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The Lion King

Typed out by Gregory Bishop SNS-ALKE-USA THE LION KING INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Virgin SUPER NINTENDO(R) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(R) HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. Licensed by Nintendo(R) Nintendo and Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R) are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C)1991 Nintendo of America Inc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS SETTING UP 1 GETTING STARTED 1 CHOOSING OPTIONS 2 CONTROLLING SIMBA 3 SCREEN INDICATORS 6 SPECIAL ITEMS & POWER-UPS 7 THE CIRCLE OF LIFE 8 SIMBAÕS WORLD 9 BONUS ROUND 12 PRODUCT SUPPORT 13 CREDITS 14 WARRANTY INFORMATION 19 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) SETTING UP 1. Set up your Super Nintendo Entertainment System and plug in Control Pad 1. 2. With the power switch OFF, insert THE LION KING Game Pak into the cartridge slot and press it down FIRMLY. 3. Turn on your TV or monitor, and then turn on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R). 4. The License and Nintendo screens will appear, followed by the Title screen. In a few moments, a game demo will begin. 5. Then press the START button to return to the Title screen. If nothing appears on screen when you start up, turn the power switch OFF. Check your Super Nintendo Entertainment System setup, make sure the Game Pak is FIRMLY inserted in the console, and then turn the power switch ON again. Always turn the power switch off when youÕre inserting or removing the Game Pak. GETTING STARTED Press the Control Pad up or down to choose either START or OPTIONS from the Main menu on the Title screen. Then press the START button. START This selection takes you deep into the heart of Africa, for the start of SimbaÕs adventures. OPTIONS This choice brings up the Options screen so you can change the game settings. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) CHOOSING OPTIONS Make your choices on the OPTIONS menu before you start play: 1. Press the Control Pad up or down to select an option. 2. Press BUTTONS A, B, or Y to change the settings. 3. Press START to return to the Main menu on the Title screen. DIFFICULTY: The harder the Difficulty, the less Chances and Continues you have. MUSIC IS: STEREO, so that you can hear the exciting music themes directly from the movie and in stereo. MONO, so that you can hear the music themes in MONO sound. Or OFF, so that you can turn the music off. SOUND FX ARE: ON or OFF, depending on whether you wish to hear them while you play the game. SOUND TEST: Hear all the sounds in the game, both music and sound effects, by selecting them in this option. 1. Press the D-PAD up or down to scroll through the sound list. 2. Press BUTTONS A, B, or Y to hear the chosen selection. 3. Press START to close the list and return to the Options menu. TRIGGERS ARE: Reset BUTTONS A, B, and Y to your personal liking. Choose from 6 different settings. If you do not change the buttons, the controls will be: ROAR BUTTON A JUMP BUTTON B SWIPE BUTTON Y (Adult Simba only) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) CONTROLLING SIMBA TO DO THIS: PRESS THIS: Move right or left. Control Pad right or left. Crouch; duck; look down. Control Pad down. Look up. Control Pad up. Slash as Adult Simba. Y button. Mauling. Y and B buttons in rapid succession. Make Simba pounce. B button and land on top of enemy. Make Simba roar. A button. Jump up; (try to grab onto rock B button. ledges, bones, and pawholds). Jump right or left. B button and Control Pad right or left. Jumping slash as Adult Simba. B button and then Y button. Roll as Young Simba. Control Pad down diagonally, while moving right or left. Jump right or left Control Pad right or left while hanging. and B button. Climb up while hanging. Control Pad up. Pause or resume the game. START button. Remember: You can reset the A, B and Y buttons on the Options menu. