director Samwise Didier Artists with Long Names David Berggren Nick Carpenter Samwise Didier Jason Magness Ronald Millar Artists with Short Names Micky Neilson Joeyray Hall Roman Kenney Chris Metzen Brian Sousa Sound and Music Glenn Stafford Text and Dialog Micky Neilson James Phinney Ronald Millar Frank Pearce Producer Feargus Urquhart Line Producer Reginald J. Arnedo Manual Design Ed Rubin Manual Writer Kelly Newcomb Director of Quality Assurance Jeremy S. Barnes Lead Tester Chris "Baby needs a new pair of shoes" Parker Testers Yuki Furumi Brian Mcinery Jeff "I swear I'm 18!" Barnhart Kyle Shubel Jack Parker Dave Simon Chris "The Kid" Keenan Kihan Pak Tim Knapp Aaron Olaiz Derek Bullard Pal Conversion Julian Ridley Sylvie Nguyen Gary Burke Pal Quality Assurance Marvic Ambata Anthony Taylor Steve Baldoni Doug Avery Stephen Reed Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (22) LOST VIKINGS 2 CUSTOMER SUPPORT If you have any questions about this, or any other Interplay product, you can reach our Customer Service/Technical Support Group at: Interplay, 1681 Von Karman Avenue, Irvine, CA 92606 Attn: Customer Service. Customer Service is available 24 hours a day through our Automated Customer Service system, with a Customer Service representative available during normal business hours at (714) 553-6678. Please have your system information available, or better yet, try to be at your Super NES system. The more detailed information you can provide our support personnel, the better service we can provide you. Hintline Hints are available for this title. You can reach our hintline at 1-900-370-PLAY (1-900-451-6869 in Canada). The charge for this service is $1.25 for the first minute and $.75 for each additional minute. For Canada, these charges will be in Canadian dollars. All hint questions must be directed to this "900" service. No hints will be given on our Customer Service lines. You must have a touchtone phone to use this service. The hintline is open 24 hours a day. All long distance charges are included in these prices. Callers under the age of 18 must get parental permission before calling the hintline. The hintline is only available in the U.S. and Canada. Charges subject to change without notice. If you have a modem, you can reach us at the following: Internet: You can reach Interplay by sending Internet E-mail to Many Interplay demos and patches are available at Internet FTP sites. To visit our World Wide Web site, point your browser to: or you may ftp to The Interplay BBS: We have a 24-hour, 7-day a week multiline BBS available for customer questions, support and fixes. The number is 714-252-2822. Modem settings are 300-28.8k Baud, V.32bis, V.42bis, 8-N-1. You also may contact our BBS over the Internet. Telnet to This is a free service. (Excluding toll charges.) America Online: You can E-mail Interplay Customer Support at IPTECH. To reach our Customer Support board in the Industry Connection, press CTRL-K for "Go To Keyword." Then type INTERPLAY in the Keyword window. In addition to reading and leaving messages, you can download fixes and demos from the "Software Libraries." CompuServe: We are available for IBM and compatible on-line support. We are located in the Game Publishers B Forum, type GO GAMBPUB at any "!" prompt. Then select "Section 4" for Interplay Productions. You can leave technical support questions there. You can also download fixes and demos from Library 4 in GAMBPUB. The best place for game play hints about our games is in the GAMERS forum. If you are not already a CompuServe member, you can call CompuServe toll-free at 1-800-524-3388 and ask Representative #354 for a free introductory membership and a $15 usage credit. For game play hints look in the Gamer's Forum (GO GAMERS). Besides technical support for Interplay products, CompuServe offers many other services, including communications, reference libraries, hardware and software support, travel, games and much more. PRODIGY Interactive Personal Service: You may send mail directly to us. Our ID is "PLAY99B". Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (23) LOST VIKINGS 2 LIMITED WARRANTY Interplay Productions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Call the SVG Lost Vikings 2 hintline at: 1-900-225-8342 SVG charges $1.25 per minute for this service. If you are under 18 years of age, permission must be obtained from your parent or guardian. For more Lost Vikings information visit Interplay Productions c/o SVG Distribution 8411 S. La Cienega Blvd. Inglewood, CA 90301 310.568.9800 SVG DISTRIBUTION Interplay(TM) BY GAMERS. FOR GAMERS(TM) INTERPLAY PRODUCTIONS - 16815 VON KARMAN AVENUE - IRVINE - CA 92714 MN-SNE-817-0 Printed in Japan

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