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The Lost Vikings

Typed out by Michael Steele Egil ------------------------------------------------------------------ [front] SNS-LV-USA THE LOST VIKINGS(tm) INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Interplay(tm) SUPER NINTENDO(r) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ------------------------------------------------------------------ [1] WARNING: PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(r) HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. LICENSED BY Nintendo(r) NINTENDO, SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM, AND THE OFFICIAL SEALS ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. (c)1991 NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [2] CONTENTS The Vikings' Story................................3 Safety Precautions................................5 Quick Start.......................................6 How To Play.......................................7 Game Controls.....................................9 Items.............................................11 2 Player Game.....................................13 Inventory Control.................................14 Saving the Game...................................15 Options...........................................16 Character Profiles................................17 Password Notebook.................................23 Credits...........................................24 ------------------------------------------------------------------ [3] THE VIKINGS' STORY It was a day that the members of the Viking village looked forward to every year. On this day everyone in the village celebrated the fall harvest with contests of bravery and skill throughout the afternoon and a grand feast at dusk. The most anticipated event of the day was the hunt. In this competition, the best huntsmen from the village venture into the wilderness, to see who could catch the most game for the evening's feast. By noon, all the participants had arrived at the starting point of the hunt, except for three Vikings who lived just outside the village. Since their tardiness was nothing new, the decision was made to start the hunt without them. Upon hearing the horn, indicating the beginning of the competition, Olaf the Stout(tm) and his two buddies, Baleog the Fierce(tm) and Eric the Swift(tm), simply rushed into the forest to prevent the others from having too great of a head start. Meanwhile, the infamous intergalactic zookeeper, Tomator, piloted his space craft to Earth through a fiery vortex that appeared high above the fjords of the Baltic Sea. Tomator was sure that he could find adequate specimens for his zoo on this tiny planet. He commanded his ship to begin its descent as he made preparations to go on a hunt of his own. As Olaf the Stout, Baleog the Fierce and Eric the Swift walked home from the feast they were still bragging over their triumphs in the hunt. When each brother had finished claiming that he was a better hunter than the other two, they retired to their cottages, oblivious to the strange flying object that had appeared directly over their village. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [4] Tomator brought his craft closer to the ground, trying to locate the three specimens that he had previously chosen. He had noticed them earlier, when they appeared to be the victors of some primitive ritual of skill and strength. After a few minutes, Tomator's computer located the selected humans and began to teleport his unsuspecting captives aboard his ship. Eric, the swiftest of the Vikings, was awakened suddenly to find himself suspended above his bed and being pulled upward. Despite his efforts to resist, he was drawn through the top of his hut and into the night sky. Next, Olaf the Stout and Baleog the Fierce experienced the same fate as they too were pulled from their beds, toward the strange metallic object in the sky. With the acquisition complete, Tomator took his craft out of orbit. Due to a short circuit during the teleportation process, the Vikings materialized in the corridors of Tomator's ship rather than in his specimen room. Now the Vikings only hope to return home is the use of their skills and the strange vortices that can carry them through time and space. Your story begins with the three Lost Vikings aboard Tomator's ship, and only with your help and expertise can they find their way back home again. You must guide the Lost Vikings through the complex maze of Tomator's space craft. Use Eric's speed, Baleog's weaponry and Olaf's defensive abilities to help return these poor lost souls to their village. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [5] SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Use the following suggestions to keep your Super NES Game Pak in the best condition: 1. Keep the Game Pak away from heat, cold, water, and direct sunlight. Vikings do not like to deal with extreme weather conditions. 2. Keep it in its protective cover when it is not in use. Vikings are notorious for destroying anything that is not well protected. 3. If your Game Pak gets dusty, use a clean, soft cloth to clean it. Do not use any type of chemical to clean the Game Pak. Too much dust makes Olaf sneeze, so keep it clean. 