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) POUNCING To get Simba to pounce on enemies, press the B button to jump and land on the enemy. ROLLING Pressing down diagonally on the Control Pad while young Simba is running causes him to tumble into a ball of extended teeth and claws, damaging some things in his path. Some areas are accessible only when young Simba rolls into them. SLASHING Press the Y button to get the adult Simba to slash at his enemies with his claws. Simba may have to slash his way through heavy overgrowth to clear a path. MAULING To get the adult Simba to maul his enemies, press the X button in rapid succession. GRABBING & SWINGING When Simba jumps for a platform that he canÕt quite land on but is close enough to grab the edge, his front paws will latch on, letting Simba hang from the ledge. At any point, you can press up to pull Simba up, or down to drop. If Simba is hanging from a crevice in a solid wall, he can also spring off of the wall. In cases where there is a nearby wall behind him, Simba will be able to climb a ÒchimneyÓ formation. There are also ÒpolesÓ that Simba can swing on. These can be small rock outcroppings, bones, and so on. When Simba latches onto one of these, he will ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) swing continuously until he jumps. Simba can jump forward and do a flip or jump backward and do a flip with a half twist. ROARING When Simba roars, some enemies will be stunned momentarily. When fully powered, SimbaÕs roar can also inflict some amount of damage. Collecting Blue Beetles will give Simba extra roaring power. Blue Beetles can be collected in the levels as well as the bonus games. CONTROLLING PUMBAA AND TIMON PUMBAA Move right or left CONTROL PAD right or left Belch Any button except START Pause START button TIMON Move right or left D-PAD right or left. Belch Any button except START Pause START ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) SCREEN INDICATORS ROAR METER The Roar Meter, located in the top left corner of the screen, indicates the might of SimbaÕs roar. Whenever Simba gets hurt, the Roar Meter shrinks to nothing and Simba is silenced for a short time. To increase the Roar Meter, Simba needs to eat Blue Beetles, which can be found in levels and bonus rounds. HEALTH METER The Health Meter, located in the top left corner of the screen, lets you know how strong Simba feels. When Simba is attacked by his enemies, or falls into dangerous areas and gets hurt, the Health Meter shrinks. DonÕt let the Health Meter shrink to nothing! To increase the Health Meter, Simba needs to eat African Red Bugs. To restore damaged Health, Simba should chomp on Beetles. African Red Bugs and Beetles can be found in levels and in bonus rounds. CHANCES AND CONTINUES When SimbaÕs Health Meter, located in the bottom left corner of the screen, reaches zero, you lose one Simba Chance and must restart from the beginning of the current level. If a Milestone has been reached on the current level, you will start at the last indicator Simba touched. If you have no more Simba Chances, but have Continues remaining, then you have a choice between continuing from the last level completed, or ending the game. If no more Continues remain, the game ends. To get extra Continues, collect the 1 UP heads in the levels and bonus rounds. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) SPECIAL ITEMS & POWER-UPS Plain Beetle: Restores half of SimbaÕs health. Patterned Beetle: Restores all of SimbaÕs health. African Red Bug: Increases SimbaÕs total health. Blue Beetle: Increases SimbaÕs roar. 1 UP: Increases the number of SimbaÕs chances by one. A maximum of nine Chances can be accumulated at any one time. Circle of Life: Allows one more Continue in the game when all Chances have been lost. Fly: Ends the bonus game: In the levels it causes loss of roar: Simba will be unable to roar for a short time. Spider: Ends bonus game; in levels, decreases SimbaÕs health a lot. Dragonfly: Ends bonus game; in levels, decreases SimbaÕs health. Bombardier Beetle: Ends bonus game; in levels, decreases SimbaÕs health a little. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) THE CIRCLE OF LIFE Sunrise awakens the animals of Africa to gather at the foot of pride rock, paying homage to the newborn prince, Simba, son of Mufasa, the Lion King. The Circle of Life, the way of the Pride Lands and all who dwell there, tells of how all things are connected, how all animals depend upon one another for survival, and how birth itself is just the beginning of the circle. But SimbaÕs journey takes a different route, when his evil uncle, Scar, starts a Wildebeest stampede. The Lion King Mufasa is killed, and young Simba leaves to exile, thinking that itÕs all his fault. Meanwhile, Scar and his hyenas take over the Pride Lands and lead it to ruin. Guide Simba as he explores his future kingdom. Overcome the wicked hyenas in the Elephant Graveyard. Experience real power as Simba grows into an adult lion. Only then will Simba be ready to challenge his ruthless uncle, Scar, and take his rightful place in the Circle of Life. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) SIMBAÕS WORLD PRIDE ROCK * Take it slow and learn to use all of SimbaÕs abilities. Pounces, rolls, and roars are the keys to getting through Pride Rock. Beware of the Bombardier Beetle, though, he goes out with a bang. * Make sure to keep an eye out for bonus items and power ups. Search everywhere and donÕt worry, there is no time limit. There are continue points at different places on each level. Find them to save yourself time. CANÕT WAIT TO BE KING * Jump on rhinoceros heads to propel Simba up into the trees, and hop along birds nests to get to the monkeys. * Some monkeys get confused when Simba roars and may change the direction of their toss. * When Simba is riding the ostrich, duck under and jump over the birds nests. Jump off the ostrichÕs back during mid-jump to find extra goodies. ELEPHANT GRAVEYARD * The graveyards start out with two attacking hyenas, so be careful. Just look at the mess that SimbaÕs curiosity has gotten him into. * The old bones prove to be the gates to new places. They give you the ability to reach new heights, but just how strong are they? * Swing and climb your way through the bones. Get the timing and direction just right on SimbaÕs acrobatic flips. DonÕt linger too long on some of the crumbly bones or youÕll be in trouble. * The Vultures love to attack you with a swoop, so try to get up high and turn the tables on them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) * Stretched elephant hide can really boost your jump, but one too many times can ruin your ride. STAMPEDE * The rumble and roar of Wildebeests is rising behind you. ItÕs a run for your life before you get trampled. Avoid the Wildebeests and watch for the warnings of boulders so that you can jump out of harmÕs way and escape the stampede. SIMBAÕS EXILE * Have you heard the saying ÒBe careful of what you get yourself into...Ó? Well, be careful of what you drop yourself into here, because you may find yourself in a prickly situation. * ScarÕs hyenas are after you so donÕt stop to look back. TheyÕll be tossing rocks after you the entire way. Your only chance is to escape the Pride Lands through its thorny border. WILLOW CASCADE * Ride down waterfalls by guiding Simba left and right to make him fall through different waterfalls. * Simba must jump as high as he can get from log to log at the waterfalls. * The gorilla packs a pretty powerful punch! If only there was a way to throw those coconuts back at him! (HereÕs a hint: try rolling!) RAFIKI CHASE * Finally! SimbaÕs grown up, and not such a tiny cub anymore! Take some time to learn adult SimbaÕs moves: mighty mauling, heavy pouncing, and a powerful swat. Now you can let loose with that roar! * Use SimbaÕs powerful swat to slash through the vines. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) * Watch out for falling rocks! * Fight the Cheetahs by pouncing, mauling, and roaring. Once youÕve cleared the way, Rafiki opens a passageway to the Pride Lands and lets you through. BE PREPARED * Avoid the dripping hot goo. ItÕs not exactly a beauty bath. * Ride the rocks on the river, and be careful of those pesky bats! DonÕt let them chase you into the goo. * Avoid the geysers in the final room and ride to the exit. HYENA LAIRS * The Hyenas just wonÕt leave Pride Rock. ItÕs up to the grown-up Simba to show them whoÕs the rightful king of the Pride Lands. * Simba must defeat all the Hyenas in a room before he can move on. * The Hyenas are everywhere! DonÕt give up, though. Find your way through their lairs, to get to the real villain, Scar. * Press UP on the Control Pad to enter a cavern and emerge elsewhere in the level. RETURN TO PRIDE ROCK * SimbaÕs evil uncle and pretend-king, Scar, refuses to go down easily. ItÕs a fight between the two mightiest lions in the Pride Lands, and all for the fate of Pride Rock. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (12) BONUS ROUNDS PUMBAA SimbaÕs adventure wouldnÕt be the same without his friends to help him out, so hereÕs a chance for Pumbaa to lend a hand. Using the Control Pad, guide Pumbaa to the left and right to catch the falling bugs that Timon is dropping. Make sure to avoid the bad bugs such as the Spider and the Fly and donÕt miss any of the good bugs or this bonus stage will come to a quick end. Luckily Pumbaa has the advantage of a mighty belch (Ehem! Excuse me...) to clear the screen of any bugs that he might miss catching. To make Pumbaa belch, press the A button. TIMON Hey! DonÕt forget about Timon! Using the Control Pad, guide Timon and have him hop from ledge to ledge, collecting bugs to help Simba. Again, catch only the good bugs and special items, and keep away from Spiders, Flies, and Dragonflies. If Timon picks up any of these, the bonus round will end. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (13) PRODUCT SUPPORT To get the most out of your Virgin Interactive Entertainment product, take advantage of the following product support: TECHNICAL SUPPORT If you need assistance, our technical support team is available to assist you. Technical support representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time at (800)- 826-0015 ORDER LINE The latest Virgin products can be ordered over the phone using your credit card. The toll free number is 1-888-843-2661 Ext 350. This toll free number is for orders only. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (14) CREDITS WESTWOOD STUDIOS Creative Director/Producer Louis Castle SNES Programming Barry Green Assistant Programming Ronald Pieket-Weeserik Lead Designer Seth Mendelsohn Assistant Designer Erik Yeo Background Art Joseph B. Hewitt IV, Kevin Oxland--VIE UK Hans Piwenitsky, Rick Parks Animation Cindy Chinn, David Dame, Penina Finger, Elie Arabian Matt Hansel, Aaron Powell Animation Clean-Up Doug Verhaal, Barbarajo Shillings, John Pedraja Mike Muehlendorf, Kenn Seward Audio Direction Paul Mudra ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (15) SNES Music and Sound Frank Klepacki, Dwight Okahara, Patrick J. Collins SNES Sound Driver Chip Level Designs Manual Written By Edith Laramore Quality Assurance Coordination Glenn Sperry Quality Assurance Kennith Dunne, Michael Lightner, Jesse Clemit Chris Rubyor, Brad Roberts, Troy Leanord, William Baca Mike Galindo, Candace Galindo Executive Producer Brett W. Sperry Vice President of Product Development Christopher D. Yates Special Thanks To Colin Gordon--VIE UK Dave Chapman--VIE UK Felix Kupis Ted Morris Lawrence Hiler--Chip Level Designs David OÕRiva--Bitmasters Donna, Anthony, Samantha, and James Castle Chip Level Designs Audio Driver ©1994 Bitmasters, Inc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (16) DISNEY SOFTWARE Senior Producer Patrick Gilmore Assistant Producer Michael Gilmore Artwork John Fiorito, Alex Schaeffer, Christina Vann Ann-Bettina Colacc Additional Art Katy Adams, Thomas Ang, Tom Breeden, Kurt Dumas Hugh Jamieson, Roddy Novarro, Rob Titus Art Support Arden Ishimaru Additional Music Composed and/or Arranged By Jeff Rona at Media Ventures Inc. Software Production Administrator C. Steve Booth Production Support Joseph Santos DISNEY ANIMATION SERVICES Producer Paul Curasi Creative/Technical Consultant Chuck Williams Production Coordinator Cammie Cavallin ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (17) Assistant to the Producer Annette Laguer Business Manager Darrell Brown Production Assistant Cyndi Sager Production Designer Keith Newton Supervising Animator Chris Bradley Animators Anthony Michaels, Aaron Blaise, Darko Cesar Serguei Koushnerov, Rob Corley, Travis Blaise, Branko Mihanovic Sasha Dorogov, Elliot Bour, Phil Boyd, Tim Hodge Assistant Animators Merritt Andrews, Caroline Clifford, Craig Grasso Clean-Up Artists Arden Chan, Kevin Proctor, Anthony Stanley Image Processing Specialist Pamela Darley Assistant Editor Gary Blair Support Associate Trainee Brent Tiano Special Thanks To Roger Allers, Ruben Aquino, Clare Baren, Jeff Dixon, Don Hahn Rob Minkoff, Ruben Procopio, Bob Stanton ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (18) VIRGIN INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT Vice President, Product Development Neil Young Production Coordinators Rob Alvey, Jeff Ziel Assistant Coordinators David Fries, Jeff Buccellatto Design Support David Bishop, Chris Bauer, Jared Brinkley Sarah Thompson--VIE UK, Julian Rignal Additional Programming Mark Kelly Quality Assurance Group Head Chris McFarland Lead Analyst Jon Williams Analysts Scott Manning, Chad Soares, Stacy Mendoza, Craig McCoy Paul Shoener, Chris Rausch, Virgil the Cat Additional Testing Paul Villanveva, Eric Reid, Josh Kales, Anthony Nicholas Joshua Madson, Richard Chan, Jay Yi, Mark Holloway Duane Peralta, Josh Coon, Colin Elliott Manual Edited By Mark Polcyn Manual Designed By Tracy Veal with Lana Sproul ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (19) ÒCircle of LifeÓ WORDS: TIM RICE MUSIC: ELTON JOHN (C)1994 WONDERLAND MUSIC COMPANY, INC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT [Majesco Sales, Inc.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Virgin Disney SOFTWARE Distributed by: Majesco Sales, Inc., 244 Fernwood Avenue, Edison NJ 08837, 800-826-0015 (C) The Walt Disney Company, (C)1994 Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Virgin is a registered trademark of Virgin Enterprises, Ltd. PRINTED IN U.S.A.

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