4. Do not take the Game Pak apart. There is nothing in it that can be used for other purposes and you may offend a few Vikings as well. 5. Always make sure that the power is off before inserting or removing the Game Pak from the Super NES. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [6] QUICK START The Lost Vikings is a game that involves three Vikings, each with his own skills. You must guide all of them through each level to the exit. It will be necessary to use each of their skills during some point of the game. 1. Make sure the power is off. Insert your "The Lost Vikings" Game Pak in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and turn it on. 2. Press START on the controller to enter the START screen. 3. At the START screen, you may choose to start a NEW GAME from the beginning or from a saved PASSWORD that you have written down. Press START to begin a new game. 4. If you decide to continue a previous game, select PASSWORD and enter your password. (refer to the Saving the Game section for more details.) ------------------------------------------------------------------ [7] HOW TO PLAY The goal of the Lost Vikings is to help Olaf the Stout, Baleog the Fierce and Erik the Swift find their way back home. To do so they must successfully solve all levels of the game going through time and space to many different eras, until they confront and defeat their captor, Tomator. To successfully complete a level all three Vikings must get to the "EXIT" alive. They will then continue onto the next level. At the end of the last level of each era there will be a vortex that will warp the Vikings to the next era in time. Each Viking starts each level with three health points and no items. These health points can be lost either one at a time or all at once depending on what type of enemy or obstacle does damage to the character. The health status of each warrior is represented by the three red dots under their picture in the status bar at the top of the screen. Health points can be restored by eating food that can be found throughout the game. They can also use armor to get a bonus health point represented by a blue dot. To complete the level the Vikings will have to use their skills in many different ways to solve the puzzles. Many times the Vikings will have to use their skills cooperatively. When the Vikings get to a new level you will be given a password. Write this down in the back of the manual. You will be able to restart the game later by using this password. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [8] If at any time a Viking has died or you feel that they are stuck in a position making the level unsolvable, you can give up by pressing START and then select YES. Doing this will bring all dead Vikings back to life and they will restart the level. If you decide to GIVE UP you can get the password by pressing X when you are on the funeral screen. There are many hidden places throughout the game. If the Vikings find these places, they are sure to find something valuable. In the early levels there will be hint buttons with '?' in them. When a Viking is near one of these you can press A to get a hint. If the Vikings stand around for more than a few minutes a spotlight will appear. This is to protect your television from being damaged by a stationary image. Just press any button and you will be able to resume play. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [9] GAME CONTROLS LEFT/RIGHT Moves a Viking LEFT or RIGHT UP/DOWN When a Viking is on a ladder or an elevator, pushing UP or DOWN will move the Viking in that direction. START Pressing START during play will pause. When the game is paused you will be given the option to GIVE UP? Choosing YES will restart you at the beginning of the same level. Choosing NO will resume the game. The GIVE UP option is particularly useful if one of your Vikings has died or are in a position so that you cannot complete the level. You cannot complete the level if a Viking has died. SELECT Allows you to choose the item to be used. To choose an item press SELECT and move the flashing box to the desired item. Pressing SELECT again will resume the game. This can also be used to pause the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [10] A Allows a Viking to activate buttons, flip switches and talk to other characters. B PERFORMS A VIKING'S PRIMARY ABILITY. Baleog the Fierce will swing his mighty sword. Erik the Swift will jump to great heights. Olaf the Stout will raise or lower his shield. Refer to Character profiles for more details.) X Allows a Viking to use the highlighted item from that character's supply of items. Y PERFORMS A VIKING'S SECONDARY ABILITY. Baleog the Fierce will shoot arrows with his bow Erik the Swift will bash his head while running. Olaf the Stout will raise/lower his shield. (Refer to Character profiles for more details.) L and R Either L or R will enable the player to take control of one of the other two Vikings. In the 2 player game, player 1 starts with control. Pressing both L and R at the same time will give control to the other player. As in the 1 player game, pressing either L or R will switch control to one of the other Vikings. (Refer to the 2 Player section for more details.) ------------------------------------------------------------------ [11] ITEMS FOOD Heals 1 health point. STEAKS Heals 2 health points SHIELD Gives a Viking a bonus blue health point. BOMBS You can drop them any where you like to blow something up. SMART BOMBS Destroys all enemies on the screen. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [12] FLAMING ARROW Kills an enemy in one shot. KEYS Used to unlock doors of the same color. GRAVITY BOOTS Lets a Viking walk in a gravitational field. BUTTONS Used in many places to activate things in the game, like opening doors. TARGET Acts like buttons but must be shot by Baleog to activate. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [13] 2 PLAYER GAME To play the game with 2 players select OPTIONS from the START screen. Move to PLAYER and move the controller RIGHT to change to two players. Select EXIT to go back to the START screen. Select NEW GAME or PASSWORD to begin the game. The game starts out with player 1 having the master control. The screen will follow whichever Viking he is controlling. Player 2 controls one of the other two Vikings. If Player 2 gets lost off the edge of the screen he will stop moving and Player 1 will have to come back and get him. Either player can switch to the other Viking that is not being controlled. Player 1 can give control to the other player by pressing both L and R at the same time. Note: Keep in mind that this game has been designed to be very cooperative, not competitive. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [14] INVENTORY CONTROL Each Viking has the ability to carry up to four items. An item is automatically picked up when they touch it (as long the Viking has room to carry the item). To use an item, press SELECT and move the flashing box to the desired item. Then press SELECT again to resume your game. You can then press X at anytime to use the selected item. The Vikings are also able to trade items with each other, but only if they are close to each other. To trade an item you must first switch control to the Viking with the item you want to trade. Press SELECT, move the flashing box to the desired item to be traded and press B. Then move the item to the Viking you want to give the item to and press B. To exit inventory mode, press SELECT. You can also throw away food or bombs by moving the item to the trash can. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [15] SAVING THE GAME The Lost Vikings allows you to continue where you last left off by entering a password. The game will give you a password at the beginning of each new level you reach. In case you forget to write down the password at the start of a new level, you can retrieve the password again by pressing X from the funeral screen. Erik, Olaf, and Baleog want to remind you to write down your passwords on the page provided in the back of this manual. This way you will never have to replay levels that you have already completed. To start the game from a saved password, select PASSWORD from the START screen. Enter your password by using the UP and DOWN or L and R for faster entry. Then use LEFT and RIGHT to move to the next letter. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [16] OPTIONS >From the OPTIONS screen you can change the number of players, turn the music off, turn the sound off and also turn stereo off if you do not have a stereo television. To get to the OPTIONS screen select OPTIONS from the START screen. Once in the OPTIONS screen you can move the controller down to the option you want to change and press B. Select EXIT to go back to the START screen. The only way to get to the OPTIONS screen is from the START screen. You will not be able to change any of the options once game play begins. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [17] CHARACTER PROFILES NAME: Erik the Swift AGE: 19 HEIGHT: 5' 8" WEIGHT: 160 lbs. SPECIALTY: Scouting, Speeding EQUIPMENT: Running Shoes, A Strong Head OCCUPATION: Mercenary, Track Coach, Stuntman, Pizza Delivery HOBBIES: Sprinting, Rock Climbing FAVORITE AUTHORS: Dr. Seuss, Friedrich Nietzsche FAVORITE MOVIES: The Running Man, Running Scared, Run Silent, Run Deep, Logan's Run, Running on Empty, Nuns on the Run, Running Brave, Eric the Viking FAVORITE BAND: Rush FAVORITE MEAL: Fast Food AILMENTS: Athlete's Foot, Frequent Headaches ------------------------------------------------------------------ [18] FAVORITE PETS: Cheetahs, Jaguars, Falcons DESIRED BIRTHDAY PRESENT: A Football Helmet FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Groundhog Day FAVORITE QUOTE: "It is better to run and jump away from enemies than it is to let them smash you into little pieces." COMMENTS: The tactical genius and self-proclaimed leader of the party. Eric is the swiftest and most agile of the Vikings which makes him an indispensable part of any expedition. His wit and resourcefulness are often key to resolving difficult situations. However, he has a short attention span and gets easily agitated by sitting in the same place too long. In fact, his patience is often times too thin to tolerate his two brothers. Despite these shortcomings, he proves to be a valuable companion on any adventure. STRENGTHS: Eric is the swiftest Viking. He can outrun any enemy and leap high into the air. He also has a head of stone which he can use to bash open walls. WEAKNESSES: Erik has no defensive capabilities, which leaves him very vulnerable if he goes out scouting by himself. His speed can also be a liability at times if you are not careful. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [19] NAME: Baleog the Fierce AGE: 25 HEIGHT: 6' 0" WEIGHT: 220 lbs. SPECIALTY: Combat, Chopping, Slicing, and Dicing. EQUIPMENT: Bow, Arrows, Swords, Attitude OCCUPATION: Mercenary, Corporate Raider HOBBIES: Body Building, Knife Throwing, Bowling FAVORITE DRINK: Fruit Punch PREFERRED VEGETABLE: Squash GOALS: World Domination, Bowling League Champion FAVORITE MOVIES: Sparticus, Rambo II, Conan the Barbarian, Pumping Iron, The Terminator FAVORITE EXCLAMATION: Yo! FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Iceland ------------------------------------------------------------------ [20] FAVORITE VOWEL: A FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Labor Day FAVORITE BAND: Aerosmith FAVORITE QUOTE: "Enter the mill and you will come out floury and baked" - unknown Danish Baker PRIZED POSSESSIONS: Sword shaped letter opener, Long Underwear COMMENTS: Baleog's enormous ego is tolerable only in light of the martial skill he provides to the expedition. When he's not accusing his brothers of being lazy or weak, Baleog can often be found sharpening his sword and contemplating his strategy for world conquest. Nonetheless, despite his sometimes less than pleasant company, Baleog is a fierce foe to any that stand in a party's way. STRENGTHS: Baleog can attack with his sword and shoot arrows. He can also use arrows to activate switches that are a long distance away. WEAKNESSES: He has not yet mastered the art of defense. Therefore he usually hides behind Olaf's shield during battles with formidable foes. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [21] NAME: Olaf the Stout AGE: 23 HEIGHT: 6' 2" WEIGHT: 320 lbs. SPECIALTY: Defense, Aeronautics, Comedic Relief EQUIPMENT: Shield, Belly, A Silly Laugh OCCUPATION: Mercenary, Winchell's Poster Boy HOBBIES: Para-Sailing, Bungee Jumping FAVORITE FOOD: Meatloaf, Sprinkled Doughnuts ULTIMATE FANTASY: To be a Sumo wrestler FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: Tuba FAVORITE MOVIES: Fat Man and Little Boy, Little Big Man, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Breakfast Club, The Naked Lunch, Lunch Wagon, Dinner at Eight, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, My Dinner with Andre ------------------------------------------------------------------ [22] FAVORITE RELATIVE: Uncle Beorn FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Thanksgiving Day FAVORITE BOOKS: ABC-123, Green Eggs and Ham FAVORITE QUOTE: "Life is just a big banana. Be careful not to slip on the peel and all will turn out fine." - Uncle Beorn FAMILY: Married with two children FAVORITE TOY: Yellow Rubber Duck named Elvis COMMENTS: This jovial Viking, with his hardy constitution and steadfast resolve, can be counted on in any situation. His appetite for adventure is rivaled only by his passion for pastries. Unfortunately, he is often seized by unprovoked laughing fits, making extended travel with him somewhat tiresome. His hulking presence is, however, greatly appreciated in the heart of battle. STRENGTHS: He can use his shield to block enemies and their shots. Can also hold shield above his head and float long distances, which gives him great maneuverability. WEAKNESSES: Has to wait for Baleog in combat situations and his shield can not always protect him and the other Vikings from certain foes that have jumping capabilities of their own. ------------------------------------------------------------------ [23] PASSWORD NOTEBOOK LEVEL PASSWORD LEVEL PASSWORD 1 ________ 20 ________ 2 ________ 21 ________ 3 ________ 22 ________ 4 ________ 23 ________ 5 ________ 24 ________ 6 ________ 25 ________ 7 ________ 26 ________ 8 ________ 27 ________ 9 ________ 28 ________ 10 ________ 29 ________ 11 ________ 30 ________ 12 ________ 31 ________ 13 ________ 32 ________ 14 ________ 33 ________ 15 ________ 34 ________ 16 ________ 35 ________ 17 ________ 36 ________ 18 ________ 37 ________ 19 ________ ------------------------------------------------------------------ [24] CREDITS GAME DESIGN Silicon & Synapse PRODUCERS Allen Adham & Alan Pavlish EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Brian Fargo LEVEL DESIGN Ronald Miller PROGRAMMING Michael Morhaime Frank Pierce, Allen Adham ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMING Patrick Wyatt, Jim Sproul Michael Stragey John Philip Britt ARTWORK Ronald Miller, Clyde Matsumoto Samwise Didier, Joeyray Hall Jason Magness ADDITIONAL ARTWORK Stu Rose, Todd Camasta Cheryl Austin, Spencer Kipe SOUND & MUSIC Charles Deenen QUALITY ASSURANCE Jacob R. Buchert III Jeremy S. Barnes Rodney N. Relosa Peter Rice, Chris Benson Theodore Bancroft Scott Campbell Dean Schulte, Steve Nguyen MANUAL EDITOR Anthony J. Mesaros THANKS TO Scott Beannie & Scott Mills Additional grunts, groans and other sounds provided by M.C. Olaf and the 2 Short Crew ------------------------------------------------------------------ [25] WARRANTY INFORMATION ------------------------------------------------------------------ [back] Interplay(tm) Interplay Productions 17922 Fitch Ave. Irvine, CA 92714 (714) 553-6655

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